Miss Michigan I DON'T SWALLOW!!!

6/7/2012 9:18 AM PDT

Miss Michigan -- I'm No Boozer ... I DON'T SWALLOW!!!


Miss Michigan
says she didn't drink a DROP of vodka during the Miss USA after party in Vegas Sunday night -- despite a boozy photo TMZ posted this morning -- telling us, she posed with the bottle ... but never swallowed.

21-year-old Kristen Danyal tells us she doesn't drink alcohol whatsoever ... she's not "that kind of person" -- Kristen just took the booze-chugging pic as a joke because her friends goaded her into it.

Kristen tells us, "Everyone was telling me to drink and wanted me to drink, but everyone that knows me knows I don’t drink.”

Kristen says, “I had friends who came out to watch me and other girls there from previous pageants saying 'Drink! Drink!' ... They knew I was upset about losing and tried to cheer me up." Posing for the photo was Kristen's solution.
So Kristen's excuse is she did it, but she didn't REALLY do it ... eh, it worked for Bill Clinton.