Johnny Depp Disabled-Lady-Butt-Flash Lawsuit DISMISSED

8/9/2012 4:30 PM PDT

Johnny Depp -- Disabled-Lady-Butt-Flash Lawsuit DISMISSED


Johnny Depp
can breathe a sigh of relief -- because an embarrassing lawsuit against the actor has been dismissed ... a lawsuit in which a disabled woman claims the actor's bodyguards attacked her ... then pulled her pants off.

TMZ broke the story ... a woman named Robin Eckert sued Depp back in April -- claiming Depp's bodyguards assaulted her at an Iggy Pop concert last year, then dragged her along the ground ... causing her pants to be removed from her body and "exposing her buttocks."

Robin filed the lawsuit anonymously -- under the name "Jane Doe" -- though it's unclear why ... because she provided her name when she filed a police report back in December.

Now a judge has dismissed the case -- finding Robin had no justification for filing anonymously.

According to the judge, Robin can refile -- but only if she sues under her legal name.

She has 20 days to decide her next move.