'Big Bang' Star Johnny Galecki Mayim Bialik Is 'Tough,' Returned to Work

8/17/2012 7:32 AM PDT

'Big Bang' Star Johnny Galecki -- Mayim Bialik Is a 'Tough' Chick

Mayim Bialik is so tough ... she returned to work just ONE DAY after her bloody car crash ... so says her "Big Bang Theory" co-star Johnny Galecki.

Galecki was out in L.A. yesterday ... rolling around in a pretty sick ride ... when he was asked how Bialik was feeling after nearly losing a finger in a brutal car wreck Wednesday.

"She's great man ... she was at work today," Johnny said.

"She's a very tough dedicated girl."

Bialik was sporting a cast on her right hand and bandages on her left forearm following the crash. She's since tweeted saying, "Doing ok. Grateful. And tired."