Lil' Flip On The Lam Flipped An Arrest Warrant For Skipping Court

4/18/2013 3:22 PM PDT

Lil' Flip -- Flipped An Arrest Warrant For Skipping Court


Lil' Flip skipped ... and the judge tripped.

The rapper -- who's accused of gun and drug possession -- no-showed at a hearing this morning, and the judge reacted by holding him in contempt and issuing an arrest warrant.

A source close to Flip said he was unaware he had a hearing today ... and he told TMZ his lawyer is working to clear this silly little thing up.

Flip was busted Christmas night for speeding ... and cops allegedly found weed and an AR-15 rifle in the car. He told TMZ he has a license for the gun, and insists the blunts were just a special kind of tobacco.

Tell it to the judge, Flip ... of course, you gotta go to court to do that.