Politician Pushing Anti-Swatting Bill ... SWATTED

4/19/2013 3:37 PM PDT

Politician Pushing Anti-Swatting Bill ... SWATTED


It seems the swatters have a flair for irony -- and a vindictive streak ... their latest victim is the California state senator gunning to shut them down ... TMZ has learned.

Senator Ted Lieu
was swatted earlier today ... police responded to a 911 call claiming he had shot his wife inside their Torrance, Calif., home ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Lieu tells TMZ ... he was out of town, his wife was home sick and the kids were at school.  He vows he's more determined than ever to squash the swatters.

Although Ted's not an A-list celeb like fellow swatting victims Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Selena Gomez or Justin Timberlake -- he is spearheading legislation that would punish swatters by making them cover the cost of the incident -- around $10,000 a pop.

That's one expensive phone bill.