TMZ Live Paris Hilton's BF ... Maybe You CAN Shove a Girl

5/21/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Paris Hilton's Boyfriend River Viiperi -- You CAN Shove a Woman ... Sometimes

TMZ Live

Paris Hilton's boyfriend River Viiperi shoved an overzealous female fan in Cannes -- at first glance it looked like a real punk move ... but we have info that could clear his good name. Well, his name.

Plus, some people think rapper Chief Keef's pot bust is a load of bull, and maybe even racism -- but the hotel security guard who narc'd on CK called in to explain his side of the story.

Also ... tries to defend Justin Bieber -- after the Billboard Music Awards disaster -- with a bizarre rant about education. You gotta see it!
(0:00) Jesse James calls in to explain how he cut his finger off -- and to tell us the fate of his dismembered digit.
(3:00) Paris Hilton's boyfriend shoves an incredibly overzealous female fan -- was it justified?
(8:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver ... not getting divorced after all?
(10:00) Tornado chaser Reed Timmer joins us to explain why amateur photographers are risking their lives ... even if they have tornado chasing tank like he does.
(15:00) Chief Keef busted for weed in Atlanta -- did the hotel security guard call the cops for no reason?
(19:00) "Sons of Anarchy" actor Kurt Yaeger -- who's missing a leg -- joins us to explain how disabled actors are getting screwed over in Hollywood.
(24:00) The security guard who called the cops on Chief Keef calls in to explain why he was so quick to call the cops.
(26:00) is ridiculous -- we asked him about Justin Bieber getting booed ... and you won't believe the things he said to our camerman.
(32:00) Manti Te'o is being silenced by the San Diego Chargers -- is the team just making things worse by not addressing his fake girlfriend scandal?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner turns the magazine's website over to his 22-year-old son.