Naughty By Nature Rapper Accused of Charging Cops After 10-Block Police Chase

4/11/2014 1:10 PM PDT

Naughty By Nature Rapper Treach -- Accused of Charging Cops ... After 10-Block Police Chase

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Naughty By Nature
rapper Anthony "Treach" Criss was arrested Thursday in Jersey -- after allegedly charging cops following a 10-block police chase through 4 red lights ... and cops even drew their guns.

Law enforcement sources tell us, officers tried to pull Criss over for speeding in Union City -- he was allegedly doing 55 in a 25 -- but Criss floored it once he heard the sirens ... driving 10 blocks through 4 red lights until finally coming to a stop.

Once pulled over, we're told Treach jumped out of his car and charged the police cruiser that was chasing him -- so cops drew their guns and ordered him back into the car.

According to law enforcement sources, Treach was irate and belligerent at first, but eventually calmed down. He was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with evading police and driving on a suspended license, both misdemeanors.

We're told Treach was also cited for speeding and reckless driving. When they ran his license, they discovered Treach also had several warrants out for his arrest stemming from a child support case and other unrelated traffic violations.

Treach was released Friday on $15,000 bail.