Swamp Tour Guide Feeds Alligators ... FROM HIS OWN MOUTH!

6/13/2014 11:52 AM PDT

Swamp Tour Guide Feeding Alligators Marshmallows... FROM HIS OWN MOUTH! [VIDEO]

You Gotta See This!

This video is the MOST Louisiana-ish thing we've ever seen. 

Here we have swamp tour guide Lance LaCrosse ... getting up close and personal with two alligators BY CHOICE ... feeding them out of his own mouth.

In the video -- which was shot by a tourist last month -- you can see LaCrosse swimming in the murky water with two gators eating chicken and marshmallows (a delicacy apparently) from his hand.

Apparently in addition to being stupid ... this is illegal in Jefferson Parrish and wildlife agents are now reviewing the video to determine if LaCrosse should face charges. 

He's definitely guilty of making poor life choices.