Mickey Rourke I Got a Plan for Ya, Trump Bring Your Wallet!

7/10/2015 3:23 PM PDT

Mickey Rourke -- I Got a Plan for Ya, Donald Trump ... Bring Your Wallet! (VIDEO)

Donald Trump can count on Mickey Rourke's vote -- that is if Mickey doesn't impale himself on a handgun first.

Yeah, Rourke doesn't talk politics often, but when he does -- holy crap! A bunch of photogs asked him about, well actually ... nothing at all Trump-related, but he still decided to tee off on the Donald.

Like it or not ... in at least one poll, Trump is leading the Republican race, so there's that.

Mickey thinks Trump really can fix America's immigration problem, but it's gonna cost him. Check out his advice. Oh, and if Rourke looks dramatically different in this clip, it's only because ... he looks dramatically different.

Bev Hills, man.