Scott Weiland's Wife He Was Not Doing Drugs

12/4/2015 9:42 AM PST

Scott Weiland's Wife: He Was NOT Doing Drugs


Scott Weiland's wife says her husband was clean when he died.

Jamie Weiland tells us her husband had not been doing any drugs for years ... although she admits he has been drinking socially.

Our sources say drugs were found on the bus, but Jamie insists they were not Scott's.

Jamie says there was a pact among the band not to do drugs ... at the very least that pact seems to have been broken by someone on the bus.

As we reported, several prominent musicians have told us they were alarmed over the last 4 days, saying Scott had been deep into crack cocaine ... something Jamie vehemently denies.

Jamie, who says she was touring with the group but left them a week ago, says, "He [Scott] was the best he has ever been."