Garry Shandling Missed Lifesaving Help By Minutes

3/25/2016 10:10 AM PDT

Garry Shandling Missed Lifesaving Help By Minutes


Garry Shandling was minutes from leaving his home for the hospital -- where he could have been saved -- before he collapsed and died. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, a doctor/friend called Garry at 10 AM Thursday -- a half-hour before the heart attack -- to check up on him. As we reported, the doctor went to Garry's house the day before after the comedian complained of shortness of breath and achiness.

When the doctor called Thursday, Garry said he was still experiencing discomfort and shortness of breath. Our sources say the doctor told Garry to immediately go to the ER.

Paramedics arrived at Garry's home at around 10:45 AM -- after he collapsed during a 911 call -- and they saw a car from a limo service parked in front. We're told the limo was there to take Garry to a nearby hospital, but Garry missed the potentially lifesaving trip by minutes.

As we reported, Garry died from a massive heart attack.