Prince Anna Fantastic ... 'He Doesn't Deserve This'

5/11/2016 6:21 AM PDT

Prince's Ex Anna Fantastic: 'He Doesn't Deserve This'


Prince's ex-girlfriend, Anna Fantastic, is heartsick ... and not just over the fact that the singer died.

We got Anna Wednesday outside Mr Chow in Bev Hills, and she was adamant ... she never saw him use drugs while she was with him in the '80s.

She went on to say "He doesn't deserve this." It's unclear what she means, but it sounds like she's saying she has a big problem with the media reporting Prince was a drug abuser.

TMZ broke the story ... Prince had a severe Percocet addiction before he died. We're also told by people who were in his life in the '80s and onward that drugs were definitely a part of Prince's life.