Tom Leykis 'Obsessed' Fan Vows ... 'I'm Coming After You'

11/14/2016 5:59 PM PST

Tom Leykis Gets Restraining Order for 'Obsessed' Fan


Nov 17 -- Garner tells TMZ he was simply spoofing Leykis for his own Internet talk show, and Leykis didn't like the competition.

Garner says in a statement ... "It's sad that Tom Leykis' fame and audience have diminished so far ... he feels the need to fabricate and spin [my] harmless spoof into an effort to get publicity."Tom Leykis has a not-so-secret admirer who's gone from loving him to threatening him ... according to the radio host.

Leykis says a man named Trevor Garner called his private number and creeped him out ... pretending they were old friends and asking to work with him. Leykis blocked him, but he called back from another number, and left a very freaky voicemail.

According to the docs ... Garner repeatedly said he loves Tom's "fatness" and worships him, but his tone changed at the end ... saying, "I'm coming after you dude" and "Are you afraid yet?"

Leykis says Garner also calls into his radio show up to 200 times a week.

Leykis says he's been attacked by a "fan" in the past, so he knows how dangerous this kinda situation can be. A judge agreed, issuing a temporary restraining order for Garner to stay 100 yards away and stop calling Leykis. A hearing is set for next month.