'Rent' Star Sues Landlord over Rent Hikes ... This Is Really Happening

1/30/2017 12:30 AM PST

'Rent' Star Daphne Rubin-Vega Sues Landlord For Rent Hikes


Former "Rent" star Daphne Rubin-Vega is having a serious case of deja vu -- she's beefing with her real-life landlord for raising her real-life rent.

In a lawsuit, Daphne and her husband say the landlord's bypassing rent control laws, and annually jacking up the monthly rent on their NYC apartment. They were paying $1,800/month in 1997, but say they shelled out $5,141.28/month in 2016.

It's gotta feel familiar for Daphne who, as Mimi Marquez in the original "Rent" cast, struggled to survive in NYC. She's suing for damages and wants a judge to rule her apartment building should be subject to rent control.

Remember the love? Apparently not in Daphne's crib.