Coachella 2017 What's That Smell? VIP Ganja Party

3/28/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Coachella Gets Super High Neighbor, VIP Ganja Party


Coachella won't be the only high-profile event in the desert next month -- a fully legal "Oasis" for marijuana lovers will be right down the road.

Weedmaps and Talent Resources are building a compound 6 miles from the music fest to offer VIP guests a spot to chill with Cali's finest bud. Our ganja sources tell us the spot will feature 2 grow houses, a greenhouse, and 5 geodesic domes to test different strains from GenX, Brass Knuckle and West Coast Cure.

Of course, "Budologists" will be on hand to help make recommendations.

It's now legal to carry up to an ounce of weed in CA, so clearly organizers are trying to entice some Coachella-goers to in-house shop, although all weed products are being given away, not sold.

BTW, those groovy looking domes will each offer different pot experiences -- vaping, edibles, traditional smoking, etc. -- but all will get you high.