The Met & Lincoln Center Sued Your Employee Karate Chopped Me During 'Swan Lake'!!!

6/17/2017 12:30 AM PDT

The Met & Lincoln Center Sued After Employee Allegedly Karate Chops Audience Member


The Met and Lincoln Center hired a wannabe Karate Kid who laid down a couple brutal strokes on a woman trying to enjoy the ballet ... so she claims in a new lawsuit.

Linda Kirsch claims back in June 2016 she was enjoying a performance of  "Swan Lake," when she was attacked by a guy who unleashed a karate chop from behind to both of her shoulders. She doesn't say what provoked the attack.

Kirsch says she thinks the man works for either The Met or the Lincoln Center ... when in doubt, you sue both.

She thinks there was a flaw in the hiring process and believes proper vetting would have revealed the dude has a propensity for violence.

Kirsch claims she suffered great physical pain and mental anguish. 

We've reached out to both companies ... so far no word back.