Putin & Merkel So, About This Kim Jong-un Guy ...

7/7/2017 10:24 AM PDT

Vladimir Putin & Angela Merkel Talk North Korea Missiles

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Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel had a close encounter at the G20 summit -- and their hands said a lot ... possibly about North Korea's latest missile launch.

The Chancellor and the President came face-to-face during a G20 event ... and Merkel made a motion with her hands that looks a lot like she was describing the trajectory of an ICBM.

We're guessing it's no coincidence Kim Jong-un test launched one 3 days ago ... reportedly capable of reaching Alaska. But watch Putin's reaction -- he clearly disagreed with Merkel, and she clearly felt that deserved the eye roll.  

Bigger question: Is there room for a third in that convo? Paging, President Trump?