Darius McCrary Hollywood Exec Inappropriately Touched Me But That's ALL I'm Saying

11/10/2017 7:06 AM PST

Darius McCrary: 'I Was Inappropriately Touched' as a Child Star


Darius McCrary says he was the victim of sexual misconduct when he was a child actor just getting his start in Hollywood, but what makes this allegation different is ... he's NOT out for justice.

Darius was leaving The Montage Hotel in Bev Hills when he dropped the bombshell. We probed for more details: How old was he? Did it happen on the "Family Matters" set? But Darius stood his ground, and refused to say more.

Here's what's interesting ... Darius is referring to the recent flood of sexual misconduct claims in Hollywood, but clearly questions the motives of some accusers.

He's declaring himself a victim AND, arguably, victim shaming others.