Ex-Top L.A. County D.A. Official Allegedly Wanted to 'Jack Off' While Underling Was Strangled .... And Never Punished

5/8/2018 1:28 PM PDT

Former Top L.A. County D.A. Official Got No Punishment for Sexual Harassment Claims


The former head prosecutor of the Major Crimes Division for the L.A. County D.A. -- who once allegedly said he wanted to jack off on a colleague while she strangles to death -- received virtually no punishment for the sexual misconduct allegations which resulted in a high 6-figure settlement with the women who sued him ... and he got to retire with a full pension.

How's that feel, Eric Schneiderman?

Gary Hearnsberger was the Head Deputy of the MCD when he was sued in 2015 by 2 female lawyers who worked under him for unwanted physical touching, offensive and graphic sexual comments and sexually suggestive gestures.

According to legal docs ... Hearnsberger frequently commented about their sex life, asking one after she returned from vacation, "Is your p***y sore?" He also allegedly made gestures to the women mimicking oral sex, and was quoted as saying ... "You know what a sign of a good boss is? One who will f*** the people that work for him and still not give them any good cases."

He allegedly reached under the skirt of one of the women suing at a work-related event and grabbed her crotch, and he rubbed the butt of the other woman at another work event and said ... "You know you like it."

According to the suit ... Hearnsberger also remarked about current L.A. judge Deborah Brazil -- who was a Deputy D.A. at the time -- that he'd like to "string her up and jack off on her while she strangles to death."

There's more -- in July 2012, according to the docs, Hearnsberger showed up at a work "Hillybilly Party" with other lawyers from the Hardcore Gang Division, dressed only in denim overalls with a stuffed sheep attached to his crotch, as if he was sodomizing the animal.

Despite the serious allegations against him, Hearnsberger was transferred to run the D.A.'s Public Integrity Division. He was eventually put on administrative leave drawing his full salary and resigned only after one of the women suing demanded he leave the office as a condition to settlement. The county settled with the women for $700k and the county also paid Hearnsberger's legal bills.

We're told the D.A. never launched a criminal investigation.

We reached out to Hearnsberger but he did not respond -- however, he has said in the past the allegations are untrue. The D.A. Office tells us they will not comment on on personnel matters.

Now, compare this to what happened to N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Monday -- who abruptly resigned after claims of violence surfaced from 4 women he used to date ... and he is already under criminal investigation.