Detail Music Producer Accused Of Raping, Abusing 2 Female Artists

5/9/2018 2:58 PM PDT

Music Producer Detail Accused of Raping, Abusing 2 Female Artists

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Detail, a producer who has worked with the likes of Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Beyonce and Jay-Z allegedly physically and sexually abused 2 up-and-coming female artists ... according to legal docs they just filed.

One of the women is a singer named Kristina Buch, and she claims Detail raped her back in February after a recording session in Miami. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, he forced her to have sex with him in front of others.

Kristina claims he got violent last week while they were at the Malibu Beach Inn. In the docs, she says he forcibly grabbed her by the hair, hit and choked her. Kristina claims he bit her lip during the tirade ... and she was left with bruises on her arms, head, back and legs.

A second artist, named Peyton Ackley, accuses Detail of essentially making her and Kristina his sex slaves. Peyton says she considered Detail a mentor in the industry, but he'd told her the biz was all about sex.

According to the docs, Detail walked in on Peyton taking a bath and forced her to have sex with him in front of another producer. She also claims he forced her to take nude photos while he masturbated -- and also forced her to record him having sex with Kristina. In March, she says he got violent and slammed her head into a wall and dragged her up a flight of stairs.

Both women requested restraining orders, which a judge granted. Detail must now stay 100 yards from both of them, as well as Kristina's sister.