Cardi B I'm About to Pop!!! Bad Time to Get Grilled

6/13/2018 2:30 PM PDT

Cardi B Says She's Too Close to Giving Birth to Sit for Deposition

Cardi B's got no time to sit and answer a bunch of questions from lawyers -- not when she's in the homestretch before she pops out her first kid!

In new legal docs ... Cardi says she's "in her final month of pregnancy and about to give birth," so she needs to push back the date of a scheduled deposition. Lawyers wanna grill her for the lawsuit a guy filed, claiming she copied his back tattoo and used it for album art.

The rapper's legal team struck a deal to move her depo date from July 25 to September 7 ... so she can get a couple months of motherhood under her belt before the grilling.

For the record, Cardi defended the album cover saying the man suing isn't a match -- and neither are his tats ...

We don't know her exact due date, but as we first reported ... it's sometime in the first week of July