Roseanne Barr I'm Bringing Peace To the Middle East

9/3/2018 1:15 PM PDT

Roseanne Barr Says She'll Bring Peace to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


The words "Roseanne" and "peace" are rarely used in the same sentence -- but they were today.

We got Roseanne Monday at LAX as she was leaving town, and she seems to think she can do what so many before her found elusive or just plain hopeless ... bring peace to the Middle East.

Roseanne just announced she's packin' up and movin' out of the US of A, for Israel ... a country she says she loves.

She first said she'll move for a few months, but what followed seems almost like a declaration of expatriation from the U.S.

True enough ... our photog pushed her about becoming another Henry Kissinger, but she embraced it and ran with it.

In case you didn't hear, John Goodman says Roseanne will be killed off in the first episode of "The Conners."  Maybe peace should start there.