Jeff Bezos, John Travolta Bald and Ballin' ... In Bev Hills

1/19/2019 8:03 AM PST

Jeff Bezos Makes First Public Appearance with John Travolta at Living Legends of Aviation Awards

Jeff Bezos got back in the spotlight Friday night in Bev Hills -- the first time he's been at a public event since he announced his divorce, and John Travolta was right by his side.

The Amazon gazillionaire toasted the crowd at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards where he was given the Jeff Bezos Freedoms Wings Awards, which honors the individuals who advance the principles of freedom in business and personal endeavors.

Bezos' girlfriend, TV personality Lauren Sanchez, was not at the Beverly Hilton for the ceremony.

After the show, Travolta was in a great mood as he was swarmed by graphers who were going insane for him, and it sure seems the scalped look met with great approval.

Here's what's sorta hysterical ... check out the guy standing next to him. If it's not Stanley Tucci, it's absolutely his doppelganger. No one was showing Stanley any love ... which BTW he richly deserves, but hey ... hard to compete with Vinnie.