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Kodak Black Tour Bus Raided by FBI Outside D.C. Show

4/24/2019 8:50 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

A tour bus parked outside Kodak Black's Washington D.C. concert just got raided by the FBI and local police while the rapper inside the venue performing.

You can see in the photos -- obtained by TMZ --several FBI agents standing outside the bus ... we're told those who were inside the bus were placed in handcuffs and brought outside the vehicle. It's currently unclear if the bus was Kodak's, belonged to crew or other members of the tour.

The agents searched the luggage underneath the bus, everything inside, and the area surrounding the bus is completely roped off. 

Sources on scene tell us the feds attempted to enter the venue -- The Anthem -- where Kodak was performing, but promoters did not allow them inside. 

It's another possible black eye for Kodak's tour ... as we first told you, Kodak was arrested just last week on weapons and gun charges at the Canada-U.S. border on his way from Detroit to Boston between shows. Cops say they found weed and a gun in the car he was driving.

We reached out to the FBI and local authorities ... so far, no word back.

Story developing ...

Lisa Vanderpump It's Barbaric!!! Slams Woman Caught Dumping Puppies in Trash

4/24/2019 6:02 PM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump is absolutely disgusted by the Coachella woman caught dumping puppies in a dumpster ... she says it's disgusting, barbaric and completely irresponsible.

We got Lisa out in Los Angeles Wednesday and our photog asked for her reaction on the woman who was seen tossing a bag of seven 3-day old pups into the garbage ... and the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star didn't hold back her disgust. 

As we've reported ... Deborah Sue Culwell, a 54-year old resident of Coachella, is facing 7 felony counts of cruelty to animals after cops say she was caught on camera throwing the dogs in the trash. 

The woman is staring down 7 years in prison if convicted, and Lisa says she deserves jail time. Lisa's kinda got a dog in the fight ... she runs a dog rescue biz, Vanderpump Dogs. 

Check out the clip ... Lisa also has some strong comments on the uptick in huskies being dropped off at shelters, which some experts say is being caused by the popularity of dire wolves in "Game of Thrones."

Jussie Smollett I'm Proud of My 'Empire' Work ... As His Potential Final Episode Airs

4/24/2019 2:41 PM PDT

Jussie Smollett's last episode ever of "Empire" could be running Wednesday night ... and a few hours before it aired, he told us he only has one word on his mind. 

We got the embattled actor leaving Lafayette restaurant in NYC, and the paps asked him how he feels about his final episode of this season. There are 2 more to go, but we already know Jussie won't be in them. 

Make no mistake ... Jussie's future with the show is completely up in the air. On Tuesday, creator and executive producer Lee Daniels made it clear they're still debating whether to bring him back next season. Jussie seemed totally unshaken when we asked him about it.

As we first reported ... Jussie was written off the final 2 episodes on the heels of his arrest and felony charges of disorderly conduct for lying to cops. As it stands now,  "Empire" hasn't been officially green lit for season 6, but assuming it will be ... there's no guarantee he'll be part of it.

As it turns out, Jussie's co-stars, Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, came out swinging for him ... firing off a letter to the show's honchos ... demanding he remain on the show. The letter, posted by Deadline, read, "Together, as a united front, we stand with Jussie Smollett and ask that our co-star, brother and friend be brought back for our sixth season of Empire."

It goes on to say, "He is also innocent and no longer subject to legal uncertainty with the criminal charges against him having been dropped. We are confident in his lawyer’s assurance that the case was dismissed because it would not have prevailed.”

Chicago is not so sure -- and, the fact is, Jussie's still facing a civil trial where the city will try to show he did lie. 

A lot of balls up in the air. 

LeBron James No Rift With Lakers!!! 'Not True At All!'

4/24/2019 2:42 PM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James is firing back at a report he's beefing with the L.A. Lakers -- saying it's "NOT TRUE" -- and he can prove it. 

Bron was working out Wednesday morning when he saw an ESPN report by Dave McMenamin about how Lakers have a lot of work to do to "repair the relationship" with James. 

Of course, there's been a lot of drama in Lakerville ... the season was a disaster, Magic stepped down, Luke Walton's gone and nobody knows who's gonna fill the head coach position. 

But, is the relationship between LeBron and the Lakers really fractured? 

"THAT. IS. NOT. TRUE," LeBron said on Instagram ... "It's not true at all!" 

He added, "It's just not!" 

LeBron also pointed out that while he saw the report, he was working out at the Lakers facility -- "I'm actually at the Lakers facility right now ... HAHAHAHA!"

There you have it. LeBron James loves the Los Angeles Lakers.

Carry on with your Wednesday.

Dan Bilzerian How Bear You!!! PETA Pissed He Fed Captive Animal At 4/20 Party

4/24/2019 11:30 AM PDT

Dan Bilzerian is catching major heat for feeding a Kodiak bear at a house party ... and because PETA would never literally feed Dan to the wolves, they're going after him with a team of lawyers. 

If you were too high on Saturday to notice all the videos coming out of Dan's 4/20 bash in Los Angeles, he posted clips of himself hand-feeding munchies to an enormous bear. 

PETA is livid at Dan's stunt and now the organization is ratting him and Steve Martin's Working Wildlife -- which allegedly provided the bear -- out to California authorities. PETA fired off letters Wednesday to the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife and L.A. Department of Animal Services.

In the complaints, obtained by TMZ, PETA claims Dan and Martin did not have the required permit for this type of display, because city regulations expressly prohibit keeping bears in a place where they pose a risk to the public.

PETA also claims that because the bear was not contained in an escape-proof enclosure and because Martin did not maintain a safe distance between the bear and the party-goers, Martin should be stripped of his permits and fined.

Dan tells us PETA has him all wrong because he loves animals, and, while he appreciates people trying to stand up for animals, he says PETA just wants "to do the typical internet bandwagon on whatever is popular and come after me for feeding what seemed to be a very healthy happy bear, that was rescued at a young age."

Dan ended with a final thought for PETA, "They can suck my d**k.”  

Michael Madsen Charged wth DUI ... BAD News for a Repeat Offender

4/24/2019 1:04 PM PDT

Michael Madsen's looking at the possibility of doing time now that he's been charged with DUI for his March arrest in Malibu.

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office has just charged Madsen with 2 misdemeanors for DUI -- but the complication for him is this is his second DUI within 10 years. That fact means Madsen could face anywhere from 4 days to 364 days in county jail ... IF he's convicted and the judge opts to throw the book at him.

Practically speaking ... he'll likely strike a plea deal, but even so he'd be sentenced to at least the 4 days. His best hope is the judge letting him off with time served.

TMZ broke the story ... the veteran actor of Quentin Tarantino flicks like 'Kill Bill,' 'Hateful Eight' and "Reservoir Dogs" smashed his Land Rover in Malibu last month. It was a single-car crash in which he hit a pole. His BAC was .10.

Madsen's first DUI bust came back in 2012. 

He has a hearing set for next month. 

Bun B Shoots Masked Intruder in His Home ... Suspect Arrested at Hospital

4/24/2019 12:13 PM PDT

12:13 PM PT -- We've just obtained the mugshot of the suspect, Demonte Jackson.

Bun B got into a shoot-out inside his own home with an intruder who tried to make off with the rapper's wife's luxury car. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ around 5:45 last night, there was a knock at Bun B's door ... his wife, Queenie, opened it -- thinking it was a possible delivery -- to find a masked man holding a gun on the other side. The intruder demanded valuables, and Queenie offered up her Audi in the garage.

Bun B heard the commotion from upstairs, grabbed his gun, and confronted the intruder as he was getting into the Audi. A shootout between the two ensued, and the intruder ran away ... leaving his gun behind. 

We're told several hours later, the masked man showed up at a Houston-area hospital with a gunshot injury to his shoulder. 

The man was treated and then arrested for 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.

Originally Published -- 9:53 AM PT

Luke Walton's Attorney Slams Accuser You Have No Evidence!

4/24/2019 12:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Luke Walton's attorney was clearly watching Kelli Tennant spell out her case against the NBA coach on Tuesday -- and his takeaway is simple ... YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE!

"Yesterday's press conference was a poorly staged attempt to portray the accuser as a viable spokesperson for an important movement," attorney Mark Baute tells TMZ Sports

"These claims are false and Luke’s innocence will be proven in court."

"[Tennant's] lawyers want to create a public circus to distract from their complete lack of evidence to support their outrageous claims. We will not try this case in the media or pay them a dime."

Tennant and her attorneys held a press conference on Tuesday -- where she fought back tears as she walked reporters through her sexual assault claim against Walton. 

Tennant claims Walton pinned her down and forcibly kissed her in his hotel room during a 2014 encounter. She claims she repeatedly told Walton to stop and fought to escape. 

During the press conference, TMZ Sports asked Tennant and her attorneys if they had any hard evidence -- injury photos, video, etc. -- and they essentially said no. 

Clearly, Walton's team picked up on that -- and feel Tennant's case has no legs. 

Walton has previously denied the allegations and said the accuser is nothing more than an "opportunist."

When Tennant and her lawyers were asked why she never went to police, she claimed she was too scared to come forward. 

They also said their goal is not to put Walton behind bars -- but rather win a civil lawsuit against the NBA star. However, they did not mention a specific financial sum they're looking for. 

Kanye West Cool Time-Lapse Vid Shows Huge Army Build Man-Made Mountain

4/24/2019 11:05 AM PDT

Building Kanye West's man-made mountain for his Sunday Service at Coachella was no easy feat ... as evidenced by the MASSIVE army putting in work in this awesome time-lapse vid.

As we first reported ... more than 50k people attended Ye's service last weekend in the Coachella campground. The event lasted a couple of hours and it brought out some heavy hitters ... from the Kardashian family to Chance the Rapper, Donald Glover, Kid Cudi and more.

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#SundayService #Coachella And Built Up

A post shared by The Trask House (@thetraskhouse) on

But, leading up to the massive event was Kanye's main designer's company at work. John McGuire owns TrasK House, which worked around the clock to build the man-made mountain. You can see in this incredible time-lapse video, tons of workers hauling equipment to complete Kanye's raised alter.

You see tractors pushing dirt like crazy to build the mountain ... followed by a crew laying out the sod to complete the magnificent look.

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#SundayService at #Coachella we planted and let it grow.

A post shared by The Trask House (@thetraskhouse) on

As you know by now ... Kanye and his choir performed numerous Gospel songs and he also debuted a new track called "Water" and played classics like "Jesus Walks."

Matthew Stafford's Wife Kelly Back in E.R. After Brain Surgery 'Pain & Massive Headaches'

4/24/2019 12:10 PM PDT
Breaking News

Kelly Stafford returned to the hospital days after a scary, 12-hour brain surgery ... saying the pain had gotten too much to handle as she recovers from the serious procedure.

The Detroit Lions superstar QB's wife had surgery to remove a brain tumor over the weekend ... and managed to return home in time for Easter Sunday.

Kelly -- who has been very open about the challenges she's faced since the tumor was discovered -- says she was taken to the emergency room Wednesday morning ... after experiencing "pain and massive headaches."

"I thought I could power through the pain and massive headaches that were challenging me throughout the day," Kelly said. 

"I thought I could do it. They told me tapering off the steroids was going to be very difficult."

Kelly says she looked to her husband for support and thought his strength would help her get through the suffering ... "I told myself the pain would succumb to me, I wouldn’t succumb to it."

"I was so wrong. The pain got so far ahead of me I couldn’t keep anything down, including meds. I ended up in the ER very early this morning, back on steroids and pain medication."

"At first, I felt like I had failed, like I couldn’t handle it.. but what I really failed at was listening to my own body. A lesson I feel like I am going to have to keep reminding myself of."

Kelly says she'll stay in the hospital overnight -- hopes to return home Thursday -- and thanks everyone who has reached out with kind words during her recovery.

Tyga Lawsuit I'm Coming After Your Jewelry!!! Says Promoter Out $111k

4/24/2019 11:17 AM PDT

Tyga's shine is about to go away ... if a promoter gets his way in court.

First a little backstory ... the rapper's on the hook for $111k after he failed to respond to Z Entertainment's lawsuit claiming he allegedly breached its contract. He'd been signed to perform at Body English in Vegas in 2015 and he wasn't allowed to perform anywhere else in Vegas a week before the concert and a month after. 

Problem was ... Tyga got up onstage at another venue the night before his scheduled gig. Z Entertainment sued him and won a default judgment because Tyga was a no-show in court.

Fast forward to now ... Z says Tyga hasn't paid a dime of what he owes. There's even a warrant out for his arrest for failure to show up to a hearing post-judgment. But, now Z Entertainment's filing a motion asking the judge to give the L.A. and Orange County Sheriff's departments the green light to take his jewelry, cash and other valuables to pay off the debt.

The promoter also wants the Sheriff's Dept. to be able to enter Tyga's cribs and take valuables to cover what he owes. Tyga, of course, is no stranger to showing off expensive jewelry.

As we reported ... Tyga recently dropped a whopping $500k for a new chain for himself AND his crew. He's also bragged about a new Rolls and Lambo. Meanwhile, Z Entertainment says it's struggling to cover its payroll thanks to Tyga failing to pay up.

Prosecutor Kim Foxx Bodyguards Now on the Job ... After Wave of Death Threats

4/24/2019 10:39 AM PDT

Kim Foxx is taking threats against her life in the wake of the Jussie Smollett case very seriously -- and is now being trailed by round-the-clock security ... TMZ has learned. 

The embattled Cook County State's attorney, who revealed this week she's received "racially charged" death threats, has added a team of bodyguards to protect her ... according to sources close to Foxx. 

We're told she's deeply concerned, not only about her own safety, but also that of her family -- which is why she agreed to the security detail. Foxx is married with 4 children. The sources did not want to reveal specifics about the nature of the security in order to "guarantee its effectiveness." 

It's unclear who is footing the bill for the extra security.

Foxx says the threats began after her office decided to drop all the charges against Smollett. As you know ... that decision pissed off Mayor Rahm Emanuel as well as Chicago PD's Superintendent -- both of whom held a news conference to rip into Foxx's office.

The outrage got more intense with the release of text messages Foxx sent to staffers -- even though she had recused herself -- calling Jussie a "washed up celeb" and R. Kelly a "pedophile." 

President Trump Labeled 'Putin's Bitch' On Walk of Fame Star

4/24/2019 9:35 AM PDT

10:28 AM PT -- A rep for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells us they sent out a crew this morning to clean the star off ... it was done at no cost. We're told The Hollywood Historic Trust will be filing a police report for the vandalism.President Trump's Walk of Fame star got a fresh coat of paint, but he ain't gonna be thrilled about it ... because it was spray paint and it spelled out ... "Putin's Bitch."

Trump's star was attacked again early Wednesday morning, and TMZ has the footage of the vandals in the act. Around 3:40 AM ... one guy -- who appears to have blonde hair -- sprayed a coat of black paint over the star. Then, in white paint, he added his coup de grace.

There was another man with the vandal ... shooting photos and/or video.

The guy's homage to alleged Russian collusion didn't last long -- about 4 hours later, the star was cleaned up and almost as good as new. You can still see black specks on it.

Let's face it ... cleaning up Trump's star has become fairly customary.

The star's been jackhammered, painted, pickaxed ... and even (fake) peed on by George Lopez.

Says a lot about the commitment of Trump's haters that they keep coming back ... even though they're ALWAYS caught on camera. 

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