Conor McGregor Faces Off with Mike Perry ... At Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship!!!

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Conor McGregor stole the show Saturday night at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ... and the spirits clearly moved him.

Conor was on hand to watch Mike Perry defeat Luke Rockhold, who threw in the towel after his teeth got messed up in the brawl.

Conor, who was sipping, then swigging, his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, toasted the crowd at the 1stBank Center and the crowd ate it up.

But McGregor wasn't done ... Perry invited him into the ring and they faked a face-off. That's when the Irish champ grabbed Perry's BKFC belt ... a move that would ordinarily have triggered another fight, except this one was for s**** and giggles. They stared each other down, WWE style, and that was that.

As for Conor ... he's been sidelined with an injury for 2 years, but he's expected to fight Michael Chandler soon.

White House Correspondents' Dinner MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle ... Eats It at After-Party!!!


D.C. was lit Saturday night at an after-party following the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and apparently so were some of the correspondents!!!

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle was yukking it up and feelin' the beat with fellow anchor Symone Sanders-Townsend ... posing for pics when she just collapsed. No harm, no foul ... Ruhle bounced back up, with a little help, and was back at it.

The party went down at the French Ambassador's residence in D.C. People were dancing and, we're guessing, drinking some as the shindig blazed on. Stephanie hit the ground at 1 AM. No word on how long the party lasted.

The event's a big deal in D.C. Ariana Madix and Lisa Vanderpump were guests at the Dinner and A.M. had to love it when host Roy Wood Jr. compared her ex, Tom Sandoval, to Tucker Carlson.

Hope the headache's manageable today!

Sydney Sweeney Shoulder-to-Shoulder w/ Fiancé See? We're Good, Sheesh!

Sydney Sweeney seems to want to put out the fire over the Glen Powell speculation-- so, after a lot of time apart from her fiancé ... they're finally in the same frame again.

The actress stepped out with Jonathan Davino in NYC Friday night, strolling down the street side by side after she attended an Armani Beauty event earlier that day ... giving each other knowing looks here and there, but mostly remaining stoic as paps fired away.

The photos mark the first time we've seen Sydney and Jonathan together in public for a minute -- over the past several days, we've either seen one or the other ... but not the two of them in one picture. Now, they appear to be trying to send a clear message.

Here's the thing ... while they, perhaps, think this should shut down any further rumors that there's trouble in paradise -- they didn't really do a good job at looking like a happy couple.

No PDA here from what we can see ... and, more importantly, still no engagement ring on Sydney's finger -- which is a look she's been sporting a lot lately -- aka, a bare digit. However, considering Jon's still walking her longtime pet on the regular ... it's hard to make sense of what the hell is going on. Like we told you, sources say they're still engaged.

Sydney and Jonathan being together doesn't translate for Glen's sitch ... whose girlfriend dumped him last week on the heels of a lot of flirtatious behavior between the two costars.

Not only were SS and GP looking hot and compatible on set for their "hard-R" rom-com, as Glen put it, but they sure seemed simpatico off-set as well ... whether it was him dipping Syd on the couch and catching her, or on the red carpet -- where they couldn't stop smiling.

At first, it honestly felt like nothing but conjecture from fans and media alike -- but after the Glen split ... some suggested there may, in fact, be flames under all this smoke.

If Sydney wants to extinguish all this full-stop ... she may have to pucker up and plant one on Johnny there. 'Cause a non-touchy-feely date in New York probably won't cut it.

We'll keep our eyes peeled. 👀 speculation -- so, after a lot of time apart from her fiancé ... they're finally in the same frame again.

Texas Mass Shooting Shooter Still On the Loose ... After Slaughtering 5 Neighbors Execution Style

The man accused of carrying out 5 "execution-style" murders in Texas was triggered by his neighbors complaining their baby's sleep was interrupted by his target practice, according to a new report.

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers told KTRK News that the suspect -- identified as Francisco Oropeza -- was firing his AR-15 style rifle in the yard of his Cleveland, TX, home late Friday night when his neighbors walked up to a fence dividing their properties.

Capers said the neighbors requested that Oropeza stop shooting his weapon because they had a "young baby trying to go to sleep."

But, Oropeza -- who had been drinking -- got annoyed and replied, "I'll do what I want to in my front yard," Capers said.

The situation quickly turned from harassment to a massacre.

Police say Oropeza marched over to his neighbor's house, stepped inside, and unleashed a barrage of bullets with his AR-15-style rifle, killing 3 females and 2 males, including an 8-year-old boy. Oropeza was reportedly caught on a Ring camera entering the home.

Capers added that all the victims were shot from the neck up "almost execution style."

During the shooting, two female victims used their bodies as shields to protect two of their children, who were found unharmed in a bedroom.

Capers acknowledged their heroics, explaining, "In my opinion, they were trying to take care of the babies and keep them babies alive."

Three more kids were discovered without injuries inside the home, but they were drenched in blood and taken to a hospital to be evaluated as a precautionary measure.

A judge issued an arrest warrant for Oropeza, who investigators believe has fled the country. The FBI has joined police in their manhunt to find Oropeza and has recovered the rifle he allegedly wielded in the deadly attack, along with his cell phone and some clothing.

Oropeza is considered armed and dangerous and a threat to the community.

Kardashian-Related Intruders Gated Community Upgrades Security ... And It's Working!!!

The gated Hidden Hills community some of the Kardashians, and other wealthy folks, call home is investing in serious security upgrades -- a change brought on by a spate of uninvited visitors for the famous sisters.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the gated community, where Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner both reside, recently enlisted more security guards and installed a new camera system.

We're told the new tech allows for real-time reporting of intruders, and the measures are doing wonders for the area's crime rate. Burglaries have gone from multiple each week to a flat zero. On top of that, potential trespassers have been stopped and turned away before things can escalate.

The recent beef-up comes as a result of the area getting hammered with burglaries, stalkers and obsessed fans trying to get inside ... incidents that definitely ring a bell for Kim and co.

As we reported, a man named Deandre Williams was arrested in October after wandering into the community -- slipping past the security, but not getting far before he was nabbed. Our sources told us he was certainly infatuated with Kim, too.

Before that, another man showed up at her home multiple times -- and even though she got a TRO against him, he later violated it.

When all that drama leads to safer streets for all, call it silver linings ... "kourtesy" of the Kardashians.

Brian Austin Green Ditches Vanessa Marcil Tattoo ... 20 Years After Split!!!

Brian Austin Green is officially -- or we should say finally -- saying goodbye to a sentimental tattoo ... one he got in honor of Vanessa Marcil before their 2003 breakup.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Brian finally went through with the removal about 15 years after first trying to scrap it. We're told he tried deleting it when he and Vanessa split, but never got it fully wiped because the tattoo removal place shut down.

Brian got the ink after she gave birth to their son Kassius back in 2002 -- the piece was the kiddo's name with Vanessa's name shaded inside it.

Y'know what they say about name tats, though ... the young couple called it quits the next year.

The tattoo's remained faint on his arm since his past removal sessions, but he finally went in this month to finish the job. As for honoring Kass ... Brian still has another tattoo of his baby photo on his bicep. Always good to have a backup!

FYI, Brian and Vanessa went through a lengthy custody battle over Kass ... and he also sued her, claiming she owed him roughly $200K in unpaid loans, but it was dismissed due to the statute of limitations.

We're told the nasty ending definitely motivated BAG to finish the ink removal.

Travis Kelce I Want A WWE Role!!! ... In Talks With The Miz About Making It Happen


Travis Kelce might be in the midst of one of the greatest NFL careers ever ... but the Kansas City Chiefs star tells TMZ Sports he has his eye on another endeavor -- the WWE.

Now, he clearly ain't ready to hang up his cleats in exchange for wrestling boots ... but the two-time Super Bowl champ said this week he definitely wants some kind of role with the org. -- and he hopes it happens sooner than later.

Kelce told us he's been inspired to seek out the job after he watched his good buddy, George Kittle, have a blast in the ring earlier this month.

"My guy George Kittle was at WrestleMania throwing clotheslines left and right, man," Kelce said. "It was awesome to see him go nuts."

So, Kelce said he's hit up his pal The Miz -- who actually lost to Pat McAfee at WrestleMania due to interference from Kittle -- and he told us he's working with the WWE Superstar to try to get some sort of action in the WWE soon.

"Hopefully," the 33-year-old tight end said, "we can brew something into fruition here."

Of course, Kelce doesn't have exactly all the time in the world to mix it up in the ring ... he's gone nonstop this offseason, hosting "Saturday Night Live," throwing ceremonial pitches at Guardians games and even making an appearance at Thursday's NFL draft.

Then again ... we just gotta see this guy in the squared circle -- so clear that calendar!!!

Luke Bryan Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

Luke Bryan's looks over the years will make you wanna "Strip It Down!"

Here's a 31-year-old version of the singing stud showing some side eye at Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, California back in 2008 (left). This was just one year after the release of his debut album "I'll Stay Me."

And, 15 years later the singing stud took a break from his judging duties and recently snapped a selfie on the set of "American Idol" ... showcasing his show-ready looks and pearly whites.

On Friday, Mr. Bryan took the stage at Stagecoach and gave the audience his notorious "Shake It For Me" dance moves, but the question is ...

Luke Bryan ...

JoJo We Can't Stop AI Music ... Might As Well Embrace It!!!


JoJo isn't as concerned as the rest of the music industry when it comes to AI-generated tracks, saying folks should learn how to use the technology as an advantage ... cuz it's not going anywhere.

We caught up with the singer in NYC Wednesday where she spilled her thoughts on the uptick of robots in music ... which has taken the internet by storm as of late.

JoJo says the concept is actually pretty interesting, and could have some benefits to be used in the studio for harmonies and backgrounds. As far as JoJo is concerned, there's no stopping AI tunes, so people should figure out how to use 'em.

Of course, not all artists see it like JoJo. Drake's label ripped the idea after multiple AI-generated Drizzy tunes began trending. Before that, Universal Music Group had to remove an AI song featuring Drake and The Weeknd.


Other artists like Khalid agree the technology is inevitable, but unlike JoJo, he's not a fan.

One thing JoJo's not so sure about when it comes to AI music is what role they may play on new artists and royalties in the future ... certainly something that might be too early to tell.

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Squared away in this altered image is a guy who you can "Lean On" whenever you're in the mood to let loose, be in your feels and dip it low! At the drop of his cowboy hat ... see if you've got what it takes to guess this scrambled star!

Over the years, he's been known to flash his badonkadonk, and if you'd like to see more ... you can find him dancing at Stagecoach during his "HonkyTonk!" Do you reckon the disguised DJ in this mashed up image? You've got this!

"All we need is somebody to lean on!"

Barstow PD Cop Beats Unarmed Black Man ... With Baton During Arrest

excessive force?

A Southern California police officer beat an unarmed Black man with a baton during an arrest -- which has echoes of Rodney King ... but cops say this guy instigated it.

Check out this video, obtained by TMZ, which shows an older gentleman retreating with his hands up while being pursued by a Barstow PD officer Friday afternoon in the desert community. The cop has his baton raised as he inches closer, and eventually swings on him.

You can see the officer appear to give an order -- which looks like he might've been saying get on the ground -- before manhandling the older guy and subduing him. However, as the photog who took this noted, the cop starts to wail on the dude even after he's down.

He gets about 4 good swings on him before other officers arrive to the scene and help contain the situation. The man is then handcuffed and led over to EMTs, who briefly check him ... and he's then led to a police cruiser and taken away. The man can be seen limping.


Barstow PD tells TMZ the man who took the beating is 43-year-old Gary Christian -- whom they say was wanted on an open felony warrant for a probation violation ... and who this officer recognized on Main Street. BPD says the officer attempted to make contact and place Christian under arrest, but claim Christian assaulted the officer not once ... but twice.

BPD says the officer deployed his taser unsuccessfully, at which point ... the baton came out. They say Christian was treated at a hospital for minor contusions to his leg ... and was then booked into the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. High Desert Detention Center.


Barstow PD also says this ... "The department has a copy of that video and would like the community to know that a comprehensive administrative investigation will be conducted into this incident to determine if the force used by the officer was within Barstow Police Department policy and current law." In other words, they'll look into this internally.

Of course, the comparison to the beating Rodney King received in the '90s will undoubtedly be made. That incident led to destructive riots in and around Los Angeles -- and ultimately came to affect lots of other LA-based events in the years that followed.

The more concerning part about this, though, is that Barstow PD had another race-related police incident a few years ago ... when their officers shot and killed an unarmed Black in a parking lot as they felt an apparent threat. His name was Diante Yarber, a 26-year-old.

His family said the killing was unjustified ... but after a review by the authorities, they found the officers had a reasonable belief that their lives were in danger, and that deadly force was warranted. They fired around 30 bullets at his parked car, which was in a Walmart lot.

Considering the history in that town already, something tells us the community isn't going to take this latest incident very well. Fact is, it certainly looks to be excessive force on its face.

Time will tell if Barstow PD releases more footage to back up their account.

Florida Principal Forced to Resign Over David Statue ... Pays the Big Guy a Visit!!!

An ex-principal -- who was forced to resign after her school showed off the naked David statue to students -- made the trek to Italy ... and was welcomed with open arms.

Hope Carrasquilla paid a visit to the famed Accademia Gallery museum in Florence Friday with her family in tow -- this after the city's mayor had invited her to come see David for herself following her unceremonious ousting last month ... which he called outrageous.

Cecilie Hollberg -- Accademia's director -- gave Carrasquilla and her brood a VIP tour of the place ... which, of course, included an up-close view of Michelangelo's iconic artwork.

She said hosting them was a pleasure, adding ... "I am happy to be able to welcome her and introduce her to the beauties of our museum, besides showing her the David, a sculpture that, I repeat as I have said, has nothing to do with pornography. It's a masterpiece, it represents a religious symbol of purity and innocence, the victory of good over evil."

Carrasquilla also met with Mayor Dario Nardella ... who spoke out on her situation in March, when she got the boot from Tallahassee Classical School. Nardella rolled out the red carpet for her, it seems, and again defended her amid the controversy.

He writes, "A few weeks ago she was attacked for showing her students Michelangelo's David. Today it receives from @comunefi an award in the name of art and culture. Art is civilization and whoever teaches it deserves respect. Welcome Professor Hope Carrasquilla!"

If you hadn't heard ... Carrasquilla stepped down after parents expressed outrage over their children being shown images of David's nude body during a lesson plan on the Renaissance in front of sixth graders. They felt it was inappropriate, and were mad they weren't given a heads-up. In the end, Carrasquilla took the fall ... telling local media she was "saddened."

It's just the latest instance of parents flexing their rights over their children's curriculum in public schools there in Florida ... which has been an ongoing issue for a few years now.

If David's off the table for learning ... ya gotta wonder what else will go. There's a lot of nudity in historical art -- especially in Michelangelo's body of work. Bye-bye, Sistine Chapel?

LeBron James Trolls Grizzlies After G6 Win ... Re: Mystikal, HELP THE 🐻

LeBron James knows a good reference when he hears it -- and after booting the Memphis Grizzlies out of the playoffs ... a classic Mystikal line came to mind, and it's perfect.

The King was feeling cocky Saturday after the Lakers crushed Ja Morant's team in decisive fashion Friday in front of the home crowd ... which ends their season and sends LBJ and co. into the next round, where they await either the Warriors or the Sacramento Kings.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bron took to IG with a huge flex -- posting an epic in-game photo of himself after one of his many buckets, where he's roaring in Arena. His caption was just as badass.

He writes, "If you ever see me fighting in the forest with a Grizzly bear, HELP THE BEAR."

Of course, the line is a nod to two things -- one, it's the bar that Mystikal dropped back in 2012 during a freestyle on Invasion Radio ... which has gone down in hip hop history. It also, obviously, refers to the Grizzlies as a unit in general ... and their ferocious fluffy mascot.

And yes ... it's also very likely one final shot at SF Dillon Brooks, who was talking mad s*** to LeBron early on in the series -- and who famously said after their Game 2 win that he liked to "poke bears" when asked about his back-and-forth with LeBron on the court.

You'll recall ... Dillon brazenly called Bron "old" and said he doesn't respect anybody who doesn't give him at least 40 points. LBJ never quite did that but he owned the dude in just about every respect of the game ... not to mention the Memphis squad as a whole.

Dillon has mostly avoided talking to the media since then ... and his playoff performance was mediocre, to say the least. Seems like LeBron isn't letting him live it down just yet.

Bron and the Lake Show have good momentum right now ... no time for hibernating now.

Mila Kunis Reportedly in Talks ... To Play Fantastic 4's The Thing?!?

Mila Kunis may just be tapped to play The Thing in the new "Fantastic 4" movie -- that is ... if you buy a rumor that's running rampant on Twitter this morning.

A movie insider named @MyTimeToShineH -- who's credited with getting scoops before trade publications, and generally being in the know on superhero news -- sent the bird app into a frenzy Friday when they claimed Mila was in talks to portray a female version of Ben Grimm.

Grimm is the name of the dude in the comics who becomes The Thing ... a giant orange rock figure who fights crime alongside Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the Human Torch.

MTTSH writes, "They are looking at Jewish actors, both male AND female for The Thing in Fantastic Four. Mila Kunis is one of them." They added that the director of the upcoming 2025 flick, Matt Shakman, insisted Grimm be portrayed be a real-life Jewish actor ... as the character is explicitly depicted as Jewish in the comic books, albeit in later iterations.

Now, in case it went over your head -- The Thing is a male character ... and has always been portrayed as such. Whether it was Chuck McCann in the '90s cartoon, Michael Chiklis from the 2000s flick, or Jamie Bell from the 2010s version -- The Thing's known as a guy.

Now, however, based on this report -- or gossip, more like -- it sounds like Marvel's possibly looking to switch things up with a little gender swap ... or at the very least, considering it.

As you might imagine ... Twitter users, by and large, aren't reacting well to the news. The jokes are flying -- and the consensus seems to be, if Kevin Feige and co. go down this road, much of the fanbase will turn their backs on the studio ... as they view this as a step too far.

Of course, it wouldn't be the first time a woman replaced a role usually played by a man -- it notably happened in "Ghostbusters" ... and more recently, in 'Black Panther 2' and "She-Hulk." among other examples. Point is ... it's been done before, and sometimes with success.

As for Mila potentially being eyed for the job ... she wouldn't be half bad. Big star with name recognition and a good range of films under her belt, including action movies and comedies.

She's certainly more than capable.

Sydney Sweeney Fiancé Golfing Trip or is Engagement in the Rough?

Sydney Sweeney and fiancé Jonathan Davino are still engaged -- at least publicly -- but after her costar's relationship just imploded, there's a growing mystery over when another shoe might drop.

Davino was photographed earlier this week leaving their home. Not a big deal, but he had bags packed as he left the house. Along with his luggage -- golf clubs and a dog bed.

It's entirely possible he was just going on a golfing trip. Also, earlier Tuesday -- the day the pics were shot -- he was walking Sydney's dog, Tank, so maybe the pooch is going on the golfing trip and all is well. Two theories -- either all is well and Tank's just going on a fun trip, or there's no one else to take care of him so Jonathan's just being compassionate.

On the other hand, Sydney was seen earlier this week without her engagement ring, and the timing is interesting. The photo of a ringless Sydney was shot Thursday, 2 days after Jonathan left with bags packed.

As you probably know, Sydney's costar, Glen Powell, is now a single man after his girlfriend Gigi Paris, very publicly said she's moving on.

Rumors have been swirling that there's more than a professional relationship between Sydney and Glen, and those rumors were, in part, fueled by the 2 of them after appearing on a red carpet earlier this week looking adoringly at each other.

Stay tuned ...

Texas Mass Shooting 5 People Killed Including Child ... Suspect Is Still On the Loose

Another mass shooting -- this time in Texas -- has claimed the lives of five people -- including an 8-year-old child -- after a gunman went on a wild rampage using an AR-15 style rifle, according to police.

The execution-style slayings occurred late Friday night in Cleveland, TX, where the suspect -- who apparently was intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol -- opened fire inside a house with at least ten people inside, cops said.

After the smoke cleared, five people -- ranging in age from 8 to 40 -- were lying dead from their bullet wounds. Police say two female victims draped themselves over two children in a bedroom, saving their lives.

The gunman fled and was still at large of this morning. Police have not disclosed a motive, but said the assailant was armed with the AR-15 style rifle.

San Jacinto County Sheriff deputies responded to the home -- which is about 55 miles from Houston -- after receiving a harassment call. Cops cordoned off the crime scene and told locals to stay away so they could investigate

During their probe, investigators learned that the alleged gunman -- who lived in the area -- would practice shooting in his front yard, where officers found multiple shell casings.

Police described the suspect as a 5-foot-8 Hispanic man with short black hair who was last seen dressed in blue jeans, a black shirt and work boots.

The deadly attack was just the latest in a string of mass shootings plaguing the country. So far this year, there have been at least 160 mass shootings across the US that have left more than 200 people dead.

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