Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann No Open Marriage Or Cheating ... Despite Online Rumors

There have been lots of theories thrown around as to what led to the downfall of Kim Zolciak's marriage to Kroy Biermann -- from rumors of cheating to claims the two had an open marriage ... but we're told all that noise is far from the truth.

Here's the deal -- the rumor mill has been going crazy since Kim filed for divorce from the former NFL star earlier this week ... with smoke online about possible affairs.

On the opposite end of that spectrum ... the anonymous gossip site DeuxMoi claimed the two had an open marriage.

However, sources with direct knowledge say that's all BS ... saying there was neither cheating nor any flexibility in the now-estranged couple's sex life.

Lots of 'RHOA' fans have also been wondering if Kim will be making her return to the show, or even if she’ll be a part of the upcoming cast of the spin-off "The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip" amid her nasty divorce -- but sources say she has no interest in the reality TV game right now, and instead is focused on her kids.

TMZ broke the story, Kim pulled the plug on her 11-year marriage at the end of April ... saying it was "irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation." They've got 4 kids together, and she's asking for primary physical custody of them and joint legal custody. Kroy wants sole custody -- thus, the battle.


Our sources say Kim's been laying low at home with her kids when they aren't at school since her filing -- but is still sticking to the same schedule as always with no changes to the day-to-day.

Britney Spears Brilliant Performer Who Feels Helpless ... Doctors Say in TMZ Documentary


Britney Spears makes a lot of news for her mental health struggles ... but, as Dr. Drew says, behind it all is a caring woman and brilliant performer who is struggling to restart her life.

Dr. Drew, Dr. Charles Sophy and others appear in Monday night's documentary, which explores Britney's life in the year and a half since the conservatorship ended.

Dr. Drew makes it clear ... it's typical for people like Britney to minimize the need for help, and it's also typical and OK for people to stumble as they try and find their way.

Dr. Sophy echoes the sentiment, saying Britney feels helpless and that when she acts out, she is screaming for help.


"TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom" airs Monday at 9 PM ET on FOX.

Taylor Swift Comes to Rescue of Fan During 'Bad Blood'


9:40 AM PT -- The woman who was apparently hassled by security is speaking out ... saying she and her friends were harassed by a security guard any time they touched the front railing. Taylor seemed to notice the girls just wanted to have fun ... leading her to call out the guard involved. Good news for the fans ... the security guard was booted, and they were given free tickets to Sunday's show!

TikTok / @caityg33

Taylor Swift fans are very protective of their idol, and Saturday night she returned the favor.

Taylor was in Philly for a 2-night stand with her Eras tour, when it appears -- at least to fans on social media -- a security guard may have come down a little too hard on an attendee.

It went down as she was singing "Bad Blood" ... it looks like Taylor spotted something in the crowd. You see her gesture with a tinge of anger, trying to calm things down, and then she stops singing and shouts, "She's fine. She wasn't doing anything!!!"

Taylor's concerts are choreographed with precision, so for her to break from the playbook is unusual.

It was a momentary distraction and the concert went on without another hitch.


We reached out to Taylor's rep ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 5:55 AM PT

KSI KOs Fournier with Illegal Elbow ... Ref Missed It


YouTube star KSI knocked out Joe Fournier in the second round Saturday night ... and it would have been impressive except for the fact it was an illegal blow to the head, and the ref was in the dark.

The two went at it furiously at London's Wembley Arena, and KSI was landing some impressive punches in the first 2 rounds. In round 2, it appeared KSi landed a massive shot to Fournier's jaw, sending him tumbling to the canvas.

The ref declared KSI the winner, but when you watched the replay, it was clear it was not a glove that made contact with Fournier's jaw ... it was KSI's elbow, and that's illegal.

Had the ref seen it, it probably would have resulted in an instant disqualification, but that didn't happen.

KSI said in the post-fight interview he did not strike Fournier with his elbow. But the video clearly tells a different story,

KSI also called out Tommy Fury in the ring and the 2 had to be separated.  Fury had a fight of his own during the match ... getting into it with a former "Love Island" castmate.


KSI, 29, landed the bigger punches throughout the first round of the exhibition bout at London’s Wembley Arena, and he tagged Fournier, 40, with a huge overhand right in Round 2. That was followed by an attempted right hook, with KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) instead making contact with his elbow.

Blink-182 Concert Ghostlike Figure Is Big Travis Fan ... Casper or Kourtney???


Big mystery in Montreal over the weekend at a Blink 182 concert ... someone enveloped in a blanket is getting special attention from one Travis Barker, and lots of folks suspect it's Kourtney Kardashian!

The ghostlike figure sat underneath the blanket for the entire concert. At times the person was moving around as if they were uncomfortable ... it was super hot in the venue.

So here's the clue. When the concert was over, Travis hopped off stage, wrapped his arm around the mystery person and walked off.

Now if this were some rando, you'd think security might step in and check out what's what, but that apparently didn't happen ... further evidence it's Kourtney.


Blink's really on a roll since Coachella.  They're now in the midst of their world tour. They perform in Toronto Monday.

Who knew Kourtney would ghost Travis!

Jay Glazer TB12 Will Crush It As Raiders Owner ... I Guarantee It!!!


Raiders fans ... want to just win (baby) all the time? According to Jay Glazer, ya better hope Tom Brady gets a piece of the franchise!!!

The FOX reporter made it crystal clear to us out at LAX this week that if Brady does, indeed, complete his deal with Mark Davis to become a minority owner of Vegas' team ... he expects victories on the field to follow in bunches.

"Anything Tom touches, he's going to be successful," Glazer told us. "Any time you have Tom Brady around, it's going to help. It's not going to hurt. He's a winner."

According to reports, Brady has been working with Davis to land a small ownership stake in the Raiders for weeks ... and an agreement could be on its way soon.

While the new role reportedly would not include any final say in roster decisions or day-to-day operations, Glazer said he expects it to make a huge impact on the franchise nonetheless.

Glazer told us Brady's work ethic will rub off on everyone ... and, if the G.O.A.T.'s able to take a peek at a QB or two and offer an opinion, Glazer said that'd obviously help as well.


As for his future at FOX, Glazer didn't expect a potential Raiders ownership to impact that at all ... telling us, "If he broadcasts with us, he'll be terrific at that too because he's just going to outwork people."

Famous Moms And Their Mini-Mes ... Happy Mother's Day!

Indeed it's Mother's Day, and while these famous moms love being in the spotlight ... there's always a little somebody taking over their IG pages and stealing the show! Come celebrate the special day with these moms and their mini-mes!

Ciara and her youngin', Si Si, both doused themselves in green "goodies" for a twinning pic, while Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi made their entrance known in matching gowns, and Serena Williams was upstaged by her little one, Alexis, posing in identical pajamas.

Check out our gallery to see all the moms with their mini-mes ... they got it from their momma!

Happy Mother's Day!

SYLVESTER STALLONE Relists $21.3 Mil Hidden Hills Home ... 3 Months After Taking It Off Market

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are once again looking to unload their Hidden Hills property ... they just put it back on the market, only 3 months after pulling the original listing.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... the famous couple's estate is now listed for $21.3 million, which is a $1.2 million price reduction.

Remember ... Sly and JF put the place up for sale back in December for $22.5 million, but it never sold, and in February they took it off the market.

We're told they took the home off the market in February because it was listed during the holidays, and after waiting a couple months they feel it's being relisted at a better time.

The 4-bedroom home is 10,460 square feet with 8 bathrooms ... and it's decked out with a pool, home theater, gym, horse barn and stables, plus a riding area.

Jordan Cohen

The property rests on 2.26 acres with picturesque mountain views ... and there's also a pool house and a guest house, plus a koi pond, vegetable garden and 100+ avocado and citrus trees on the expansive lot.

The master bedroom stands out ... it comes with dual walk-in closets, a private balcony and a sitting area.


Sly and Jennifer are no strangers to L.A. real estate ... as we first reported, he sold his Beverly Hills home to Adele for $58 million at the beginning of last year, and then in March 2022 he and Jen bought the Hidden Hills home.

Our sources say Sylvester and Jennifer are selling the place because they spend the majority of their time in Florida, where they own a $35 million mansion in Palm Beach.

Jordan Cohen of RE/MAX ONE holds the listing.

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

"Raise your glass" to all the moms out there, including this icon of a woman who is not only a fearless mother of two ... but is no stranger to hanging high up in the rafters and soaring through packed crowds!

From "Lady Marmalade" to Lady Momma-lade, this singing star was just struttin' her stuff on stage with Christina Aguilera and Lil' Kim back in the day. Also -- prior to her diaper-changing days -- she was a competitive gymnast which ties in perfectly with her current acrobatic skills.

"Get the Party Started" and guess the mashed-up mom!

Harry & Meghan Something's Fishy (For Dinner) ... Preggo Rumors Debunked?

Meghan Markle pregnancy rumors have been swirling online for weeks now -- but based on what she and Prince Harry apparently had for dinner ... those would seem to be BS.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hit the town Friday in Santa Barbara, where eyewitnesses say it was just the two of them as they exited a restaurant called Sushi Bar ... a stone's throw away from where they live in Montecito. Of course, some security was in tow.

As you can see, the couple was all smiles as they left the establishment -- and we're told they turned the corner to get inside a waiting SUV that was parked near the adjacent Montecito Inn, at which point they took off. Our sources say this was around 7 PM PT.

While it's unclear if they actually ate anything inside, our guess is they might've. And, seeing how this place is pretty much all about raw fish -- it's a safe bet sushi was likely ordered.

The reason that's a big deal ... there's been some murmurs of late that MM could, perhaps, have a bun in the oven. Some theorized that might've been why she skipped the coronation -- but the conjecture fired up even more so when photos of her hiking last week surfaced.

Folks noticed she appeared to have something slightly protruding under her shirt, near her stomach ... and that served as enough evidence for some to believe she was expecting.


Of course, that little extra belly pop Meg was showing off in the great outdoors could just as easily have been a fanny pack of some sort -- it really doesn't look like a straight up baby bump, even though a good handful of gawkers online were pretty convinced it might be.

Now that we've seen her leave a sushi joint -- a food typically sworn off by pregnant women due to the risks it poses to a growing fetus -- it feels like we can put that notion to bed.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming, peeps!

Kim Kardashian Let's Start Reading Horrific Lines!!! ... 'AHS' Script in Hand

Kim Kardashian's ready for her close-up, and is one step closer to getting on camera in one of the biggest and most popular shows on TV ... 'cause she's got her lines at the ready.

Check out these photos that were taken Friday, which show KK heading into a meeting in Beverly Hills ... with something of note in her arm. That would be the script for the new 'American Horror Story' season, in which Kim has been cast as a major character.

BTW, it doesn't just look like a generic script or outline ... this appears to be the script for a specific episode in the upcoming 12th entry of the series, which has been dubbed 'Delicate.'

On a zoomed-in shot, you can see it's been watermarked as Kim's copy -- and you can even make out a bit of the title of this episode. To us, it seems to read ... "When the Bough Breaks," and it has the lead writer's name featured (Halley Feiffer), as well as the director.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Kim was announced as being attached to 'AHS' last month, and she'll be acting opposite Emma Roberts ... among other cast members. Her exact role hasn't been declared just yet -- but there's a hint based on the source material, a forthcoming novel.

The book that this season is said to be based on is called "Delicate Condition," by Danielle Valentine. It's described as a story about an expecting mother who becomes convinced evil forces are trying to torpedo her pregnancy ... almost in the vein of "Rosemary's Baby."


Some have speculated Kim might be playing the pregnant mom, and that Emma could perhaps play another villain-adjacent character. Cara Delevingne was also recently cast.

BTW, if you're wondering how 'AHS' is moving forward amid the writers' strike ... it would appear Ryan Murphy and co. might already have some scripts in the can. When Kim was first tied to the new season, the word at the time was production was scheduled to begin shortly thereafter ... and that a summer premiere was likely, with an exact date upcoming.

In other words, it doesn't look like the strike will affect the schedule -- and it's likely that the entire season is already written, evident in Kim's appearance here. Feiffer, who's writing all episodes for 'Delicate,' doesn't appear to have publicly commented on the WGA standoff.

President Biden Cringe HBCU Comment During Howard Commencement

i really mean it ...
Howard University

President Biden's heart might be in the right place, but his mouth is often somewhere else -- which was seen again Saturday ... this while addressing Howard University graduates.

POTUS was tapped as the key commencement speaker during the college's graduation ceremony this weekend, and there's one remark he made during his speech that's getting a little side-eye ... both due to his delivery and perhaps even his not-so-veiled intention.

Joe was talking about white supremacy, which he says is the most dangerous terroristic threat to America ... and encouraged everyone to stand up against it. Nothing wrong there in and of itself; however ... what he said afterward got some double takes, especially online.

You can tell he went off script a bit when he added ... "And I'm not just saying that because I'm at a Black HBCU. I say (it) wherever I go." There were some chuckles in the crowd.


Of course, HBCU stands for Historically Black College and University ... so there's no need for an extra descriptor to emphasize that it's a Black institution -- it's already in the acronym. On its face, this just a typical and innocent Biden gaffe ... not the end of the world, really.

The bigger issue, it would seem, is the fact that he felt the need to specifically mention he wasn't just saying this because he was at an HBCU, with a predominantly Black student body and faculty. Of course, you could argue that's (probably) exactly why he's mentioning it in this setting ... and that this whole thing comes across as pandering and kinda empty.

BTW, this isn't the first time Biden's put his foot in his mouth when it comes to talking to or about Black people -- there've been several instances over the past few years where he's made some eyebrow-raising remarks... which have all gotten backlash to varying degrees.

The one that comes to mind for many is when he said during a 'Breakfast Club' interview that any Black person who had trouble deciding between him or Donald Trump in the 2020 election ... wasn't Black. Charlamagne tha God pushed back on that and said it had nothing to do with Trump, arguing JB wasn't guaranteed a vote just because he wasn't Trump.

Another one bites the dust.

'Aladdin' Star Mena Massoud Scrubs Twitter After 'Little Mermaid' Comment, Backlash

Ariel the mermaid just pounded real-life Aladdin into submission -- or, more accurately, her fans did ... this after the dude juxtaposed his flick with hers, which pissed a lot of people off.

Mena Massoud -- who played everyone's favorite street rat in the 2019 live-action adaptation -- just scrubbed his Twitter account due to a mountain of backlash he received Saturday for chiming in on the future box office prospects of Halle Bailey's new 'Little Mermaid' movie.

He was responding to an account that was reporting on how much 'TLM' was slated to make in its opening weekend -- about $115M, which it then compared to the $112M 'Aladdin' made in its opening weekend run. Mena had some thoughts on that ... some took it as shade.

MM wrote, "Our film was unique in that audiences went to watch it multiple times. It's the only way we reached the billion dollar mark with our opening." "Aladdin" went on to make $1.054 bil internationally ... and its initial box office numbers were considered a big win.

Then came a remark that got Mena attacked. He followed up and said, "My guess is TLM doesn't cross the billion mark but will undoubtedly get a sequel." Unclear if he followed that up with any clarification on what he meant -- but this alone got Halle fans up in arms.

You can hop into the "Aladdin" trend yourself and see what they're saying ... but basically, the reaction wasn't good. Some felt Mena's comment here was a cheap shot and suggesting 'Little Mermaid' wasn't actually worthy of any future success, including a possible sequel.


Others are also saying that Mena sounds a little salty over the fact that he hasn't been cast in much post-"Aladdin" -- and that he's still hung up on the criticism that movie received ... and there was a lot. Bottom line ... he was getting dragged through the coals over this.

As a result, Mena appears to have deleted his account. The OG Twitter comment is gone, and his page is inaccessible now ... so it seems the discourse may have gotten to him.

Part of the reason for this fierce response to his apparent slight might have to do with the fact that 'TLM' has been in the crosshairs of haters from day one ... ever since they announced Halle, a Black woman, would be cast -- which got a ton of flak in and of itself.

People are coalescing around this movie and hoping it does numbers, because of the larger implications -- namely, more POC getting cast in iconic roles ... and a shift in Hollywood.

What this Mena saga proves ... anyone who's perceived as taking a shot at it just for the hell of it can and will get the digital smoke. 'Mermaid' defenders are out in force right now.

'Superman: Legacy' Casting Search Begins Top Contenders: Corenswet, Mackey

DC may have found its next Man of Steel -- or at the least, a few options to consider ... and it sounds like the studio is looking toward a much younger Clark Kent than ever before.

THR reported Saturday that the casting search is on for "Superman: Legacy," and so far ... a few names have surfaced as top contenders to play both Superman and Lois Lane ... and maybe even supervillain Lex Luthor, depending on which trade you wanna believe.

For starters, we have 29-year-old David Corenswet -- who isn't really a very known name in the industry thus far ... but who apparently impressed James Gunn and co. enough to move on to the screen-testing stage ... which THR says will likely happen post-Memorial Day.

His biggest role to date was in 2022's "Pearl" -- where he plays a projectionist who falls in love with Mia Goth's serial killer protagonist. As you can see ... he's got the Supe-y vibe.

Other guys that are under consideration for Superman ... Tom Brittney and Andrew Richardson, a couple of British actors. Jacob Elordi was also apparently considered, but word is ... he never submitted an audition tape, so it seems he isn't interested in the role.

Now, as for Lois ... there's a handful of buzzy actresses who are reportedly in the mix -- including 27-year-old Emma Mackey ("Sex Education") ... who's said to be a front-runner. Other gals who are said to be in the running ... Emmy-winning Rachel Brosnahan, who's the star of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "Bridgerton" star Phoebe Dynevor and Samara Weaving.

While Mackey's name is swirling as choice #1 it seems, THR says Brosnahan churned out an epic audition -- although, apparently WB thinks she might be too old for the part. RB is 32 ... and Gunn is shooting for his characters to look like straight-up 20-somethings.

There's one other name that is being floated ... one Nicholas Hoult, who was just recently in the "Renfield" Dracula movie opposite Nicolas Cage. He was also in the 2015 'Mad Max' reboot, and it's his work there that left Warner impressed. THR says he's under consideration to play Luthor ... but Deadline's reporting he's actually a Superman contender too.


Either way ... it's clear WB's running with a youthful spirit here, very much in the vein of "Smallville," we suppose -- which chronicled young Clark Kent in his fictional hometown.

Another obvious telltale sign from all this news -- Gunn is definitely pivoting off of Henry Cavill and anything Zack Snyder-related. Time for some new blood ... that's the feeling here.

As they say ... up, up and away!

Jonathan Majors Dating Meagan Good

Jonathan Majors is still in the throes of a tricky legal situation, but he's been able to find some time for love ... TMZ has learned the actor recently started dating Meagan Good.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us, over the course of the last several weeks, Jonathan and Meagan have gotten close, and the relationship is “fairly new.” What's more, a witness tells us they were at the Alamo Drafthouse in L.A. last weekend to see a movie ... so it's not like they're hiding the fact they're hanging out.

It's unclear how serious the relationship is, but we've reached out to reps for Meagan and Jonathan. So far, no word back.

Of course, Majors continues to fight criminal charges in NYC -- 3 counts of attempted assault as well as assault, one count of aggravated harassment, and a separate count of harassment.

The actor is accused of slapping his ex-girlfriend in March in the back of a taxi after a night out partying in NYC.

Majors' attorney, Priya Chaudhry, has maintained her client's innocence from the beginning ... and has provided investigators with several surveillance videos, and text messages from the alleged victim in an attempt to prove Majors' innocence.


In one video, the ex-gf is drinking and partying in a nightclub, hours after the allegedly violent incident. Majors' team claims the images show she was not injured.

Majors had a court hearing earlier this week where his legal team hoped the D.A. would drop some, if not all, of the charges ... but they all remain.


After the hearing, Chaudhry called the entire case a racist witch hunt, adding, "When Mr. Majors showed a white police officer the injuries the woman caused him, the white officer got in Mr. Majors' face and taunted him, saying that if the officer were to slap Mr. Majors, the officer wouldn't break his finger."

Chaudhry's also annoyed neither the police or the D.A.'s office is investigating Majors' claim his ex actually assaulted him that night.

Britney Spears TMZ Documentary ... No More Concerts or Residencies


Britney Spears is in the planning stages of a recording comeback, but don't count on more concerts or residencies.

TMZ explores Britney's future in the music business as part of our documentary that airs Monday. Multiple people with direct knowledge tell TMZ, touring and residencies just aren't in the cards ... the grind of performing, endless rehearsals and the precise learning of choreography is just too much for her. What's more, we're told she doesn't have any interest in going back onstage.

Music legend Paul Anka begs to differ, telling us Britney is one of the top 5 performers in the world and ... things change.

Fact is ... aside from the fact Britney could sell out any venue she might choose, there'd be a multigenerational component to it because many of her early fans are now parents and they will bring their kids along for the ride.


"TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom" airs Monday at 9 PM ET on FOX.

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