Seth Rogen Jokes About Kim K Missing Women In Entertainment Event ... She’s Doesn’t Have Anything More Important Going On!!!

Seth Rogen had no problem letting the jokes fly as he took part in a ceremony to honor women in showbiz ... taking a playful jab at Kim Kardashian for missing the occasion.

Seth took the stage, Wednesday, during The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Breakfast, and true to form, cracked a few jokes about folks in the audience.

A source with direct knowledge tells us, “The wrong event date was given to Kim’s team several weeks ago. The error was realized only on Monday and unfortunately, her schedule could not be moved around at the last minute due to a prior work commitment. She was incredibly disappointed to not be able to attend since she never cancels.”

He joked, “’Are we going to talk about how Kim Kardashian didn’t show up?” He continued, “I have seen every episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ I know she doesn’t have anything more important to do than this.”

He made it clear it was all fun and games ... telling folks she was probably going through a lot and had good reason to skip.

Chelsea Handler also joked about the ‘SKIMS’ founder missing the event ... saying the extra security at the event wasn’t for Kim cause she didn’t show up.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

But, don’t worry, the mom of 4 wasn’t totally MIA today, sharing some pics on IG of her honey-blonde hair.

Idaho Murders Cops in Search of Driver of White Hyundai ... Might Have Info on Crime

Cops in Idaho want to speak with whoever was driving or a passenger in a white Hyundai Elantra that may have been in the neighborhood on the night 4 college students were killed.

Moscow PD says they've received tips about a vehicle that matches this description -- the model year being between 2011 and 2013 -- near the crime scene in the early morning hours of November 13. They have not released a license plate number.

Investigators are also unsure how many people may have been inside the car, but in any case, they say they're seeking them out -- as they feel they might have more info.

Cops are not saying whether they suspect the occupant(s) of the vehicle is directly involved in the murders -- but it feels like a solid lead after weeks of dead ends, with no one in custody.

As we reported ... frustrations have mounted in the community after many conflicting and retracted statements from law enforcement. At first, it was labeled a targeted attack against the victims, then saying it was maybe just the house was targeted ... later correcting that too and saying they just didn't know.

Cops have also ruled out an alleged stalker of one of the victims as a possible lead -- and don't seem to have moved much further beyond square one in terms of answers.

Meanwhile ... students have been tentative to return to classes post-Thanksgiving break, with a killer on the loose. Send tips to 208-883-7180 or

Deion Sanders School Says JSU Mural Defaced ... But Not By Student In Viral Video

A Deion Sanders mural at Jackson State University was defaced -- but not by the student seen in a viral video circulating online ... TMZ Sports has learned.

A rep for JSU tells us the mural depicting Coach Prime in a Jackson State hoodie and hat was recently messed with, though it's unclear when it exactly happened -- and the culprit remains unknown.

The school rep says the student seen wiping Deion's mural, which initially went up for football season/Homecoming around October, was trying to clean it up ... and received permission from the university to do so.

We're told it's unclear if police are investigating the mural's initial defacement.

The video of the student wiping the Sanders tribute made rounds on social media this week ... in the aftermath of the coach announcing over the weekend that he was leaving JSU for Colorado.

Sanders spent three seasons with the Tigers, going 27-5. The reaction to his departure to Boulder was polarizing, with some praising him for moving up in the coaching world -- while others criticized him for leaving a program he had helped turn into a powerhouse.

Joanna & Chip Gaines Former Literary Agent Sues For Serious $$$ You Screwed Me in Book Deal!!!

"Fixer Upper" stars Joanna and Chip Gaines are being taken to court by their former literary agent who claims the couple tried to back out of paying a set fee for their massive book deal after signing with someone else.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Joanna and Chip were repped by Vigliano Associates when they inked a massive $12.5 million deal back in 2017 to crank out 5 books for HarperCollins.

Vigliano says it was set to get a 7.5% cut of any payments to the couple and claims everything went fine for the first 2 books ... but Vigliano says the couple then "concocted a scheme" to back out payments for the last 3 books by trying to amend the deal.

The docs say the couple tried to eliminate one of the books and, as for the other two, Vigliano says they tried to swap out Joanna and make Chip the author for one of the remaining books.

Vigliano claims the original deal only applied to Joanna-authored books, so the move essentially took the book deal from 5 books down to 3 ... and, as a result, meant much less pay for Vigliano.

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What's worse, the docs claim Joanna inked a deal with a different agent instead ... and now Vigliano says the money made from her new book, "The Stories We Tell: Every Piece of Your Story Matters," should be going to its company instead -- and now Vigliano is looking for at least $1 million in damages over it.

The docs note, "Joanna and Chip Gaines brand themselves as moral Christians who purportedly operate in an ethical manner" ... before adding, "nothing could be further from the truth."

Elon Musk Blasts City of S.F. ... For Investigating Twitter's Offices-Turned-Bedrooms

Elon Musk has reportedly been turning Twitter's office space into sleeping spaces for employees putting in extra time -- and he's pissed the city of S.F. is looking into whether or not the new setup violates any codes.

Twitter's CEO fired back to a report Tuesday that said S.F.'s department of building inspection would be launching an investigation into claims that parts of the company's HQ were retrofitted to include makeshift bedrooms.

Forbes reported mattresses were set up in some Twitter office rooms, with other homey modifications. Recent reports also suggested a handful of employees were spending the night due to the intense nature of the job and long hours under Musk's new regime.

Well, Elon didn't take too kindly to the idea of San Fran cracking down -- responding to a tweet about the news by writing … "So city of SF attacks companies providing beds for tired employees instead of making sure kids are safe from fentanyl. Where are your priorities @LondonBreed!?" London Breed is S.F.'s mayor.

He also attached an article about a toddler who OD'd after coming across fentanyl on a playground. Luckily, the kid survived.

One thing Elon's tweet didn't address though ... whether or not the employee bedrooms exist.

Streamer IShowSpeed Racist Exchange with Chinese Fan At World Cup Match


Popular Streamer IShowSpeed is coming under fire for a gross racist exchange he had with a Chinese fan at The World Cup ... with people urging he do better.

IShowSpeed -- who has 14M subscribers on YouTube and nearly 6M followers on Instagram -- is in Qatar for the massive soccer tournament, and has live streamed a lot of his time in the stands.

The controversial clip shows the streamer call attention to an Asian fan in an Argentina jersey. Speed asks why he's wearing the gear -- seemingly pointing out he doesn't look Argentinian.

From there, he shouts, "Konnichiwa!" -- a formal word for "hello" in Japanese -- several times at the fan. The fan tries to explain he's not Japanese, but Chinese ... and then ISS begins rambling off nonsense with an accent.

Naturally, and rightfully so, Speed's fans have littered the comment section on his social media pages denouncing the exchange. One wrote, "Stop spewing macro-aggressions and racism towards Asian people and use your platform for something positive."

Another said, "You failed Asian Americans and Asians everywhere. We all make mistakes. But grow up. Do better. Be a better example for the youth." While another simply wrote, "ishowracism should be your new name from now on."


The 17-year-old attempted to offer up an explanation as to what he was thinking, but it didn't really help his cause. He says he thought the man was Japanese -- though he doesn't explain why -- and that his adrenaline was pumping during the video.

He insists he's not racist, and apologizes, "If it came out that way."

NYC Baseball Bat Attack Arrest Made ... Cops Say It Was Totally Random


A man has been arrested in connection to the brutal baseball bat attack in NYC last week -- and cops say it appears to be totally random ... because the suspect and victim were total strangers.

36-year-old Karim Azizi was hauled in by the NYPD Wednesday morning on three different charges -- assault, attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Of course, Azizi is the man cops suspect was behind the brutal attack that was captured on camera.

Law enforcement sources tell us the perp and victim were total strangers, and that the beating seems to have come out of nowhere, despite some believing it may have been targeted at first. A warrant squad, we're told, picked Azizi up at his Hamilton Heights home.

Our sources also say ... the video of the incident assisted in capturing him.

As we reported ... the victim was walking on the sidewalk minding their own business, when suddenly -- the attacker pulls a bat out and hits the victim in the back of the head.

It looked like the attacker might swing again while the victim was down, but he walked away. The victim was hospitalized with a laceration and bruises, and was left in stable condition.

Chrishell Stause People's Choice Didn't Let Me Bring My Partner My Costars Got Plus 1s!!!

"Selling Sunset" star Chrishell Stause is goin' OFF on the People's Choice Awards, claiming organizers didn't let her bring her boo, G Flip, to the event -- while her costars got a plus-one.

Chrishell went on a Twitter rant Wednesday morning, prefacing it with, "I am on the sauce a bit." Oh boy ...

She then took it out on the award show ... "people's choice didn’t allow me to bring my partner to the awards. I could ONLY bring a plus 1 if it was a cast member. Wtf Sure this means I will never be nominated again but honestly fu."

What really set her off was the fact, according to Chrishell, all of her 'Sunset' costars were invited, and some of them were allowed to bring plus ones. The final indignity for Chrishell -- "I was nominated for best [reality] star and yet they said NO. Again fu."

To her point, Chrishell's ex-bf and costar, Jason Oppenheim, was at the PCAs with his new GF, Marie-Lou Nurk.

Heather Rae El Moussa and her hubby Tarek also came together to the ceremony ... while Tarek is best known for his HGTV show, "Flip or Flop," the series wasn't up for awards.

As you know, Chrishell and G Flip confirmed they were a thing back in May during the reunion special for "Selling Sunset" -- which was around the same time they were featured making out quite a bit in G Flip's music video, "Get Me Outta Here."


FYI -- costar Davina Potratz also seemed to get blocked from bringing a guest ... commenting on Chrishell's post, "I wanted to bring someone too but couldn't."


Still looks like everyone had fun, though, but that won't stop Chrishell from throwin' some serious shade!

David Letterman Sit Down with Prez Zelensky ... For Netflix Talk Show

David Letterman sat down with Volodymyr Zelensky for his Netflix show -- and the interview comes on the heels of a big honor for the Ukrainian Prez.

The ex-'Late Show' host traveled to the European country in October to meet face-to-face with Zelensky ... where they engaged in conversation in front of a live audience, in a secure underground area within the beleaguered nation -- as seen in the just-released trailer for the new episode of 'My Next Guest.'

You see DL making the voyage to Ukraine, and he notes that Russian attacks are still underway as the war rages on ... so, pretty dangerous territory to say the least.

Zelensky shakes hands with Letterman, and they eventually have a seat as Dave is about to dive into some questions. The trailer cuts off before we can hear where he's going to start, but it's sure to be a fascinating chat considering everything that's happened over the past year ... including Zelensky and his military being able to turn the tables on Russia.

It's exactly because of this -- among other notable reasons, like Zelensky's persistence and bravery -- that Zelensky was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year, gracing the cover of their end-of-year issue.

Can't wait to hear him break it all down in his words. The episode hits the streaming service Monday.

PETA Urging Twitter to Call Out Elon Over Neuralink Animal Testing

PETA wants Elon Musk's animal testing at Neuralink shut down, and says the best way to make it happen is for millions of bird app users to speak up, and against the Chief Twit.

A rep for the animal rights org. tells TMZ ... "Neuralink and the University of California-Davis are responsible for the deaths of at least 15 monkeys because of Elon Musk’s quest to stick a chip in a human’s brain."

PETA says this kind of experimentation dates back at least 2 decades at other companies -- but notes, in just a few short years, Neuralink is piling up animal corpses all on its own.

The org adds, "Experimenting on and killing animals is never good science, and since monkeys in Musk’s experiments have also died for reasons that have nothing to do with these studies, the laboratory should be closed."

PETA's solution, we're told, includes urging the USDA's inspector general to get to the bottom of why animal protection laws were allegedly violated -- as cited in a Reuters report, which detailed in-house workers' concerns with the growing number of animal tests and deaths. Reuters says at least 1,500 animals have been killed at Neuralink since 2018, in the advancement of research, and to meet Musk's alleged timetable for the chip.

Now, PETA's looking to put the pressure on Elon by using his new $44 billion toy against him -- it's calling on Twitter users to flood the app with protest tweets tagging @elonmusk and his company @neuralink.

Neuralink has made promises of being able to help combat paralysis by allowing patients to simply think out a task that machinery would then complete.

Earlier this year, there was some indication Elon would start human trials, but it doesn't seem that's happened yet.

Sen. Ted Cruz Teenage Daughter 'Okay' ... After Police Respond to Home

Sen. Ted Cruz says his teenage daughter is "okay" after cops were called to his Texas home Tuesday night for a medical emergency.

Houston PD responded to Cruz's house in Houston's River Oaks neighborhood around 8 PM after receiving a report of a 14-year-old with self-inflicted stab wounds to their arm. The Senator, his wife Heidi and their 2 daughters, ages 11 and 14, live in the house.

One person was rushed to a hospital for treatment. Although police are not disclosing the patient's name, Cruz's rep issued a statement to ABC News, saying ... "This is a family matter and thankfully their daughter is okay."

It's unclear if Sen. Cruz was home at the time, or who called 911.

His rep adds, "There were no serious injuries. The family requests the media respect their daughter's privacy at this time."

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat

Kenny Smith Launches Shaq Into Giant Xmas Tree ... Hilarious Scene On 'NBA On TNT' Set

The Big Aristotle Christmas Tree Ornament?!?

Shaquille O'Neal now has another potential nickname to add to his ever-growing list ... after Kenny Smith plowed him into a giant Christmas tree on the set of "NBA on TNT" on Tuesday night.

The scene was hilarious ... O'Neal was racing The Jet to the show's big board -- when Smith got a little too physical with the Hall of Famer.

Kenny got up underneath the 7-foot-1 Lakers legend ... and sent him flying into a massive tree.

Shaq stayed under the shrubs for a while -- giggling his face off -- while proclaiming he was all right. Eventually, his cohosts pulled him from the wreckage -- with huge smiles on their faces.

"All right, Kenny," O'Neal said after getting up from the pile of presents. "This means war, Kenny!"

As Shaq returned to his seat, you can see the dude was not only covered in pine needles ... but glitter as well!!

As far as we know, Shaq didn't get revenge on Smith later in the evening ... but the guys will all be together again breaking down basketball in just a matter of days.

Better sleep with one eye open, Kenny!

People's Choice Awards Kathy Hilton Glosses Lips Onstage ... In Middle of Mariska's Heartfelt Speech


Kathy Hilton's dry lips wait for no one ... as Mariska Hargitay and the People's Choice Awards audience learned when Kathy applied gloss right onstage, and on camera, making for a totally awkward moment.

The "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" star had just won Best TV Drama Star of 2022 and was in the middle of delivering remarks ... when KH was caught on camera standing behind Mariska, and felt that was the best time to give her lips some shine.

Kathy was up there because she and her other 'RHOBH' costars were the presenters, but we're guessing she didn't realize she was still visible on TV. Then again, the live audience would still see her. So, yeah ... awkward!

There were other standout moments as well, including Olivia Wilde's appearance for her "Don't Worry Darling" win as the Drama Movie of 2022.

OW accepted the PCA with grace ... totally glossing over the film's behind-the-scenes drama -- she made no mention of the beef at the center of it.

She said, "We made this movie in 2020 when many people were not confident that audiences would ever return to theaters if they ever reopened, yet … crew members showed up every single day during a pandemic to make something that they hoped that you guys would show up for. And you guys did show up. And we are so, so grateful."

Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner accepted the award for Reality Show of 2022 -- thanking audiences for continuing to tune in and allowing them to live their lives on camera and embracing them on a new network, Hulu.

Another highlight ... Shania Twain's Music Icon Award, which was accompanied by a live performance from her. When she accepted, she said, "This is such a privilege and dream really."

Other winners included Lizzo, who won the People's Champion Award, Adam Sandler as the Comedy Movie Star of 2022, as well as Carrie Underwood winning the Country Artist of 2022.

The people have spoken.

Jue Lan Club CFO Racist Tirade at Staffers Recorded ... 'You Little F***ing Mexican Pieces of S***!!!'


The CFO for an NYC hotspot -- frequented by celebs -- was caught serving up rage to an employee she's accusing of stealing and selling recipes to a competitor, and we have audio of her brutally racist rant.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us Naomi Ram of Jue Lan Club called staffer Jose Luis Toxqui and another employee into a back office in August. From there, she not only accused them of giving out free drinks from the bar, but also accused Jose and his girlfriend -- who works at competitor restaurant Sei Less -- of stealing Jue Lan's recipes.

The verbal tirade is stunning, Ram announces, "Somebody is going to f***ing go to jail tonight ... I will f*** your ass up in f***ing immigration. I will f*** you the f*** up."

Toxqui, who is Mexican, remains mostly silent throughout Ram's attack, as she also accuses him of giving out free drinks at the bar, before asking, "You ever been sent to ICE motherf***er?"


We've split the entire audio into 2 clips ... but in the one above, Ram really ramps things up, yelling, "I will make sure you never step foot back in this country."

She then delivers her most vicious attack, saying, "You little f****ing Mexican illegal pieces of s*** like you, shouldn't f*** with people who f***ing have money and f***ing who know f***ing s***!"

After this exchange, Toxqui ended up filing a police report against Naomi for harassment, and he told NYPD he hadn't stolen anything from her or the restaurant.

According to Page Six, Toxqui sued Ram for assault, battery and unpaid wages in September. During at least one part of the audio, it does sound like Ram might have physically assaulted Toxqui.

The dispute is scheduled to go to mediation in January.

When Page Six wrote about the dispute -- without the audio -- an attorney for Ram said, "Neither our office nor our clients have been provided with the purported audio recording, nor have we had the opportunity to listen to or verify it, and so we cannot comment on it. However, we intend to vigorously defend the litigation in the appropriate forum and not through the press.”


We've reached out to Ram, through Jue Lan Club, for comment on the audio ... so far, no word back.

Aaron Judge Re-Signs With Yankees ... 9-Year, $360 Mil Contract!!!

The Judge has made his ruling ... and it's GREAT news for Yankees fans.

Aaron Judge is re-signing with New York -- and, according to multiple reports, he's getting paid handsomely to do so ... agreeing to a 9-year, $360 MILLION contract.

The Yankees had been competing with the San Francisco Giants for the outfielder's services ... and for a brief period on Tuesday, they had appeared to lose the battle.

But, after seven great seasons in NY, Judge is clearly now looking to finish his career in the Bronx.

The 30-year-old reigning AL MVP is coming off the best year of his life ... hitting a staggering 62 home runs (the new AL record) while logging 131 RBI and a .311 batting average.

Judge in '22 also led the league in runs scored (133), walks (111), and slugging percentage (.686).

The huge season seemingly helped him get a wild pay bump too ... considering he reportedly turned down a $200-plus million contract from the Yanks before the year began.


Judge will now look to build on a pinstripe career that's already seen him bat .284 with 220 home runs and 497 total RBI.

Rejoice, NY ... rejoice!

Takeoff Alleged Killer Asks Judge For $$$ ... To Hire Private Investigator

Takeoff's alleged murderer, Patrick Xavier Clark, is asking a judge for money ... because he says he can't afford a private investigator, but needs one to build his defense.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Clark's asking for an initial sum of $5,000 to hire a P.I. ... adding he's financially unable to cover the costs on his own.

The docs say Clark's family has already spent all its money on his attorney who agreed to work at a reduced rate for him. He says it's necessary to add a private investigator to his defense in order to "properly investigate [Clark's] case and to prepare effectively for trial."

Clark says he's already identified a P.I. who will work on the case for the reduced rate of $85/hour.

As we reported, Houston PD announced last week Clark had been arrested and charged with the murder of the rapper. He's currently being held on a $2 million bond.

The docs say Clark will be put under house arrest if released ... and he'll be prohibited from possessing firearms or any deadly weapons, and must refrain from using marijuana or any controlled substance without a prescription.


He'd also be barred from speaking with specific people like Takeoff's family, J. Prince Jr. and boxing star Shakur Stevenson ... who was standing inches away from Takeoff moments before the fatal shooting.

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