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Bill Cosby Father's Day Tweet Was All Me ... Dictated From Prison Phone

6/17/2019 12:07 PM PDT

Bill Cosby's Father's Day tweet left most thinking it was a PR stunt from his team, but we've learned it came from the Cos himself ... who spoke it into existence from behind bars.

Cosby's rep, Andrew Wyatt, tells TMZ ... Bill called from prison Sunday night, wanting to get a Father's Day message out to the public from his official social media accounts. Wyatt says Bill dictated through the phone exactly what he wished to say.

Wyatt says Bill does this often -- he's on with his team via phone calls or face-to-face about 3 to 4 times a month.

This time, Cosby's message -- which was published to both Twitter and Instagram -- read, "Hey, Hey, Hey...It's America's Dad...I know it's late, but to all the Dads... It's an honor to be called a Father, so let's make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose -- strengthening our families and communities." 

An old video of Cosby during a CBS Black History Month special was attached to the posts. In the clip, he discusses how mass incarceration has affected black men and broken up tons of families in the process. He says, "America invented the cruelest slavery in the history of the world because it broke up black families. After slavery was over, America kept breaking up the black man’s family and that’s some awful history to teach."

As you might imagine, Coby's posts caught some backlash. Apparently, people don't wanna hear from a convicted predator -- that kinda seems to be the consensus all around. Remember, he was found guilty in 2018 of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand.

What also pissed people off was Cosby playing up his old unofficial title as America's TV dad, but Wyatt tells us everyone's got it twisted ... 'cause BC was just going off of what he's hearing from the yard. Wyatt says Cosby has relayed that lots of other inmates refer to him as "their dad" and that he was simply running with that for the tweet/IG.

Wyatt also says he just doesn't understand the criticism over Cosby's words -- as his message was nothing but positive for the holiday. Uhhh, we can take guess. Just sayin' ...

Mama June Wasted BF Slams SUV Into Garage ... Disturbing Video

6/17/2019 8:38 AM PDT

Mama June's boyfriend was in no shape to drive -- or even walk -- when he slammed his SUV into her home's garage ... and video of the aftermath is incredibly alarming.

Witnesses in Mama's neighborhood tell us ... Geno Doak was speeding down the street before he pulled into the driveway and crashed into the garage. We're told he began honking the horn for June to come out ... and that's where the video begins.

The 'From Not to Hot' star comes out of the house to the passenger door wearing a purple negligee.

June hops in the SUV, and it appears she's leaning over to try to help her boyfriend -- possibly unfasten his seat belt -- so he can get out and go in the house ... but the mission fails.

Geno manages to make it out of the vehicle -- shirtless with his pants and socks falling off -- but he appears to be thoroughly inebriated and can only stumble his way a few steps up the sidewalk toward the front door before retreating back to the SUV.

At one point, Mama's seen trying to pull Doak's pants up, but he slaps her hand away and starts punching the windows of the vehicle. He's an absolute mess ... and clearly a danger behind the wheel.

As we've reported ... Mama's family has been concerned about her relationship with Doak and what very much seems to be a severe crack cocaine addiction, and attempted to stage an intervention.

She and Geno were both arrested back in March for felony possession of a controlled substance, and he was also booked for domestic violence.

That didn't stop the couple from hanging out -- despite a court order not to -- at the casino ... which is where June was shacking up for a while with her BF.

June's family's been worried he's a danger to her, but after this video ... it's evident he's more dangerous than that.

'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Ashley 'Minnie' Ross Busted for DUI

6/17/2019 10:20 AM PDT

"Little Women: Atlanta" star Ashley "Minnie" Ross says she had just 1 beer when she got busted for DUI.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ ... cops in Chattanooga, Tennessee were notified Thursday just before 3 AM of a female slumped over in the driver's seat of an SUV. When cops responded, they woke up the 4'3'' reality star and immediately smelled booze on her breath.

When asked if she had any drinks earlier that night, cops say Minnie told them she had just 1 beer. She was instructed to get outta the car and given a series of field sobriety tests, which she bombed ... swaying and using her arm for balance.

She was asked to recite the alphabet from letter E and stop at W ... but Minnie stopped at Z. She was asked to count backward from 69 and stop at 39 but she stopped at 1.

Despite the very detailed police report ... a source close to Minnie says she passed all of the field sobriety tests and she was texting -- not asleep at the wheel -- when cops showed up.

Minnie was placed under arrest for DUI and taken to Hamilton County Jail without incident. She was later released on bail.

Hodor from 'Game of Thrones' Man of Few Words During DJ Set ... Let the Music Do the Talkin'

6/17/2019 10:35 AM PDT

Hodor from "Game of Thrones" must've still been in character during his DJ set this weekend -- he didn't talk much ... but there was A LOT of noise coming from his booth.

Actor Kristian Nairn came through for his DJing gig Friday night at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Vegas, where he'd been booked to perform for a Rave of Thrones event ... in honor of the Comic-Con going down, of course. It was a rooftop affair, full bar included.

Musically speaking, Kristian didn't disappoint. The dude did his thaaang well from behind the turntable, mixing in a bunch of EDM hits, and the crowd ate it up on the dance floor.

Like we mentioned earlier, Hodor wasn't in a chatty mood -- at least from what we can see in this video. Not even a courtesy "Hodor" mumble on the mic ... kind of a bummer, really.

BUT ... Kristian was cordial, waving at patrons who, naturally, shouted out his character's name. It also looks like folks showed out in full 'GoT' attire, with some even taking a seat on a makeshift Iron Throne.

Luckily, nobody endured death by flesh-eating white walkers this time around. Yeah, Hodor holds the door ... and holds it down pretty much everywhere else, including here.

Gloria Vanderbilt Anderson Cooper's Mom Dead at 95

6/17/2019 7:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

Gloria Vanderbilt, the heiress to the Vanderbilt railroad fortune and creator of the wildly popular Vanderbilt jeans, has died.

It appears she died of stomach cancer, which was so advanced she was taken to the hospital earlier this month.

Gloria, the mother of Anderson Cooper, was a woman of many trades, including model, fashion designer and actress. She was also one of the biggest socialites in New York City.

During the '70s, Gloria launched a line of designer jeans with her signature, designer swan. One of her slogans is "My bottoms are tops."

Gloria was married 4 times ... one of her husband's was famed director Sidney Lumet. She was linked over the years to a number of famous men, including Howard Hughes, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

Her life was not without tragedy. Gloria's oldest son with Wyatt Cooper, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, committed suicide at age 23 back in 1988 by jumping out of the family's 14th floor window.

She was also embroiled in a famous custody battle. Her dad died when she was a baby and her mom and aunt fought over who should raise her. The custody trial became the basis for the 1980 book and subsequent miniseries, "Little Gloria ... Happy at Last." It was nominated for 6 Emmys.

She was super close to Anderson. In 1995, Gloria sold her mansion and moved in with Anderson to write her book, "A Mother's Story" ... which dealt with coping with Carter's suicide. In 2016, the two also released a book and a documentary on HBO together titled 'Nothing Left Unsaid.'

Anderson just gave a tribute to his mom, saying, "Gloria Vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman who loved life and lived it on her own terms.  What an extraordinary life.  What an extraordinary mom.  What an incredible woman."

Gloria was 95. RIP.  

Minor League Baseball Team Rocks 'Dad Bod' Jerseys ... Full Nipple & Back Hair

6/17/2019 10:48 AM PDT
Breaking News

A minor league baseball team in Kentucky celebrated Father's Day with some INCREDIBLE "Dad Bod" jerseys ... complete with back hair, man nipples and a tramp stamp tattoo! 

The Florence Freedom -- which plays in the Frontier League in Northern Kentucky -- busted out the jersey promotion while hosting the Lake Erie Crushers at UC Health Stadium on Sunday night. 

Yes, the players ACTUALLY wore the jerseys during the game ... until it was suspended in the 7th inning due to a lightning and rain storm in the area. The game was tied 7-7 when the game was stopped. Play will resume on July 5 -- and they'll pick right up from the top of the 7th.

But, before lightning struck, fans in attendance were able to BID on the jerseys worn by the players. Unclear if the players will still wear the special uniforms when play resumes next month. 

The hairy unis weren't the only promotion that night -- the team also dropped hot dog prices to $1 and certain beers were only $3 (for dads only!). 

Not a bad way to celebrate! 

[h/t Barstool Sports]

Bryshere Gray 'Empire' Star Busted in Chicago For Driving-Related Offenses

6/17/2019 7:38 AM PDT

Bryshere Gray -- best known for his role as one of the Lyon children on "Empire" -- desperately needs to make a trip to the DMV ... because he was arrested for some driving-related offenses.

Bryshere was in Chicago Thursday when he was pulled over for a registration issue ... the tags didn't match the car. Cops then discovered he was driving his 2014 Rolls-Royce without a license or insurance.

The actor was booked on a misdemeanor -- registration that was not authorized on the vehicle -- and released. He was also cited for not having a license or insurance.

This is the latest woe of "Empire." As you know, Jussie Smollett was arrested and charged with lying to cops over what they say was a fake attack. The prosecutor later dropped the case.

"Empire" is now in its last season. Fox has canceled the run after that, and cocreator Lee Daniels blames it on Jussie. 

Nicholas Sparks Apologizes for Disparaging Emails I Stand with LGBTQ Comm.

6/17/2019 9:04 AM PDT

Nicholas Sparks is apologizing for emails he wrote disparaging the LGBTQ community ... saying he should have chosen his words more wisely.

The famed author made his first public comments about the emails, from 2013, where he appears to attempt to ban an LGBTQ club at the Epiphany School of Global Studies in NC ... which Sparks founded. The emails surfaced in a lawsuit against Nicholas by the school's former headmaster.

Nicholas is now apologizing, saying his poorly worded emails have been taken out of context, and claims he stands with the LGBTQ community.

In the emails, "The Notebook" author reportedly defended his decision to ban the LGBTQ group writing in an email to the headmaster, "Not allowing them to have a club is NOT discrimination."

Sparks chastised the headmaster ... "We've spent way, way too much time in the first few months talking about 'tolerance, diversity, nondiscrimination and LGBT.'" He also implied it would be bad to promote "an agenda that strives to make homosexuality open and accepted."

The lawsuit is set to go to trial in August.

Tiffany Haddish Georgia's Abortion Law ... Looks Like New Slavery to Me

6/17/2019 8:10 AM PDT

Tiffany Haddish is NOT mincing words about Georgia's "heartbeat" abortion law, telling us it's a new form of slavery ... on the heels of taking a financial stand against it.

We got the comedian leaving Delilah in L.A. Sunday night, and she was fired up about having canceled her upcoming performance at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta ... in direct protest of the state's abortion law.

Check out the clip ... Tiffany says she's read the Georgia bill and straight-up says it dials us back to the 1800s, because not having control of your own body might as well be slavery. She made it clear ... it's personal for her too -- she got choked up recounting her time as "state property" while she was in foster care.

Tiff says any state that's so gung-ho on controlling her uterus will not have her services.

When she canceled her Atlanta show, Tiffany said, "I love the state of Georgia, but I need to stand with women and until they withdraw Measure HB481, I cannot in good faith perform there."

Dikembe Mutombo Rolls-Royce Smashed ... Cops Investigating

6/17/2019 9:15 AM PDT

Dikembe Mutombo's fancy Rolls-Royce Phantom was smashed up while he was having a Father's Day dinner with his family ... and now cops are on the hunt for the culprit. 

The 52-year-old NBA legend was dining at the Landmark Diner in the Atlanta area late Sunday evening -- when someone ran into the restaurant and yelled out that multiple cars had been vandalized in the parking lot. 

When Dikembe checked out his 2009 Rolls, he noticed both front windows and the rear passenger windows were busted, according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports

Cops say nothing appeared to be stolen and no one was injured -- essentially, it seems like the culprit just wanted to damage the cars like a jerk. 

Cops dusted Dikembe's car for fingerprints but it's unclear if they got a hit. We're told, unfortunately, vehicular vandalism is pretty common in the area and local business owners and residents are furious ... and they're working with police to put an end to it. 

We spoke with the general manager of Landmark who says he feels terrible for Dikembe -- and vows to hire private security to prevent situations like this in the future. 

We also spoke with a witness who tells us Dikembe is a regular at Landmark and everyone there loves him -- it's not like he has any enemies looking to harm him. 

TMZ Sports reached out to Dikembe for comment -- but so far, no word back. 

Kim Kardashian Lyft Partnership Ready to Help 5k Inmates Get Jobs

6/17/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian West's recent announcement at The White House was only the start of a massive undertaking ... of which almost 5,000 inmates will be able to reap the benefits from. 

Sources with knowledge of Kim's partnership with rideshare giant Lyft tell us the company has committed services to get up to 5k soon-to-be released inmates to job interviews. We're told the biggest group of prisoners who have been granted release will get out of prison July 19.

Our sources say Kim -- in a partnership with #Cut50 -- has worked tirelessly on both federal and local levels to ensure inmates will be provided housing and employment opportunities. We're told there's also a long-term plan in place to make sure those released from prison will continue to get opportunities for years to come. 

Kim has visited prisons across the country -- recently spending time on death row -- getting to know prisoners, their cases and possible injustices. 

As we reported, Kim was at The White House Thursday with President Trump to announce her new partnership with Lyft. 

Kardashian has been at the forefront of prison reform, lending her voice to help free those locked up for life for nonviolent crimes ... at one point, she helped to quietly free 17 inmates in 90 days

Thursday's White House visit was Kim's second in about a year ... and there are likely more to come. 

Cardi B Doesn't Crack After Suit Does ... Bathrobe Mode at Bonnaroo

6/17/2019 6:59 AM PDT

Cardi B's rainbow-colored jumpsuit couldn't take the pressure of a full concert worth o' booty shaking, but she made sure the show went on ... slightly more covered up.

The rapper had just taken the stage Sunday night at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival when -- a couple songs into her set -- she suffered a wardrobe malfunction ... a split right down the middle of her ass.

Cardi left for a few minutes after announcing her outfit had ripped, but after the crowd entertained themselves by singing "Old Town Road" ... she reemerged in a white bathrobe and declared, "We gonna keep it moving, baby."

Even with her setback, Cardi's set was a super quick 45 minutes, but was jam-packed with all of her hits ... including "I Like It," "Money" and "Bodak Yellow" to close it out. She also vowed to "keep it sexy" and managed to do so ... even in a robe.

As we reported, Cardi's had to cancel some shows lately due to complications with her recovery from cosmetic surgery -- lipo and a boob job.

Good to see her back on the road -- but we know Dr. Terry Dubrow's concerned with how long it's taken Cardi to bounce back.

Drake Chugs Beer At Raptors' Championship Parade!!!

6/17/2019 7:12 AM PDT

12:11 PM PT -- Drake did his best Rob Gronkowski impression at the Raptors' parade -- catching a full beer that a fan threw his way ... and chugging the hell out of it!!!

Drizzy has been raging on Kawhi Leonard's double-decker parade bus all morning long ... and when someone tossed a brew his way -- he went full Stone Cold Steve Austin on it!!!

He cracked it open ... poured it down the hatch -- and appeared to dab afterward!!

The parade is going on hour No. 5 ... but there's a chance we haven't seen the best from Drake yet -- he's supposed to address the crowd once the parade reaches the end.

... Getchya popcorn ready!!

Sorry, Kawhi Leonard, it might be the Raptors' championship parade day ... but all eyes will be on Drake ... 'cause everyone wants to know -- how crazy will Drizzy get!?!

Toronto shockingly upset the Warriors in six games last week ... and the Canadian city is throwing a party to celebrate -- and we'll be live streaming the whole thing.

Kawhi, Kyle Lowry and Nick Nurse will all be there ... but the man we all wanna see is the 6 God -- 'cause he's been front and center of everything during this Raptors' run.

Will there be more Golden State trash talk? Some more coaching shoulder rubs? Maybe even another new rap song?!?

Stay tuned ...

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