Anthony Michael Hall Goes Berserk on Guests in Hotel Pool ... Says He's 'Deeply Sorry'


Anthony Michael Hall got weird in a hotel pool and caused a ruckus over feeling disrespected, but video only shows him acting belligerent and disrespectful ... and now he's apologizing.

The '80s movie star was with his wife and his assistant Wednesday afternoon at the South Congress Hotel pool in Austin, TX and brought along a portable speaker and a jug of something ... according to witnesses.

We're told Hall was being rude and obnoxious from the get-go -- blasting his music, bothering other guests and cursing in front of kids, so he was asked to tone it down.

Based on this video, Anthony didn't respond kindly to that request, and started yelling at the group of pool patrons ... making it clear he didn't care what they thought about his behavior, and accusing them of being in the wrong.

At one point he referred to a woman recording the incident as Rosie O'Donnell. Clearly agitated over her filming, he started splashing water in her direction.

Our sources say hotel security was called during the altercation, and Anthony ended up leaving the pool area. Police were not called.

Anthony's now issuing a major mea culpa, saying he formally apologizes to the entire staff, his family, and everyone who witnessed the incident.

Hall says ... "As a result of a misunderstanding and miscommunication between myself and some hotel guests, the situation needlessly and regrettably escalated." He adds, "I am deeply sorry for my words and actions and ask for forgiveness from anyone who I may have offended."

As you might recall ... Hall was facing prison time back in 2016 for allegedly assaulting one of his L.A. neighbors. He ended up pleading no contest and got 3 years probation instead.

MLB's Zach Plesac I've Been 'Dragged Across the Mud' for Breaking MLB COVID Rules

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Cleveland pitcher Zach Plesac says he's been wrongfully portrayed as a reckless monster for breaking MLB's COVID rules during a night out in Chicago ... insisting he was being safe the entire time.

"The media's portraying me and my best friend and teammate to be malicious with our actions when we were really ... practicing safe practices," Plesac says.

Here's the deal ... Plesac ADMITS he and teammate Mike Clevinger broke MLB rules by leaving the team hotel and staying out past curfew during a road trip to Chicago.

"I went out to dinner with some buddies. We ended up going back to his place -- the same group that we went to dinner with ... and we opened up baseball cards," Plesac says.

"That entire night, dinner and hanging out at my buddy's place after, we were not with more than 8 people the entire night."

The problem ... obviously ... is that MLB had put strict rules in place to prevent another outbreak after COVID hit the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals.

When news broke of Plesac's night out, he was killed in the media -- AND by teammates like Adam Plutko who felt he violated their trust and put the team at risk.

Fox Sports Cleveland

But, in a 6 minute and 30 second IG video, the 25-year-old pitcher argues he followed CDC guidelines that night and doesn't really understand why everyone is making such a big deal about it.

"You can't sit in a room all day," Plesac said.

Plesac says he's been doing research and vows to follow the rules moving forward -- but feels he's been "dragged across the mud."

He's adamant he'd never purposely put his teammates at risk -- citing his brother has diabetes and his mother is a nurse.

"I understand the significance of this illness and this disease and I know how important it is that we must follow certain procedures and guidelines to ensure safety for the entirety of the group."

Ultimately, Plesac says he's dying to get back on the mound and play again -- so he can "start shoving it up people" ASAP.

"Trust me, I'll be ready when they need me."

Boosie Badazz We Gotta Talk, Mark 'Zuckinberger' ... I Need My Instagram Back!!!


1:18 PM PT -- Facebook honchos, not named Zuckerberg or Zuckinberger, tell TMZ ... Boosie's account was disabled for repeatedly violating policies.

Guess it was just too bootylicious. No word on when Boosie will be back on IG.

Here's Boosie Badazz going on a hilarious rant about getting banned from Instagram, and he wants action right now from Mark Zuckerberg ... if he could just get his name right.

The Louisiana rapper is up in arms over the fact he's in social media timeout, and he's making a desperate plea to Mark, but hilariously calls the multi-billionaire Mark Zuckinberger ... and other incorrect variations of Zuck's name.

As Boosie put it ... bosses need to talk to bosses, and that's why he's appealing directly to Mark. BTW, the IG ban is reportedly because of his recent streak of posts with links to his OnlyFans account, which is basically porn ... which is a no-no on IG.

It is weird though 'cause lots of IG users promote OnlyFans. Anyway, Boosie has a solution ... he suggests Mark should take him to IG orientation. Whatever that is.

Boosie says IG is the only way he and other rappers are making money in the pandemic, which has wiped out live concerts, and he says he needs his account to feed his family.

Now might be a good time for Boosie to discover the wonders of Twitter.

Originally Published -- 10:37 AM PT

Cuba Gooding Jr. Lawyer in Sexual Assault Case Argues Small-Breasted Women Delusional

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s lawyer is making what sounds like, on its face, an odd argument in his sexual assault case -- claiming women with small breasts tend to be delusional.

The actor and his legal team appeared in a Manhattan courthouse Thursday for a preliminary hearing in his trial, and things took a strange turn when one of his attorneys argued a woman's negative feelings about her breasts can directly affect her perceptions of reality ... specifically when it comes to sexual assault.

Now, some context -- the attorney, Peter Toumbekis, raised this because one of Gooding's accusers once blogged about women's self-esteem and body issues. It seems he used her words as a jumping off point for his theory ... but it's a risky, if not straight up offensive, legal maneuver.

There was no jury present today, but if Gooding's team uses that tactic later in trial ... it might backfire. Suggesting an accuser misperceived something as sexual assault due to the size of her breasts could easily be seen as victim shaming to a jury.

Reporters asked Gooding about it as he exited the courtroom, and he only removed his face mask to reveal a Black Lives Matter symbol. He didn't say a word.


As we reported ... there are at least 22 women who have accused the actor of sexual misconduct. Back in October, Cuba pled not guilty to 6 sexual abuse charges.

TMZ obtained security footage of an alleged butt-touching incident that relates to 2 of the 6 counts he's facing. Remember, Natasha Ashworth had claimed he pinched her butt while walking past her at TAO in NYC back in October 2018.

There's also the June 2019 incident ... in which a woman accused Cuba of groping her thigh and breast while at the Magic Hour Rooftop Lounge in NYC.

JUNE 2019

Gooding's other attorney, Mark Heller, tells TMZ ... the strategy for their opening statement to the jury will be to play video they believe shows absolutely no crime was committed.

Heller insists Gooding respects women and has never acted inappropriately toward them.

Heroic Cop Can't Train for This ... Saves Man from Speeding Locomotive!!!


A veteran police officer took quick action and risked her own life to save a man in a wheelchair from being run over by a train ... just in the nick of time.

The incredible rescue in Northern California was caught on the body cam of Lodi PD Officer Erika Urrea, who was patrolling the area Wednesday morning when she noticed the 66-year-old man was still on the railroad tracks as the crossing arms were coming down.

Urrea hopped out of her cruiser and ran to the man to move him away, but upon realizing his wheelchair was wedged in the tracks -- with a locomotive charging toward them -- she pulled the guy off and they both fell to the ground ... just as the train sped by and struck the wheelchair.

It all went down in a matter of seconds, and Urrea radioed for help after the save as the man suffered a leg injury. Police say he was transported to the hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

Pretty clear from this video ... Urrea's selfless actions prevented a total tragedy, and Lodi PD brass say they're proud of her heroism.

Jake Paul's Raided Home Hosts Sloppy Boxing Match ... COVID Nightmare!!!

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Jake Paul's Calabasas mansion turned into packed boxing venue Wednesday night -- with dozens of people blowing off COVID safety measures to watch two people throw down.

First off, YES -- this is the same house that was raided by the FBI just last week.


Second, unclear if Jake was at the home during the boxing match -- but there are a TON of people crowding around the ring and it only seems like a few people are wearing masks.

You'll note the combatants, breathing super hard and sweating in arm's length of the spectators ... a major NO-NO considering we're still in the middle of a pandemic!!

This would never fly on UFC's Fight Island.

The scene was wild -- the fighters were going after each other full speed, without headgear and without refs.

What's interesting ... Jake and his ex-GF were spotted out in Calabasas earlier in the day wearing masks and being safe.

Weird he's not implementing the same safety measures in his own home.

As we previously reported, Jake is training for his own boxing match against ex-NBA star Nate Robinson on the undercard of the big Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight On November 28.

... as long as he stays healthy enough to compete!

Nick Cannon I'm Not Gonna Sue Viacom for Billions Over 'Wild 'N Out' Rights

Nick Cannon is NOT planning to file a $1.5 BILLION lawsuit against ViacomCBS for the rights to his show "Wild 'N Out" ... he says those reports are fake news!!!

Nick's reps are clearing the air after reports surfaced this week the comedian was going to sue the media conglomerate over the rights to his hit improv comedy series.

As you know, Viacom severed all ties with him due to anti-Semitic comments on his podcast, "Cannon's Class"

Cannon's Class

Nick's team tells TMZ the reports of a forthcoming lawsuit are inaccurate. His reps say Nick is focusing on bringing people together and fighting bigotry, racism and hate. They claim a huge payday is the last thing on his mind.

Viacom is MTV's parent company, home to Nick's 'Wild n' Out' gig, and some folks figured Cannon would take legal action to assume control of his creation ... but he says it ain't happening.

Breonna Taylor Family Hopeful After Meeting Kentucky AG ... He's Taking It Seriously


Breonna Taylor's family had a momentous meeting this week with Kentucky's Attorney General, and for the first time since her death, Breonna's family is hopeful justice will be served.

The attorney who reps Breonna's family, Sam Aguiar, tells TMZ AG Daniel Cameron did not play his hand and say if he'll charge the cops in her death, but he showed a real interest in Breonna and her mom, Tamika Palmer, says they walked out of the meeting feeling good about the case.

We're told Cameron was well versed on the case and asked a lot of questions about Breonna. He wanted to know about her life and promised an open line of communication as the review process continues.

Cameron said during the meeting, which lasted 45 minutes, he's waiting on the FBI's ballistic report. He believes the conclusions may unlock some of the mystery surrounding her death and will give him the information he needs to interview new witnesses and re-interview old ones.

Breonna's family has been met by radio silence for months, and their frustration grew to a fever pitch. Now, for the first time, Tamika feels optimistic Breonna's case is getting a fair review.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's a far cry from the family's outrage after Cameron posted pics of his engagement party.

Again, Cameron didn't promise the cops would be charged for shooting Breonna 8 times in the middle of the night after barging into her apartment, but Tamika believes he's taking the case seriously.

MEGHAN AND HARRY Drop $14+ Million on Montecito Estate


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved to Montecito, home of Oprah and many other celebs, and now we know which home they bought ... and it's insanely lavish.

Real estate and other sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, the wayward royals plunked down $14,650,000 on the 18,000-square-foot home which sits on 5 acres. It has 9 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. No, this is not a mistake ... 16 bathrooms. There's also a guest house for in-laws. We're told Meghan's mom has already been there ... we're guessing the Queen will take a pass.

It's got a lot more ... a beautiful pool, expansive lawns and lots and lots of what they want most -- privacy. The house is behind multiple gates and is super secure.

TMZ broke the story ... Harry and Meghan are suing a photog agency for allegedly snapping pics of Archie in the Bev Hills backyard of Tyler Perry's mansion. It's gonna be a lot harder for paparazzi to do the same in Montecito.

The former Royals join a long line of celebs leaving Los Angeles for greener and more private pastures in Montecito ... the super-exclusive city is home to celebs like Oprah, Ellen, Drew Barrymore, Rob Lowe, Dick Wolf, Patrick Stewart, Scooter Braun and many others.

'Big Brother' House Cast Gets Bidets in Bathrooms ... They Can Thank Kaysar!!!


The "Big Brother" house bathroom got an extreme makeover for season 22 ... houseguests are keeping their tushies clean thanks to a couple of new bidets!!!

The toilet paper alternative was installed at the behest of houseguest Kaysar Ridha. We're told Kaysar asked production for a bidet in order to come on the show.

While it might sound like a request outta left field, we're told Kaysar uses a bidet for religious reasons as a devout Muslim.

FYI ... Islam teaches the body's condition affects the spirit's condition, so it's essential to be clean all the time -- especially before praying. This is why bidets and lotas, a round pot filled with water, are common in Muslim countries ... impeccable hygiene is a must.


On the "Big Brother" house live feed, Kaysar's already had some potty talk with fellow houseguests Kevin and Tyler, and it sounds like the bidet is a big hit!!!

No, duh!

L.A. Dodgers' Joe Kelly Rips 'Little Bitch' Astros ... 'Not Respectable Men To Me'

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Big Swing Podcast hosted by Ross Stripling and Cooper Rules

"I think I'll be irritated forever."

L.A. Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly just RIPPED the Houston Astros ... calling the players "snitches" and "little bitches" over their cheating scandal in a scathing rant.

The reliever sounded off on his teammate, Ross Stripling's "Big Swing Podcast" ... making the comments shortly after he was suspended 8 games for his role in a near Astros-Dodgers brawl last month.

Kelly explained to Stripling how he thought his ban was BS ... and then went absolutely IN on the Astros for the way he believes they passed off blame in their 2017 cheating scandal.

Kelly says the players wrongly let bench coach Alex Cora and GM Jeff Luhnow -- who were both fired after MLB's investigation -- take the fall for the sign-stealing scheme ... saying, "all they do is go snitch like a little bitch, and they don't have to get fined, they don't have to lose games."

Kelly added, "When you take someone's livelihood ... to save your own ass, that's what I don't like. Cheating? They cheated. Everyone knows they're cheaters."

"They know they're cheaters. It's over. That's been there, done that. But now, they mess it up by ruining other people's lives, so they f*cked it up twice."

Kelly -- who wasn't on the 2017 Dodgers team that lost to the Astros in the World Series but did play under Cora in 2018 with the Red Sox -- says Houston players' actions were "one of the worst things that you could probably do."

"They're not respectable men to me," Kelly said.


As for his role in the infamous Astros-Dodgers game last month ... Kelly says he has no idea why baseball banned him -- insisting when he threw at Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa, it wasn't intentional.

In fact, Kelly blamed the Astros for all of the ensuing commotion ... saying he was the one who properly socially distanced and followed CDC guidelines amid the chaos.

"They walked out of their dugout, walked toward us," Kelly said. "Carlos Correa f*cking spit at our team."

Kelly has since had his suspension reduced to five games after his appeal. The Dodgers, meanwhile, are slated to play the Astros again for a two-game series in September.

Coronavirus People Who Reject Vaccine Could be Barred from Work, School


If and when a coronavirus vaccine is rolled out, there will be people who refuse to take it for various reasons, but a Stanford Law School professor says such refusal will have consequences.

Hank Greely will appear on "TMZ Live" Thursday ... he's an expert in public health law and says people who refuse to take the vaccine could -- repeat COULD -- be denied the right to enter their workplace or their school.

Fact is ... there will probably be 3 groups of people who will refuse the vaccine -- the anti-vaxxers, the people who want to turn the vaccine into a political issue, and people who are afraid to take the vaccine because they worry it was rushed and not properly tested.

If the FDA, NIH and others show the phase 3 studies were thorough and established both safety and efficacy, Professor Greely says it will be hard for people to make the case they can refuse the vaccine and not be barred from work or school.

It's dicier, the good professor says, if phase 3 studies are less than thorough.

Professor Greely, whose focus includes legal and social issues related to advances in biosciences ... couched everything with the preface good lawyers always use ... "It Depends."

Michael Jordan '96 Mercedes S600 Up For Auction ... Could Fetch $100k!!!

Michael Jordan's super fancy Mercedes Benz S600 Lorinser -- owned by MJ in the mid-'90s -- just hit the auction block and is expected to rake in $100k!!

"His Airness" -- known for his ridiculously fast and luxurious car collection -- had the whip back in the day ... when the '96 Benz was registered to Jordan and his then-wife, Juanita.

MJ unloaded the MB years ago ... but the car was recently acquired by the Beverly Hills Car Club who decided to sell it.

The S600 was just listed on eBay ... and the starting bid is only $23 (get it?!).

But, it's gonna take a lot more than a crisp Jackson to buy this car ... 'cause BHCC tells us they expect it'll bring in around $100 grand.

The car has 157,000 miles on it, and doesn't exactly have all the bells and whistles of a current Mercedes (it's got power windows, heated seats, and AC!) ... but, it was owned by Jordan.

And, the value of MJ items has exploded since the airing of ESPN's docuseries, "The Last Dance" ... with everything from signed checks, Little League baseballs and Bulls uniforms selling for crazy amounts of cash.

The coolest part? The metallic navy blue S600 actually made a cameo on the show ... with Michael behind the wheel.

Pretty cool! Good luck!

Guess Who This Hungry Kid Turned Into!

Before this feasting little lady was eating up the competition as a rapper, singer and producer, she was just another chick chomping on her veggies in Los Angeles, California.

Before this cob kid was stuck in corn-teen, she was selling out huge venues and was even a crowd favorite on the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival line-up. Her hit album named after a flashy color included a song that gained massive popularity on TikTok.

Although her stage name might be purr-fect, she is better known to her friends and family as Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini.

Can you guess who she is?

Jake Paul I'm Not Worried About FBI Raid ... Chillin' with My Dog & My Ex


Jake Paul says he knows exactly why the FBI raided his home and, for now at least, he doesn't seem too concerned -- but he is making some changes to his inner circle.

The YouTube star posted a vid imploring his fans to ignore rumors about him being in serious legal trouble after the feds showed up in force at his Calabasas crib. Jake says it's only an "investigation" related to his trespassing case in Arizona.


Remember, he was cited a couple months ago during looting that went down at a Scottsdale mall. However, Jake did point a finger at someone close to him in the video ... which he's since deleted.

Watch what he says about someone close to him "doing malicious things." He's hinting he caught a now former friend talking crap about him after the raid, but says he's handled the situation.

Truth is, JP did look pretty unworried about the case Wednesday as he took his Golden Retriever for a stroll around his neighborhood. The duo was joined by Jake's ex-GF -- and fake wife -- Tana Mongeau.

The 2 were playing it COVID safe with their masks on, but it looks like the pooch kept his face covering around his neck ... in favor of a mouthful of the leash.

We're told Jake seemed to be in good spirits following last week's intense scene ... and even greeted the photogs and chatted them up about his upcoming boxing match.

As we told you ... Jake's not backing out of his boxing match with NBA star Nate Robinson despite the mysterious FBI investigation surrounding him, and has been focused on training to take his mind off the ordeal.

Maybe Tana's helping him do that too. As you know, they got "married" in Las Vegas in July 2019, though there was never any evidence it was real, and they later split.

The Weeknd Donates $300k to Beirut Explosion Victims

The Weeknd's philanthropy isn't confined to North America ... he's opening his wallet to help people who were injured, people whose loved ones died, and people who were left homeless by the tragic explosion that rocked Beirut.

The singer's manager, Wassim "Sal" Slaiby, and his wife, Rima Fakih, have been leading the charge to get relief for the people in Lebanon affected by last week's devastating blast. Now the Weeknd's chipping in with a $300k donation to Global Aid for Lebanon.


We're told the money will be distributed to the World Food Programme, the Lebanese Red Cross and the country's Children's Center.

Slaiby, who is Lebanese-Canadian, says ... "I am so honored and humbled to work with artists who have such deep care for the world and right now for our brothers & sisters of Lebanon who are in pain and need our collective help."

He thanked the Weeknd for his generosity and is encouraging others to give what they can.

As you may know ... The Weeknd's one of the many celebs who's been extra charitable over the last 6 months. He's pledged $500k to social justice orgs and also donated $1M for COVID-19 relief and $350K  for Tik Tok's Equal Justice Initiative.

Clearly he's got more to give ... and the people of Beirut certainly need it.

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