Joe Biden Mister Rogers' Son Agrees ... He's Like My Dad, and That's Great!!!


It's a beautiful day to be Joe Biden, because he's being compared to Fred Rogers ... even by the son of the legendary children's TV show host.

It's pretty ironic, but the Democratic presidential nominee has senior Trump campaign advisor Mercedes Schlapp to thank for this positive pub, after she compared Biden's Thursday town hall to watching "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." Of course, she meant it as a bad thing.

The intended jab was a major fail -- including misspelling Fred's last name -- as Twitter folks immediately reminded her that Mister Rogers is admired and beloved by almost everyone.

His own son, John Rogers, tells TMZ ... comparing anyone to his father is a major compliment, not an insult, and Biden's worthy of the praise. He says he especially sees a similarity in the demeanor of the 2 men, telling us Biden seems gentle like his father ... and speaks like him too.

John says his dad had a lot of kindness and feelings for other people, and his iconic show was so special because he was incredible with kids, great to those who worked for him, and spread a wonderful message across the globe.

John's not the only Rogers family member to give props to Joe either. Fred's widow, Joanne, described herself as a "very big Biden fan" last month and said ... "I think we all need somebody like Biden who can give us little pats on the back."

The former VP called Joanne a little while later to thank her.

On the flip side, she blasted President Trump for constantly lying and called him a "horrible person."

We're guessing neither John nor Joanne needs to wait until Nov. 3 to cast their ballots. Just a hunch.

'OutDaughtered' Star Michelle 'Mimi' Theriot Alleged Perfume Cover-up in DUI Arrest


Michelle Theriot -- who made her name as Gramma Mimi on the hit TLC show, "OutDaughtered" -- has been arrested for DUI ... TMZ has learned.

Mimi was busted last weekend in League City, Texas a little after midnight on her way home. Cops say Mimi's black Ford SUV was swerving while straddling the shoulder's solid white line.

Cops say when they tried pulling her over, Mimi was slow to stop and when they approached her, cops say there was a strong odor of perfume wafting from the SUV. Cops say they know the game ... people try to conceal certain odors with perfume or cologne.

Mimi was asked to produce her driver's license, and cops say she was lethargic. They also say Mimi's speech was slurred and she had bloodshot eyes. When cops asked if she had any booze, she told them she had 2 glasses of wine ... before changing her story later and saying she had no wine but 2 Michelob Ultra beers.

Cops say it got worse when Mimi stepped unsteadily out of the car ... swaying back and forth. According to cops, she also bombed several field sobriety tests and had to be stopped from trying to get back in her SUV. She was handcuffed and taken to jail.

"OutDaughtered" -- which aired season 7 earlier this summer -- features Adam and Danielle Busby, who are raising 6 daughters that include the only American all-girl quintuplets on record. Danielle's mom, Mimi, is a big part of the series ... after moving from Louisiana to Texas to be closer to her grandkids.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Donald Trump has been more than sketchy about the last COVID-negative test he got before his debate with Biden, and lots of celebs are endorsing Biden, but will it help? So we gotta ask ...

Trump Had COVID During First Debate ...

If Invited To See White House, I'd Go ...

Celebrities Influence Voters ...

NBC Muzzling Demi's 'VOTE' Message ...

Kourtney Supporting Kanye ...

What's More Important

Re: Amy Coney Barrett

Polls Show Biden Winning Big ...

I'm Having Normal Thanksgiving ...

UFC's Joaquin Buckley Trump Loved My Wild Knockout ... 'That's Crazy!'


Joaquin Buckley's incredible spinning back kick KO has made it to the White House -- President Trump was so impressed, he called Dana White to rave about it!

Buckley's insane takedown of Impa Kasanganay at UFC Fight Night 179 has exploded after being hailed by many as the greatest knockout in MMA history.

In fact, Kanye West used the KO footage as the backdrop for his new song, "NAH NAH NAH" ... which has already been viewed by millions of people.

When we spoke with Buckley, he was STOKED to get love from Yeezus -- suggesting they could collaborate on a project together down the line ... even though Joaquin doesn't rap!

"Hey, I can learn how [to rap] though! I can write it down real quick. I can come up with a couple of things!!"

As for President Trump, Joaquin says he got a call from UFC president Dana White after the KO telling him his good friend POTUS personally called him up to tell him how impressed he was with the epic finish.

And yeah, Joaquin says he's flattered by the compliment from the Commander In Chief.

"He's the world leader at the end of the day. If anything, that's good to have a person like that on your side."

And get this, 26-year-old Buckley is still NOT a full-time MMA fighter -- he has a job at Walgreen's ... though he admits he might have to cut back his hours to focus on fighting now!

"I'm still employed by Walgreens. I gotta talk to my boss right now because I was supposed to head back on Monday!"

Buckley says he loves the Walgreen's job, but his fighting career is exploding right now and he knows he'll have to commit full-time in order to compete at the highest level.

The good news ... Buckley says his boss and co-workers are 100% supportive.

"They're just happy for me. I told 'em where I come from, they know my background, they know my story -- and just to see where I'm at now, everybody's proud of me."

Buckley is 11-3 as a pro and is now scheduled to take on Jordan Wright at UFC 255 next month!

What a month for Buckley!

Snoop Dogg Hires Cemetery Tim After Aunt's Nightmare Tombstone Saga


Snoop Dogg's hooking up his late auntie one more time ... with an assist from Cemetery Tim.

The guy who created extravagant tombstones for Eazy-E and Nate Dogg tells TMZ ... Snoop and his family reached out at the beginning of September about a tombstone for his late auntie, Annette Daniel. She died in June 2019 and is buried in L.A.'s famed Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Problem was ... we're told the place the family originally purchased a headstone had been giving them the run around for about a year now.

Snoop finally had enough ... he reached out to Cemetery Tim and he immediately started working on the design.

We're told Tim got the final approval for the design and it's now in production. It's slated to be completed in 4 weeks. No word on the cost, but you know Snoop spared no expense.

Tim first gained notoriety after giving Eazy-E a proper sendoff, but he doesn't work exclusively for celebs. As we reported ... he recently hooked up with "Friday" star Tommy "Tiny" Lister to offer tombstones to less fortunate families.

Colin Kaepernick Game-Worn Gloves Hit Auction Block ... Bloodied & Signed


You're looking at a pair of Colin Kaepernick's game-worn, blood-stained, and signed football gloves ... rocked by the star QB during the 49ers 2014 season.

Now, the rare piece of memorabilia can be yours ... 'cause Kap's gloves are up for auction -- and half of the proceeds are going to CK's "Know Your Rights Campaign."

Kaepernick -- who was 27-years-old at the time -- had one of his best seasons as a pro-signal-caller in 2014 ... racking up 3,369 passing yards and throwing 19 TDs.

It's unclear exactly which game Kap wore the gloves ... but the QB signed a letter of authenticity assuring the future buyer that they're 100% legit.

The Nike gloves -- currently on the block at Goldin Auctions -- had a starting bid of $200 ... but with 16 bids, the price has already soared past $650.

The auction doesn't end until early November.

This isn't the first time we've seen valuable Kaepernick items up for auction ... a 1-of-a-kind 2011 Topps Platinum Rookie Patch Autograph Red Refractor card recently sold for over $20k!

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Don't let these two almost identical images of Ice-T have you starting to feel confused -- just take a good look around these two photos and see if you can spot the sneaky switches that have been made to this tricky pic!

The 'Law and Order: SVU' star was recently seen on set in New York City and we have made a few changes to the pic ... get your detective cap out and see if you have what it takes to figure out the differences between these two super similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

The Eagles' Don Felder Splits With Diane McInerney ... Engagement's Off!!!


Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder won't be walking down the aisle with "Inside Edition" anchor Diane McInerney ... we've learned they broke off their engagement.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Diane called off the engagement back in August after their long-distance relationship became too difficult. Don lives in California, and Diane lives in New York City.

We're told the split is amicable ... our sources say Diane will always love Don and they're still keeping in touch -- Don even sent Diane 3 dozen pink roses last month for her 49th birthday.

Don and Diane dated for 2 years before he proposed this January on the beach in Malibu.

There's a pretty big age gap too ... Don's 24 years her senior, but we're told the distance -- not the age -- led to the split.

Now that she's not getting married, we're told Diane's focusing on homeschooling her young daughters back home in NY.

Celebrity Pumpkin Picks Gourd Lookin'!

Fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing ... pumpkin EVERYTHING!

We are celebrating the root of all things gourd-eous with stars like Reese Witherspoon, Brittany Furlan, Tommy Lee, Rico Rodriguez and Olivia Culpo all embracing the pumpkin season and heading to social media to share their favorite photos with a jack-o-lantern in the making.

Get into the spirit by scrolling through our gallery of celebrity pumpkin pics ... See all the other stars that have been getting cozy with the iconic Halloween tradition!

Be sure to check back next weekend to download one of our new celeb stencils for your carving pleasure.

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones Crowd-Surfs at Trump Rally ... Pandemic, Schmandemic!!!

President Trump's predicting a red wave on Election Day, but one of his rallies looked like a potential wave of COVID cases when a Georgia politician treated it more like a mosh pit.

Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones crowd-surfed Friday during Trump's rally at Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Macon. Pre-pandemic we'd say this looks like big fun, especially for a political event -- but that just ain't the reality.

Jones, or anyone else in the crowd for that matter, didn't seem too concerned about potential COVID-19 spread ... lots of folks put their hands on him and no one, in photos at least, was wearing a face covering.

Jones, a Democrat who's endorsed Trump, gave a pep talk to the crowd before diving into it. The President, who won't say when he tested negative for the virus, did not follow suit.

A not-so-small favor for everyone there.

Seattle Police Arrest Flame-Wielding Man ... Cop Car On Fire with Officer Inside

Seattle Police Department

Things are heating up in Seattle, where police arrested a man who torched a patrol car with a burning piece of lumber ... and the video shows the officer inside facing a wall of flames.

The Seattle Police Department just released body cam footage of the wild incident, which unfolded Thursday on the streets of South Lake Union and included a hail of gunfire from cops.

In the video, you see a man walking down an alley holding a huge piece of burning lumber. The officer yells at him to stop, and the guy screams "f*** you" and keeps walking.

Next, you see the cop speed up to the man and again tell him to stop, and then the guy turns around and attacks with his massive flaming stick ... setting the car on fire with the officer inside.

The video shows the officer opening fire through the windshield as the guy high tails it around the corner.

Police say responding officers chased the suspect, who apparently was not struck by the bullets, into a parking garage and used a Taser to take him into custody. Cops say he was booked into King County Jail and charged with 1st-degree assault and 2nd-degree assault.

The flames from the burning lumber engulfed the entire patrol car, according to cops, and an officer was taken to a nearby medical center with non-life-threatening burns.

Check out the video ... it's 🔥🔥🔥!!!

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend We're 'Quiet But We Are OK' ... Thank Fans for Support

Chrissy Teigen's still healing from the unimaginable loss of their baby boy, but she's assuring fans she and John Legend are getting through it.

As you know, Chrissy's been silent on social media since sharing the devastating news just over 2 weeks ago their son, Jack, died following pregnancy complications. On Friday though, she reposted a heartwarming letter John dedicated to her, and included the caption ... "We are quiet but we are okay. Love you all so much."

For now, John's doing most of the talking for the grieving couple. In his letter to Chrissy, he said, in part, "What an awesome gift it is to be able to bring life into the world. We’ve experienced the miracle, the power and joy of this gift, and now we’ve deeply felt its inherent fragility."

Read the full letter ... it's incredibly moving, and yet another example of how open both he and Chrissy are with their fans.

As you know, John honored his wife during a touching tribute at Wednesday's Billboard Music Awards.

He performed "Never Break" ... a song he says he wrote to honor their commitment to "hold each other's hands through every tear, through every up and down, through every test."


John and Chrissy were recently seen out running errands ... a small sign they're slowly healing after their enormous tragedy.

City Bus Fight Driver Fights Mouthy Passenger ... Bus Driver Wins


Don't mess with city bus drivers ... they're fed up, and a mouthy, unruly passenger learned that the hard way when he got a fist to the face.

This video of the bare-knuckle boxing match shows the driver, who's wearing a face mask, telling the passenger to back up behind the yellow line. The passenger's apparently pissed about the driver threatening to kick him off the bus ... though we don't know why.

After a few moments of yelling back and forth and tension building ... the driver momentarily turns his back, the passenger shoves him and then it was on! Both men started swinging, but the driver landed several blows ... at least one to the guy's face because he was bleeding badly, and went down to the ground.

As if he got a standing 8 count, the passenger got back on his feet, but clearly didn't want any more smoke. The driver picked up a phone, we're guessing to call cops.

It's unclear when or where this all went down but the video's going viral. We're trying to find out if any arrests were made, but the takeaway here is ... don't test public bus drivers.

Essential workers in a pandemic ain't taking any mess!! Nor should they.

Olympian John Carlos Rips Trump He's 'Created Nothing But Divide'


John Carlos -- the Olympian who famously raised his fist at the '68 Games -- is speaking out strongly against President Trump ... saying he's bad for America and needs to go.

"You've created nothing but divide and dissent and anger and hatred toward the American citizen," Carlos said on "TMZ Live" Friday -- which happens to be the 52nd anniversary of the famous Olympic moment.

The former track star says he's disgusted with Trump's personal attacks against Kamala Harris and other women ... and is asking voters to rise up and do something about it!

"I would just applaud anyone and everyone who has the right to vote to get out and vote."

"Get the vote in because it's the most critical time in world history."

The 75-year-old has also come out with a series of COVID masks that feature his iconic clenched fist and the words, "We Are One" over the American flag.

Carlos says he made the masks for 2 reasons -- 1, to keep people safe. And 2, to send a strong message about the role of Black people in America.

"We are defining the American flag. We are stating that 'Hey we didn't ask to come to America. We were brought here against our will. We have significant history in America in terms of building this nation and we're here to let you know that we are not leaving America. We will be here through America's end."

'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Denied Bond ... Will Stay in Jail Until Trial

Jerry Harris will remain in custody until he stands trial in his child pornography case.

A federal judge just denied bond for the star of Netflix's popular docuseries, "Cheer." As we reported, Harris had a bond hearing Wednesday in Texas, where the judge heard arguments for and against cutting him loose before his trial. The judge finally ruled Friday, agreeing with the prosecution's wishes to keep him behind bars.

Prosecutors said they believe Harris could prey on minors if released on bond. They claimed he has multiple underage victims already, and would likely revert back to the same alleged behavior. Remember ... the feds claim he continued targeting minors despite being tipped off about the federal investigation.

The judge cited that allegation in Friday's ruling ... saying Harris was consistent in his pursuit of the alleged victims and demonstrated uncontrollable behavior.

Harris' defense team told the court he wouldn't pose a threat or hurt people if he was released pending trial, because he wouldn't have access to the Internet, and would have regular check-ins with a psychiatrist. The judge was unswayed and said community support and a lack of criminal history were not enough to prove Harris doesn't pose a threat to the community.

Instead, the judge said a lack of criminal history actually shows how easy it is for this kind of alleged behavior to go undetected.

In addition to the federal charges, 2 of Harris' alleged victims have sued him.

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