Britney Spears' Dad Goes After Her Lawyer ... She Can Speak for Herself!!!


Britney Spears' father doesn't buy her lawyer's assertion that he's the only one who can speak for her ... and he's using the upcoming election to try to prove his point.

Jamie Spears filed new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in Britney's ongoing conservatorship case which fire back at her attorney, Sam Ingham, for recently likening her to a comatose patient who lacks the capacity to sign declarations.

Spears says his daughter's conservatorship doesn't mean she's stripped of all of her rights -- for instance, she still has the right to vote -- and he notes she's testified at deposition and multiple times in court during the conservatorship.

According to the docs ... Britney's dad claims Ingham does not have the unlimited authority to be her "exclusive voice" -- she has the right to be heard.

We broke the story ... the reason this all came up in the first place is because Ingham told the judge earlier this month that Brit does not want to perform again. Jamie's side called that hearsay, because it was coming from Ingham and not Britney herself.

The judge asked why Britney had not filed a declaration about her career intent -- and Ingham said that's because she lacks the mental capacity to do so ... like a person in a coma.

Jamie disagrees and seemingly wants to know where Britney personally stands on the issue. Something a lot of other people want to know as well.

The Rock Tastes Own Blood After Gym Injury ... Gets Stitches to Close Gash

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Here's reason #1,000,001 why The Rock is tougher than you ...

Dwayne Johnson suffered a pretty gnarly gym injury Monday requiring stitches to close a wound on his face.

But, instead of cryin' about it -- he tasted his own blood and went right back to work!!!

The former WWE superstar said he suffered the wound throwing around some heavy weights -- and in a video, he revealed his eye was swollen and bloody.

But, in true tough guy fashion ... The Rock licked the blood off his face and said, "That's good. That's real good. Back to work."


Johnson later explained he got nicked up tossing 50-pound chains ... and said the wound was so bad, he needed stitches.

Though the 48-year-old said he didn't go under the needle and thread until AFTER the workout was done ... 'cause, duh.

"We ain't playing tiddlywinks and we ain't reciting nursery rhymes," Dwayne said ... before later writing, "Taste your own blood, keep working out and stitch up later - rules of the house."

Who's ready for leg day now?!

Phil Collins Demand Letter to Trump ... No More 'In the Air' at Your Rallies!!!


Phil Collins is still NOT feeling Donald Trump's rally playlist ... he wants the Prez's campaign to quit pumping "In The Air Tonight" through its PA speakers.

Here's the deal ... Trump's campaign blared Phil's hit song at his Des Moines rally earlier this month -- and at several others since then -- and the singer is royally pissed.

Phil's legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Trump's camp, obtained by TMZ, claiming the song choice makes it seem like Phil's fully onboard the Trump train, which he's not.

In the legal doc, Phil says he wants no affiliation whatsoever with Trump or his campaign ... and he rips the President for seemingly making light of the coronavirus pandemic with the song choice.

FOX News

Phil says he doesn't condone trivializing COVID-19 and says he's worried Trump's gonna stain his reputation if he keeps playing the song at rallies.

He also claims Trump pulled the same stunt back in June at the infamous Tulsa rally, and didn't respond to an earlier cease and desist.

Bottom line ... Phil's demanding an assurance from Trump that he'll keep his songs off his playlists at future rallies.

Chadwick Boseman Signed 'Black Panther' Comic Could Fetch Up to $25k!!!


The late Chadwick Boseman put his John Hancock on a copy of the first "Black Panther" comic -- which has skyrocketed in value, and is primed to fetch a pretty penny at auction.

Nate D. Sanders Auctions is putting the rare autographed book up for grabs on Oct. 29, with the opening bid starting at $8,000 -- but it's expected, we're told, to reach anywhere in the ballpark of $25k when it's all said and done.

The reason ... other than Chadwick's signature, Stan Lee himself signed this variant of 'BP' #1, not to mention 'Black Panther' director Ryan Coogler. So, yeah, there's a trifecta thing happening here -- and with Chadwick's recent passing, and Stan's in 2018 ... the comic is worth even more now.

You might notice the cover is different from the OG cover of the first stand-alone "Black Panther" comic from 1976 -- from which this iteration is derived, but with a modern cover. It's also vastly changed from Black Panther's first appearance ever in Fantastic Four #52 ('66).

The one for sale is the Middle East Comic-Con variant -- which got its own art whipped up and featured Stan next to T'Challa. For those of you in the know ... It's been certified a 9.8 rating with the CGC Signature Series rating system. That means it's REALLY valuable.

As you might imagine, the folks hawking this rarity are banking on demand to be way high ... and considering the impact Chadwick had on people -- especially kids -- we think they'll be right.

Big Boi Big Ups to ATL Poll Workers Your Meal's On Me!!!


Big Boi is looking out for some fearless Atlanta poll workers braving the pandemic to help folks cast their ballots early ... he hooked 'em up with free grub.

The Outkast rapper made sure poll workers weren't serving their community on an empty stomach, teaming up with Postmates and World Central Kitchen to serve them over 150 hot meals.

As you can see, Big Boi used the food delivery app to send over several trays full of pan-seared chicken and shrimp tacos. It looks like a pretty nice reward for working the polls, a much higher risk task this year than ever before.

As you know, the coronavirus pandemic is making it tougher for polling locations to find poll workers, but these fine folks are helping keep our democracy running.

Big Boi made the big gesture Saturday, and all the images we're seeing confirm what officials are saying -- early voting is HUGE in Georgia, and the whole country for that matter.

NASA Female Astronaut Going to the Moon In 2024 to Study H2O

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Humans are going back to the moon for the fist time in a long time ... and this time a woman will be leaving her footprint on that giant rock in the sky.

NASA just announced a new space mission they're set to embark on over the next few years with the intent of getting boots on the lunar ground by 2024 to study water they discovered recently, and see if it's usable.

The thinking is the H20 -- now found could be a sign of life, 'cause that's technically what an organism on Earth would need to thrive. Then again, it could just be mutant space water, so that's what they're gonna check out.

NASA hasn't announced the crew members' names yet.

There's more to this trip than just agua ... NASA says not only is it going to study the water, but the new U.S. moon missions -- dubbed Artemis -- will also try to establish a long-term presence there by the end of the decade, and use it as a springboard to our neighbor ... MARS, baby!!!

BTW, if you're wondering why we haven't been back to the moon more regularly -- the last time we set foot there was in '72, during the Apollo missions -- the space agency has chalked it up to politics, support and funding, or a lack thereof. It wasn't because they couldn't do it.

In total, humans have been to the moon 6 times. Get ready to put another notch in our space belts.

Jared Kushner Trump Policies Help Black People But They Have to Want It

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Fox News

President Trump's setting up the Black community for success, but they've gotta pull themselves up by the bootstraps ... that's basically what Jared Kushner's now suggesting.

The president's aide, son-in-law, made the remarks Monday morning while discussing Trump's campaign working with Ice Cube. On "Fox & Friends" he claimed Cube was an example of the "groundswell of support" for POTUS in the Black community.

Kushner attributed that support to Trump's policies "that can help people break out of the problems that they're complaining about."

The word "complaining" is already pretty objectionable phrasing. But, then he added this ... "He [Trump] can't want them to be successful more than they [the Black community] want to be successful."

In other words, if Black folks aren't doing well, that's on them ... not the President.

Kushner went on to claim the Black community is realizing Trump is working for them and delivering results, and they want to get on board.

As we reported ... Ice Cube has been collaborating with the Trump administration on a plan to improve Black lives in America, but he told us he's down to work with Democrats too.

Lil Pump Endorses Trump ... I'm with Fiddy & the Prez!!!


Lil Pump is taking a cue from 50 Cent, and throwing his support behind President Trump ... saying he doesn't wanna pay a dime more in taxes, as Joe Biden's proposing.

The rapper chirped up this weekend in pretty clear terms, posting a pic of him shaking hands with DT -- clearly photoshopped -- and a ringing video endorsement.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for why ... it seems to be in line with what Fiddy voiced just last week when he endorsed Trump as well -- they're not down to fall into a new tax bracket under Biden's plan. If he wins, JB has said he would try to upend Trump's tax law and get folks who make more than $400k to chip in their fair share -- way more than what they're paying now.

Of course, both 50 and Pump fall into that category, and neither seem willing or eager to give up any more of their wealth to Uncle Sam.

It seems 50 didn't mean it after all -- or he's on the fence. He later said "F*** Trump" when his ex, Chelsea Handler, called him out on 'The Tonight Show.'

She said she'd be willing to give him another go in the bedroom if he changed his tune ... and sure enough, he did. When it comes to LP, though, he sounds a little more serious.

Here's another thing ... Pump is actually catching a ton of flak right now for his endorsement, but more so for his use of the n-word in his video (and in general).

Dude's heritage is Hispanic, but a lot of people think it's ironic and flat-out wrong for him to be using it, when A) he's not Black and B) he's backing someone who's dog-whistled to white supremacists.

Crazy Video Cat Jumps Out of Burning Building Miraculously Survives!!!


One down, 8 to go for this cat after it jumped out of an apartment that was intentionally set on fire ... and it escaped with not a second to spare.

The cat's harrowing escape -- fully captured on camera -- went down this weekend in Harlem ... as it was clinging to the ledge as the flames intensified right behind it.

Cops were waiting on the ground trying to catch it, but the cat was hesitating until the flames became too intense. With the back half of its body smoking, the cat finally made the leap and managed to land on its feet, of course.

It was quickly corralled, so paramedics could take a closer look.

Cops say the fire was started by a man wanted on domestic violence charges -- he barricaded himself in an apartment on the second floor and set it on fire.

You can see the cat made it out with perfect timing. There were also 2 children trapped in another part of the building who were rescued. Two NYPD officers were hurt during the blaze, but the wanted man was eventually arrested.

Joy at the Polls Philly Voters Bust Out Line Dance ... During Long Poll Lines

@ResistanceRev / Twitter

Voters in Philadelphia turned waiting in long lines to cast their ballot into a fun experience ... by mixing in some "Cha Cha Slide."

The good times went down in Philadelphia, as a large group of voters waiting for early voting in the city Saturday passed the time with some group dancing ... moving in unison to the hit by DJ Casper usually reserved for wedding receptions.

The viral video's more than just a random feel-good moment though -- it's part of the work being done by Nelini Stamp of the Working Families Party, who's also the campaign director for Election Defenders.

Nelini and the nonpartisan coalition's goal is to assure that voters are "staying safe and healthy outside of polling places across the country and bringing them some joy."

More importantly, it's aimed to combat voter suppression and intimidation by bringing "Joy to the Polls" ... which kicked off this weekend in Pennsylvania for the inaugural Vote Early Day.

The result is what you see here, and Stamp says it feels good to see people responding positively to the movement ... even though she feels the long lines are a burden people shouldn't have to deal with.

Crazy Video Moose Goes Toe-to-Toe with Chill Dog!!


Chilling in the yard with your dog is different, and dangerous, in Alaska -- where an aggressive moose can show up and charge at man's best friend!!!

Brody is the pooch in this video, and you can hear his owner was shocked to see the giant moose suddenly nose-to-nose with Brody ... and frantically tried to back away. Make no mistake, the moose seemed pissed about something.

Check out the clip ... the moose even charged at Brody, which only made the owner yell even harder for the dog to get the hell back. The owner's repeatedly yelling at Brody to get inside.

Dogs in Alaska appear to be too brave for their own good, but Brody and his owner did manage to retreat inside their garage without catching a face full of moose.

Wild stuff.

Odell Beckham Confirms Torn ACL Browns WR Out for Season

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Cleveland's worst fears are now a reality ... Odell Beckham has confirmed he did, in fact, tear his ACL on Sunday and will miss the rest of the 2020 NFL season.

"Odell Beckham Jr just text me that his ACL is torn and that his season is over," NFL reporter Josina Anderson said Monday morning.

27-year-old Beckham suffered the injury during the 2nd offensive play of the Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals game.

Baker Mayfield had fired a pass Odell's way -- but missed his target and the ball was intercepted. Odell tried to make a play and tackle the ball-carrier but ran into one of his own teammates and apparently messed up his left knee in the process.

It's devastating news for Cleveland -- Odell was having a pretty solid season with 23 catches for 319 yards ands 3 TDs.

The Browns are 5-2 and starting to play like contenders -- losing their #1 receiver is definitely going to hurt their chances.

As for Beckham, he played all 16 games in 2019 while suffering from a groin injury -- and underwent surgery during the offseason.

Now with the ACL tear, that will almost certainly require surgery -- and usually takes about 6 to 9 months to fully recover.


Odell's teammate and close friend Jarvis Landry offered his support -- "Man I Know how f*cking hard you work and how invested you are to be legendary. My heart hurt!!!!! I love you brudda."

2020 Election COVID Safety for Voting ... Costing Cities Tens of Millions


You've probably heard it a million times -- this is the most important election of our lives -- and it's probably the most expensive too ... based on the millions it's costing to try to keep voters safe.

Get this ... the estimated cost in L.A. County for this year's general election is $91.7 million -- $33 MILLION more than 2016's price tag of $58.5 mil.

We're told the added cost is the result of the massive amounts of products needed to clean and sanitize voting devices after each voter ... along with all the soap, sanitizer and PPE provided for voters and workers.

There are also added operational costs in making voting locations socially-distant compliant ... and special care for disabled voters or those with health vulnerabilities.

Houston's experiencing a similar surge in general election costs this year compared to 2016 -- $33.2 million up from just $4.06 mil ... according to a spokesperson for Harris County.

Among the new expenses -- providing PPE including masks, gloves, and a "finger condom" to all voters ... because all the voting stations have electronic touch screens.

The county has set up 10 drive-thru voting centers where drivers use a portable voting machine that looks like an iPad ... and those don't come cheap either.

NBA YoungBoy Investigated for Alleged Assault


NBA YoungBoy and his crew allegedly beat the crap out of a man in the garage of a studio ... this according to law enforcement.

A spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Texas tells TMZ ... a sheriff's task force investigated the rapper and several of his cohorts for allegedly assaulting a man at a studio in Katy, Texas.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a man and his girlfriend headed to a studio to work with YoungBoy on October 5. We're told when the couple arrived, security told them no women were allowed in the studio. The GF left, and that's when things allegedly went south.

Our sources say the man went into the garage at the studio and that's when he claims YoungBoy and his crew pounced on him, put a bag over his head and proceeded to beat the crap out of him ... allegedly kicking and punching him before pistol-whipping him.

According to our sources, the guy said he caught a glimpse of YoungBoy when the bag was removed. Then there's this ... the man claims he saw a body bag in the room and when he asked why it was there ... he told officers they responded they were going to put him in it.

At this point, our sources say NBA YoungBoy then FaceTimed his manager and said, "I got him here." We're told the man claimed the manager told NBA to release him because he just beat a case and didn’t need more legal trouble.

Our sources say someone was then ordered to drop off the alleged victim in front of his house. Once there, the alleged victim was driven to the hospital by his mom and GF.

We're told the man suffered cuts and abrasions to his face plus bruises to his legs but no life-threatening injuries. Law enforcement is still looking into a possible motive for the alleged beatdown. So far there have been no arrests.

We've also reached out to NBA YoungBoy, so far no word back.

Dana Stubblefield My Husband Is Innocent ... Had Sex w/ Accuser, But Wasn't Rape


Dana Stubblefield's wife says her husband is an innocent man, telling TMZ Sports she's convinced the accuser is lying ... saying she's worried about what could happen to him in prison.

We spoke with Terri Stubblefield ... who's been married to the ex-NFL star for 11 years. They have 2 young children together.

Terri had filed for divorce back in 2016 after she learned about the allegations against Dana ... but they have since reconciled.

Terri admits that Dana screwed up by having sex with another woman ... but she believes it was consensual -- and says allegations he used a gun to rape the accuser are just plain wrong.

"There's no denying they had sex, but he didn't rape her. He didn't have a gun. Dana is 300-something pounds. I don't think he needs a gun to hold down somebody at all."

Terri also says Dana is "not that kind of person. He's a very sweet person."

Terri says she needs Dana to help raise their children and she's terrified at the idea he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

As we previously reported, Stubblefield was sentenced to 15 years to life for raping a woman at his Santa Clara, CA home back in 2015.

Prosecutors say the woman has mental and physical disabilities. Terri says she's spent years combing over the allegations, and simply doesn't believe the accuser's story -- any of it.

Terri says over the past few years, Dana's friends and former teammates have turned their backs on him -- with a few exceptions -- praising Randy Kirk and Ron Stone for sticking by Dana.

"I believe that some of his other teammates that I thought he was closer to would step forward and they haven’t."

Mrs. Stubblefield -- who is now focused on appealing the conviction -- has a message for everybody who thinks her husband is a terrible person.

"Please don't think that Dana is a monster because he's not. He is a great person and you all know better. Don't let the media fool you! He's a really good person, a great father, caring with a big heart. He just made a mistake."


'Unsolved Mysteries' Lester Eubanks Leads Pouring In ... Authorities & Victim's Family Optimistic


"Unsolved Mysteries" is once again bringing about renewed interest in an old case gone cold, but more importantly ... it might lead to the capture of a killer on the run for 47 years.

Volume 2 of Netflix's revival of the show features an episode called "Death Row Fugitive," which focuses on the escape of convicted child killer, Lester Eubanks, in Ohio in 1973. He's been on the lam ever since.

The creator of the series, Terry Dunn Meurer, tells TMZ ... they've received hundreds of leads on Eubanks' whereabouts since the episode aired Oct. 19, and have passed any that seem even slightly credible to law enforcement.

The U.S. Marshal Service has concurrently announced that they believe Eubanks is alive and they are getting closer to tracking him down. They've also doubled the reward for information leading to his capture from $25,000 to $50,000.

Eubanks was convicted in the '60s for the rape and murder of 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener. Though he was sentenced to death, it was later changed to life in prison ... but he escaped in December 1973, near Columbus, while out on an honor assignment.

Deener's sister, Myrtle Carter, tells us she hopes the episode leads to Eubanks' arrest so her family can finally have some closure once and for all.

She says all she can do is be hopeful, but like the U.S. Marshals ... she's encouraged by the response and support from "Unsolved Mysteries" so far.

As you may recall ... the show sparked a similar reaction this summer with its episode about the 2004 death of Alonzo Brooks in Kansas. Tips flooded in, and a couple weeks later his body was exhumed and his case was reopened.

The investigation is ongoing.

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