Flavor Flav Public Enemy Can Return ... But Chuck's Gotta Do This 1st!!!


Flavor Flav says Chuck D is actually the one stalling any sort of reunion for Public Enemy -- as Chuck's saying -- but now Flav is laying out a solution to their standoff.

We got him Monday at LAX, and asked for an update on where things stood with his partner in rhyme. Remember, we spoke to Chuck earlier this year, and at the time, he made it seem like FF was blocking the iconic group from rekindling things and touring.

That's not the case at all ... or so claims Flav, who tells us Chuck's the one stonewalling things -- and it sounds like it's all over business, and good old-fashioned dollars and cents.

MAY 2021

Watch Flav break down the drama here ... he says there's a partnership agreement he wants CD to sign, but it doesn't seem that's happened yet -- which Flav says is preventing them from working together again. He seems totally transparent about their issues, but Chuck might view this as Flav airing the family biz in public.

Remember, we asked Chuck about this exact issue during a hip-hop celebration in the Bronx (sans Flav) ... and he was pretty vague about what their specific issues were. Flav isn't holding back at all.

Of course, all this drama stems from their years-long falling out -- and Flav's effective firing from the group last year.

MARCH 2020

Dude makes it seem like they can still patch things up -- but Chuck's gotta come to the table, and sign on the dotted line. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Ciara Wears Russell's Super Bowl Ring ... To Met Gala

Ciara wore something Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and Grimes couldn't get their hands on for the Met Gala -- a Super Bowl ring, courtesy of Russell Wilson!!

The singer showed up to the big event Monday night channeling her hubby's day job -- decked out in a sparkly green dress resembling Wilson's #3 Seahawks jersey, which was designed by Peter Dundas.

Ciara also held a bedazzled mini football clutch ... just to make sure everyone knew the theme she was going for.

But, to complete the look, Ciara pulled out quite possibly the biggest flex of all-time -- Wilson's Super Bowl XLVIII ring he won in 2014!!!

"My Hubby’s color rush Seahawks jersey transformed into a dress + His Super Bowl XLVIII ring = EVERYTHING!" Ciara posted on Instagram.

So, where was Russ?? The Seattle superstar was busy bro'ing out with Peyton and Eli Manning during their "Monday Night Football" broadcast ... but don't worry, he was sure to shower her with compliments in the comment section.

"My queen. My Everything," Wilson said.

The 'Hawks are hoping they can add another ring to Ciara's outfit for next year's Met Gala ... and we suppose for Russell's sake too.

Britney Spears 'The Britney Ring' a Hot Commodity ... But No Rush to Tie the Knot

Britney Spears won't be walking down the aisle anytime soon -- but in the meantime, her giant diamond ring is all the rage for others looking to say "I do."

A rep for Forever Diamonds NY -- where Brit's fiance, Sam Asghari, had this puppy commissioned -- tells TMZ ... they received 500 inquiries Sunday following news of the proposal, with 95% of those inquiries being from people looking to purchase a version of the "Britney Ring."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

You'll recall ... Forever Diamonds NY said they'd be naming this ring setting after the pop star herself, commemorating the thought they say Sam put in while making the purchase.

Despite everyone clamoring for a Britney ring of their own ... Forever Diamonds says no one will get the exact one she's got on her finger right now -- because that one was specially made for her, and they won't replicate it precisely.

@britneyspears / Instagram

That said, the jeweler tells us they're considering a version of the ring on display at a store they're opening soon -- so customers can see it up close. The fanfare makes sense ... Sam himself just spilled the beans on how unique it actually is, and what he had to do to keep it under wraps for so long.

As for the nuptials... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... BS and SA are in no rush to get hitched. We're told they're going to take their time and enjoy the engagement, and they're not even throwing around the word "wedding" among friends.

Speaking of friends ... there were none around when Sam popped the question this weekend. We're told it was just the two of them at her house, so all the more special.

Met Gala 2021 Alicia Keys' Very A-List Party ... Leo, MJ, Elon, Serena & More!!!


What celebs wear is only half the Met Gala game, the other half is how they party -- and Alicia Keys' post-gala event had plenty of that ... with the biggest names.

The singer threw a bash at Casa Cipriani in lower Manhattan late Monday night, and along with performing ... she played host to the likes of Michael Jordan ... who's still so damn popular, he seemed cornered by crowds at times.

Leonardo DiCaprio was in attendance in his going-out baseball cap, and Elon Musk was rocking a white suit to stand out even more.

Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum had folks sounding the new couple alert as they hit the dance floor when the DJ dropped "Poison." Vanessa Bryant and her daughter, Natalia, got some dancing in too.

Finally ... we're wondering if Serena Williams ever got on that elevator??? Watch the video, maybe you've got a guess.

As we reported ... a slew of stars put on their most eye-popping and extravagant outfits for the 2021 Met Gala, and did not disappoint as they arrived in style for the first time since 2019.

Of course, the event was canceled last year due to the pandemic. This year, all gala attendees had to be vaccinated.

Keys' after-party wasn't the only one though -- the celebs kept celebrating all over NYC well into Tuesday morn ... and it looked like a blast.

'Jeopardy!' Mike Richards' Intro Clearly Edited ... Host for One Week Only


"Jeopardy!" awkwardly fired up its new season Monday with short-lived host Mike Richards ... and it's evident from watching the clip -- the editors hacked away the opening pleasantries.

You gotta imagine ... when the episode was shot and Richards was expected to begin a long run as Alex Trebek's replacement, he had some words for the audience ... we're guessing something to the effect of, "I'm honored to have this job" ... something like that.

There was no such pronouncement ... Mike got right down to business. There's an odd shot of announcer Johnny Gilbert, and it looks like he was used for the edit ... hacking out any flowery intro that followed.

Before Mike came out, there was a tribute to Alex. His family was on hand as the show unveiled a plaque, dedicating the stage to the longtime, beloved host who passed last year.

As you know for Richards, he lasted a week before giving up the hosting gig in the wake of some old social media posts that didn't sit well with Sony. A short time later he gave up his Executive Producer job as well after the staff groused about him.

The game plan for replacing Alex is unclear. They'll have some celeb hosts, but we're told Sony is determined to convince Mayim Bialik she's not too too busy for another gig.

Kevin Faulk S.B. Champ's Daughter Dead At 19 ... LSU Mourns Loss

LSU football student staff member Kevione Faulk -- daughter of 3-time Super Bowl champion Kevin Faulk -- tragically passed away on Monday, the team announced. She was just 19 years old.

The Tigers released a statement on Faulk's passing ... saying, "We are heartbroken with the passing of Kevione Faulk, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Faulk family and all of those who love Kevione."

A cause of death has not been released at this time.

"She was part of the LSU Family, and we mourn the loss of a daughter, a sister, a friend, a classmate and a colleague. We ask that all Tigers keep the Faulks in their prayers and respect their privacy at this difficult time."

Kevione's father, Kevin, currently serves as the running backs coach in Baton Rouge ... and is the program's all-time leading rusher after a stellar career from 1995-98. He was on staff when LSU won the national championship in 2020.

Kevin also had a lengthy career in the NFL ... playing from 1999-2011 for the New England Patriots, winning 3 Super Bowls with Tom Brady.

RIP Kevione.

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Continues For At least 1.5 More Years

Amanda Bynes isn't walking the same path as Britney Spears ... a judge just signed off on her conservatorship remaining in place for at least another year and change.

The former child star had a status hearing in her conservatorship case this week -- and the judge scheduled the next status hearing for March 8, 2023 ... so it looks like Amanda's case will continue until at least then, unless something changes.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the conservatorship must file its next update by January 2023. Amanda's mother serves as her conservator.

Amanda was placed under the conservatorship in 2013 after a string of bizarre episodes -- including a disturbing store surveillance video -- that revealed her mental health struggles.

Since then, she's been relatively low-key ... staying out of the spotlight and pursuing other things outside of acting, like a design career via the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She's also gotten engaged and dabbled in rap music too.

Amid all that ... her conservatorship has remained in place to look out for her well-being.

Frank Ocean Brings Green Robot Baby to Met Gala


Frank Ocean might be thinking 'bout you -- but all anyone can think about is that weird-ass baby doll he brought with him to the Met Gala ... which looked more alien than human.

You probably saw this Monday as A-listers made their way into the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the high-fashion event -- FO touched down with what appeared to be an infant cradled in his arms. As it turns out, though, it wasn't a kid ... it wasn't even alive either.

Frank had some sort of a robot with him -- which moved and blinked (and maybe even cooed?) like it was the real deal, but very much so wasn't ... on account of its slime green skin tone, among other tell-tale AI signs. It was weird -- but very on-brand for Mr. Ocean.

Dude's pretty enigmatic as an artist -- so him walking out with this machine in hand isn't all that nuts if you think about it. It was actually more of a shock just to see him there at all.

He hardly ever goes out ... but when he does, it's always a scene. As for what he himself was wearing, Frank had on a black Prada suit, accompanied by a custom cap, jewelry he reportedly had designed by his own line, Homer ... and, of course, his highlighter hairdo.

We'll be frank. Actually ... we'll just let him be that. Congrats on the family addition, bro!

Blueface Stomps, Kicks, Punches Club Bouncer ... Video Shows Attack


Blueface is accused of viciously attacking a doorman at a club, and video of the incident shows 3 other men jumped the guy too ... and it's incredibly brutal and disturbing.

TMZ's obtained security footage from late Sunday night at Skinny's Lounge in the San Fernando Valley, where the rapper and his crew are accused of pummeling the club's bouncer for not letting Blueface in without his ID.

As you can see, the altercation started in the entryway to the club, and a member of Blueface's group throws the first punch ... then Blueface and the other 2 men proceed to attack, unloading a flurry of punches and kicks.

It appears a woman in the group is recording the attack on her phone, before Blueface seemingly stomps the bouncer. Then, another guy tries to lift him up by his feet while the attack continued.

Blueface is the last person seen on the video, and appears to give the bouncer a couple of taps to see if he's conscious before leaving.

As we reported ... the bouncer had to be transported to a hospital by ambulance where he got stitches, and photos of his injuries look pretty bad.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers took a battery report, and they are aware of this surveillance video ... so it will be crucial in the investigation.

Raiders' Carl Nassib Makes Game-Winning Play ... In 1st Tilt Since Coming Out As Gay

Carl Nassib became the first openly gay player ever to play in an NFL game Monday night ... and then he came up big for his squad -- helping the Raiders win with a huge sack in overtime!!

Lining up for the first time in a regular season game since opening up publicly about his sexuality in June ... Nassib was all over the field during Las Vegas' win over the Ravens on "Monday Night Football."

He logged three tackles and was disruptive throughout the evening -- but in the game's overtime period, he made a monster play to help lead the Raiders to a victory.

As the Ravens were attempting to drive down the field for a game-winning score ... Nassib sacked Lamar Jackson, forcing a fumble.

The Raiders were able to recover the ball ... and just a few snaps later, Derek Carr sealed it with a 31-yard touchdown pass.

Afterward, Nassib was pumped to get the win ... telling reporters, "It was really special."

"I'm really happy that we got the win on the day that kind of made a little bit of history which was really nice to do," Nassib added.

Las Vegas Raiders

A reporter also informed the 28-year-old that a fan had worn his jersey and was attending an NFL game for the first time in order to support Nassib after his announcement.

And, Carl was stoked over the anecdote -- saying, "That's amazing. That's a great story. I love that."

Nassib and the undefeated Raiders are set to take the field next on Sunday against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Subway Worker Scared To Go Home After Robbery ... Crook Knows Where I Live!!!

@yadalove07/Tik Tok

The Subway worker who got suspended for aggressively stopping an armed man from robbing the store and then posting the surveillance video says she's afraid to go home ... because the crook has her info.

Araceli Sotelo, the Subway worker who went viral for fending off her attacker, tells TMZ ... she's scared the robber could be waiting for her outside her house because he stole her purse and her ID, and the whole ordeal has taken a huge toll on her mental health.


Araceli says she feels like Subway doesn't have her back after she got indefinitely suspended from the store she works at in Rockford, IL ... and she's not sure when she'll be allowed back.

She tells us why she defended herself and the store instead of just letting the crook have his way. She's also considering legal action against Subway.

A spokesperson for Subway tells TMZ ... "We are deeply concerned about the recent incident at a franchised location in Rockford, Illinois. The restaurant owner and management are fully cooperating with the police investigation, and we request patience until that process is complete."  They did not address Araceli's suspension.

Vitor Belfort I'm Jake Paul's 'Daddy' I'll Teach That Boy A Lesson


Vitor Belfort says he's about to be $30 MILLION richer ... that is, if Jake Paul has the guts to step in the boxing ring, telling TMZ Sports The Problem Child's a coward if he doesn't accept the fight.

"I'd like to teach that boy a lesson. Your parents give you behaviors and all that, so he's gonna meet his big daddy," 44-year-old Belfort says.

"And, if he likes money, we got big money. There's no excuse to run away from this fight. So, he has to take it, and if you don't take it, he's gonna show he's a coward and he's looking for easy fights."

Shots fired.

Paul's 4-0 professionally -- with wins over Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren -- but Belfort has zero doubt he'd knock out the YouTuber-turned-boxing star, saying ... "I'm gonna knock [Jake] out. There's no doubt about it."

Of course, Belfort called out 24-year-old Paul in the ring following his 1st round KO of Evander Holyfield ... with Triller's Ryan Kavanaugh pledging $30 million to the winner of the potential scrap.

$30 mil is A LOT of money, but what's unclear ... after signing a deal with Showtime Boxing, could Jake take the fight, even if he wanted to?

"I think it's worth it. $30 million to get your a** whooped by a legend like myself," Belfort says.

If not Jake, Vitor told us he's also interested in Canelo Alvarez (there's a $40 mil offer on the table from Triller), Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, Lennox Lewis and even Tyson Fury.

As for Paul, he recently called out Jorge Masvidal ... but with Gambred under contract with the UFC, it's highly unlikely Dana White would sign off on the fight.

Bottom line, money talks ...  and it's clear Belfort will be waiting.

Guess Who This Goofy Guy Turned Into!

Before this spoonful of silly was mixing up drinks on a popular reality television show, he was just another goofy guy growing up in Monterey, California.

This funny fella gained an instant following after he stepped out of the limo and into the spotlight looking for love. Even though his journey on this reality show ended earlier than expected, he still got another shot in a spin-off located in a place of paradise.

Now, since this celebrity personality got engaged to a rose-worthy actress, he has been the voice of reason behind the bar on the romantic island.

Can you guess who he is?

Ben & Jen More Like The Make Out Gala

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are turning the Met Gala into the make out gala ... and they're not letting COVID protocols stop them from packing on the PDA.

Ben and Jen were together Monday at the Met Gala in New York City, where they were locking arms, hugging and kissing through their face masks.

J Lo wore a brown ensemble complete with a plunging dress and a long train, plus a hat, necklace, and a feather boa. She's also got an interesting accessory around her neck, something like a big choker.

Ben, meanwhile, went with a more classic look in his tuxedo ... kinda like he did last week at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, when they went to their first showbiz event together since reuniting.

Now we can add the Met Gala to the Bennifer 2.0 PDA tour.

Kim Kardashian Stuns in Faceless Look for Met Gala Thanks to Balenciaga & Ye

Kim Kardashian West is already turning heads on her way to the Met Gala -- this time, without even showing her face -- and it's all thanks to a look from Balenciaga and inspiration from her estranged hubby.


Kim just left her hotel in NYC wearing the custom outfit designed by Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga. The look includes a curve T-shirt under a T-shirt dress with an incorporated bodysuit, completed with jersey boots Pantaleggings, jersey gloves and a mask hiding her whole face.

Sources connected tell us that while Kanye won't be at the Met in person, he gave Kim the courage to push the envelope with creativity and people's imagination through art.

We're told Kanye was also the one who introduced Kim to Demna -- who will join her at the Gala -- so he's a big reason the look came together in the first place.


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were also spotted leaving the same hotel as Kim, but both were dressed down and likely headed to dinner ... no Gala.

We saw Kim rocking another head/face mask over the weekend in the Big Apple -- a head-to-toe black leather getup.

As you know ... Kanye's been all about the full head wraps lately too, and it sure looked like Kim might've taken a cue from him for the ensemble -- which appears to have been from the Spring 2019 Vetements collection.

The ensemble tonight is also a complete departure from what Kim's worn during past Met Galas -- especially over the last handful of years when her dresses were bright, shiny and sleek. She's rocked gowns designed by Thierry Mugler, Versace, Balmain and Vivienne Westwood -- just to name a few.

Now, she's going the Balenciaga route, and still looking incredible.

Originally Published -- 4:14 PM PT

Britney Spears Already Taking Prenup Steps ... After Engagement to Sam

4:25 PM PT -- There are reports Jamie Spears is involved in hooking Britney up with a lawyer for the prenup. Those reports are false. Jamie has no involvement in the prenup. Our Britney sources say Mathew Rosengart is involved, although it's doubtful he'll write the prenup ... it will probably end up with a family law attorney.

Britney Spears has already taken steps to get a prenup drafted ... just a day after she and Sam announced their engagement ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources with direct knowledge who are close to Britney tell TMZ ... her camp is already mobilizing to get a prenup drafted. Britney's net worth reportedly hovers at around $60 million ... this money is hers, but although she's not making nearly what she raked in when she was performing, she's still making considerable coin.

Sam joked HE was the one who wanted a prenup, to protect his jeep and his shoes, but the reality is ... a prenup is not only in the cards -- it's necessary.

wedding bells?!?
@britneyspears / Instagram

As we reported, Britney had a prenup with Kevin Federline, and that was before the conservatorship. It may be even more important now ... not because it's an omen -- it's just smart.

Britney announced the engagement Sunday, but did not say when they were getting married. This would be her third marriage, and it's unclear when they would tie the knot. But, her team isn't wasting any time getting the document signed, sealed and delivered ahead of the nuptials.

Originally Published -- 9:35 AM PT

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