Flavor Flav Arrested for Domestic Battery

Flavor Flav landed in jail after being arrested for a domestic violence incident earlier this month in Nevada ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement ... the Public Enemy co-founder was booked on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery on Oct. 5 by the Henderson PD.

We're told cops responded to a call about a domestic disturbance and when they got there Flav was placed into custody and taken to the Henderson Detention Center.

According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Flav allegedly poked his finger on the alleged victim's nose, grabbed her, threw her down and grabbed a phone out her hand.

The City Attorney tells us Flavor Flav is officially charged with misdemeanor battery constituting domestic violence.

Flav's attorney, David Chesnoff, tells TMZ ... "in alleged domestic violence cases, there are often 2 sides to the story and we will explain our side in the courtroom and not in the media."


We recently got Flav out at LAX, where he laid out his demands for Chuck D and what it would take for a Public Enemy reunion.

Meanwhile, Flavor Flav's manager tells us Tuesday will mark one year of sobriety from alcohol for Flav ... and added that it's been 15 months since he quit smoking cigarettes.

Aaron Carter Cops Plea in Georgia DUI Case ... No Jail Time

Aaron Carter can finally close the book on his DUI case from 4 years ago in Georgia -- and he's gotta be pretty happy, because he's walking away without doing a day in jail.

A court clerk from Habersham County tells TMZ ... Aaron struck a deal with prosecutors, agreeing to plea no contest to reckless driving for the 2017 stop where he refused to submit to a breathalyzer test. The DUI charge goes away.

We're told Aaron will be placed on 12 months of probation, while also having to complete 40 hours of community service and take some DUI risk reduction classes ... plus, shell out around $1,500 in court fees and fines. AC will also be subjected to a drug and alcohol evaluation, and has to comply with whatever other treatment is seen as appropriate.

Assuming all goes well during his probation, he won't have to spend any time behind bars -- which was technically on the table as a possibility when he got arrested.

You'll recall ... Aaron got pulled over in Habersham while cruising with his then-girlfriend, Madison Parker, but declined to submit to the breathalyzer when cops suspected he was under the influence.

Now, the case is officially over and done with.


So, what's next for Carter? He previously told TMZ Sports he's eyeing another celeb boxing match after losing his first one to Lamar Odom.

Based on that first fight, he should pray Lamar shows as much mercy as prosecutors did on the DUI case!!!

Ernie on 'Hocus Pocus' 'Memba Him?!

California native Larry Bagby was only 19 years old when he landed the role of the candy-hungry bully Ernie -- who terrorizes the streets of Salem and even shaves his nickname "ICE" into the back of his head -- on the classic 1993 Disney family fright film "Hocus Pocus."

The iconic witchy movie is brewed up with some A-list ingredients including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and Bette Midler as the sorceress sisters Sarah, Winnie and Mary Sanderson ... and of course Tora Birch as the adorable Halloween lover, Dani Dennison.

Guess what Larry Bagby looks like now at 47 years old!

Megan Thee Stallion Buns Out for 1st Anniv. with My BF ... It's a Party with Pardi!!!

Megan Thee Stallion and her BF are celebrating one year together by looking back, and it's clear her guy is enjoying the rearview ... a lot!!!

MTS just dropped a photo dump on her Instagram to mark her one-year anniversary with rapper Pardi Fontaine -- 10 glorious shots of them grabbing ass and having a blast.

In the first pic, Megan's holding a cocktail with her butt, and Pardi is taking a big ole sip ... yes, they look like one fun couple.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

There's also pics of Megan hugging a shirtless Pardi below the waist, a mirror selfie with his hands all over her butt and a snorkeling photo where he's posing like he's about to take a big ole bite of her ... um, peach.

It's not all hot shots ... Megan also posted some wholesome content of them dressed to the nines, taking selfies in cars and there's even a piggyback ride outside a private jet.

If they continue on this trend ... we can't imagine what Megan and Pardi's second-anniversary shots are gonna look like!!! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Kourtney & Travis Engagement No Longer At a Crossroads But Let's Pose on One Anyway!!!

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are all aboard the love train as they prepare to get hitched -- but even after the proposal ... they were still feeling literal about that metaphor.

Check out these pics of the happy couple a day after TB popped the question -- they're still out in Montecito, and as close as ever ... if not more so. KK was flashing her giant rock, while also sporting a hoodie that might as well scream, here's the soon-to-be Mrs. Barker!

Anyway, they were in lockstep, strolling to a railroad crossing ... where they locked lips and posed for photos. The train tracks are actually integrated into the design of the Rosewood Beach Hotel in Montecito where the couple got engaged ... so the photo shoot location isn't totally random.

Seems Kourt might've been having some fun with the paps who were firing away from afar ... apparently getting some shots of her own while standing directly on the train tracks. Probably unintended on everyone's part -- but the shot looks pretty cool from this vantage point.

TMZ broke the story ... Travis got on bended knee Sunday evening at a beach resort hotel in the Santa Barbara area -- where he asked Kourtney to be his wife inside a heart-shaped flower arrangement he put together right there on the sand.


Of course, Kourtney said yes ... and both of them seem ready for "forever" with one another. This will be the first time she's getting married -- and it'll be Trav's third time down the aisle.

The engagement came relatively fast -- remember, these two just started publicly dating at the beginning of this year ... and have been infatuated since. Then again, they have a lot of history ... as they were friends way before this, and have been for years.

Again, congratulations!

Lakers Co-Owner Jesse Buss Lists L.A. Mansion For $10.9M ... Close To LeBron's Crib

Wanna be LeBron James' neighbor?? Lakers co-owner Jesse Buss just put his L.A. mansion on the market for nearly $11 million ... and while it's got a dope pool and home theater, the best perk is it's close to the NBA superstar's house!!

The 3-floor Brentwood estate is pretty incredible -- it has 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a chef kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, a home theater, full gym, an illuminated bar and a temperature-controlled wine cellar.

On top of that, there's a luxurious pool with views of the city and canyons.

The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and oversized bathroom ... which comes with a steam shower and bathtub that also has views of the ocean.

As we previously reported, Buss got the pad back in 2018 ... which made it super convenient for him to link up with the 4-time NBA champ for neighborhood meet-ups or bro time. But now, he's looking to part ways with the crib.

The property -- which was just listed with Jennifer Beron of Compass -- is currently listed at $10,950,000 ... but being Bron's neighbor?? Come on, ya can't put a price on that!!

Kanye West Lemme Get in on This COVID Wave ... With 'Ye' Face Masks!!!

Kanye West knows a business opportunity when he sees one -- which is why it looks like he's jumping into the face mask game ... and slapping his new name on it, front and center.

The rapper/producer/designer's company filed legal docs to trademark the "Ye" for use on "sanitary masks for protection against viral infection." However, it sounds like these might be slightly more stylish than the blue medical masks ya find at CVS.

In the docs, there's also a reference to branding "fashion masks" with the same moniker -- and knowing Kanye ... they'll likely be elaborate, and chock-full of the Yeezy aesthetic.

We've seen a lot of Kanye lately in varying types of masks, but more recently, they've looked like they were part of a Halloween costume.

The news comes on the heels of the guy legally changing his name to Ye ... sans any last name or anything else. A judge recently signed off on his request -- which means Kanye Omari West is now a thing of the past ... even though folks will probably continue to call him that.

Sounds like he's got a whole rebranding thing going on now ... and wants to get the ball rolling with something that'll probably be stuck to our mugs for the foreseeable future.

'TIGER KING' ZOOKEEPER Erik Cowie Died From Alcohol Use

Erik Cowie -- one of the zookeepers who appeared on "Tiger King" -- died from drinking too much booze ... TMZ has learned.

According to the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Erik's official cause of death was acute and chronic alcohol use.

The medical examiner also tells us they are classifying the manner of death as natural.

TMZ broke the story ... Erik was found dead last month. He was face down in the bedroom of an apartment in New York City, where he was visiting a friend -- and a large bottle of vodka was found at the scene.

Erik's had documented issues with alcohol use ... earlier this year, he was busted for DUI in Oklahoma following a car accident. He pled guilty but didn't show up to court for his sentencing, and an arrest warrant was issued.

Cowie was famous for making several appearances in the hit Netflix show as one of Joe Exotic's longtime animal caretakers, and was often cited as the head keeper of Exotic's big cats.

In fact, Erik says before he showed up on Joe's radar he was "at the end of (his) rope" and admitted to a one-time drinking problem.

Evander Kane Suspended 21 Games ... For Breaking NHL COVID Protocol

Evander Kane will not be allowed to play for the Sharks for the first quarter of the season ... the NHL just banned the star forward 21 games for violating the league's COVID-19 protocol.

League officials announced the suspension in a statement Monday ... though they did not specify what rule he broke.

Of course, Kane had been reportedly under investigation for allegedly submitting a fake COVID vaccine card to the NHL ... but the league only said in their statement Monday that Kane was being barred "for an established violation of, and lack of compliance with, the NHL/NHLPA COVID-19 Protocol."

The league added that Kane will not be paid during the suspension ... with his forfeited cash going to the league's Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.

Kane will now not be able to re-join the Sharks on the ice until their Nov. 30 game against the New Jersey Devils.

The NHL also revealed in its statement it could not substantiate the domestic violence claims that his estranged wife, Deanna, had levied against him in recent court docs.

"There will be no further comment," league officials said.

The news comes just 1 month after the NHL announced it found no evidence that Kane had gambled on his own games -- something his ex alleged he had done in the past.

For his part, Kane had vehemently denied those claims before the NHL cleared him.

Dick Vitale Diagnosed With Cancer Again ... 'Say A Prayer'

Legendary college hoops broadcaster Dick Vitale just revealed he has cancer again ... just months after beating another form of the disease in August.

"For the second time in just a few months, I've been diagnosed with a form of cancer," Dickie V said on Monday.

"As a result of some symptoms I've had in recent weeks, I've been undergoing tests and doctors have now confirmed it's lymphoma."

The 82-year-old says medical professionals don't believe the lymphoma is related to the skin cancer he had multiple surgeries on in August.

"What's evident is that the treatment plan for this lymphoma is going to be a lot tougher, and in both cases, early detection played an important role in helping to manage the cancers."

The ESPN great says he will do six months of chemotherapy and treat his lymphoma with steroids -- and, some good news ... "The medical experts tell me it has a 90-percent cure rate," he added.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"They say I can continue to work so I will have to manage my work schedule around my chemo schedule as they will monitor my test results along the way."

Dickie V says early detection is key to getting treatment for the deadly disease ... something he's learned from working with the V Foundation.

"If you see me, please just give me a fist bump and say a prayer that I can return from being 82 years old to acting like I'm 12. Thanks so much for your love."

Prayers up!!!

Louisiana Black Woman Throttled by Cop ... After Allegedly Being Attacked by Kids


A Black woman who'd allegedly just been beaten up by a group of kids received even more brutality from a cop -- an interaction that was captured on video ... and is disturbing to the core.

Video appears to show 34-year-old Shantel Arnold getting dragged by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy last month. The woman had reportedly been attacked by a group of boys in her Louisiana neighborhood beforehand -- but it looks like the cop is roughing her up, instead of helping her.

Video has since gone viral ... it shows the cop trying to pull the woman up off the ground by the arm, which he does -- only to slam her back down by yanking her hair ... allegedly ripping some of her braids out of her scalp in the violent process.

According to witnesses, the deputy was cruising up alongside Arnold as she was walking home from a scuffle with the boys -- whom she claimed were bullying her over her size. She stands at 4'8" ... and often gets this sort of treatment, per reports.

This deputy reportedly asked her what had happened, but Arnold didn't wanna talk to him -- asking that he leave her alone.

Arnold was ultimately taken to the hospital for her injuries, and we're told she wasn't arrested or charged for anything. JPSO's internal affairs office is investigating the incident ... although, it's unclear if the officer has been placed on leave. He has yet to be identified.

Also of note ... we're told the officer wasn't wearing a body cam.

Kanye West My Name Change Is Official ... I'm 'Ye' Now!!!

Goodbye, Kanye Omari West ... hello, Ye.

Kanye's name change is official, a judge just signed off on the mogul's petition to officially change his legal name to "Ye" ... according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ. Ye won't have a middle or last name either, just straight to the point.

The judge's approval comes just under two months after we first reported on Kanye filing legal docs in Los Angeles asking a court to give him a new moniker.

He's gone by "Ye" as a nickname for years and years now ... but now the shortened version of the name that's on his birth certificate is what Uncle Sam, and apparently everyone else, will be calling him going forward.

Kim still has "West" in her own surname ... even using it on her recent "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig ... so it will be interesting to see if she keeps it around as their divorce proceeds. However, our sources had previously told us she'll hang onto the name just like the couple's kids.

Stay tuned ...

'AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: EXTREME' Stuntman Suffers Horrific Injuries In Car Stunt Gone Wrong

Jonathan Goodwin's terrifying car stunt gone wrong left him riddled with injuries over much of his body ... and it sounds excruciating.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the professional daredevil suffered multiple broken bones in both of his legs, plus cuts all over his face and burns.

It sounds like Jonathan got super lucky ... the responding officer says he was able to observe the stuntman after the incident and he was conscious and alert. Police say EMTs determined Jonathan had good vital signs.

Still, the injuries were bad enough that he needed to be airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he underwent surgery.


We broke the story ... the incident was captured on video, and the footage shows the moment Jonathan is sandwiched between 2 cars, causing a massive fireball to explode.

Jonathan was supposed to fall under the cars before they smashed together, but the timing wasn't quite right ... and instead, he got crunched.

After the impact, the police report notes Jonathan fell another 40 feet and missed the airbag that was supposed to catch him. So, this was a double whammy.


No wonder the 911 caller said Jonathan was close to death.

Kourtney K & Travis Barker We're Getting Hitched!!! ... Pops the Q Near SB


Kourtney Kardashian is going to be walking down the aisle for the first time in her life -- and she'll be doing it with none other than Travis Barker ... who just popped the big question.

The Blink-182 drummer got on bended knee Sunday at a beachside hotel in Montecito -- where he pulled out all the stops before presenting her with an engagement ring and asking her to be his wife. Of course, she said yes ... and gave him a big smooch to celebrate.

It looks like some of their friends and family were on hand to bear witness -- and Trav laid out an elaborate floral arrangement of roses right there on the sand. As you can see, Kourtney was digging it ... hopping up into his arms as a private photog fired off snaps.

This is pretty stunning news ... because, as you know, the pair just started dated at the beginning of 2021 -- this after being close friends for years, of course. Still, that was fast!

As you've seen -- and as we've documented -- TB and KK have been tied at the hip since getting together and going public ... and have NOT shied away from PDA, be it on the beach, at Disneyland, on the streets of NYC, in Italy -- and lots and LOTS of other places.

BTW, this was hinted at recently by Travis himself -- who said "forever" wasn't long enough when it came to Kourtney. Clearly, he had wedding bells on his mind. Kourtney echoed that sentiment with her own post to announce the news ... throwing up a couple shots and writing, "forever."

It's been quite obvious they're head over heels for each other -- and for them to move on to marriage this quickly speaks volumes about how into each other they are ... especially when you consider Kourtney was with Scott Disick for years -- and had several children by him -- and still didn't get hitched with the guy, even when he bought her a ring way back when.

She also dated Younes Bendjima for a good while a few years ago -- but that didn't go the distance either. Now, she seems ready to take on the journey of happily ever after.

When you know, you know. Congrats to the happy couple!!!

Ronda Rousey Normalize Breastfeeding!!! Posts Photo Feeding Baby

"Motherhood’s some badass, primal, beautiful s**t that shouldn’t be hidden."

That's Ronda Rousey's message to anyone who thinks breastfeeding in public is inappropriate -- saying it's about damn time people accepted it as something that's completely normal.

The UFC Hall of Famer posted about the topic on Instagram ... sharing a caption passionately espousing the incredible act that is making and caring for a newborn baby.

"Our boys asked me the other day how I’m gunna feed Pō on the plane when we take her with us to Hawaii. And I was like, 'uhhh, same way I always do' 🤷🏼‍♀️Then it occurred to me that they probably never seen anyone breastfeed before and weren’t sure if it was appropriate in public."

FYI, Ronda and her hubby Travis Browne -- who married in 2017 -- had their baby, La'akea Makalapuaokalanipō Browne, in late-September 2021.

34-year-old Rousey continued ... "It still blows my mind that my body assembled this little person, pushed her out and now makes everything she needs to thrive🤯 It’s really nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to brag about🤰🏼👩🏼‍🍼"

As we previously reported, Olympian Torah Bright also opened the doors to her breastfeeding experience ... doing a headstand while feeding her son earlier this year.

Many other women have been pushing back after years of being shamed for feeding their children in public ... and now Ronda is joining the movement.

"#normalizebreastfeeding #proudmama"

Kourtney & Travis Cameras Rolling for Engagement ... Hulu Show to Benefit

The Kardashian's new project with Hulu has already scored a massive family life event thanks to Kourtney and Travis' engagement, cameras were rolling for the special moment and celebration that followed with loved ones ... TMZ has learned.

Barker popped the question at The Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito Sunday, and while it was mostly roses that surrounded the couple, cameras caught the moment too. We're told immediately following the proposal, there was a dinner to celebrate which was filmed for the upcoming family show as well.

Kourtney's sisters, Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble and Travis' kids, Landon and Alabama, all attended the dinner at The Rosewood, which was prepared by chef Massimo Falsini.

As expected, everyone ate well while the cameras rolled ... on the menu were different choices of pasta, lobster, cod, and filet. Not to mention, the table was filled with dozens more roses.


TMZ broke the story, Travis got down on one knee after nearly a year of his and Kourtney's relationship. The two had been friends for a decade, but were never romantic before getting together at the beginning of 2021.

Obviously, it's still early for wedding details, but there's a good chance Hulu cams will also roll on the big day.

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