Tyla No 'Coloured' Talk on 'Breakfast Club' ... Tries to Clarify Afterward

Grammy Award-winning, South African-born singer, Tyla finds herself at the crossroads of a bubbling race controversy -- it all came to a head on "The Breakfast Club," but she opted to plead the 5th.

All the chatter about her race and ethnicity started when fans discovered a TikTok Tyla made years ago -- before her "Water" song became an internationally known, double platinum smash -- where she celebrated her mixed heritage, and labeled herself a "proud coloured South African woman."

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Charlemagne Tha God gave Tyla the floor to clarify the remark -- but she bottled up and her publicist requested the question be struck from the record.

'Bernie Mac Show' Camille Says Show RESIDUALS DRIED UP ... So I Joined OnlyFans!!!

Camille Winbush is far from the little girl who played Bernie Mac's daughter -- something her OnlyFans followers know all too well -- and now she's clapping back at folks shading her new gig.

Ironically, the former 'Bernie Mac Show' star admitted the trolls hit the nail on the head with at least one assumption -- she tells Comedy Hype, "When people say, 'Oh, those Bernie Mac checks must have dried up,' I'm like, 'From a job 20 years ago when I was a 12-year-old? Yeah.' Like, duh."

Camille said her residuals still trickle in, but they're not exactly booming, and certainly aren't enough to make a living ... hence, why she started her OF page in 2021.

Donna De Varona on Lia Thomas No Olympics For You Swim In Your Own Category

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas had no chance to win a legal challenge that would have opened the door for a potential Olympics bid -- and she should instead compete against other trans swimmers ... so says a former Team USA gold medalist.

Decorated swimmer Donna De Varona, who won two golds at the 1964 Summer Olympics, joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday, and we asked her about Lia's failed bid to overturn rules preventing transgender women from competing against biological women at the Olympics.


Donna says Lia was never going to get the ban overturned because she didn't get a U.S. Aquatics membership card, which DDV says prevented Lia's challenge from having any standing from the get-go.

Carly Pearce Denies Supporting Satan After 666 Pic ... 'I'm a Devout Christian'

Carly Pearce is proclaiming her Christian faith, loudly and proudly, after fans accused her of being a Satanist in response to a controversial photo posted online.

The country singer fired back at her critics with an X post designed to shut down any notion she might be associated with ol' Beelzebub. Carly says she noticed several comments suggesting she rolls with Satan after she posted a photo standing on top of what appeared to be the number "666."

Yet, as Carly told her followers, the implied Satanic imagery was not intentional ... and not really accurate, either.

Shakira Not Thinking About Dating Post-Piqué ... Open to a Casual Fling

Shakira isn't looking to lock down a new man -- but what's interesting is that she seems open to banging casually ... this after being linked to a ton of famous dudes of late.

The singer talked about her dating life in her new cover story for Rolling Stone, where she declared she's "not thinking about [dating]" right now ... indicating she doesn't have the space or time for a new boyfriend in her life at the moment.

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However, she isn't ruling out love forever, adding ... "What can I tell you, I like men. That’s the problem. I shouldn’t like them with everything that’s happened to me, but imagine how much I like men that I still like them."



Gypsy Rose Blanchard says she never had a chance to properly explore her sexuality -- including potentially being attracted to women -- but when she was locked up ... she did.

In the latest episode of Lifetime's "Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up," GRB reveals she was immersed in a journey of self-discovery at Missouri's Chillicothe Correctional Center -- a state prison for women -- after her girl crushes as a kid made her question her sexual identity.

Gypsy dropped the bombshell, saying she experimented with ladies while behind bars ... this after being confused about her attraction to women while growing up.

Britney Spears Mexican Vacay with Brother Bryan ... Says She's Hittin' the Bar


Britney Spears isn't estranged from all of her relatives these days -- she's still got her brother, Bryan Spears, in her corner ... who's actually with her in Mexico as she parties it up.

The pop star shared a brief sneak peek at a recent getaway south of the border she was on -- or still be in the middle of -- Thursday by posting a video that shows her having a good time with her older bro ... and from the sounds of it, they might be knocking back drinks.

In the clip ... Britney can be seen filming a group of musicians, but then there's a jump cut of her standing next to Bryan in the middle of a town, and he says -- "Let's go to the bar."

Donald Trump SCOTUS Blocks 'Trump Too Small' Trademark Bid

A California man seeking to lock up the rights to a Donald Trump dig just took a legal L in the highest court in the land ... but he can still sell his shirts with the suggestive phrase.

The Supreme Court just unanimously rejected Steve Elster's bid to trademark the phrase "Trump Too Small" ... which he's been using on t-shirts going for $25 a pop.

Elster, a lawyer in California, tried to trademark the phrase but was rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ... and then he claimed his First Amendment rights had been violated, appealing the case all the way to SCOTUS ... which ultimately heard the case.

Teyana Taylor Iman Claims She Makes Way More Than Him ... Wants Child Support Change

Teyana Taylor is earning nearly double what Iman Shumpert makes every month ... at least that's what he's telling the judge overseeing their divorce.

In new court documents, obtained by TMZ, Iman breaks down the estranged couple's finances ... and he says there's a big pay gap.

According to Iman's accounting, Teyana's gross monthly income before taxes is $93,885 ... nearly double the $47,981 he says he brings home every month.

'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner Finalizes Divorce w/ Theresa ... 2 Months After Filing

Gerry Turner is officially a bachelor once again in the eyes of the law -- 'cause the guy finalized his divorce from his now-ex-wife, Theresa Nist ... and in record time too.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the 'Golden Bachelor's divorce case just settled and is signed, sealed and delivered in the Indiana court system. The docs show that a summary decree for a dissolution of marriage was entered on Thursday.


Per the docket ... a marital settlement agreement was also entered into the system on the same day -- and it was signed off by a judge too.

Drake Ready for Apocalypse ... Cops $200K Armored Super Truck!!!

Drake will be making his presence felt while roaming around his new Texas neighborhood ... 'cause the OVO captain just dropped $200K on a truck built for doomsday, TMZ has learned.

Apocalypse Manufacturing -- the company that did this monster of a vehicle for Drizzy -- tells us ... Drake's custom slab is state of the art and built for the long haul ... with a Hemi Hellcat V8 6.2L engine that's got 870 horsepower upgrades, full-time four-wheel drive, and armored and riveted doors.

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Drake had the suped-up truck delivered this week and posted several pics with it that showed off its Siberian Tiger interior ... showing off the whip at his recently-purchased $15 million ranch in Fayette County, Texas.

Jennifer Lopez Hits Ben's Place After Graduation ... But No Sleepover

Jennifer Lopez went to Ben Affleck's new place this week, and while she may have stayed late ... she didn't spend the night.

The singer was spotted arriving at her hubby's rental in Brentwood Wednesday after his kid's graduation ceremony -- and it looks like it was a family affair, 'cause she wasn't rolling solo ... we're told Ben's ex-wife Jennifer Garner was also in attendance.

No sign of any of the kids, but ya gotta figure they were there too ... and like we said, J Lo joined the party -- hanging around until about 10 PM, when she was photographed leaving.


Virginia State Police

A Virginia state trooper was sent flying to the ground after a drunk driver slammed into her patrol car during a separate DUI stop -- and the whole thing was caught on video.

This all unfolded when Trooper C. Aziz responded to a sedan stopped in a lane on Interstate 495 Tuesday in Fairfax County ... and as you can see from the cop's dashcam, she's at the driver's window attempting to coax her to exit the vehicle or move it to the shoulder.

It's right then when another vehicle hits her patrol car from behind -- which is reported to have been a Jeep Cherokee -- and you can see the trooper get rammed from the front.

Tejano TV Legend Johnny Canales Dead at 77 ... Intro'd Selena to the World

Johnny Canales -- a Tejano TV legend credited with introducing Selena Quintanilla to mainstream audiences -- has died.

The longtime broadcaster's wife, Nora, announced his passing on social media Friday ... thanking fans for their love and support in a poignant Facebook post. She didn't get into the exact circumstances of his death, but did speak on his legacy.

Nora wrote ... "He was more than just a beloved husband, father, TV host, musician, and entertainer; he was a beacon of hope and joy for countless people. His infectious charisma and dedication to promoting Latino music and culture left a large mark on the world."



NASA freaked people out after accidentally broadcasting a simulation of astronauts being in an emergency situation out in space -- but turns out ... it was just a false alarm.

The federal agency's YouTube channel went live this week with audio of a female guiding crew members on what to do in an emergency -- with lines like "get the commander back in his suit," "check his pulse, give him oxygen," etc.

Other remarks that were aired hinted at this would-be astronaut's health being tenuous -- specifically, going through decompression sickness on the International Space Station.

Kanye West & Bianca Flying Economy Can Be Comfy!!! 💺 Ye Snoozing in Bathrobe

Kanye West and Bianca Censori are passing on the fabulous life -- at least for one day -- as they jumped on a commercial flight heading to Japan, and someone spotted them snuggled up in economy seats!!!

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The surprised passenger snapped a quick TikTok of the couple seated in a bulkhead row ... Ye was out stone cold while wearing a bathrobe with "Ye" embroidered on the chest -- just in case the coach commoners didn't recognize him.

Bianca was scrolling through her phone in the same flowy gown she traveled in at the beginning of what appeared to be a trip to celebrate Kanye's 47th birthday.

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