TMZ TV HOT TAKES Kate's Parade Plans ... Pope Francis, McGregor

Kate Middleton's cancer treatment is going well, Pope Francis is hanging with Hollywood's biggest comedians and Conor McGregor's suffering a setback ... all this and more on today's hot takes.

TMZ Live


First up on "TMZ Live" Harvey and Charles have a big update on Kate's cancer battle, plus her plans for a big public appearance.

Celeb Dads With Their Awesome Mini-Mes Life Father, Like Son!

It's a dad's world and we're just livin' it ... well, for this weekend at least 😜! Come kick off Father's Day weekend with these A-list stars and their adorable celebrity mini-mes!

Proudly posting their little ones on social media, famous fathers like Rob Lowe had a lil' R&R with matching robes and face masks with his son John Owen .... like father like son, Cristiano Ronaldo's son is absolutely SHREDDED and watch what happens when Andy Cohen matches his PJ's with little Ben!

Take a scroll through our gallery of celebrity dads with their mini-mes and check out all the adorable matching moments!

Dr. Oz Plays Hero Mid-Flight ... Helps Passenger in Medical Emergency


Dr. Oz's medical knowledge came in handy on his flight to Mexico this week ... 'cause the celebrity doc treated a fellow passenger during a health scare up in the air, TMZ has learned.

Check out this footage, obtained by TMZ, that shows Oz vigilantly tending to another traveler, whom we're told was going in and out of consciousness an hour into Friday's flight from NYC to Cabo San Lucas.

Dr. Oz has confirmed the medical incident, telling TMZ ... he was en route to a wedding when he heard flight attendants asking for medical help, and he answered the call.

'RHOC' Alexis Bellino Banging My Man 4 Times a Day ... Best Sex of MY LIFE!!!

Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge

Alexis Bellino says she needs a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, and for good reason .... revealing she's banging it out with her man more times per day than meals!!!

The 'RHOC' star opened up Friday about her sex life when she was a guest on Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge's podcast.

Alexis says she and her partner, John Janssen, are doing the deed several times a day ... and she gushes it's the best sex of her life.


The cause of death for ex-NBA player Darius Morris has just been revealed ...  heart disease is the killer, with drug and alcohol use playing a big role.

Darius' official cause of death is coronary artery disease ... according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.

According to the ME's death investigation summary, obtained by TMZ Sports, drug and alcohol use was a significant factor in Darius' death ... specifically, the effects of cocaine, hydrocodone and ethanol.

'Teen Mom' AMBER PORTWOOD MISSING Fiancé GARY Has Been Found ... Called Police, Says He's OK

Amber Portwood's fiancé, Gary Wayt, is no longer MIA according to cops ... 'cause they confirm he's been located, safe and sound, TMZ has learned.

Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina tell us Gary -- who's been engaged to the "Teen Mom" star for the last few weeks -- made a call to the department from a restricted number Friday afternoon, assuring them he was perfectly fine and in good health.

To make sure Gary was indeed okay ... we're told police grilled him with some very specific questions, and he came back with equally specific answers. That sealed the deal for cops -- they're 100% confident this was Gary on the horn, and they closed the missing persons case.

Political Analyst Matthew Baum AI Candidates Are Coming ... With 'All Kinds of Problems'


Political analyst Matthew Baum can understand the allure of an AI-powered candidate for office -- but he warns that kind of ultimate political outsider could pose some unexpected threats.

We got the Harvard professor Friday on "TMZ Live," where he weighed in on the growing trend of AI candidates running for political offices across the globe.

For example, entrepreneur Steve Endacott is having his AI-generated avatar run for a seat in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom.

Kacey Musgraves Check Out My Hot Naked Bod!!! Posts Full Nude (In Mud?)

Kacey Musgraves is not feeling very camera shy these days ... because she's baring it all for social media, with a fully naked mirror selfie -- albeit, one that's still somewhat obscured.

The country singer posted a very risqué image on her Instagram Story Friday ... she's straight up in her birthday suit in what appears to be a makeup trailer, with a thin coat of some brown substance barely covering up her nipples.

Kacey's vagina must have been pretty exposed ... because she covered it up with a brown heart emoji, which kinda blended in with her bod but still hid the extra private parts.

Daylight Heist Bay Area Jewelry Store ... Ransacked by Gang of 20!!!


Surveillance footage of a group of 20 people shamelessly raiding a Bay Area jewelry store in broad daylight has been released -- with the chaos ending in a police chase and arrests.

Check out this wild clip -- the crew, decked out in full black ops gear, swarmed into PNG Jewelers in Sunnyvale, CA Wednesday with hammers and tools in hand ... and made quick work of the display cases, snatching up a hefty haul of bling before taking off.

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety (DPS) disclosed the suspects made a getaway in multiple vehicles before officers arrived. However, the responding officers lucked out -- they managed to spot 2 of the fleeing vehicles in the act.

Billy Ray Cyrus Accuses Wife of Overcharging Credit Card ... But She Calls BS

Billy Ray Cyrus' divorce drama's already getting messy ... 'cause he's asking for a temporary restraining order to stop his wife from accessing his money -- but she's already firing back.

In new court docs, obtained by TMZ, BRC claims his estranged wife Firerose put 37 unauthorized charges onto his business American Express card between May 23 and June 7 ... totaling a whopping $96,986.05.

Cyrus claims Firerose overcharged the account without his knowledge, adding he never gave her access to the cards or his accounts in general ... pointing to the fact they did not file a joint tax return as alleged proof.

Terrence Howard Jim Crow Laws of Math Hide 'Truth'


Terrence Howard firmly believes his non-traditional theories on math, gravity and science are the simple truth -- and it's only the "Jim Crow laws of mathematics" preventing the rest of the world from getting on board with him!

We got the actor/mathematician at LAX and our photog asked him if anyone's reached out to debate him on some of his differing views about the world we live in ... including his insistence that 1 x 1 = 2.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Terrence says he's open for healthy debates on what he's been preaching on podcasts ... where he's been challenging the conventional math laws that have been around for centuries.

'Gator Boys' Star Here's What Likely Triggered Woman's Horrific Death ... A Stark Reminder to All

The alligator that ate a homeless woman likely ambushed her -- that's what a gator expert is saying anyway ... and she would know, 'cause she dealt with these things on TV.

Ashley Lawrence -- who appeared on Animal Planet's "Gator Boys" -- tells TMZ ... she has an idea of what might've led to the grisly killing of Sabrina Peckham ... who was eaten by an alligator in Florida last year, the aftermath of which we're just now seeing in 2024.


Lawrence says that because the victim's camp seemed to be near water -- adjacent to a canal -- that may have increased her chances of running into a gator in the first place ... as she says they lurk near these areas, and they're always looking for an opportunity to pounce on prey.

Blueface's Mom Chrisean Wished Me Dead ... But I'll Never Wish Jail On Her!!!


Blueface's mom Karlissa Saffold hates to see her family crumbling under the weight of the legal system -- but says she's going to hold it down until everyone is free!!!

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with Karlissa in Hollywood on the heels of Chrisean Rock's surprising arrest earlier this week at Blueface's court hearing -- a move Karlissa calls "bad timing" on the part of the authorities.

She says the entire world knew Chrisean had a warrant, but for cops to act on it while Chrisean was purely in court to support Blueface was a low blow.

'Doubling Down With the Derricos' Karen and Deon Derrico Divorce ... Joint Legal, Physical Custody of 13 Minor Kids

Deon and Karen Derrico -- stars of TLC's "Doubling Down With The Derricos" -- are officially divorced after a judge signed off on the split ... and yes, that means it's already official.

The couple filed for divorce on June 4 and received the judgment two days later on June 6 ... splitting legal and physical custody of their 13 minor children equally between the two parents.

According to the court documents, obtained by TMZ, Deon will pay $1,166 a month in child support while Karen won't pay any child support because she will bear the responsibility of the kids' medical insurance.



Erik von Detten is sending love back to the Kelce brothers -- this after discovering their favorite Disney movie growing up was "Brink!" ... and as it turns out, he's a fan of theirs too.

The actor -- who played the lead in the classic Disney Channel flick -- tells TMZ he's honored by the recognition ... which he also says doesn't surprise him one bit, 'cause the 1998 classic was fantastic by his own standards.

Erik goes down memory lane with us -- reflecting on why he thinks "Brink!" still resonates with people today ... and why Travis and Jason Kelce might dig it so much from their childhood.

NBA's Cameron Payne Arrested In Arizona ... Allegedly Gave False Report To Cops

Philadelphia 76ers guard Cameron Payne was arrested in Arizona on Friday morning, TMZ Sports has learned ... after cops claim he gave officers a false report.

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, authorities were called out to investigate a disturbance in Scottsdale at around 2:44 AM -- and came into contact with Payne and another individual.

It's unclear exactly what happened next -- cops did not give any further specific details -- although the SPD says Payne was arrested on the scene and booked on one charge of refusal to provide a truthful name and one count of false report to law enforcement.

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