Oregon Cops $200K Lego Theft Ring Bust!!!

Police in Oregon put the case together, piece by piece ... all leading to a massive LEGO bust where a toy store owner's accused of buying LEGOs stolen from his competitors.

Here's the deal ... the Springfield Police Department says a 3-month investigation uncovered evidence Ammon Henrikson, the owner of Brick Builders toy store in Eugene, was knowingly purchasing new, unopened Lego sets that had been stolen from local retail stores.

Springfield Police Department - Oregon

Cops say a raid on Brick Builders recovered more than $200,000 worth of the stolen toys. In total, police say over 4,000 stolen LEGO sets were found in the store.

Airport Mechanic Dies After Getting Sucked into Boeing Engine

A mechanic at an Iranian airport is dead after a horrific accident ... getting sucked into the running engine of a Boeing commercial airliner.

The fatal incident happened at Chabahar Konarak airport in southern Iran, where mechanic Abolfazl Amiri was doing routine maintenance work on the tarmac.

Reports say Amiri was doing one last check on a Boeing plane when he realized he had forgotten one of his tools near one of the plane's engines ... and when he collected it, he got sucked into the turbine.

OSU Football Coach Mike Gundy Talks Ollie Gordon DUI Bust ... 'I Probably Done That 1,000 Times'


7/10 6:48 AM -- Mike Gundy is now backpedaling on his words ... saying he was speaking about lapses of judgment in general, not drinking and driving.

"My intended point today at Big 12 media days was that we are all guilty of making bad decisions," Gundy said. "It was not a reference to something specific."

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy made an eye-popping comment regarding Ollie Gordon's recent DUI arrest ... saying part of the reason he didn't suspend the star running back is because he's "probably" driven after drinking beers "a thousand times" himself.

Gundy announced the 2023 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year would not miss any playing time following his June 30 run-in with police ... and when asked about his decision at the conference's media day on Tuesday, Gundy explained how he felt it was best for Gordon, the school and the team.

Gundy said he did his research on blood alcohol content, body weight and how many drinks it would take to put someone over the legal limit in Oklahoma (0.08) ... and admitted he very well may have done the same thing as Gordon over the years.


Sharon Stone's doubling down on her support for Kevin Spacey, and suggesting most of the backlash against him for his #MeToo era scandal is rooted in homophobia.

Sharon's driving point is that Kevin should be forgiven, and she even used her own experiences with sexual misconduct to make that point.

She told THR, "Kevin grabbed people by their genitals. Many people. But nobody [has publicly said] he's raped them or forced them into a sexual encounter. But there's so much hatred for him because, in his case, it was man-on-man. That's why he's not allowed to come back. Because he offended men."

Spain's Alvaro Morata Injured During Pitch Invader Chaos ... Collision With Security Guard

Spain might be without its captain for the Euro 2024 championship game ... as Alvaro Morata was injured after a field invader created chaos on the pitch following the country's Tuesday victory over France.

The wild scene happened just after the final whistle blew on Spain's 2-1 win ... when a spectator from the crowd ran onto the field to join the Spanish national team's postgame celebration.

You can see in footage from the stadium, as the man ran through the festivities ... security moved quickly to apprehend the individual and remove him from the action.


Sam Rubin had a massive blockage of his coronary artery ... according to the L.A. County Medical Examiner's report on his death.

The M.E.'s Office says it determined KTLA's famed entertainment reporter officially died of ischemic heart disease due to atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. Translation: Sam suffered a heart attack due to the blockage.

As TMZ first reported ... Sam was rushed to UCLA West Hills Hospital back in May, and we were told he had gone into full cardiac arrest while at home.

Neverland Ranch Huge Wildfire Reached MJ Estate ... But Fire Crews Saved It!

The massive Lake Fire that is blazing through SoCal reached Neverland Ranch on Tuesday ... but fire crews were able to save the property, TMZ has learned!

Capt. Scott Safechuck, spokesman for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, tells TMZ the wildfire ... which so far has scorched more than 26,000 acres ... reached the iconic -- and infamous -- Michael Jackson estate.

A damage assessment is currently underway on the sprawling property ... but SS tells TMZ that no major damage appears to have been inflicted ... SS also noted there were no reports of injuries from the crew battling at Neverland.


Katy Perry's shared a teaser video for her upcoming pop anthem, "Woman's World" -- getting super racy ... all in the name of female empowerment, of course.

Check it out -- the singer gave feminist icon Rosie the Riveter a sexy twist with that classic red headband, but instead of her famous overalls, she was in a bedazzled barely-there American flag bikini top.

From the lyrics, Katy's all about celebrating women's achievements and feeling lucky to live in a "Woman's World" as per the title -- but as for the video ... it's nothing but pure sexiness on display.

Kanye West I'm Quitting This Rap Ish!!! ... Still Has Unreleased Heat With Consequence, Rich The Kid


Consequence's "No Apologies" is now out with Ye yelling out the song title on the chorus and opening with an inspo quote ... "Real love is allowing people to be themselves/Showing vulnerability is actually being strong."

Kanye West is having a change of heart regarding his rap career and he's been texting his closest collaborators that the end may be near!!!

On Tuesday, Rich The Kid shared a text sent by Ye informing them he's run outta gas ... "I am retiring from professional music ... Not sure what else to do," the message read.

A source close to the situation tells TMZ Hip Hop that Ye feels that he's being sucked dry putting so much heart, soul, time and energy into the music industry ... what you've seen on TV over the years has been him giving it his all.

Kamala Harris Veep Hits Team USA Hoops Practice ... Amid Biden Concerns

All eyes in the political world are on Kamala Harris right now, but the Vice President made time to hang out with the Team USA basketball squad ... meeting up with a ton of NBA superstars!!

Harris -- who walked in alongside head coach Steve Kerr -- was a V(I)P surprise guest at UNLV's basketball facility ... where she chopped it up with LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Stephen Curry and more.

The squad seemed to be in great spirits as they conversed with Harris ... getting a bit of a pep talk about making the country proud at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.



Teresa Giudice's caught up in a Photoshop scandal for the ages -- her severely mocked birthday wish for Larsa Pippen -- but now, she's trying to have some fun with it.

We caught up with Teresa Tuesday at ABC Studios in NYC ... and she said the reason she so clearly superimposed herself and Larsa over a separate beach photo was simply because she didn't like the original background.

Teresa said her assistant had recently been at a beach in Mexico, so she decided to jack her scenic backdrop for the bday shoutout to Larsa. Watch the clip, what's unclear is if Teresa did the Photoshop herself ... or if she's blaming her assistant for the shoddy final edit?

Road Rage Driver Instant Karma After Leaving Car ... Don't Break a Leg!!!

karen karma

Getting out of your car in the middle of a road rage incident is always a dicey move, especially when your car's not in park ... which this woman found out when her car rolled into another vehicle!

Ya gotta see the video of this instant karma moment -- the driver opens her door and starts berating a man in another car, slurring her words and accusing him of "spinning and swerving" and being a "f***ing d**k" behind the wheel.

The guy fires back, accusing her of being "drunk as f**k" and accusing her of being the one swerving. That's when she flies into a rage, and gets all the way out of her car to step up to the guy's open passenger window.

Jonathan Majors Dances Face Off ... To Kendrick's 'Not Like Us'


Here's Jonathan Majors doing his thang at an after-party for his girlfriend Meagan Good's new movie ... and the guy's a dancing machine when Kendrick Lamar's Drake diss comes on.

Jonathan went off on the dance floor Monday night in New York City, momentarily stealing the spotlight during the premiere bash for Tyler Perry's "Divorce in the Black," which stars Meagan.

Folks who were there whipped out their phones to record Jonathan going HAM to "Not Like Us" ... sure looks like he's having a good time dancing getting in the middle of a group to show off his moves.

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Bodyguard Shoots Alleged Carjacker ... Outside Her D.C. Home!!!

United States Marshals guarding Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's Washington D.C. residence shot a suspected carjacker ... and the feds say the suspect was packing heat.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds say the shooting went down early Friday morning around 1:15 AM when the alleged suspect, 18-year-old Kentrell Flowers, approached one of the Marshals parked in an unmarked government vehicle and pointed a handgun at him through the front driver-side window in an attempted carjacking.

The docs say the Marshal drew his gun and fired four shots through the window at the suspect, with bullets hitting Flowers in the mouth. A second Marshal rushed over from another car and fired his gun too and one of the Marshals gave Flowers first aid.



Dorit Kemsley's giving us an update on her marital status after separating from her hubby PK ... and, interestingly, she's not slamming the door on the possibility of reconciliation.

She was out and about Monday in L.A. when the 'RHOBH' star told us her current focus amid their split was putting all their energy into co-parenting their 2 kiddos.

Of course, we had to ask if she was still working toward "maybe getting back together" ... and she didn't say no way.


Kate Beckinsale finally spilled the beans on what caused her weeks-long hospital stay -- after some harsh trolling about her appearance forced her to set the record straight.

The actress clapped back to one critic who commented her "ass ran away" under an IG vid of her in a revealing pink outfit ... saying the grief over her mom's stage 4 diagnosis and her stepdad's passing was so intense it burned a hole in her esophagus.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The actress explained she was vomiting copious amounts of blood over the diagnosis and found eating very challenging -- which led to her six-week hospitalization in March.

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