What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Don't let these two almost identical images of Kendall Jenner have you feeling overwhelmed ... Take a moment to really look at the photos here, and try your best to see if you can spot any sneaky switches that have been made to this tricky pic!

The model was recently seen out and about with some friends in Los Angeles, CA ... And we have made a few changes to the photo! It's up to you to try and find what differences have been made between these two super similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

'Selling Sunset' Stars Brett & Davina Back Despite Exiting Firm ... Netflix Green Lit Seasons 4 & 5!!!


The "thirsty bitches" are back!!! Netflix has given "Selling Sunset" the green light for seasons 4-5 ... and even though stars Brett Oppenheim and Davina Potratz left the brokerage firm for greener pastures, cameras will still be rolling on their pretty mugs.

Production sources tell TMZ ... Brett and Davina will be part of the hit series when season 4 filming gets underway in Spring 2021 despite Brett leaving the family biz to start his own shop and Davina bolting last month to rival Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills.

It's unclear if cameras will be following them inside their new joints but one thing's for sure ... our sources say cameras will continue to follow their storylines, which is mostly tame when it comes to Brett but definitely fiery -- and even catty -- as it relates to Davina. For the newbies ... she's usually the center of the drama revolving the gorgeous real estate agents, but the drama -- and the fake drama alike -- is definitely NOT exclusive to Davina.

Speaking of the ladies ... Christine Quinn -- who back in September referred to the cast as "thirsty bitches" -- and the rest of the gang are all back. We're told Christine, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Maya Vander, Heather Rae Young and Amanza Smith ... along with Jason Oppenheim and Mary's beau, Romain Bonnet, all finalized their deals last week.

Our sources say Netflix ordered a good chunk of episodes for the next 2 seasons ... though at this point filming will begin only once logistics can be figured out on how to safely film such a large cast/crew amid the coronavirus pandemic.

UFC's Valentina Shevchenko 3rd Fight w/ Amanda Nunes Is Inevitable ... Avenge 2 Losses


Amanda Nunes is the ONLY woman to beat Valentina Shevchenko in the last 10 years ... and now the UFC flyweight champ tells TMZ Sports a 3rd fight with the Lioness is 100% goin' down!!

We talked to the 32-year-old Shevchenko -- who's defending her belt at UFC 255 against Jennifer Maia Saturday night in Vegas -- about the possibility of the highly coveted match-up with Nunes, the 32-year-old bantamweight and featherweight champ.

"You know right now I'm not thinking about [Amanda] cause my goal is to defend my belt," Shevchenko says ... "One day it’s gonna come to the point when it's gonna [make] much more sense, and it's not gonna be other than to make this 3rd fight."

Valentina continued ... "And when this day comes, it comes. But, now I'm not rushing it. I'm not trying to delay it. So I'm just living my life and waiting for when it comes, and I know for sure it comes."

Of course, the women fought 2 super competitive bouts in 2016 (UFC 196) and 2017 (UFC 215). Nunes won both fights ... but some people believe Shevchenko -- who's 19-3 as a pro -- was robbed in the 2nd fight.

Bottom line, Shevchenko is undoubtedly the toughest opponent Amanda -- the greatest female MMA fighter of all-time -- has ever faced ... and if Valentina's right, a 3rd scrap is on the horizon.

Stars Fallin' For Foliage Rake 'Em In!

You better beleaf it's Fall and these fair-weather famous people are ready to cover as much ground outdoors as mother nature herself!

Stars like Emily Ratajkowski, Taylor Hill, Billy Magnussen, Marc Jacobs and piles more celebs have leaved their homes and shared some epic photos of their outdoor adventures on social media for you to rake up.

Get in the spirit by taking a nice stroll through our gallery of stars fallin' for foliage to see all the other celebrities that are relishing this time of year in the great outdoors!

It'll really get ya in the mood!

John Lennon Auction Album Signed for His Murderer Could Fetch $2 Million!!!


The "Double Fantasy" album John Lennon signed for Mark David Chapman hours before Chapman assassinated him is hitting the auction block ... and is expected to haul in up to 2 million bucks.

The macabre piece of rock 'n' roll history features Lennon's signature in blue ink on the album cover art ... a photo of Lennon and Yoko Ono. He signed his name on Yoko's neck along with his "1980" inscription.

"Double Fantasy" was the fifth album released by John and Yoko, and was released the month before he was shot and killed on December 8, 1980, as he was walking into his home at The Dakota in NYC.

Chapman had waited outside the building with a copy of the album to score Lennon's autograph around 5:50 PM as he and Yoko were on their way to a studio. Chapman was still waiting at 10:50 PM when the couple returned ... and shot Lennon four times in the back.

As you can see ... there are other markings on the front and back of the album. Those were made by law enforcement, as it was a key piece of police evidence from the scene of the crime. Chapman had put the album in one of the planters outside The Dakota after Lennon signed it.

When cops arrived, Chapman was found casually reading a copy of "The Catcher in the Rye," and told police he killed Lennon because he was so famous. The murderer was recently denied parole for the 11th time.

This "Double Fantasy" album has already been sold twice in the past -- for $150k in 1999, and between $600-800k in 2010. It will go live for auction on Monday at Goldin Auctions ... which expects it to haul in as much as $2 MILLION.

Donald Trump Jr. Gets COVID-19 Currently in Quarantine

Breaking News

Well, this seemed inevitable ... Donald Trump Jr. has contracted the coronavirus.

President Trump's son reportedly tested positive for the potentially deadly virus earlier this week and has been quarantining at a private location. According to Bloomberg, which first reported the news, DTJ is following all medically recommended COVID-19 guidelines.

The news comes just weeks after Jr. was seen without a mask at a Trump rally in Georgia. The vast majority of people who attended that rally were also not wearing masks. He's the latest in a long line of Trump family members to get infected with the 'rona. As you very well know by now ... POTUS also was infected as was the First Lady Melania Trump and her son, Barron. DTJ's girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, also tested positive last month.

Also on Friday ... Rudy Giuliani's son, Andrew, a special assistant to POTUS, also announced he contracted the virus. Earlier this month ... VP Mike Pence's aide, Hannah MacInnis, also tested positive. That positive test comes after the Veep's press secretary and chief of staff contracted the virus.

In-N-Out Burger Traffic, Fights & Long Waits ... That's What Colorado Opening's All About!!!

In-N-Out Burger has made its way to Colorado, but instead of enjoying double-doubles and milkshakes ... many Aurora residents are dealing with chaos and a 12-hour wait!!!

A brand new location for the fast-food chain -- which is a favorite on the west coast -- opened Friday in the Denver suburb, and it seems demand is way too high to satisfy everyone's appetite.

The Aurora Police Dept. alerted everyone midday that the wait to get grub is 12 HOURS ... and traffic is severely bogged down in the area. The police are warning folks the restaurant will likely close before they make it to the window, and strongly encouraging them to eat elsewhere.

What's worse -- the long line of cars is apparently making hangry people get out and go "animal style" ... as a major brawl broke out in which it appears one dude loses his pants.

So, if you're currently waiting in this In-N-Out line, take it from us here in California -- the food's worth the wait ... but it CAN wait 'til tomorrow.

Disabled Man Dumped From Own Wheelchair by Cop ... Suspended After Outrage


Two cops in South Africa are under fire after they were recorded on video practically assaulting a disabled man ... with one cop shown throwing the man out of his wheelchair.

The disturbing incident played out Thursday in Cape Town where the man in the wheelchair, Zwelenkosi Ngidi, found himself in a tense confrontation with 2 cops at the Central Police Station.

You can see tensions reached a tipping point after one of the cops appears to stop Ngidi from moving by putting his foot on the wheelchair. Then all hell breaks loose... with the second cop coming from behind and violently tipping the wheelchair over ... causing Ngidi to fall out of his wheelchair. The cop pushes the wheelchair away ... leaving Ngidi on the ground confused as hell before someone else picks him up and puts him back in the wheelchair.

You hear someone in the crowd yell, "Why are you doing this to the old man?" It's unclear what triggered the standoff between Ngidi and the cops or why he was there.

Either way ... Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato wasn't having it, announcing the cops would be suspended pending an investigation. Plato said, "I want to apologize unreservedly to the member of the public for what he experienced." The mayor added, "The manner in which this situation was handled is not what we expect from our staff."

'Wipeout' Contestant Dies After Completing Course


A "Wipeout" contestant is dead after being hospitalized following a go at the obstacle course ... TMZ has learned.

Production sources tell TMZ ... a male contestant needed medical attention Wednesday after completing the course, and he was tended to by on-site emergency personnel who then called paramedics.

We're told the contestant was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

Our law enforcement sources tell us they got a cardiac arrest call just before noon Wednesday, and medics on set had already started using a defibrillator on the contestant, who was experiencing chest pains after completing the course.

We're told there are precautions and safeguards in place on set. For example, every 'Wipeout' contestant undergoes medical exams before participating. There are also 2 paramedics on-site, plus a safety producer and paramedic coordinator.

'Wipeout' is getting an upcoming reboot on TBS after originally airing on ABC from 2008 to 2014, and TBS tells us ... "We are devastated to have learned of his passing and our deepest sympathy goes out to the family."

The production company, Endemol Shine North America, says ... "We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and our thoughts are with them at this time."


Russell Westbrook COVID-Safe Thanksgiving Food Giveaway ... Great Video!

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Think COVID could stop Russell Westbrook from helping out some families in need during the holiday? HELL NO!!

The NBA superstar grabbed some masks, gloves and sanitizer and hit the streets of L.A. on Thursday for his annual Thanksgiving dinner giveaway ... with some minor adjustments to keep everyone safe!

Westbrook's Why Not? Foundation teamed up with the L.A. Regional Food Bank and others to host a drive-thru event at Jesse Owens Park ... where all volunteers were decked out in PPE to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

It's the 9th year of Westbrook's food event -- but due to the pandemic, he had to make some changes this time around -- a challenge he happily met.

"This year is a little different with COVID and everything going on in our society," Russell said ... "But I'm thankful to be here to be able to give back to so many families."

He later added on Twitter, "Things are challenging right now & people are struggling. This is why it is more important than ever for me to support my community any way I can while keeping everyone safe."


Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Trump's Got His Claws in the GOP ... No One to Declaw Him!!!


Michael Steele's ready to get the Republican Party he knew and loved back from the President, but he thinks it's going to be a major challenge because so far ... nobody's stepping up to dump Trump.

The former head of the Republican National Committee tells us the battle between the GOP's "fair-minded patriots" -- his words -- and staunch Trumpers isn't dying down ... because there's no chance Donald goes away.

Steele says it's not complicated -- Trump will continue to assert his influence on the party and rally his base to maintain power. So the question ... who's gonna run against him in 2024???

Based on Steele's answer, he has zero confidence any current prominent Republicans are up to the task. He says whoever it is can't give a damn about pissing off Trump ... and, as he sees it, they're all too afraid.

As for how 45's current term in office is going to end, there are plenty of wild predictions ... though, they seem more plausible each. day. However, Steele says you can bank on a couple things Trump absolutely won't do.

Puppy Rescue Man Pries Gator's Mouth Open ... That's One Lucky Dog!!!

@wingwomanmc / TikTok

A puppy learned firsthand how scary nature can be, but luckily a brave man came to its rescue ... by battling a gator with his bare hands.

The wild scene went down in a pond somewhere in Florida -- naturally -- where the poor little doggie wound up in the mouth of an alligator ... which thankfully wasn't nearly as big as that one who visited a golf course in Naples last week.

It's still terrifying nonetheless, as the gator had the puppy completely submerged before our hero jumped in and pulled them out.

As the frightened pooch yelps for help, the man uses his brute strength to pry open the beast's jaws, allowing the dog to get free and run to safety.

Florida's version of Crocodile Dundee wasn't done dealing with the gator, though. He reportedly tossed it over a nearby fence, in hopes it would not return to the pond.

So see ya later alligator ... please don't pull this s**t again!!!

Santa Claus Immune to COVID-19 ... Take It From Dr. Fauci!!!

Santa Claus is coming to town, but don't worry kids ... there's no coronavirus in his sack of goodies -- Dr. Anthony Fauci says the jolly guy is immune to COVID!!!!

The good doc is coming through with a dash of good news ahead of Christmas, telling USA Today Santa has "innate immunity" from COVID-19.

You might think Santa would be at a higher risk for COVID because he's pretty old and overweight ... but Fauci's giving him the all-clear to travel the globe in the pandemic.

So, put out those cookies and a warm glass of milk ... Fauci says "Santa is not going to be spreading infections to anybody." No word if those reindeer have herd immunity ... but ya gotta imagine.

BTW ... Can't ya just hear parents around the world? Thanks a lot Fauci! Now we still gotta go shopping.

Porsche Parking Fail Owner Careens Off Wall ... Lands On Top of Another Car!!!


Bad news really does come in threes. Just ask this poor Porsche driver who sideswiped an SUV, drove off a wall and landed on top of another car. Ouch.

The driver of this Porsche Taycan tried parking in the driveway of a home in Essex, England but instead suffered a MAJOR fail. He or she brought the expensive whip to a stop, but then suddenly accelerated ... and it all went downhill from there, quite literally.

Unclear if the driver mistakenly hit the throttle instead of the brakes -- or if they just underestimated the electric car's power -- but the Taycan easily pushed the SUV out of the way before heading over the wall.

Guess you could say they stuck the landing, at least -- ending up wedged between the wall and a blue car on the street below.

The driver was shaken up but suffered no serious injuries, but definitely a bruised ego. Hey, it happens to best Porsche drivers - just ask this other Taycan owner.

Insurance rates on these things have to be through the roof!

Barack Obama Bragging Rights and Trump Jabs ... Talks New Book with Kimmel

Barack Obama's new memoir is flying off the shelves -- even more than Michelle's record-setting book in 2018 -- but he says he's not rubbing it in ... and she's fine with his success for her own reasons.

This came after the former President burned the outgoing prez, Donald Trump, during his interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Jimmy teed him up by asking Obama if he decided "A Promised Land" should be more than 700 pages long so Trump would never read it.

Obama quipped ... it wouldn't need to be nearly that long.

Regarding his book sales -- it reportedly sold more than 800,000 copies its first day, which is about 75k more than Michelle's -- he seems pleased to have bragging rights.

As for the book itself, 44 tells Jimmy he didn't set out for it to be so long, but there ended up being so many topics he wanted to address during his presidency ... many of which are relevant right now.

For instance ... Barack's book explains how during the Osama Bin Laden raid, he was also having to deal with the birther conspiracy theories fueled by Trump.

He tells Jimmy ... "We are planning this huge, risky, difficult operation that involves all the power and technology and skill and courage of the U.S. military and, at the same time, I'm dealing with a guy who's saying I wasn't born where I was born." Obama adds ... "It gives you an example of the weirdness of modern politics."

As we all know ... weirdness and conspiracies are still fully on display at The White House.

Snooker Star Ronnie O'Sullivan Rips Huge Fart and Blames Ref ... Busted By Video

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WELCOME TO FART COURT -- where allegations of flatulence are taken seriously and investigated accordingly.

Today's suspect ... Ronnie O'Sullivan, a star snooker player from England, who appeared to rip a humungous fart during competition this week but tried to blame it on the judge.

The evidence ... Ronnie -- aka "The Rocket" -- was participating in the Northern Ireland Open on Wednesday, competing against Matthew Stevens when someone tore ass.

The arena was basically empty due to COVID -- so the only people in the room were the players and officials.

In other words, you could hear a pin drop ... or in this case, a buttcheek ripple.

The poot was so loud, everyone took notice -- including the announcers who immediately cracked jokes and began to suggest Ronnie was the flatulator.

But, Ronnie didn't take the blame initially -- instead, looking at an official and asking, "Was that you?!"


But, the denial didn't last long, Ronnie eventually copped to the anal honk ... saying after the match, "I dropped my guts -- I am taking full ownership of that. I have had stomach problems for a couple of months."

He continued, "I did say 'Was that you' to the referee but, I am proud of that one."

Tournament officials were also asked about the incident -- and confirmed O'Sullivan as the master blaster.

So, there you have it ... Ronnie -- GUILTY AS CHARGED!!

Case (and sphincter) closed.

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