Sean Connery Best James Bond Ever Dead at 90

Sean Connery, the first and widely-regarded best James Bond ever ... has died.

Connery became an enormous star in 1962 with the release of "Dr. No," but not without difficulty. James Bond creator Ian Fleming felt he was unrefined and wanted someone suave like Cary Grant. Fleming relented and ultimately said it was a great choice.

Sean starred in 7 Bond films between '62 and '83. Among the films -- "From Russia with Love," "Goldfinger," "Thunderball," "You Only Live Twice," "Diamonds are Forever," and "Never Say Never Again."

Connery had a hard time shaking the Bond character, but was ultimately successful .... branching out and ultimately winning an Oscar playing an Irish cop in "The Untouchables." He also won 2 Bafta awards and 3 Golden Globes. He was knighted by the Queen in 2000.

When Sean was shooting "Never Say Never Again," he took martial arts classes and got into it with the instructor who then broke his wrist. Sean didn't get it treated for years ... not knowing it was really broken. The instructor -- Steven Seagal.

Among Sean's other films ... "The Hunt for Red October," "Indiana Jones" "The Last Crusade" and "The Rock."

Most fans give Sean the title of best 007 ever ... at least in the polls. And, speaking of polls, he also holds a Sexiest Man Alive crown. He also once finished third in the Mr. Universe contest back in 1953.

Fun fact ... Sean wore a toupee in "Goldfinger" because his hair had started to thin.

Sean's survived by his second wife, Micheline Roquebrune, and his son, Jason Connery.

Sean was 90. RIP

Lori Loughlin Welcome to Prison ... Make Your Bed, Be on Time, but Have Some Fun!!!


Lori Loughlin's started her 2-month stint of hard time, and while the place she's incarcerated in certainly ain't the Ritz-Carlton ... it doesn't sound TOO terrible.

As we reported ... Aunt Becky surrendered Friday to begin serving her sentence at California's FCI Dublin -- a low-security prison -- and we've obtained its handbook outlining what her day-to-day will be like.

First of all, it's still prison -- so there's a very strict schedule for wake-up time (5 AM), quiet hours (9 PM to 5 AM), and inmates must be in their cells for daily counts at 4:30 AM and 9 PM.

According to the handbook ... Lori has to make her bed every day and can be disciplined if she doesn't keep her cell tidy, and the same goes if she sleeps in late or misses meal time.

She'll be in government attire only -- no personal clothing -- and will have to maintain a regular job assignment ... which might include clerical work, cooking, baking, food prep, dishwashing or general cleaning.

OK, so what about the good stuff? Well, Lori and her fellow inmates can listen to music on an approved radio or mp3 player -- as long as it's nonwork hours -- and there's a TV ... but nobody's allowed to change the channel.

The real perks seem to be in the leisure activities and programs provided by FCI Dublin ... including hobby craft classes, wellness classes, structured exercise, sports leagues and holiday events.

Prize bags, treats and certificates are even awarded for participation in health education and exercise ... and the sports opportunities are endless.

For example, Lori can get involved in basketball, volleyball, track, softball, and tennis at the prison's outdoor facilities ... or partake in bingo or a ping pong tourney indoors. Or, she can just workout.

However she decides to pass the time, she's still got 2 years of supervised release after she does her prison time.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

It's here folks ... next week, maybe, we'll find out the direction in which we'll be heading, and with that looms the prospect of civil unrest. So we gotta ask ...

I Already Voted ...

I'm Voting Tuesday ...

I Voted For ...

There Will Be Violence Next Week ...

Lil Wayne Supporting Trump ...

Kanye's Robert Kardashian Hologram For Kim ...

Convene New Breonna Taylor Grand Jury ...

I Trust The News ...

America Is Still #1 ...

Melania Trump Impersonators We're Not Getting Booked ... In Wake Of #FakeMelania


The #FakeMelania conspiracy theory is having real-world effects on hard-working folks ... Melania Trump impersonators tell us their well's run dry.

Here's the deal ... lots of people book well-paying gigs dressing up like Melania, President Trump and other political figures at parties and events during elections, but First Lady impersonators tell us the conspiracy, political climate and COVID changed everything.

Michele Marzano, who charges $1,000 to show up looking like Melania, Madonna or Sarah Palin, tells TMZ ... she hasn't fielded a single request to be Melania during the 2020 election, a stark contrast from 2016, when she was hired to dress like Melania at least 10 times.

Michele says people seem to have lost their sense of humor ... which definitely checks out in 2020. She thinks COVID is part of it -- fewer events, in general --but also gets the feeling even Trump supporters don't think Melania's funny right now.

"Anonymously Famous" author and Melania look-alike Mira Tzur says lots of folks have been asking if she's Melania's alleged body double, her family included. She says she's not, and adds she's not getting asked to dress like the First Lady at all.

The way Mira sees it ... Melania didn't speak much during the 2016 election, which gave her more intrigue, but now there's not much curiosity because everyone's seen and heard her for 4 years. Or maybe just someone who looks like her.

Another Melania impersonator, Lauren LoGiudice, says she thought she would finally get hired after the #FakeMelania conspiracy ... but it hasn't happened.

Lauren says her Melania impersonation incorporates comedy, but notices no one thinks a Melania bit is funny anymore. She also thinks the secret recordings hurt her job prospects, because some people feel anger toward the First Lady.


Bottom line ... this is one industry where Trump is not creating jobs.

Olivia Culpo Sports White-Hot Bikini In Cabo ... With Devon Windsor

Olivia Culpo. Devon Windsor. Bikinis. Cabo.

Need we say more??

The 2020 SI Swim cover model and her friends took a trip down to Mexico this week for a getaway in paradise ... and OC and DW made sure to bring their best 2-pieces!!


The squad has been living it up the past few days -- from dinners to expensive boat rides to dancing to Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion's "WAP" -- with everyone looking equally happy and sexy the whole time.

OC's 23-year-old sister, Sophia, was also along for the ride ... and if you haven't been introduced to her in the past -- it's our pleasure to do the honor.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It goes without saying Olivia's boo, Carolina Panthers superstar Christian McCaffrey, ain't along for the trip -- he's currently fighting to get back on the field after suffering a high ankle sprain earlier in the season.

Of course, it's Halloween ... and we tried like hell to come up with a punny theme to go along with the holiday ... but can't think of anything.

So ... boo!

Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Our Marriage Story ... Brings Big Buck$ to Meals On Wheels!!!


Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost's wedding announcement on the Meals on Wheels Instagram account paid big time ... for the org, which saw an influx of donations.

A rep for the meal delivery program tells TMZ ... the org saw approximately $10k in donations in the 24 hours after the Meals on Wheels IG account broke the happy news earlier this week. The rep says the online donations came directly from the link it posted on its IG profile.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The org's social media team also had reason to celebrate -- the Scarlett and Colin post had nearly 10 times more "likes" than their previous top post. If nothing else, the Scarlett and Colin news brought people to the MoW page that otherwise might not have ever visited, which, TBH, is unfortunate because the folks over there do a tremendous job feeding the needy.

It's easy to see why Scarlett and Colin chose to let Meals on Wheels break the story ... they've been longtime supporters of the org. The rep tells us the couple had been looking for creative ways to address senior hunger and isolation, especially as the pandemic is disproportionately impacting the population it serves.

The rep added, "We are grateful that they chose to share their wedding spotlight with vulnerable older adults across the country, illuminating their critical needs and what Meals on Wheels is doing to ensure no senior is forgotten."

Duly noted!!!

Guess Who These Halloween Kids Turned Into!

Before these Halloween kids became well-known stars, they were just a couple of cuties trick-or-treating around the neighborhood!

Celebs have been proudly posting their childhood costumes from back in the day ... And now it's time for you to get into the spooky spirit yourself by checking out all the iconic looks featured in these throwback pics!

Best of all you can now put your celeb skills to the test and see if you can guess which famous face is in the kid pic ... Just scroll through our gallery and take your best guess!

Can you guess who they are?

Breonna Taylor Another Grand Juror Speaks Out Against Attorney General

Three's company when it comes to Breonna Taylor grand jurors calling out Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who they say never even gave them a chance to consider manslaughter or murder charges against police.

A third juror spoke out Friday, affirming what two other anonymous jurors previously told CBS News' Gayle King ... the AG's office did NOT present them any attempted murder charges, murder charges or manslaughter charges.

This anonymous juror says they decided to come forward after much reflection, and the juror "firmly supports the fact that no additional charges were allowed at the conclusion of their service" ... according to the juror's legal team.

As we reported ... the other 2 grand jurors -- one white and one Black -- say they felt like Cameron betrayed them when he said the grand jury agreed on the minor charge against Officer Hankinson, for wanton endangerment, was the only charge warranted in the case.


AG Cameron has said, if the grand jurors wanted to consider more charges they could have, but this third juror is saying that wasn't the case. Just like the other 2 ... they're calling Cameron a liar.

Breonna's mother, Tamika Palmer, filed docs on Thursday requesting a new grand jury be convened, a special prosecutor be appointed to present the case.

Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen Ultra-Rare Card Hits Auction Block ... Ft. Autographs, Jersey Patches


You're looking at an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind basketball card featuring Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen's autograph ... and an actual piece of their game-worn NBA jerseys.

This is awesome, and it can be yours ... as long as you've got about a quarter milli in the bank.

The 2005-2006 Upper Deck "Exquisite Collection" Logoman card is on the block at Goldin Auctions ... and features the signatures of the Chi-town legends in blue ink.

The back of the card contains a message from Upper Deck's CEO, and reads ... "You have received a Dual game-Used NBA Logo Patch card personally autographed by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen from the Upper Deck Company."

"On the front of this card are authentic NBA Logo patches from jerseys worn by Michael Jordan in an NBA game and Scottie Pippen as a member of the Portland Trailblazers in an NBA game."

So yeah, pretty special.

How special??

The auction -- which closes Saturday night -- already has 8 bids and sits at $200,000.

If basketball cards aren't your thing (and you happen to be ridiculously wealthy), GA also has a 1909-1911 T206 Honus Wagner card -- the Holy Grail of baseball cards -- with a bid of $960K!!

Bottom line, the card collecting market is EXPLODING. It might be time to go through those cards in the basement.

Tobey Maguire's Wife Jennifer Meyer Files for Divorce ... 4 Years After They Split


Tobey Maguire and his estranged wife must have a thing about election season -- one presidential term after they broke up ... she's finally filed for divorce.

Jennifer Meyer filed Friday in Los Angeles, almost 4 years to the day after they first announced they were calling it quits on their marriage.

The couple got married in 2007 and they have 2 kids together -- a teenage daughter and an 11-year-old son.

What's interesting here is there were rumors they were trying to work it out, as they looked happy together in late 2017 at a launch party for her jewelry collection.

But, later in 2018, Meyer was reportedly referring to Maguire as the "greatest ex-husband" ... so it seemed they had settled into the roles of coparenting exes.

Now, Jennifer's made it official.

Walmart Restocks Guns, Ammo in Stores

12:48 PM PT -- The guns are back in stores. A spokesperson for Walmart says the civil unrest from earlier this week "remained geographically isolated" so the retail giant has made the decision "to begin returning these products to the sales floor today."

Walmart's anticipating civil unrest ahead of the presidential election ... and that's triggered the retail giant to stop pull guns and ammo from shelves.

The nation's biggest retailer has pulled the items from its stores in an effort to keep firearms and ammo from being stolen in the event there's civil unrest. A spokesperson for Walmart said, "We have seen some isolated civil unrest, and as we have done on several occasions over the last few years, we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers."

It's important to note ... customers can still buy guns and ammo in half of the 4,700 stores where they're available, they just have to request it. The firearms just aren't on display for now.

Walmart made a similar move back in June following George Floyd's death. It's unclear how long the store will keep guns and ammo out of store displays.

Originally published -- 7:32 AM PT

Cristiano Ronaldo Released From Quarantine ... After Negative COVID Test

Breaking News

Soccer fans, rejoice ... Cristiano Ronaldo is free of COVID-19!

The superstar's team, Juventus, made the announcement Friday ... saying the 35-year-old has finally tested negative after contracting the virus nearly three weeks ago.

"Cristiano Ronaldo carried out a check with a diagnostic test (swab) for Covid 19," the team said in a statement. "The exam provided a negative result."

"The player has, therefore, recovered after 19 days and is no longer subjected to home isolation."

It's great news for Juventus ... the squad won just 1 of its 4 games with Ronaldo out -- and lost its highly anticipated matchup with Lionel Messi's Barcelona team on Wednesday.

As we previously reported, it was announced on Oct. 13 that Ronaldo had COVID ... and he had quarantined himself every day since.

Though, based on his isolation pics, it didn't seem THAT difficult ...

But, congrats on kickin' the virus' ass regardless!

President Trump Little Wayne the ... Activist??? Our Meeting Went Well

Me and Weezy
Fox News

President Trump's putting a label on Lil Wayne that doesn't always come to mind ... calling the rapper an "activist" after their now infamous pow wow.

Trump's feeling really good about Weezy's endorsement ... outside the White House Friday morning he said Wayne's a "really nice guy" and "an activist in a very positive way."

Wayne's been called a lot of things due to his enormous success in the music biz, but activist is definitely not one of 'em.

As you know ... Tunechi met with POTUS Thursday, sharing a photo of them grinning together and giving a thumbs up. Weezy says he's endorsing Trump because of his track record on criminal justice reform, and says he's a fan of Trump's Platinum Plan.


Remember, Ice Cube worked with Trump's camp on the plan, which vows to pump $500 BILLION into Black communities while providing better access to jobs and education.

Trump says Wayne asked for the meeting and he obliged ... and he seems more than happy with Weezy's endorsement.

Wayne's already drawing criticism for the meeting, which came 5 days before Election Day. 50 Cent, who previously endorsed Trump because of taxes before changing course, ripped Weezy for the Trump photo op.

Lil Wayne, Weezy, Weezy F. Baby, Tunechi, Weezyana, Lil Tune, Birdman Jr., President Carter, Mr. Carter, Dr. Carter, BM Jr., Young Weezy -- all monikers we've heard, but Lil Wade???

Watch the clip ... maybe the Prez just misspoke.

Lori Loughlin Officially Starts Prison Sentence for College Bribery Scandal

Lori Loughlin has surrendered to authorities to officially begin her 2-month prison sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal.

The "Full House" star reported to FCI Dublin in California on Friday, nearly 3 weeks before her November 19 deadline to do so ... bringing her one step closer to finally closing a dark chapter in her and her family's lives.

As we previously reported ... Lori and her husband, Mossimo, agreed back in May to plead guilty to 1 count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. Mossimo also agreed to plead guilty to honest services wire and mail fraud. You'll recall Lori and Mossimo were accused of paying $500k in bribes to get their daughters into USC and faking a photo that made it look like the girls were college-caliber rowers.

Lori also must pay a $150k fine and will be on 2 years of supervised release when she gets out. She also has to perform 250 hours of community service. Mossimo will serve 5 months in prison with a $250k fine and 250 hours of community service.

Remember ... the fact that Lori's now headed off to prison is a massive about-turn after vowing to fight the charges. As for why they had a change of heart ... they were facing multiple felonies and potentially decades behind bars.

Lori's the latest celeb to serve time for their role in the college bribery scandal. Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days behind bars but ultimately was released after 11 days.

Old news is old news!
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