Toronto Protest Cops Arrest Man in Blackface ... At Anti-Racism Event!!!

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Toronto PD probably saved this jackass' life ... he showed up in blackface for a protest against racism -- seriously -- and yes, protesters were furious about the spectacle.

The wild moment was captured on video Saturday during a demonstration in the city's Nathan Phillips Square. The white guy walked into the crowd completely decked out in black makeup on his face and hands.

We can't imagine it took long for people to turn on him, and even as police whisked him away ... pissed off protesters were still screaming at him.

People were reportedly barking threats at him and calling for the police the whole time he was trying to wade through the rally. Eventually, bicycle officers did step in and escort the guy away -- almost completely surrounding him to keep the angry crowd off of him.

Cops say the agitator was arrested for breaching the peace -- yeah, he did that and then some. Oh, the beatdown he might have caught.

Disgustingly ugly display that could've been much uglier ... for him.

George Floyd 2nd Memorial Held Near Birthplace ... Live Stream from N. Carolina


George Floyd's family members will honor him Saturday during his second memorial service -- this one in his birth state of North Carolina -- and we're live streaming it here.

The service is being held in Raeford, NC, and the family has said it will be a much more subdued ceremony than the one held Thursday in Minneapolis.

The public was allowed into the hall Saturday morning for a viewing of George's casket ... and hundreds of people waited in line to pay their respects.

However, the service itself will be more intimate with just family and close friends allowed inside. It's set to begin at noon PT.

George was born in Fayetteville, NC ... about 30 miles from where the service is being held.

He still has family members living in the area, including his sister, Bridgett Floyd. George's third and final memorial will take place Monday in Houston, where he lived for most of his life.

Stars & Scars You Be the Judge

After historic social unrest in response to the George Floyd tragedy -- Americans are demanding change, and chanting "Black lives matter" -- we've also seen police brutality against peaceful protesters. One, even ordered by President Trump. So we gotta ask ...

Trump's Attack On Protesters For Photo Op ...

Erect George Floyd Memorial ...

Drew Brees' Apology ...

Kanye West Joining Protest ...

Cops Beating Protesters ...

Bigger Issue In Presidential Election ...

Carole Baskin Deserves Joe Exotic's Zoo ...

Las Vegas Reopening ...

Justin & Hailey Bieber Camping Out!!! OR In. Whatevs.

Justin and Hailey Bieber are doing camping right -- and by that, we mean hardly camping at all ... 'cause they got a recreational vehicle that takes the "rough" out of roughin' it.

The couple's roaming the Wild West in Utah and looking to pitch a tent as you'd expect a huge pop star to do it ... in a monster of a machine. Check out their sweet RV, complete with built-in canopy and some lawn chairs to boot.

Just imagine how tricked out it looks on the inside 👀

Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Biebs exited their swag traveling digs at one point to take some pics in the great outdoors, with Hailey doing the modeling (naturally) and JB playing IG hubby.

It's interesting too ... Justin seems to have himself an old school camera, and not a fancy DSLR one either. Almost looks like a disposable ... which you don't see too much anymore. Neat!

We're told the area has horseback riding, in case they wanna saddle up. Then again, that RV seems pretty cushy.

Ah, nothing like unplugging to get away from it all -- in luxury, of course. The only way to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest!

George Floyd Troops at White House ... Bracing For Massive DC Protest

President Trump is rallying troops around him, literally ... soldiers are lining parts of the White House perimeter as the largest George Floyd protest yet is about to begin.

More than 100,000 people are expected to rally in the National Mall Saturday to protest the killing of George Floyd, specifically, and police brutality in general. While there have been protesters near the White House for more than a week now ... it appears Trump's administration is preparing for the worst.

As it is, 8-foot high fencing was erected this week around most of the White House grounds' perimeter, and will reportedly remain there until at least the middle of next week.

Washington D.C. police have closed off several streets around the Mall, and protesters have already started gathering around the Lincoln Memorial.

Remember, last week the President ordered law enforcement to clear streets by opening fire on peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and pepper spray ... so he could get to St. John's Episcopal Church for a photo op.

The good news is ... there's little chance POTUS will be seeking photo ops during Saturday's huge protest.

Buffalo Cops Felony Assault Charges for Shoving Man ... Mayor Calls Him an 'Agitator'

8:18 AM PT -- Buffalo PD officers Aron Torgalski and Robert McCabe are now facing felony charges. Erie County D.A., John J. Flynn, says the cops were both charged with 2nd-degree felony assault.

Erie County District Attorney Facebook

They've been released on their own recognizance.

8:02 AM PT -- The 2 officers involved in shoving Gugino will reportedly be charged with 2nd-degree assault. They're expected to be arraigned shortly.

Buffalo's Mayor is going after the 75-year-old man who was knocked down by Buffalo cops ... saying the man was sparking up violence among protesters.


Mayor Byron Brown seemed to justify the incident of police brutality during a Friday news conference where he referred to Martin Gugino as an "agitator."

WBFF Fox 45

Mayor Brown said Gugino had been a "key and major instigator" of people who'd been looting and vandalizing the city ... and because it was after curfew, police were clearing the scene "for the safety of protesters."

As you know, Gugino was standing all by himself -- away from any other protesters -- when an officer shoved him to the ground, leaving Gugino bleeding from the head and ear.

As we reported, 57 other officers resigned from Buffalo's Emergency Response Team in solidarity with the 2 cops who were suspended for the incident.

Gugino remains hospitalized, but his attorney says he is "alert and oriented."

Originally Published -- 7:06 AM PT

SF's Golden Gate Bridge Sounds Haunted with New 'Singing' Constant Howling w/ Wind

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge sounds like a nonstop Halloween attraction right about now -- because it keeps on howling anytime there's a breeze ... and it's freaking people out.

The iconic structure has been making A LOT of noise lately, and Twitter took notice Friday ... with Bay Area residents filming a drive/ride-through along the bike paths. Basically, there's a constant loud humming sound emanating throughout -- which can be heard for miles.

No, it's not ghosts or spirits that have been conjured up from the waters below ... it's just the wind making contact with some fancy new devices local engineers just put in. They're new railing slats covering the edges of the bridge -- to help fight off wind resistance -- and when gusty air rolls through (which is pretty much always there) ... this is the end result.

So, yeah ... the bridge is plagued by this eerie singing/siren calling for the time being. Doesn't look like city officials have addressed a fix for now -- but something tells us if enough people complain, they'll have to do something.

Move over, New York ... there's a new city that never sleeps.

Target Man Arrested for Driving into Store ... Planting Fake Explosives


Customers inside a Target store were sent running for their lives after a man intentionally drove his car into the retail giant, planted fake explosives and live streamed himself in the act.

It all went down in Hammond, Louisiana Friday where cops say Walter Allbritton III used his SUV to plow through the front doors of the store before crashing into a register. A man recording the crash immediately ran through the Target warning other customers to run and get out.

Allbritton went live on Facebook to record the crash and allegedly dropped a fake explosive device in the store once his vehicle stopped.


The incident triggered a massive police response and after arresting Allbritton, cops allegedly found fake explosive devices at multiple other scenes around the area.

He's been hit with a ton of charges including terrorism, attempted aggravated arson, aggravated assault with a vehicle and manufacturing and possession of a delayed action incendiary device.

Cops say one person suffered minor injuries in the crash.

President Trump Promotes Attack on George Floyd's Character

President Trump's attempt to embrace George Floyd is clearly BS when you see what he retweeted -- a claim from Candace Owens that Floyd is a symbol of black America's "broken culture."

The President showed strong support for the conservative talking head's disgusting beliefs with 2 retweets on Friday ... promoting a theory she spewed about George on Glenn Beck's radio show. Owens said, "The fact that he has been held up as a martyr sickens me."

Their point is absolutely outrageous -- that just because George Floyd had previous trouble with the law, protesters shouldn't be chanting his name.

Beck and Owens quickly glossed over the fact accused murderer Derek Chauvin had pressed his kneed into Floyd's neck for nearly 9 minutes -- and almost 3 of those after Floyd was dead -- which is, of course, what millions of people around the world are actually protesting.

To say they're completely missing the point is a gross understatement.


Even more appalling is the fact the President stood in the Rose Garden on Friday and claimed George Floyd would be looking down and smiling because this was a "great day" for him and for America.

Dog whistle much, Mr. President?

McDonald's Employee Do You Want A High-Kick with That?!? ... Kills Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Choreo


One McDonald's drive-thru employee made the wait for a Big Mac pretty entertaining for some customers when he unleashed a performance of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's smash single.

Someone in line was blasting "Rain on Me" in their car speakers loud enough for the employee to hear ... and he took full advantage of the moment. In the video, the drive-thru employee gives customers everything from leg kicks to spins and even a hair flip.

We're told the employee is Gavyn Brewster from the UK -- who also performs as Diana D -- so if Lady Gaga and Ariana are looking for a back-up dancer ... look no further.

"Rain on Me" has been massively successful, making it's debut at #1 on The Billboard Hot 100 last week ... and the official music video already has close to 90 million views.

As for the McDonald's employee ... there's nothing like a captive audience.

Sean Reed Shooting Father Fears Case Will Be Forgotten ... Don't Let Cops Off Hook


Sean Reed's father is afraid his son's police-involved shooting death will be swept under the rug, and the officers who opened fire won't be held accountable.

Sean's pops, Jamie Reed, tells TMZ ... he is afraid his son's name is being overshadowed by all the attention surrounding George Floyd and the nationwide protests, and fears it could spell doom in his quest for justice.

Mr. Reed makes it clear he is NOT knocking the protests or outrage over Floyd's death. However, it's been more than a month since his son was gunned down in Indianapolis, while live streaming, and he's concerned Sean's case isn't getting the spotlight it deserves.


Jamie hopes people won't forget Sean was shot dead by Indy cops, because if attention on the case fades, it will be too easy for the officers involved to quietly get off the hook.

Sean's dad says his son's case helped kick-start the country's renewed focus on police brutality, and he sees it as a big reason why people are once again looking into alleged police brutality and corruption.

Sean's father hopes his son's legacy will be the reason for fundamental change in the Indianapolis Police Department, and other PDs across the country, and he's encouraged by the fact there are still protests and gatherings at the scene of Sean's death.

Sean's father says he's also repped by Ben Crump, the attorney for the Floyd family and Ahmaud Arbery's father, and vows they won't stop until they get justice.

Carole Baskin Don Lewis' Daughter Seeking Justice ... Over Allegedly Forged Will


Carole Baskin's day of reckoning is coming after a sheriff determined the will of her ex-husband, Don Lewis, was a forgery -- at least that's what Don's daughter is hoping.

Donna Pettis tells TMZ ... the recent bombshell from Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister -- who claims he's certain Baskin forged Don's will to make it so she'd inherit his fortune if he went missing -- only confirms what she and her sisters already suspected way back in 1997.

Donna says the will was determined to be a fake by a professional back then, but Carole had her own analyst claimed the opposite and got the judge to sign off ... and Donna says her family didn't have the money or resources to fight her on it at the time.

She says since then, 4 other experts have evaluated the will and reached the same conclusion -- forgery -- but, because of the statute of limitations, there's nothing they can do. Or, is there?

Donna tells us she's been meeting with several lawyers in hopes of landing one willing to take on the high-profile case and finally get some justice for her dad.

She says she and her sisters are considering hiring 2 attorneys -- a criminal and a civil -- in order to get the ball rolling, but they're still weighing options.

The bottom line is ... Donna and her family plan to go after Baskin in whatever legal manner still possible, and they also want more action taken in investigating Lewis' death. He was declared legally dead in 2002.

Donna's not accusing Carole of killing her father, but she DOES think Carole knows more than she's ever let on and plans to get it out of her ... in a courtroom.

We have reached out to Baskin ... no word back so far.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Don't let these two almost identical images of Lucy Hale throw you off ... Take a real good look and keep an eye out for any sneaky switches that have been made to this tricky pic!

The actress was spotted out in Los Angeles, CA while on a walk with her furry friend ... We made a few changed to this pic and now it's time for you to put your detective skills to the test and see if you can find the differences between these two super similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Nate Boyer Brees Will Rebound From Backlash ... 'He's Too Good Of A Guy'


Drew Brees WILL come back from the firestorm he's currently in ... so says Nate Boyer, who tells TMZ Sports, "There's people that have done way, way worse things."

"And, it's not even like he really did anything bad," Boyer says. "He just misspoke, I think."

You'll recall ... Boyer, a retired Green Beret and former NFL player, was the one who helped convince Colin Kaepernick to kneel -- rather than sit -- for protests during national anthems.

He tells us he's disappointed Brees still doesn't understand the message of the kneeling protests ... but he's confident the QB will eventually figure it out and right his wrong.

"He'll probably do some great stuff because of it and he'll probably do even more than he would have done," Boyer said. "That's how I choose to look at it."

"I think that it will eventually bring us more together just like this very difficult time will eventually bring us more together as a country."

So far, Boyer seems to be right ... two of Brees' best teammates -- Michael Thomas and Demario Davis -- have already forgiven him, with Thomas saying Thursday, "One of my brothers made a public statement yesterday that I disagreed with."

"He apologized & I accept it because that’s what we are taught to do as Christians. Now back to the movement! #GeorgeFloyd."

Kodak Black Could Be In Halfway House by 2021 ... IF (Big If) All Goes to Plan

Exclusive Details

Kodak Black could be spending the last year of his sentence at a halfway house ... but first, he's gonna need a few dominoes to fall perfectly.

Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ ... the rapper is now eligible to spend the last year of his sentence in a halfway house, meaning, he could be out of prison by 2021. Thing is, he first needs to complete a court-ordered 500-hour drug treatment program before getting the green light for the halfway house.

And, therein lies the problem. Cohen tells us the maximum-security program where Kodak's currently behind bars does NOT offer the program. But, there's a glimmer of hope after Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle decided to drop the state's gun case against Kodak Black after speaking with Cohen. With the state dropping 3 felony counts of possession of a firearm by an individual under 24, Cohen says Kodak can now be moved to a lower-security prison where they do offer the drug treatment program.

As for why the state dropped the charges ... a rep for the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office tells TMZ, Fernandez Rundle "felt that the [state] charges were a duplicate of the federal charges for which [Kodak Black] had already been convicted and is currently serving his sentence."

As we reported ... the feds arrested Kodak at Rolling Loud in May 2019 and sentenced him to prison 6 months later.

Drew Brees Becomes Prop Bet Will He Kneel During Week 1???

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Will Drew Brees join the movement he recently denounced and take a knee during the National Anthem??

The right answer to that question can result in some serious cash ... as the New Orleans Saints QB has become the center of a new prop bet.

Of course, Brees started a crap storm when he said he'd NEVER accept kneeling for the anthem ... and later apologized after teammates and the industry's biggest athletes spoke out against his comments.

TMZ Sports has learned ... MyBookie -- one of the biggest sportsbooks on the internet -- has released the odds on Brees' stance when Week 1 comes around.

So ... will he kneel?? Here's the breakdown.

Yes +300

No -700

Translation -- Brees standing for the anthem is the HEAVY favorite. BUT, if he were to kneel, it could have a MAJOR payout.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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