Jay Leno Roadside Mechanic to the Rescue ... Right Up His Alley Too!!!

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If you're ever stranded along the side of the road in L.A. ... don't be surprised if you see Jay Leno pull up and ask you to pop the hood so he can get a good look at what's up.

That's exactly what happened Sunday to luxury real estate agent Dwayne Henry of Westside Estate Agency, who had a little car trouble off the Sunset Strip ... and was somewhat rescued by none other than the legendary late night talk show host in the flesh.

Dwayne tells TMZ ... he took his 1953 Mercedes-Benz -- a classic car if there ever was one -- out for a spin 'cause of the nice weather and to beat the quarantine blues, and almost immediately ... he knew something wasn't right mechanically. So, naturally, he pulled over.

DH says the issue was so bad, he called a tow truck right away ... but between the time he called and the truck arriving, Jay pulled up with his wife in a Tesla seemingly out of nowhere. Sure enough, Dwayne says Jay walked over and asked to have a peek inside.

Of course, Jay is the owner of SEVERAL classic cars -- including an even older Mercedes-Benz than this one. So, it's no wonder he spotted this whip -- but wild he actually reacted.

Anywho, as Jay was fiddling around in there, the tow truck driver showed and tossed Jay a wrench so he could tinker some more. Eventually, Dwayne tells us Jay had the diagnosis ... a brake issue that was also screwing with his fluid. Unfortunately, we're told he wasn't able to band-aid it on the spot, but hey ... an official car workup from JL ain't too shabby.

And yes, Dwayne snapped a shot with Jay ... and he tells us it made his day. What a guy!

Tyler Perry $21,000 Tip To Help Struggling ATL Restaurant Workers


Tyler Perry is an angel, and he proved it once again when he went to a Houston's restaurant in Atlanta Sunday and left a $500 tip for each of the 42 out-of-work servers.

Tyler's a big fan of the chain and has been driving over to the one on Northside Parkway pretty frequently to pick up some delicious grub.

He showed his appreciation in a big way ... with way more than a 20% tip ... $21,000!!!

It's a lifesaver for these out-of-work employees. The federal money fired workers are supposed to get maybe delayed ... in some cases up to 20 weeks, and that just doesn't cut it.

Tyler is one of the most charitable guys in entertainment. When there's a disaster anywhere in the world, Tyler's the one to fly in supplies. As we reported, Tyler had a plane flown down to the Bahamas after it was devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

With millions of people out of work and things looking like they're only going to get worse this month, the generosity of everyone is about the only thing that's gonna get us through this.

Thank you again, Mr. Perry.

'Jaws' Actress Lee Fierro Alex Kintner's Mom Dies at 91 ... Coronavirus Complications

The actress who played the mother of the kid who got eaten in "Jaws," has passed away by a threat that's becoming more real and dangerous than a great white ... COVID-19.

Lee Fierro -- who portrayed Alex Kintner's mom, Mrs. Kintner, in the 1975 classic film -- has passed away due to complications from coronavirus ... according to Martha's Vineyard Times, which first reported her death. The first "Jaws" was shot on location there in Mass.

Fierro doesn't have very many acting credits to her name outside of the 'Jaws' franchise -- in which she reprised her role twice -- but she had an iconic few scenes in the first flick, notably her freak-out on the beach when Alex's blood and shorts wash up on the beach.

Perhaps even more iconic ... her confrontation with Roy Scheider, who played Chief Brody, whom she slapped across the face at Alex's wake. She was pissed he let beachgoers hit the sand despite knowing there was a shark on the loose. Her son was the second-known attack, and as Chief Brody noted ... she wasn't wrong for her criticism of him.

According to the outlet, Fierro was being housed at an assisted living facility in Ohio -- where her family is said to be holding a small ceremony in her honor because of social distancing restrictions.

She was 91. RIP

NOLA Couple Front-Porch Wedding ... 1st Dance On Sidewalk After!!!

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A couple in New Orleans just tied the knot with one of the most creative -- and probably sweetest -- ceremonies we've seen in a while ... and it was quarantine friendly!!!

The two lovebirds are Alex Cotant and Darla Edin-Cotant, and they got married Saturday right on their front-porch in a part of town called Mid-City. It was a small ceremony (very small, in fact) because they didn't have very many guests besides their next-door neighbors.

After they said "I do" in front of their doorway -- and in front of a minister pal, who officiated -- Alex and Darla hit the stoop below them and had a little sidewalk reception for the whole block to see, including their first dance ... which was complete with a live music cameo.

The guitarist you see here helping them swoon is local musician Mike Doussan, who tells TMZ ... he got on over there in a heartbeat after a friend told him what was happening. He says he played two songs for them, both originals, and it looks like the bride and groom were digging the tunes -- sneaking in kisses between swaying and boogieing down.

BTW, there's a reason Mike was ready at the drop of a hat ... he tells us he's been doing livestream gigs from his own front-porch lately since every venue around town is closed.

As for the at-home wedding ... it too has become a thing, especially as folks rush to cash in on their marriage licenses -- which will expire within a month or so if they don't pull the trigger. Courthouses are shut down too, so you can't get more anytime soon.

Sure seems like Alex and Darla got their vows in right in the nick of time. Congrats!

Coronavirus You're Kidding, Right? ... Rolling the Dice on the Virus

There's an ancient song by Peter Paul and Mary, which lyrics include this -- "When will they ever learn?" -- and it has sudden relevance today because open-air markets were packed this weekend, and it's insane.

Check out the Studio City Farmers Market in L.A. Sunday, packed with scores of people crowding in ... some of whom were not wearing face masks. Again, the mask protects people from those who might have the virus, and people who know what they're talking about are urging everyone to wear anything other than the professional-grade masks when they're out and about.

And, look at this ... a line of people way closer than 6 feet apart are lining a sidewalk outside of a Hermosa Beach (SoCal.) bar, drinking, talking and violating social distancing rules.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a temporary suspension of all farmers markets until they could come up with a workable, safe plan. Fact is ... it's not happening in L.A. or elsewhere.

The good news ... Garcetti shut down the Brentwood Farmer's Market after there were insanely large crowds packed in last weekend, but the Market has now changed its ways ... and people are staying appropriately apart.

This is a problem all over the country, and it underscores the need for the federal government to step up and URGE ALL GOVERNORS to impose a stay-at-home order because it's hard enough even when an order is in place.

Queen Elizabeth Hang Tough, Brits ... Weather Coronavirus Storm

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Queen Elizabeth II just delivered an official palace address to the UK about the coronavirus pandemic -- her basic message ... hang in there, y'all!!!

We're being flip, but that's the gist of Her Majesty's broadcast speech. QE2 tells the British to maintain their resolve, keep their good humor and spirits about them and that together ... we'll all come out on the other side of this challenging time, across the pond and beyond.

You can watch the full speech above, but what's interesting about it is the historical nature of the Queen delivering remarks like this at all -- it rarely happens outside of Christmas.

Sunday's address marks just the fourth time Liz has spoken to the public in an official speech -- again, besides her annual Christmas talks -- during her 68-year reign as Queen of England. So yeah, it's a big deal she felt the need to talk now. The 'rona got to her!

One other interesting note ... according to Deadline, the Queen's speech here was filmed with just one cameraman in the room with her (fully decked out in protective gear) while the rest of the crew monitored and tinkered from other rooms in the building.

Considering Prince Charles got hit with COVID-19 himself, the precautions probably a good idea around QE2. She's right in that age group where coronavirus can hit hard.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Post-Release Already Trolling ... Garcetti Wants Snitches? I'm Here!!!

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Tekashi 6ix9ine is back to his trolling ways since getting out of prison -- his first order of business ... letting L.A.'s Mayor know he's down to rat out quarantine breakers.

The rapper just commented on an IG post by TSR, which captured a photo/headline of Mayor Eric Garcetti telling Los Angelenos he would be willing to offer "rewards" to folks who snitch on businesses and others blatantly breaking the city-wide, stay-at-home order.

Tekashi's official two cents ... "Coming to the rescue." Short and sweet, but it speaks volumes (somewhat hilariously) for a number of reasons.

For starters, this appears to be 6ix9ine's first social media interaction that we've seen from his official account in a long time -- since November 2018, in fact, when he first got locked up on racketeering charges -- so it's noteworthy in that sense. Out of prison, back online.

Also, it's funny Tekashi's commenting on a timely topic -- namely, the coronavirus chaos happening all around us -- while also touching on something he knows all too well ... singing like a canary. Granted he's in NYC, not L.A. ... but it's the thought that counts.

Of course, if Tekashi was on the West Coast ... there'd be plenty of snitching he could do for Garcetti, as people continue to flock to public spaces and disregard social distancing -- like in Hermosa Beach this weekend, where people were out and about along trails there.

If his music career doesn't take off again like he'd planned, maybe the dude's got a career in comedy. He's got us chuckling 😅

College Grad UPS Driver Plays a Diploma-Giver ... During At-Home Ceremony


A college student who had his diploma ceremony stripped away because of the coronavirus got creative on behalf of his grandmother -- and a UPS driver was happy to help.

The at-home impromptu graduation ceremony went down last week in Virginia, where the guy says he waited for his diploma to arrive from his school -- James Madison University -- via snail mail, but while waiting ... he got dressed up in his cap and gown.

And, get this ... it was for his granny, who wanted to see her grandson graduate and walk. Awwwwww!!!!

Anyway, it's unclear if the UPS driver who eventually showed up to deliver the goods was in on what was happening, but he was a good sport and handed the kid his diploma. It started out from a safe distance, but they eventually did appear to get closer than 6 feet.

At any rate, the makeshift grad celebration isn't all that uncommon right now among college students -- seeing how pretty much all of their spring semesters were scrapped outright amid the pandemic. No more school activities for a while, and that means stuff like this.

Good to see he took matters into his own hands and got creative. Lifts the spirits, don't it?

'Quarantined Bachelor' IG Show Big Viral Hit in SF ... Zoom Dates, Toilet Paper Ceremony!!!

'Bachelor' Nation, meet your new fix -- a couple dudes in SF started their own quarantine dating show, but they've nixed the roses and replaced it with a way more precious item.

Two former Yelp employees in the Bay Area -- Tyler Cohen and Jimmy Parenteau -- already had a virtual dating show in the works prior to the coronavirus outbreak, but when it hit ... they pivoted and launched "Quarantined Bachelor."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's exactly how it sounds ... a single gentleman is chosen as a bachelor, and he's introduced to a bunch of potential suitors via Zoom, who then go on individual dates with the fella and eventually ... get whittled down to a final 3 via elimination. Just like ABC's hit series.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Tyler and Jimmy told the SF Chronicle the big difference with their show -- besides no physical interaction -- is the rose ceremony ... which ditches the petals and replaces it with paper. Toilet paper, that is!!!

It also goes without saying, the stakes for 'QB' aren't as high ... no proposal, just an eventual in-person date.

The first season of 'Quarantined Bachelor' is actually already wrapped and completely up episode by episode on the show's official IG page. They also found their leading man -- his name is Richard Shall, and he seems like quite a catch.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Now, keep in mind ... the production value isn't anywhere near what you might be used to on network television, so lower your expectations. That said ... it might become a blueprint for actual 'Bachelor' producers the longer this quarantining goes on.

Coronavirus D.C. Residents Packed in Like Sardines ... Shopping for Crab

A super-popular weekend spot in the nation's capital was super dangerous Saturday, when crowds of people swarmed into a relatively tight space, squarely violating social distancing rules.

Check out the pic of the Wharf, where lots of locals descend to buy fresh seafood ... especially crab legs and shrimp.

D.C. has a stay-at-home order, but people are allowed to go out and shop.  Problem here ... they're WAY too close together. Notice the sign, warning people to stay 6 feet apart.

Some are wearing masks ... but most aren't.

It's actually pretty incredible because at this point you have to be living under a rock not to understand the need to keep your distance.

The Deputy Mayor shut the market down Saturday night.

As we reported, mayors of various cities have shut these open markets down. TMZ first reported, Katherine Schwarzenegger blew the whistle on shoppers at the Brentwood Farmers Market last weekend, and when she did Mayor Eric Garcetti swiftly shut the market down until safety measures were enacted.

Pastor Kenneth Copeland I'll Blow This Stinkin' Virus Away!!!

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Well, this is frightening ... a Texas pastor is selling a new cure for the virus ... just blow it away.

Check out this video from Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who sermonized to his congregation Thursday that with a little wind and heat, he could take the wind out of the sails of the deadly virus.

Copeland, who heads up the Copeland Ministries out of Fort Worth, has been in the biz for 52 years, but this sermon has gotta take the cake.

He has promised his congregants that the virus would end soon.

Let's hope Trump doesn't hear about the Pastor's "cure."

NFL Legend Tom Dempsey Dead at 73 From Coronavirus

Tom Dempsey, a legendary NFL kicker who is best known for a spectacular game-winning field goal, died Saturday from complications from the coronavirus.

Dempsey, who was born without toes on his right foot and without fingers on his right hand, was able to excel as an NFL kicker with the help of specially-designed shoes.

As for the legendary kick, it went down in 1970.  Dempsey was the kicker for the New Orleans Saints when they played the Detroit Lions, and he shattered the field goal record by 7 yards, propelling it 63 yards. The record has since been matched by 5 kickers and it was shattered -- actually more like broken -- by Denver Bronco kicker Matt Prater in 2013, when he scored a field goal from 64 yards.

Dempsey also played for the Eagles, the Rams, the Oilers and the Bills during his 11-year career.

The Saints said, "The New Orleans Saints family is deeply saddened and heartbroken at this most difficult time. Tom's life spoke directly to the power of the human spirit and exemplified his resolute determination to not allow setbacks to impede following his dreams and aspirations." He exemplified the same fight and fortitude in recent years as he battled valiantly against illnesses but never wavered and kept his trademark sense of humor."

As for how Dempsey contracted the virus ... he was living in a New Orleans retirement home where 15 patients have died from the disease. Louisiana has really gone through it ... more than 12,400 confirmed cases. New Orleans, where many contracted the virus during Mardi Gras, has had 153 deaths so far.

Dempsey grew up in CA and played football at Palomar College in SoCal. After calling it quits with the Saints, he became an oilfield salesman, and later became a high school football coach and a car dealership manager.

Dempsey had been battling dementia for years.

He's survived by his wife and 3 kids.

Dempsey was 73.


Elton John Donates a Mil ... To Prevent HIV Positive People from Contracting Coronavirus


Elton John has dug deep into his pockets only to pull out a million bucks to protect people living with HIV from contracting the coronavirus.

Sir Elton posted a video, saying, "Today, I’m proud to announce that my Foundation is launching a $1million COVID-19 Emergency Fund to make sure that our frontline partners can respond to the effects of COVID-19 on HIV care for the most marginalized communities around the world."

The singer, who also hosted last Sunday's coronavirus relief concert, Fox Presents the iHeart Living Room Concert for America, has been a driving force in combating the AIDS epidemic for 30 years. People with HIV often have compromised immune systems, so they can be especially vulnerable in contracting the disease.

Elton says, "Now and always, I’m committed to not leave anyone affected by HIV behind. Visit http://ejaf.org/covid19 for more info. Sending love to all of our Foundation’s partners, grantees, supporters, frontline workers and members of our community during this time."

'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe Hot Nanny Says She's Real Deal ... But Part-Time Only


Jeff Lowe -- Joe Exotic's ex-business partner and mentor -- raised eyebrows on 'Tiger King' over his search for a nanny and has folks speculating it's all a stunt ... but the nanny in question tells TMZ -- she's legit, just not full-time.

Masha Diduk is the hot nanny Jeff and his pregnant wife, Lauren, wanted to hire on the Netflix docuseries, and Masha tells us ... she was indeed hired by the couple in September to care for their daughter.

She says she actually met Jeff and Lauren 4 years ago in Las Vegas -- where she lives and works as a model -- back when they drove to Sin City with a few tiger cubs ... as those who have seen 'Tiger King' recall.

We're told Masha's agreement was to work part-time as their baby girl's caretaker during business hours at Jeff's Oklahoma zoo -- mostly on weekends -- which she's been doing recently.

The nanny recently appeared with Jeff, Lauren and the baby on "Lights Out with David Spade," and rumors began swirling she was paid by Jeff to be there simply for the TV interview ... but she says that's not true.

Masha tells us her Vegas work has dried up because of the pandemic -- and Jeff's been busy moving the zoo to a new location -- so she really has been with the family taking care of baby Sarah.

Granted, the timing with the release and popularity of 'Tiger King' is suspicious at best.

As for 'Tiger King' ... Masha says it's entertaining, but she feels the producers twisted some things about Jeff. She says it made it seem like Jeff mistreated animals the way Joe Exotic did, but that's wrong ... and she wouldn't work for him if he did.

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