TAWNY KITAEN No Foul Play Suspected in Death ... Brother Thinks it Was a Broken Heart

Tawny Kitaen, the late actress who starred in "Bachelor Party," died of a broken heart ... so says her brother, who thinks losing their father was too much for Tawny to handle.

Jordan Kitaen tells TMZ ... police have spoken to the family, telling them there was nothing found at the scene suggesting drugs, pills or alcohol were a factor in her death ... and no signs she took her own life, either.

However, Jordan says Tawny was devastated by the recent death of her father, who passed away April 12 after a long battle with skin cancer. He believes the death was too much for Tawny's system to handle, especially because their dad's funeral was just days away when she died.

We're told Tawny, the oldest child, was extremely tight with their father, and Jordan describes their relationship as an "uncanny connection."

Jordan tells us he last spoke with Tawny Thursday, the night before she died, and she was in a good mood and excited about Mother's Day plans with her kids.

TMZ broke the story ... 59-year-old Tawny died Friday in Newport Beach, CA. The coroner has yet to determine the cause of death.

Tawny's substance abuse issues and arrest for drug possession and DUI were well-chronicled in the media, but her brother thinks she was in a good place before her sudden death.

Tawny's siblings laid their father to rest Monday in San Diego. We're told the family hasn't made a decision yet about where she will be buried.

DMX Tribute Show in Texas ... Will be a Family Affair

DMX fans going to his tribute show in Texas later this month are in for an even more special treat than expected because his family will be there ... and one of his daughters is going to take the mic.

We broke the story ... the late rapper was scheduled to perform at the Wildcatter Saloon in Katy, TX in late May, but after his death, the bar decided to throw a tribute concert.

Justin, owner of the Wildcatter, tells us he's been working hard to add acts to the event  -- and now, DMX's fiancee, Desiree, and their son, Exodus, will make an appearance.

We're told Desiree plans to take the stage at some point and deliver a short speech as part of the tribute.

Justin says X's 8-year-old daughter, Sonovah Hillman Jr., and her mother will be attending ... with Sonovah set to perform in honor of her daddy.


Sonovah wowed the crowd at DMX's memorial service in Brooklyn last month, and we're told she plans to do something similar -- a rendition of "Slippin'" -- at the Texas show.

Justin says Sonovah will likely be the second to the last act, with OG Ruff Ryder Drag-On closing the show.

The bar owner tells us it was really important to get family and close friends of X's participating in the tribute concert.

The Wildcatter Saloon show goes down May 29.

John Wayne Gacy Property Where He Murdered 33 Finally Sells

The home that sits on the lot where John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 boys and young men back in '70s has sold ... after quite a slash in the original asking price.

As we told you ... the property hit the market in late 2019 for $459,000, but there were no takers for more than a year ... alas, it finally has a new owner.

According to property records, obtained by TMZ ... the buyer purchased the home for $395,000.

Now, to be clear, the actual house that sits on the lot is NOT Gacy's former residence. In 1979, a year after police made the grisly discovery of 29 rotting bodies at Gacy's home, it was demolished.

Seven years later, a new house was built on the lot ... and that's the one that just sold.

Still, the macabre history of the property -- a 3-bed, 2-bath "beautiful brick home" with an updated kitchen overlooking a huge backyard -- might be too creepy for most people ... but apparently not the new homeowner.

That is, IF the new homeowner even knew about the property's past. In Illinois, murders don't have to be disclosed ... but if a prospective buyer asks about it the realtor must be honest.

Lil Pump Cops Say 4 Suspects Seen on Video Breaking into Rolls, Range Rover

Lil Pump is fuming after his luxury whips were broken into on Mother's Day, but the only good news is ... we've learned the 4 suspects were caught on camera committing the crime.

According to a Miami Beach PD report, obtained by TMZ, 4 unknown suspects hopped the wall of a house around 6 AM and found the 3 pricey whips -- a Range Rover, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Rolls-Royce Wraith -- parked there.

Cops say surveillance video shows the suspects looking inside the cars before one of them smashed the left rear panel of the Range Rover and swiped a cosmetic nail kit worth $600.

Cops say another suspect is seen getting into the Wraith through an unlocked passenger door, though that person apparently didn’t take anything. Cops say another suspect smashed the rear windshield of the Cullinan ... triggering an alarm that prompted the headlights and taillights to flash.

@lilpump / Instagram

According to the report ... the alarm startled the suspects who then hopped back over the fence and fled the scene.

Lil Pump is NOT named in the police report but his mother is listed as a victim of the alleged crimes. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... this is the incident the "Gucci Gang" rapper described while going off on Instagram Live.

Pump was visibly outraged saying, "That’s how y’all wanna play? I’mma be up for the next 3, 4 days. Come back to my f***ing house. I’mma blow your fucking head off."

The suspects are still on the loose. We reached out to Lil Pump's rep about the incident, but they declined to comment.

Lamar Odom Looking Polished Ahead Of Aaron Carter Fight ... New Sparring Video Shows


Lamar Odom is looking GOOOOOOOD ... new sparring footage obtained by TMZ Sports shows the ex-NBA star is really getting the hang of boxing ahead of his bout with Aaron Carter.

The 41-year-old has been training like a mad man for his June 11 tilt against the pop singer at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City ... and it's clear the former hooper has hands!!

Check out the footage ... Odom -- who by the way is looking svelte and in shape -- is stringing together combos and moving around the canvas like a pro.

The power might not be there just yet -- but, hey, it's still a month away from fight night!!

As for Aaron, he's been taking the scrap seriously too ... getting in training sessions constantly and hitting the mitts as well.

In fact, we've also obtained some clips from one of Carter's recent sparring sessions ... and he ain't looking half bad either!!


We know ... it's not exactly Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury here -- but the event is still shaping up to be some must-see TV.

Plus, we're told Ice-T will be on the broadcast providing color commentary!!

Four more weeks away ... getcha popcorn ready.

'80s Hottie Ami Dolenz 'Memba Her?!

Los Angeles local Ami Dolenz followed in her father's footsteps and shot to stardom in the '80s after landing some head-turning roles including the swan-story hottie, Katie, in "She's Out Of Control" and the eye-popping girlfriend, Sloane Peterson, in the television version of "Ferris Bueller."

Ami shared the big screen with Tony Danza as her confused father, Doug, in "She's Out Of Control" and the small screen with Jennifer Aniston as Jeannie in "Ferris Bueller."

Fun Fact: Ami's dad, Micky Dolenz, is also superfamous as the founding member of the '60s rock group, The Monkees.

Guess what Ami looks like now at 52 years old and still in a swimsuit!


"Seeking Sister Wife" star Dimitri Snowden is divorcing his third wife ... another chapter in what's been a problematic last few weeks between the two, which included accusations of domestic abuse.

Dimitri filed for divorce from Christeline Peterson Tuesday in Los Angeles. The two do not have any children together.

Dimitri's divorce filing comes on the heels of Christeline's attempt at getting a restraining order against him, claiming he was physically abusive during their relationship over the past year.

As we first told you ... Christeline claimed Dimitri slammed her head into the headboard of their bed back in January, and she said he was abusive during sex. She claimed he choked her during sex, even though she told him not to, and claims she's suffered bruises, scratches and redness around her neck from the alleged choking.

We broke the story ... Dimitiri and Christeline were in court last month for a hearing on the matter, and a judge tossed the case, saying Christeline did not meet the burden of proof ... so the temporary restraining order was dissolved.

Christeline came to the United States from South Africa to be courted as Dimitri's third wife on the TLC reality show ... but that was then -- now he's calling it quits.

Rick Ross Police Chase Ends In Front Of Estate ... Cops Say Driver Had Gun

Rick Ross' Georgia estate is crawling with sheriff's deputies after a man allegedly armed with a gun led cops on a wild chase ... and now there's a hunt for the weapon.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Clayton County Sheriffs started a vehicle pursuit with a driver Tuesday after they got a call for a male with a gun. We're told the pursuit ended when the driver crashed near Ross' property and took off.

Our sources say law enforcement apprehended the driver, but sheriffs have not found the alleged gun and deputies are searching for the firearm on and around RR's property.

It's unclear if Rick was home at the time of the crash, but as you can see, his estate is the scene of a heavy police presence ... there's a boatload of sheriffs vehicles and tons of police.

Story developing ...

LAPD Officer Sued Cop Ordered Another Officer to Shoot his Nephew During George Floyd Protest

Fox 11

A 23-year-old filmmaker is suing his own uncle who ordered him shot, and the uncle is an LAPD cop.

Jamal Shakir Jr. joined a George Floyd protest a year ago this month in downtown L.A. and urged some of the cops on the scene to participate in the demonstration.

According to Jamal's lawyer, Carl Douglas, Jamal came face-to-face with officer Eric Anderson, but the cop was in no mood to engage Jamal. Instead, according to Douglas, Anderson told another cop to fire some sort of non-lethal weapon -- presumably loaded with rubber bullets -- at the filmmaker. According to Douglas, Anderson ordered that 2 shots be fired, striking Jamal in the hand and the butt and damaging ligaments.

The shocking part of the story -- Anderson is Jamal's uncle.

Fox 11

Jamal has not recovered from his injuries and is still receiving treatment a year later.


Jamal is now suing both his uncle and the City of L.A. for civil rights violations, assault and battery, false imprisonment and negligence. The lawsuit offers a blistering account of the incident, alleging Anderson "turned his trained wrath against a member of his own family, leaving a promising young entrepreneur, his own blood, scarred and reeling in the wake of his malicious attack."

Jamal claims his uncle "maliciously punished his own blood for merely calling him out against others protesting the tragic death of an unarmed Black man" during a peaceful protest.

Andrew Brown Jr. Police Shooting Vids Shown to His Family ... They Claim Killing 'Absolutely Unjustified'


The full police body cam footage of Andrew Brown Jr.'s fatal encounter with cops in North Carolina has been shown to his immediate family ... and they claim it corroborates their belief that he was unjustly gunned down.

Attorney Chance Lynch just gave a rundown of what Brown's family saw on the police footage. According to Lynch ... the video shows Brown sitting in his vehicle outside his home when he was ambushed by officers, and he never made any movement to provoke cops to shoot.

Lynch claims at all times Brown's hands were visible and he did not pose a threat to law enforcement, but then after the first shot, he put his car in reverse to try to get away.

Lynch says Brown was backing his car away from officers -- insisting at no time was a cop behind the vehicle -- but claims police kept firing shots at Brown's car ... too many to count.

After the final shot, Lynch says Brown lost control of his car and it went down a ditch and hit a tree. Lynch claims when the cops pulled Brown out of the car, they laid him flat on his face so they could see he was shot in the back of the head. Lynch says the cops then began to search Brown's home.

Lynch adds that no weapons were found and makes it very clear -- Brown's family and legal team firmly believe the fatal shooting was "absolutely unjustified."


Attorneys Bakari Sellers and Harry Daniels also spoke at a news conference immediately following the family's viewing of the police body cam footage at the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office.

Sellers called for the District Attorney to recuse himself, while Daniels encouraged peaceful protests in light of what the family saw on the footage.

Two of Brown's sons also spoke, and reiterated their belief that their father posed no threat to law enforcement and did not deserve to be killed. Brown's oldest son said ... "He wasn't in the wrong at all ... he's going to get his justice."

As we reported ... Pasquotank County Judge Jeffrey Foster made the controversial ruling last month to make the video available to Brown's family only -- not the media -- and also ordered the faces of any deputies and other identifying info in the video be blurred.


The judge ruled the footage should be available to the family within 10 days, and Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten showed the vids to the family on Tuesday.

The judge's orders stated only Brown’s immediate family and one lawyer could view the footage, and they could not record it for dissemination.

As you know ... prior to this, the family had only been shown about 20 seconds of Brown's killing, but that was enough for them to deem it an "execution."

Brown's family says it was one bullet to the back of his head that killed him based on a private autopsy, and the findings of that report show he also suffered 4 gunshot wounds to his right arm.


The family and legal team are still demanding the full body cam footage be released to the public, but the judge has stated he's going to wait a few more weeks to reevaluate making it available to more eyes.

Brown's killing -- which occurred on April 21 as police say they were executing a search warrant -- set off protests and demonstrations in Elizabeth City and surrounding areas. Mayor Bettie Parker declared a state of emergency, saying law enforcement expects a "period of civil unrest" following the video's release.

In the wake of the deadly shooting, 7 deputies have been placed on administrative leave and 3 more have resigned. Investigator Daniel Meads, Deputy Robert Morgan, and Corporal Aaron Lewellyn have been identified as the officers who fired their weapons during the incident.

Jack Harlow DJ Indicted for Murder In Nightclub Shooting


5:15 PM PT -- TMZ has obtained Ronnie's mugshot.

4:57 PM PT -- Jack's DJ surrendered to police and he's in custody at the Louisville Department of Corrections ... according to law enforcement.

Jack Harlow's DJ has just been indicted on a murder charge for his alleged role in a nightclub shooting in Louisville.

Prosecutors in Kentucky charged Ronnie Tyshon O'Bannon -- who goes by Ronnie Luciano -- with murder and tampering with physical evidence in connection with the fatal shooting ... and there's reportedly a warrant out for his arrest.

TMZ broke the story ... video shows the moment shots were fired inside Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge, where Jack was partying with his DJ.

The footage appears to show an altercation between a woman and at least one man, who lean into each other before falling over in a scuffle. At that moment, you hear what sounds like a gunshot, and everyone in the club makes a run for it, including Jack.

Cops say a 37-year-old woman was found dead from the shooting, and a man was transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Originally published -- 2:22 PM PT

Colin Kaepernick Publishing Book Calling to 'Abolish the Police'

"In order to eradicate anti-Blackness, we must also abolish the police" -- Colin Kaepernick.

That's the core message of a new book being published by the NFL quarterback -- who's arguing for the abolition of policing and prisons.

The book -- titled "Abolition for the People: The Movement for a Future Without Policing & Prisons" -- is set to drop in October and features 30 essays, including one from Colin himself.

Colin also served as editor on the project -- which we're told will be available in hard copy, audio book and e-book.

“The omnipresent threat of premature death at the hands, knees, chokeholds, tasers, and guns of law enforcement has only further engrained its anti-Black foundation into the institutions of policing," Kaepernick states.

"In order to eradicate anti-Blackness, we must also abolish the police. The abolition of one without the other is impossible."

One person familiar with the book says the conversation Colin wants to have with his readers is essentially this ... how do we reimagine and reenvision keeping communities safe without a militarized police presence?

Of course, Colin first took a knee during the national anthem back in 2016 to shine a spotlight on racial injustice and police brutality ... particularly in regards to incidents affecting the Black community.

Seems pretty obvious Colin feels the current policing system in the U.S. isn't satisfactory and needs a complete renovation from the ground up.

PORSHA WILLIAMS Never Really Friends with Falynn ... Faked it for Show Before Dating Her Ex!!!

Porsha Williams had no problems getting with the estranged husband of one of her costars, because the 'Real Housewives' were never actually pals ... despite how it seemed on TV.

We've spoken to multiple sources who've confirmed Porsha and Falynn Guobadia have never been friends, they literally met the day they filmed together on 'RHOA' -- producers simply told them to act as if they'd known each other.

As you know ... Porsha recently got engaged to Falynn's estranged husband, Simon, and 'Real Housewives' fans were losing their minds thinking Porsha stole her friend Falynn's man.

Porsha says her ex-fiancé, Dennis McKinley, is supportive of her new relationship with Simon ... and we're told Dennis and Simon were never friends either.

Falynn revealed her split from Simon last month, after 2 years of marriage, but we're told they separated in January.

Here's where it gets even more interesting -- Porsha's claiming Simon and Falynn's divorce is already finalized. In fact, we're told Porsha made it very clear to Simon his divorce had to be final before they began their relationship

However, Falynn tells us she's "focusing on finalizing my divorce and healing" -- so she has a much different timeline than her ex and Porsha do.

Our sources confirm Porsha and Simon have only been together for a month, not any longer ... and we're told Porsha had nothing to do with his split from Falynn.

That's their version of it, anyway -- but Falynn doesn't seem to be buying it.

Colt Brennan Ex-NFL QB Dead At 37 Found Unconscious at Rehab Facility

11:08 AM PT -- Colt was found unconscious at a rehab facility in Southern California a few days ago, his father Terry Brennan told The Star Advisor.

He was transported to Hoag Hospital in Newport where died on Monday.

Colt had been in a rehab program for the past 5 months to work on his sobriety when something went terribly wrong.

"He was doing so well, the spark was back in his eyes, and he was healthy and doing great, and it happened,” Terry told the outlet.

"These guys [at the rehab facility] were no-nonsense guys. It just got away from him. I don’t know how else to explain it. Maybe one day I’ll be able to explain it better."

Colt was surrounded by family and loved ones when he passed.

"He went peacefully ... He listened to Bob Marley. His sisters had a lei around him when he was unconscious. They had the music of Bob Marley playing near his ear."


Colt Brennan -- a former NFL quarterback who was a superstar in college -- has died. He was only 37 years old.

TMZ Sports has confirmed Brennan was in Southern California at the time of his death -- though the cause has not been revealed. We're working on it. Hawaii News Now broke the story.

Brennan was a star QB in high school, backing up Matt Leinart at Mater Dei.

But, he really broke out at the University of Hawaii where he developed into one of the best college QBs in the country.

In fact, Brennan finished 3rd in the Heisman Trophy voting in 2007 -- when he completed 359 passes for more than 4,300 yards and 38 TDs.

Dude balled out that year.

Brennan was selected in the 6th round of the 2008 NFL Draft by the Washington Football Team but never really caught on.

He had a quick stint with the Raiders before bouncing to the Canadian Football League ... followed by a short stint with the L.A. Kiss of the Arena Football League.

Just last month, Brennan wrote a detailed IG post reflecting on his life ... addressing a sexual misconduct allegation during his time at the University of Colorado (before he went to Hawaii).

Brennan was accused of exposing himself to a female student during a drunken bender.

Brennan denied the allegation -- though he was eventually convicted of felony burglary and trespassing and spent a week in jail.

Brennan was ordered to take a lie detector test about the sexual misconduct which he "passed."

He was also involved in a bad car accident (2010) and later arrested for DUI (2012 and 2019) -- all of which he addressed in his April 12 post.

"I’ve been through a lot in my life. I was a convicted felon for a crime I never committed, (passed polygraph and all). I captured every dream I had as a child."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I was drafted into the league only to have 2 knee and 2 hip surgeries. I reached my 3rd year in the NFL, only to awake from a coma with traumatic brain injury as a passenger in a car accident."

Brennan continued, "I battled drug and alcohol abuse, and eventually developed blood clots years after the car accident."

"I spent 9 months in the hospital and for the last 2 1/2 years have been trying to learn how to walk again with a broken heart."

JUNE 2011

"I found redemption once, I will find it again. They say: 'Some people are just born to fight, and it’s not their born brave or born strong. It’s just that the Universe decided that this one, this one will have the grit and fire, and the steel in their blood. They will be tested this cosmic mettle of theirs. They will face trial after trial, be broken and damaged in countless ways, but this one was born to fight.'"

Originally published -- 10:16 AM PT

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Vaxx Shot = Free Beer Plan Working ... There's Only 1 Problem


Gov. Phil Murphy wants to see 4.7 million NJ residents vaccinated by the end of June, and he's offering liquid encouragement to get it done -- and, not shockingly, he says his plan's working, so far.

Murphy joined "TMZ Live" Tuesday to tout "Operation Jersey Summer" ... his campaign to help the state reach its vaccination goal. There's a long list of initiatives but he says the one getting all the buzz, pun intended, is the shot and free beer program.

The Gov. says that with the Garden State having one of the strongest and fastest-growing craft beer industries, it only made sense to incentivize residents with a free beer at any of the nearly 50 participating breweries ... IF they can prove they got vaccinated in May.

It's that simple ... and Murphy says so far the program's a hit with the young crowd, which he hopes will keep the state's rate of vaccination going in the right direction. He added that even though infection rates are dropping, and more people are getting out and about in warmer weather ... he doesn't want residents getting complacent.

That being said, Murphy does have one dispute with the shot and beer program. Watch the clip ... he was joking, but there's some potential for version 2.0 of "Operation Jersey Summer." Just sayin, Gov!!!

Take us out, Lil Jon!!!

Soulja Boy Sued I Had a Miscarriage After You Beat Me

Soulja Boy pummeled his ex-GF with such violent force she suffered a miscarriage ... so she claims in a new lawsuit.

The woman, who filed her suit under the pseudonym Jane Doe to protect her identity, is suing the rapper claiming she was subjected to domestic violence for years at the hands of Soulja Boy.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims, while pregnant with his child in 2015, he became irate and violent after a simple convo and began to punch her in the face and the chest until she could no longer stand on her feet.

She says the punches caused her to fall to the ground, where she curled her body to protect her stomach while using her hands to cover her head. She claims Soulja also kicked her all over her body, particularly in the stomach ... and claims soon after she suffered a miscarriage.

She claims there were other violent incidents. Like in 2017 ... Jane says Soulja flew into a violent rage ... punching her in the face and breasts. She says things got so bad Soulja's security had to pull him away from her. She claims Soulja was pissed because he thought she was leaving him.

She says a 2018 incident was caught on camera. Jane claims a conversation turned violent as he stood over her and began to physically attack and yell at her. She claims the night vision cameras used on the show captured the incident, which later aired on the WeTV network in early 2019.

She also points to an alleged incident in 2019 when she claims he "tightly gripped" her neck and choked her while threatening her life after she rebuffed his efforts to rekindle the relationship.

Jane claims during the course of their relationship he would coerce her to engage in sexual acts through the threat of physical violence. She claims he subjected her to physical assault if she refused.

She's suing for assault, sexual battery, gender violence and more ... and she wants damages. We've reached out to Soulja's team for comment, so far no word back.

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