Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Pumpkin Patch Trip with Stormi ... But Not Back Together

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Kylie Jenner's stated that she and Travis Scott's main priority after breaking up is their daughter and their friendship ... so they focused on both with a fun family outing.

The ex-couple took Stormi to an L.A.-area pumpkin patch Tuesday ... and both of them shared photos of her having a blast in a cute little Halloween-themed outfit.

Kylie and Travis didn't snap any pics together, though ... and our sources say that's because they're not back on as a couple. However, we're told they have been spending time together and believe it's important to do stuff with their daughter as a team.

The pumpkin patch is the same spot they hit up last year as a family ... so they wanted to do it again for Stormi's sake.

We broke the story ... Kylie and Travis decided to take a break last month not long after they attended the premiere of Scott's documentary, "Look Mom, I Can Fly," in late August.

Our sources told us the split was amicable -- no nasty fights or cheating involved -- and it looks like things are still copacetic a few weeks later.

'Mayans' & 'SoA' Creator I Got Fired Because ... I'm an 'Abrasive Dick'

Kurt Sutter -- the showrunner and co-creator of "Mayans M.C." and "Sons of Anarchy" -- is out at FX, and he says it's all because word around the studio is he's an "abrasive dick." His words.

Kurt wrote a letter to his 'Mayans' cast explaining why he'd been axed and said, "At least being fired for being an abrasive dick is on brand." Kurt added he got canned because of a bunch of complaints against him.

After ripping FX and Disney in the letter, first posted by The Hollywood Reporter, Kurt apologized for making folks on the show feel unsupported, saying his "arrogance and chronic distraction has created wreckage."

'Mayans' is currently airing its second season ... and Kurt says he's sure the show is in good hands moving forward. However, a decision on a potential third season has reportedly not been finalized.

It's kinda funny, Kurt says his firing is a win-win -- for the people who wanted him gone, and for those who didn't.

We reached out to Kurt and the networks ... no word back so far.

Lindsie Chrisley Todd Accused Me of Affair with Tax Man ... Made Sex Tape Threat, 'It Won't End Well'

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Todd Chrisley tried to intimidate his daughter by accusing her of having an affair with a Georgia tax official, and warned her he had a sex tape of her -- at least that's what Lindsie Chrisley told Dr. Phil.

Lindsie spilled the tea on her dark meeting with her father, in which she says he tried to coerce her cooperation in his state tax case, but instead, ended up scaring her enough she went to cops.

Lindsie tells Dr. Phil she met with Todd thinking he wanted to reconcile, but instead he told her he had dirt -- proof of an affair with someone at the Georgia Dept. of Revenue's Office which was investigating him.

Separate from the Georgia tax man allegation ... Lindsie says her father told her he had nude photos and a sex tape of her -- allegedly purchased by her brother, Chase, for $5,000.

Dr. Phil asked if it was a veiled threat Todd might go to the media about her alleged affair and release the sex tape -- and Lindsie says that's exactly how she took it. She claims Todd wanted her to help him out out of legal woes. Lindsie says she opted to get her lawyer Musa Ghanayem involved and file a police report.


As we reported ... Todd and his wife, Julie, are suing Joshua Waites, the Director of the Georgia Dept. of Revenue's Office of Special Investigation, claiming he pursued a relationship with Lindsie in order to smear him.

In the lawsuit, Todd attached several texts between Waites and Lindsie. In one text, Waites writes, "So. Some stuff happened today. And we have a meeting the first of the year that is super big. And is all about Todd. Like serious. So. I want to know if you would be willing to talk about him or her."

Lindsie denies ever meeting Waites in person, but admits she communicated with him ... but only to protect her son. Todd and Julie recently settled the state tax evasion case, but are still dealing with a federal one.

As for that sex tape ... it became the subject of a federal extortion investigation in August, which is also still pending.

We've reached out to Todd's camp ... so far, no word back.

The full interview with Dr. Phil airs Thursday night.

Gina Rodriguez 'N***a' is OKAY in Scripts Too ... Said it in Old Comedy Skit


Gina Rodriguez comfort level with using the n-word is on display in a resurfaced clip -- and while it's a scripted sketch, it supports the notion Gina, and others, feel like she gets a pass.

The video which is just now going viral, for obvious reasons, is from over 7 years ago ... and shows Gina in a scene with 2 black men. Speaking to them like a coach, she says, "You heard me, take a lap, n***a."

The scene is from a YouTube skit for "Northside Comedy," and was shot long before her career started taking off as the lead in "Jane the Virgin."


Some folks online are pissed at Gina because the clip surfaced on the heels of her using the n-word while singing a Fugees song on social media. She apologized twice for using the term while singing along to Lauryn Hill.


TMZ broke the story ... Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman says he has no problem with Gina saying 'n***a' because her parents are Puerto Rican. Shawn says he considers Latinos to be black.

Gina herself has said her father identifies as Afro-Latino ... still, she's taking tons of flak online, and this newly-surfaced clip is adding fuel to that fire.

We reached out to Gina's camp for comment ... so far, no word back.

NBA Commish Adam Silver We Didn't Apologize to China But Hoping to Salvage Relationship


NBA commissioner Adam Silver wants to make it clear he did NOT apologize to the Chinese government for Daryl Morey's pro-Hong Kong tweet ... but he still wants to save the NBA's relationship with the foreign power.

"I'd hate to see this relationship end over this incident," Silver told TMZ Sports in New York.

When asked specifically if he would be open to going back to China to play more NBA exhibition games next year, Silver told us, "Nothing is off the table."

"We do need to reset with the Chinese government and everybody has to establish what the rules of the road are going to be going forward."

Silver touched on a variety of China-related topics during our conversation ... here are some of the hit points:

-- Silver says he's spoken with Daryl Morey several times since the initial "Stand with Hong Kong" tweet to make sure he's "getting through this okay."

-- Silver says Morey has been getting "pressure" from hundreds of millions of Chinese people but he's also happy Daryl is getting support from people in the U.S.

-- Silver says he has NOT spoken about the issue with Donald Trump but has had conversations with people in Trump's administration.

-- Silver has consulted with NBA player Enes Kanter about the situation. Kanter, who's from Turkey, has caught hell back home for speaking out against the Turkish government and he ripped LeBron James for the comments he made condemning Daryl Morey.

-- Silver also says he consulted former NBA commish David Stern about the issue since Stern is still an adviser to the league.

-- Silver also admitted he was "bothered" that the league's initial statement about the Morey tweet was interpreted by many to be an apology to the Chinese government.

The initial statement read, "We recognize that the views expressed by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey have deeply offended many of our friends and fans in China, which is regrettable."

"While Daryl has made it clear that his tweet does not represent the Rockets or the NBA, the values of the league support individuals’ educating themselves and sharing their views on matters important to them."

Silver explained to TMZ Sports ... "It bothered me that in saying we regretted upsetting hundreds of millions of Chinese fans while at the same time supporting Daryl Morey’s speech, it bothered me, I’d say, that it was interpreted as an apology to the Chinese government."

"We certainly didn’t apologize to the Chinese government."

"We supported Daryl from the get-go in terms of his ability to tweet. We also made clear that there were consequences from that speech. And, I think that was no doubt frustrating to a lot of people in the NBA community because it was incredibly disruptive. But, you know, we accepted that. Daryl knew we accepted that. There was not much we could do about that. But, I think it bothered me that somehow even though we – I felt were holding the line in a way that many companies haven’t been able to in China, meaning there was no discipline of our employee, there was never a suggestion that we weren’t supporting him."

Silver added, "In fact, I spoke out in favor of freedom of expression. Somehow, there was a sense from some people that that was the equivalent of kowtowing to the Chinese government. I certainly didn’t see it that way, but people are entitled to their opinion."

Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse Is Now For Rent!!! For a Limited Time Only

Wannabe a true Barbie girl? Now you can because, for the first time ever, you can stay at the Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse, but there's a catch.

The life-size Dreamhouse -- located in the heart of Malibu, of course -- is now listed on Airbnb. It's a one-time deal for a 2-night stay to commemorate the brand's 60th anniversary. But, those who wanna book are gonna have to pounce fast when bookings open at 11 AM PT on October 23.

The lucky person who books it will get to bring 3 guests from October 27 to October 29 for an unlike Malibu price of just $60 per night. The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom pad is quite palatial.

The Dreamhouse has 3 floors with ocean views with TONS of space to spread around with friends and family. It's also got an infinity pool, hot tub and a private theater. But, that's not all.

Airbnb's throwing some incredible experiences -- like taking fencing classes from world-class fencing champion Ibtihaj Muhammad. Famed chef Gina Clarke-Helm will also provide cooking lessons and, in true Barbie style, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin will drop by offering makeovers.

To celebrate the rare listing, Airbnb's gonna make a donation to one of the charities involved in The Barbie Dream Gap Project on behalf of the person who books it.

OKAY, go ahead and scream.

Jennifer Lawrence Getting Hitched ... Menu is Over the Top!!!

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Jennifer Lawrence is about to walk down the aisle this weekend -- but the big scoop here is what she and her guests will feast on ... a smorgasbord of fancy eats and drinks.

We got some deets on JLaw's wedding -- which is going down Saturday at a swanky venue in Rhode Island, 8 months after she got engaged. We gotta say, for a relatively short engagement ... they've put together a pretty elaborate affair.

Clearly, Jen and hubby-to-be Cooke Maroney pulled out all the stops ... hiring celeb wedding planner Mark Seed to do the party for about 150 people.

The Image Direct

Let's start with the grub, shall we? According to the menu, folks are gonna have their pick from a variety of hors d'oeuvres ...

-- sweet potato flat cakes
-- brussels sprouts with cured egg yolk
-- smoked pork belly with pickled apple
-- salt cod beignet

Moving on to the main course options -- here's what Jen and Cooke, or their hired help, will be serving up ...

-- either wood-roasted fish with herbs and lemon-infused butter OR ...
-- 5-week-aged leg of beef with forager's sauce.

There are veggies too -- heirloom roasted carrots, smoked new potatoes, whey braised cabbage ... blah, blah, blah. Let's get to the good good.

Dessert's coming in hot!

-- fire-baked sourdough bread pudding with chocolate
-- salted caramel and fresh apple
-- cauldron fritters with bourbon cream and cinnamon sugar
-- house-made marshmallow s'mores.

They have S'MORES, y'all.

As for drinks, specialty cocktails appear to boil down to either a bourbon old-fashioned or gin cucumber lavender champagnes ... served at a cash bar. JK!!!

Like we said, it's gonna be extravagant. Dare we say ... decadent???

Joe Giudice Freedom Danza!!! Celebrates with Italian Fam


Joe Giudice is taking full advantage of no longer being held behind bars ... by cutting a rug with his mom and brother in Italy.

Joe's family recently held a celebration for him finally being out of prison, and the good vibes were flowing on the dance floor as everyone gathered around to watch the 3 show off their tarantella moves.

Joe's mom and bro made the trek from New Jersey so they could be there for him when he first arrived after his release from ICE custody last week.

Sources close to Giudice tell TMZ ... he's "doing amazing" staying near Salerno with his extended family -- which includes his grandmother and cousins -- and is talking to Teresa and their kids daily on the phone and via FaceTime.

We're told they will be traveling to visit Joe the first week of November, as well ... and can't wait to be reunited. The trip would have come sooner, but we're told the kids' school schedules delayed it a bit.

The family lawyer, James Leonard, tell us ... "They can’t wait to see each other. They can’t wait to sit down and have dinner as a family for the first time in three and half years. They can’t wait to hug each other for the first time in almost a year and talk and laugh like normal people."

Other than celebrating, we're told Joe's been getting acclimated with his new surroundings and is planning to start the job hunt soon. He's down 55 lbs. from his time in detention thanks to a healthy diet and exercise ... so he's feeling great too.

As for his immigration case ... we're told there's expected to be some movement in late November. As we've reported ... Joe appealed his deportation order and was allowed to go to Italy while immigration officials decide his fate.

Felicity Huffman Settles $30k Tab ... Daughter Looking College-Ready

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8:58 AM PT -- Felicity just took another big step in paying her debt to society -- according to docs, she's paid the $30,000 fine that was part of her sentence. 

She still has to complete 250 hours of community service ... and, of course, she still has 10 more grueling days in prison.

While Felicity Huffman's doing soft time in federal prison, her daughter looks ready to do some time back east at college ... which could mean she now has legit SAT scores.

Sophia Grace -- Felicity and William H. Macy's firstborn -- was rocking a Fordham University hoodie Wednesday in L.A. ... perhaps tipping her hand on which university she'll attend once the dust settles from the college bribery scandal.

You'll recall ... the feds busted Sophia's mom for paying ringleader Rick Singer $15k to fudge Sophia's SATs. When Felicity begged the judge for leniency in legal docs, she said Sophia was suffering because she couldn't get into any university due to her tainted test.


According to the photog, Sophia was actually walking into a school of some sort in L.A. on Wednesday. Unclear if it was a community college or maybe an acting school.

Sophia's made it clear she wants to follow in Mom and Dad's acting footsteps.

Speaking of pops, William's back on his j-o-b. He was shooting a scene Wednesday in L.A. for "Shameless" that required his character, Frank Gallagher, to scale a fence.

Let's hope Felicity's not pulling the same move up at FCI Dublin.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House Sells for $18 Million ... Sets New Record

One of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous houses is off the market after a mystery buyer dropped a fortune on it ... making it the most expensive sale of a home designed by the legendary architect.

The Ennis House, which is located in the foothills of the L.A. neighborhood of Los Feliz, was built by Wright's son in 1924 for Charles and Mabel Ennis and is known as a unique masterpiece ... made almost entirely of granite blocks.

The property's been a hot spot for Hollywood filmmakers over the years, appearing in countless shows and movies ... including 1982's "Blade Runner."

The home has been through some hardships -- after suffering structural damage in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, it was neglected and deteriorated until it was purchased in 2011 and restored by supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle.

Burkle bought the place for $4.5 mil but pumped nearly $17 million into it to bring it back to a state of pure beauty, which means the new buyer actually got quite a bargain at the $18 mil purchase price ... especially since the asking price was $23 mil.

As for the specifics of the Ennis House ... it's over 6,000 square feet including the detached guest quarters, 3 beds, 3.5 baths and the main house features a gorgeous marble floor linking the various rooms.

There are hardwood floors and leaded glass windows throughout ... along with a fireplace, a vintage kitchen, a media room with a wet bar, a swimming pool, a koi pond and one hell of a view of the city.

The sale easily broke the previous record for an FLW house set by the Storer House in Hollywood Hills ... it went for $6.8 mil in 2013.

The Ennis House was listed by realtors Branden and Rayni Williams of Hilton & Hyland.

Rep. Elijah Cummings Dead at 68


7:32 AM PT -- The White House flag is flying at half-staff to honor Rep. Cummings ... and his nemesis, President Trump, even offered some kind words. 

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Trump tweeted, "My warmest condolences to the family and many friends of Congressman Elijah Cummings. I got to see first hand the strength, passion and wisdom of this highly respected political leader. His work and voice on so many fronts will be very hard, if not impossible, to replace." 

Elijah Cummings, one of the strongest voices in Congress for decades who early on expressed outrage at the way Donald Trump was running the country, has died.

Cummings had been hospitalized earlier this week and underwent some sort of medical treatment. His office said the Congressman passed due to "complications concerning longstanding health challenges."

Cummings proudly served his Baltimore district where he grew up ... coming home every night from D.C.

He was a civil rights leader from an early age. When he was 11 he was partly responsible for integrating a Baltimore swimming pool ... as he was being hit by rocks and bottles.


Cummings attended Howard University where he became student body president and went on to get a law degree at the Univ. of Maryland. He became a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, where he became the youngest member of the Black Caucus.

He won his seat to the House in 1996, rose through the ranks and became the Chairman of the Black Caucus and Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Recently, after Trump attacked the City of Baltimore, Cummings went after the Prez ... something he was never afraid to do. He became a fierce opponent of Trump's immigration policies, especially the one that separated children from families, calling it inhumane.

As for his health issues, Cummings had been dealing with ill health for years, which included heart surgery.

Cummings was 68. RIP.

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Helen Hunt Car Flipped In Scary Wreck


Helen Hunt was rushed to the hospital after the SUV she was riding in flipped over during a violent crash in Los Angeles ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


Our sources say the Academy Award-winning actress was the solo passenger in the back of a black SUV Tuesday afternoon when another car clipped Helen's, flipping it onto its side.

In video of the wreck, obtained by TMZ, you can see the violent collision -- it appears Helen's vehicle thought it had a clear path to cross the intersection -- the SUV almost makes it to the other side, but gets clipped at the last second, flipping it over.

Sources say Helen, who became super famous from the TV classic, "Mad About You," and went on to do big flicks like "Twister" and "As Good as it Gets," was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Bev Hills after complaining of pain. We're told she was transported in stable condition. We don't know the status of the SUV driver or the other driver involved.

We got Helen leaving the hospital a few hours after the accident ... her rep tells us she was shaken, but suffered no major injuries.


We're told no one was cited for the crash, and drugs and alcohol are not suspected in the incident.

Tony Romo Punked On Course By Fake Snake ... 'Son Of A Bitch!'

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Hilarious moment on the links Wednesday ... Tony Romo was scared crapless by a fake snake -- and it was all because of a prank played on him by ex-NBA star Deron Williams!

Romo -- a near-scratch golfer when he's not broadcasting NFL games -- was out at Maridoe Golf Club in Texas with Williams when Deron decided to have some fun.

The former Utah Jazz superstar laid down a rubber snake by Romo's golf cart ... and fired up his phone's camera.

What happened next was hilarious ... Romo initially walked by it without seeing it, but when he got out of his cart and finally noticed it -- HE ALMOST JUMPED OUT HIS SHOES!!

Once the QB realized he'd been pranked, he smirked and said, "That son of a bitch!" -- while Williams laughed his ass off!!!

"I’m sorry @tony.romo I had to do it!!!" Williams said of the joke. "All this proves is if they put u back there for a few snaps u could shake off them ankle tackles."

Williams plays this trick all the time while he's out on the golf course ... and it's laugh out loud hilarious EVERY TIME!!!

As for the scorecard, smart money says Romo took the round from Williams ... but Deron DEFINITELY got the last laugh either way!!!

Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Grabbing Woman's Butt at L.A. Party ... Cleared By Prosecutors


Cuba Gooding Jr. allegedly grabbed a handful of butt at a party in Los Angeles and the woman reported him to police, but prosecutors didn't feel they had enough evidence to charge the actor with a crime ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Cuba's alleged butt-grabbing went down at a shindig in L.A. sometime in the past year -- the woman filed a police report and cops investigated. We're told the case was turned over to the L.A. City Attorney for misdemeanor sexual battery, but the City Attorney rejected the case in August because of a lack of evidence.

Cuba's attorney, Mark Heller, tells TMZ ... "Cuba doesn’t recall this case. He’s out every night of his life. He meets so many people. He interacts with so many people -- he can’t remember all the people he meets."

This previously unknown allegation against Cuba comes on the heels of Tuesday's 4-count indictment against him in New York, where he's facing one count of forcible touching and one count of sexual abuse in the third degree -- both misdemeanors -- related to his new accuser, and the same charges for his original accuser from this summer's rooftop bar incident.


Cuba, who turned himself in to cops in NYC before being released Tuesday, has pled not guilty to those 4 charges.

LeBron James Rocks 'No Clout' Shirt ... After Lakers Game


Is LeBron James using fashion to make a political statement? Maybe ...

After LeBron dropped 18 points in the Lakers preseason win over Golden State on Wednesday, he took his wife out for a date while wearing a Nike shirt that says, "No Clout."

A lot of Bron critics would probably agree with the shirt after the way LeBron's been handling the China situation ... so you gotta wonder if Bron picked out the shirt as a way of acknowledging and addressing the backlash.

Or, maybe he just liked the shirt.

We tried to ask Bron about the China situation on his way out of the Highlight Room Rooftop Lounge in L.A., where he had a date night with Savannah ... but it was clear Bron wouldn't go there.

Instead, he engaged with fans, complimented some young girls as "Queens" and got into his car ... he was very nice to everyone.

Seems Bron is looking to get his life back to normal amid the China drama -- he balled out during the preseason game and everyone's talking about this insane no-look, over the shoulder assist.

Are people ready to move on already? We'll see ...

'Office' Star Jenna Fischer Jim & Pam Still Together??? Uhhh, What Do You Think, Chrissy?!?


Chrissy Teigen thinks Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are definitely dunzo after getting married 10 years ago -- but Pammy herself is all like, whoa, whoa ... that's just what she said.

Yep, we ran into Jenna Fischer as she left the "Today" show in NYC -- where she was plugging her new 'Office'-themed podcast with Angela Kinsey -- and asked her point-blank ... if she and her TV hubby are divorced all these years later or nah???

Chrissy first raised the issue with a whole 'Office' romances theory that went viral -- she thinks every other couple EXCEPT J&P is going strong.

Welp, Jenna has some thoughts on that. You gotta watch to get her full retort to Chrissy, but suffice to say, she's clear that Jim and Pam ARE together. OKAY, Chrissy?!?

Of course, die-hard 'Office' fans probably already suspected that ... considering everything they overcame together in season 9 when Philly Jim emerged and put his relationship on the rocks with his soulmate. SUPER LATE Spoiler alert -- Jim finally chose Pam over work.

And, according to Mrs. Beesly-Halpert herself ... they DID live happily ever after!!! Can we get a YUP?!?