Gloria Steinem T.I.'s Virginity Check Abuses Daughter's Human Rights


Gloria Steinem believes T.I. is violating the law by going to his daughter's gynecology exams to make sure she's a virgin, and she says the courts should get involved. Seriously.

We talked to the pioneering journalist and feminist Tuesday at LAX, where she weighed in on Tip's controversial confession about his now 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah. Like many have said, she thinks his behavior reeks of a classic sexist with control issues

But, Gloria went further ... calling the practice a human rights violation.

Dad's in charge
Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

As for Deyjah signing off on doctors sharing her medical info with her dad -- GS thinks there's an off-balance power relationship there too.

As we reported, T.I. went on the "Ladies Like Us" podcast and told the hosts he attends Deyjah's annual gynecology visits and asks the doctor for "his results." He said he wants the doctor to ensure her hymen is intact ... which he believes proves she's still a virgin.

When our photog broke the news to Gloria that T.I.'s cool with his younger teenage son having sex, well ... let's just say that was her breaking point.

As far as she's concerned, it's time for a judge to step up. Just watch.

Popeyes Stabbing Suspect's Name Released ... Warrant Issued for Arrest

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Prince George's County Police

The guy who allegedly stabbed someone to death at a Popeyes on the East Coast has been ID'd by cops -- and now they're looking to bring him in on murder charges.

The Prince George's County Police Department in Maryland say they believe 30-year-old Ricoh McClain is the one responsible for the fatal stabbing that took place last week that left 28-year-old Kevin Tyrell Davis dead after an in-line dispute escalated.

Cops say they were called in to respond to a fight, and when they arrived ... they discovered Davis in the restaurant's parking lot with a single stab wound that ultimately killed him.

Prince George's County Police

As for what exactly led up to the stabbing, cops say they believe Davis had cut in line ... which turned into a verbal dispute, and then into a physical altercation outside. Police say McClain fled from the area and has not been captured yet. A warrant for his arrest has been issued, and authorities there are asking anyone who knows his whereabouts to speak up.

Police have released a mug shot of McClain from a previous arrest, and they've also put out an image of him in the Popeyes that was captured on surveillance video.

He's facing several charges related to this -- 1st and 2nd-degree murder, assault and reckless endangerment. Cops consider him armed and dangerous.

Colin Kaepernick Holding Open Workout ... NFL Invites All Teams

Exclusive Details

2:37 PM PT -- Sources tell TMZ Sports ... the NFL got involved with the workout after "multiple" teams reached out to the league office to express interest in Colin.

We're told the reason they didn't go directly to Kaep's people is because of the collusion lawsuit settlement. In other words, they wanted to check in with league brass to make sure talking with Colin would be cool with everybody.

In the end, the league not only gave the thumbs up but offered up resources to set up the workout. All teams have been informed they can either send a scout or request video footage of the workout.

Colin Kaepernick will showcase his talent for NFL teams at a private workout in Atlanta on Saturday in hopes of getting another shot at playing in the league.

... and get this -- the workout was arranged by the NFL!

A memo was sent to every NFL team informing them about the workout session ... which will include throwing drills and an interview session with interested parties.


The biggest question ... will any team take Colin up on the offer and attend the workout?

There are plenty of teams in need of a QB -- starting and backups -- starting with the Cincinnati Bengals, who suck right now.

Kaepernick has been working out and training 5 days a week for years in the hopes of getting back to the NFL ... but said recently no teams have called him for a workout.

Ya gotta assume ... if a team does show up, they will ask him about his kneeling protest and if he plans to continue to take a knee during the national anthem if he does sign with a team.

Remember, Kap's former 49ers' teammate, Eric Reid -- who took a knee with Colin -- is currently playing with the Carolina Panthers and still kneels for the anthem.

Interestingly enough, Cam Newton just went to IR with a foot injury -- so there could be room for a QB over there ... we'll see if they attend the workout.

Colin hasn't played in the NFL since the 2016 season when he parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers.

Kaepernick sued the NFL claiming the league colluded to blackball him because of his protest -- but they later settled the case.

Story developing ...

Trina Lady Called Me N***** When I Tried to Console Her!!!


Trina is dropping a bombshell about that heated Walmart confrontation with a white woman who called her the n-word -- the whole thing started with the rapper trying to help a stranger.

The iconic emcee was on "TMZ Live" when she revealed what led up to the madness last Friday in a Florida Walmart. Trina says all she did was try to console the woman, who was openly crying in the store.

You have to see Trina break down what happened after she asked the weeping woman if she was okay. As they say, no good deed ...


As you know, Trina wasn't having it after the woman called her "n****r bitch." TMZ got the video of all hell breaking loose ... as Trina fired back at her, but only verbally.

Trina told us she was able to restrain herself and not inflict any physical harm on the woman -- which she notes likely would've resulted in major legal trouble for herself instead of the mouthy customer.


The only silver lining in this whole mess -- Trina said other Walmart shoppers were supportive after the incident, with at least one of them coming up, tearfully, to hug her.

Kylie Jenner Trespasser's Gonna Do Time in Lockup


The man who showed up at Kylie Jenner's house demanding to see her is going to be spending a lot of time in the big house -- he just got sentenced to a year behind bars.

The L.A. County Superior Court clerk tells TMZ ... Brandon Sevilla Martinez pled no contest to one misdemeanor count of trespass by driving on private property, and one felony count of bringing contraband into jail -- a glass pipe he had when he got busted.

Martinez will serve his sentence in L.A. County Jail.

TMZ broke the story ... Kylie got a temporary restraining order against Martinez last month after reporting he walked up her driveway and aggressively knocked on her door asking to see her. A security guard escorted him off the property and he was arrested.

We're told Martinez also got 3 years probation, and he has to stay at least 100 yards away from all parts of Hidden Hills -- the neighborhood where Kylie lives.

A hearing to extend the temporary restraining order is set for later this month.

President Trump Walk of Fame Star Vandalized in Broad Daylight ... Stunt Caught on Video


2:39 PM PT -- The star has been totally cleaned up.

President Trump's walk of fame star has fallen under attack from yet another angry American ... and we got the whole thing on video.

Check out our clip ... you can see the suspect casually approach the Hollywood Blvd star around 9:30 Tuesday morning -- reach into her bag -- pull out what appears to be white spray paint, and then coat the star. She's in and out in just seconds.


As we've extensively reported ... Trump's star has been the target of a bunch of attacks since he won the election.

You'll recall Trump was labeled "Putin's Bitch" earlier this year. It didn't take long for the star to get cleaned up. Other vandals have taken an even more hardcore approach. As we reported ... someone took a pickax to the star. Even George Lopez (fake) peed on it last year.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has worked quickly after each incident to restore the star ... and even the LAPD has gotten involved in some of the cases.

John Witherspoon Suffered from Coronary Artery Disease ... Acc. to Death Certificate

John Witherspoon was dealing with several heart-related ailments when he suffered his fatal heart attack ... according to his death certificate.

TMZ obtained the document which says the beloved actor was battling coronary artery disease. It also says he had hypertension, although that's not listed as a direct cause of the heart attack ... but it certainly didn't help his ability to survive it.

As we reported, John died Oct. 29 at his home in Sherman Oaks, CA. The death certificate lists his time of death as 5:30 PM.

We obtained dispatch audio from John's death ... and you can hear the dispatcher request rescue for an unconscious man, saying he's under cardiac arrest and CPR was in progress.


It wasn't long before the dispatcher said the man had died and cancels the rescue.

His family announced the sudden passing saying, "It is with deep sadness we have to tweet this, but our husband & father John Witherspoon has passed away."

The statement went on, "He was a Legend in the entertainment industry, and a father figure to all who watched him over the years. We love you 'POPS' always & forever."

John, of course, was a legendary comic and actor who had TONS of TV and movie credits to his name. Most notably ... John played Willie Jones, father of Ice Cube's character, Craig, in all of the "Friday" movies." He was also simply Pops on "The Wayans Bros."

He was 77.

'Days of Our Lives' Entire Cast is Free to Go!!! End of an Era?!?

NBC Universal

It's feeling like the end of days for the stars of "Days of Our Lives" -- the entire cast just got released from their contracts.

TMZ has confirmed the producers of the more than 50-year-old soap opera let all their actors out of their deals ... meaning they're all free to get new jobs, but it doesn't necessarily mean the show's definitely sunk.

The NBC sudser, which is about to begin season 55, is going on indefinite hiatus. The network is expected to decide in early 2020 whether to bring it back for season 56.

The good news for 'Days' fans ... the soap shoots 8 months in advance, and there's going to be enough episodes in the bank when the show halts production at the end of November to last through Summer 2020. Whew.

So, to be clear ... "Days of Our Lives" -- which first aired in 1965 -- has NOT been canceled. Not yet. It's possible they'll bring everyone back, if the network re-ups, but at lower salaries.

We've reached out to NBC ... but no word back, so far.

Kanye West Will Appear at Joel Osteen's Sunday Service ... Choir in Tow


7:02 AM PT -- It just got way better. Our Kanye sources tell us Ye will bring his traveling choir to Houston and he and the choir will perform during Sunday's nighttime service. So, Kanye will take the pulpit and talk to Joel in the morning, and perform in the evening.

Kanye West may have his biggest audience yet for a Sunday Service, because we've learned he's agreed to take the stage for Joel Osteen's incredibly popular Sunday ritual.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Ye and Joel have been talking fairly regularly recently ... they've become friends, especially since Kanye has doubled down in his devotion to God.

We're told the plan is for Kanye to show up at Joel's 11 AM service in Houston this coming Sunday at the Lakewood Church. Kanye will walk up to the pulpit and have a conversation with Joel that will last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Our sources say Joel wants his congregation -- which stands 45,000 strong -- and his TV audience -- which stands at 10 million in the U.S. alone -- to hear how Kanye has overcome significant adversity in his life.

As one source put it, "Kanye used to be about nothing greater than himself. Now it's all about a higher power." BTW, Kanye has echoed this sentiment before. We're told Joel will ask Kanye to contrast his life then and now.

We're told Kanye will not perform at the 11 AM service, but Joel has other services later in the day so it's possible Kanye would stick around. He doesn't seem to go anywhere on Sundays without his choir, so it would not be at all surprising if they show up in H-Town this weekend!

BTW ... the service will be broadcast live on SiriusXM.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

Disney+ Launches Ya Gotta See the Baby Yoda!!! (That's If Ya Can Connect)

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Disney Plus

If you've lost one or more friends down the Disney+ wormhole today, here's why -- how freakin' adorable is baby Yoda??? Or terrifying ... depends on your perspective.

Yes, the infant/future Jedi master ... is just one of the 'Star Wars' characters introduced in "The Mandalorian," the new Jon Favreau directed series that debuted when Disney launched its stupidly hyped streaming service at midnight.

Look around you ... more people out "sick" from work? Here's why -- the service gives fans instant access to, not only 'Mandalorian,' but ALL VII 'Star Wars' episodes, ALL the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV shows today, and of course ALL of Disney and Pixar's smash hit animated movies.

That's right ... now you can hear "Let It Go" on repeat for $6.99/month. Sorry.

Of course, that all assumes you can login to the service. Disney+ soft-launched in the U.S., Canada and The Netherlands ... but many users (check your social media) are complaining about connectivity issues.

Bummer for Ralph of "Wreck-It Ralph" fame -- he pulled the short straw to get the honor of greeting users who couldn't log in to the service.

Still, the positive buzz is definitely outweighing the negative, so far.

Just ask longtime character actor Brian Posehn (you know that face) who totally geeked out binging 'Mandalorian' overnight. Looks like he scored an uncredited cameo in it, too! The Force is strong with this one.

Kevin Hart Quit Asking Me the Wrong Questions ... Think Big Picture!!!


It's not like Kevin Hart wants paps to hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya' ... but he would like for peeps to focus on important things instead of stuff like safely operating a motor vehicle.

The comedian was out Monday in WeHo leaving a studio where he looked like a man on a mission. But, he was clearly riled by questions about his car crash.

Kevin scoffed at a question about safety regulations on muscle cars -- installing safety harnesses. As we reported, Kevin's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda did not have harnesses and no one in the car had a seat belt on at the time of the crash. Nevertheless, Kevin wants peeps to focus on living life and things that matter ... laughter and love. His words.

As we reported ... Kevin made his first public appearance since his car wreck more than 2 months ago ... accepting the Comedy Act Award at the People's Choice Awards Sunday night. He got the award for his Netflix special, "Irresponsible."

It's worth noting ... Kevin strapped in after hopping into a supped up SLS Mercedes-Benz sports car. Dude definitely seems happy to be back out and about living a busy life after serious rehab and physical therapy for his 3 spinal fractures.

Snoop Dogg's Pal Rapper Bad Azz Dies in Jail at 43

Rapper Bad Azz -- one of Snoop Dogg's close friends in the game -- has died in jail.

Bad Azz appears to have passed away Monday while being held in custody at a detention center in Riverside, CA on a domestic violence charge. It's unclear how he may have died, but the guy was picked up Friday and had an upcoming court date Tuesday.

His bail was set at just $10,000, and based on jail records ... it doesn't look he'd bailed out.

The west coast MC was an affiliate of Snoop's, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Warren G, Nate Dogg and others associated with Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips based out of Long Beach.

He'd collaborated with all of those guys, plus Tupac (when he was alive) as well as MC Eiht, Mistah F.A.B., Bizzy Bone, The Lady of Rage, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes and others. He put out four solo albums and was featured on at least 2 collaborative albums.

His DPGC buddies posted tons of tributes on social media -- seeming to confirm his death -- including an Instagram post by Snoop who wrote ... "Damn 😥. R. I. P. To my young. D. P. G. L. L. G. L. B. C. Crew original @badazzlbc gone 2 soon."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

One of his most famous tracks was "Wrong Idea," which featured SD. He had well over 70 features credited to his name over the years, dating back to the mid-90s.

Bad Azz was 43.


Sean Spicer 86'd from 'DWTS' Trump Bump Not Enough

Sean Spicer finally got the boot from "Dancing with the Stars" ... this after weeks of low scores, though you'd never know it from President Trump's tweets.

POTUS' former White House Press Secretary was eliminated Monday night during the Boy Band & Girl Group Night episode, which was the quarterfinals. The elimination round came down between Sean and fellow contestant Lauren Alaina.

The writing had been on the wall for weeks now as Spicer's performances continually kept earning low scores from the judges ... but fan votes kept him alive. Until they didn't.

Trump, as he's done pretty much all season, took to Twitter and urged his base to vote for Sean. But then, oddly, Trump deleted the tweet after Spicer's elimination.

POTUS followed up with a new tweet saying, "A great try by @seanspicer. We are all proud of you!"

Spicer had been dancing with fill-in partner Jenna Johnson after his partner, Lindsay Arnold, was forced to miss the last couple of weeks due to the passing of her mother-in-law.

He's got the Base

Not everyone was a happy camper with Sean's run. "The Office" star Kate Flannery was on that train and said as much when she recently hopped on "TMZ Live" voicing her frustration and confusion with Spicer's popularity vote.

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie What Big Eyes/Small Teeth You Have Now New Tweaks After Backlash

Paramount Studios / SEGA

Sonic the Hedgehog looks a lot less frightening now after he got an eye job and a good mouth sanding -- which should hopefully put restless die-hard fans at ease.

A new trailer for the part-live-action 'Sonic' movie dropped on Tuesday, and our favorite video game hero underwent a major redesign since tremendous backlash from back in May -- when the blue furball looked more human than cartoon character ... and folks noticed.

Now, he's back to his normal self -- with larger eyes and significantly smaller teeth. And frankly, that's good ... nobody wants to see Sonic's fillings in the upcoming action flick.

Fans knew these tweaks were coming, BTW. The director of the movie, Jeff Fowler, forecast as much when he said he'd heard 'em loud and clear on the feedback, adding it'd happen.

Based on reactions so far, it seems the public is relatively pleased with what they're seeing. That's gotta be a relief for Paramount -- the film's coming out in a few months!!!