'When They See Us' Ava Duvernay Sued Over 'Reid Technique' ... Creator Says Film Trashed His Work


Netflix and "When They See Us" creator Ava Duvernay are being sued over the police interrogation technique depicted in the film because its creator claims the movie got his method all wrong.

A former cop named John Reid claims in his lawsuit ... the Emmy-winning film defamed him by saying his method was used to squeeze statements out of the Central Park 5 suspects.

In particular, he points out a scene from episode 4 where a detective and someone from the D.A.'s Office are discussing the interrogation of the suspects. The prosecution staffer says to the detective, "You squeezed statements out of them after 42 hours of questioning and coercing, without food, bathroom breaks, withholding parental supervision. The Reid Technique has been universally rejected. That's truth to you."


In the lawsuit, Reid says the technique he created specifically does not teach withholding parental supervision, denying interview subjects any of their rights or making threats of physical harm. He claims it specifically calls for extra caution when interviewing minors.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Reid questions Duvernay saying, "We did our research" before making the film by inviting law enforcement personnel to discuss the case. Reid claims if that were true -- Ava would have learned his technique disavows the type of things depicted in the movie.

He believes the filmmakers deliberately "fabricated a scene designed to broadcast to the audience a conversation they made up that included false statements as to the Reid Technique."

He goes on to defend the Reid Technique, saying it's widely used by law enforcement ... and calls for a structured interview and interrogation process that consists of three stages: fact analysis, investigative non-confrontational interview and interrogation.

According to the docs, Reid says his method is anything but "universally rejected." He says he's conducted more than 6,500 seminars and trained more than 200,000 people to use it, since 2002.

Reid says he demanded a retraction in July ... 2 months after the series was released, but Netflix refused. He's now suing Netflix and Ava for defamation and wants the series to turn over a chunk of the profits, and other damages.

We've reached out to Netflix and Ava ... so far, no word back yet.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Tatianna Arrested ... For Disorderly Conduct


A well-known contestant from "RuPaul's Drag Race" got busted this weekend for allegedly acting a fool -- and then posed for this epic mug shot afterward.

Joey Santolini -- AKA Tatianna of season 2 -- was arrested Sunday in Atlanta for disorderly conduct. Allow us to explain.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Tatianna was taken in by cops after she allegedly followed a nightclub employee back into the building through a door she wasn't supposed to use. According to cops, the employee had just snapped a photo with her, and after that ... he went in through an employees-only entrance.


Tatianna allegedly wanted to come in that way too, despite the employee telling her to go around the front. We're told Tatianna ignored him, and came in through the back anyway. That's when cops were called ... and things allegedly got a little outta hand.

Our sources when officers arrived, Tatianna refused to leave peacefully after being asked ... and had to be escorted out the joint in handcuffs.

Tatianna almost went the distance on the second season of 'Drag Race' in 2010, finishing fourth out of all 12 contestants. She also came back and competed on "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars." Tatianna went on to appear in Taylor Swift's video for "You Need to Calm Down."

She's probably best known as one of the youngest drag queens to compete on the show -- she was just 21 at the time of filming her first time around -- and became a breakout fan fave through her runs, known for her zippy catchphrases and fierce performances.

As for the alleged backdoor incident -- hey, we all make choices ... and they don't always work out.

Alex Trebek No Plans to Step Down as 'Jeopardy' Host


Alex Trebek is clearly having some difficulties taking the reigns of "Jeopardy!" as he undergoes a second round of chemo for pancreatic cancer, but it is full steam ahead and there are no signs Alex is throwing in the towel.

Trebek's recent interview with Canadian TV fueled speculation his days as the host of the iconic game show may be numbered. He said chemo has caused mouth sores to erupt, making it difficult to speak. Alex has said repeatedly, if his ability to host the show diminishes, he will step down, but we're told that's NOT on the horizon.

"Jeopardy!" production sources tell us the show is taped 2.5 months in advance, and as of now, they have shows well into December. So, if Alex is under the weather and misses a few tapings, it won't send the show into freefall.

Fact is ... Alex is taping twice this week and is upholding his perfect attendance record -- he hasn't missed a taping in 35 years.

As for his comments about the mouth sores making it difficult to speak, our production sources tell us Alex is hypercritical of his performance on the show, and little missteps that are common on other shows bother him. But, if he misspeaks or has trouble with a sentence, a simple re-shoot of the line is all that's needed.

As we reported, Alex's numbers went in the wrong direction and he had to start chemo again for his stage 4 cancer, but there are no outward signs he's unable or unwilling to do the job.

Jeremy Renner Fires Back at Ex ... You're the One with A Drug Problem!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

11:54 AM PT -- Jeremy is firing back in legal docs of his own at Sonni's claims he abuses drugs and alcohol in front of their daughter ... stating she's making up the allegations because she's pissed their relationship never worked out and looking for a cash grab.

Renner insists he does not abuse drugs or alcohol and even states he submitted to random drug testing for 3 months to defeat Sonni's claims. According to Renner, those tests all came back negative and suggests Sonni is the one with a drug problem.

Jeremy states he even hired a mental health specialist to monitor his visits with Ava to prove he was both sober and a capable parent.

The docs also lay out a timeline of Renner's film releases and the history of Sonni's allegations against him -- including sexual and physical abuse of Ava -- suggesting Sonni plans her attack to bring Jeremy bad press during his movie runs.

Renner says Sonni's allegations stem from her psychological problems and he wants the court to limit her time with Ava until she gets treatment and shows she can, "overcome her overwhelming obsession with demonizing" Renner.

Renner says over the 1-year marriage, Sonni would brag to friends that she had "bagged an Avenger" and joked she wanted to introduce her own friends to fellow 'Avenger' cast members so they could "bag an Avenger as well."

7:33 AM PT -- A rep for Jeremy tells TMZ, "The well-being of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It's important to note the dramatizations made in Sonni's declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind."

Jeremy Renner was coked up and drunk when he began rhapsodizing about killing his ex-wife Sonni, and the night ended with the actor shoving a gun in his mouth and threatening to kill himself ... so claims Sonni in new legal docs.

Jeremy and Sonni are in a battle royale for custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Ava. She's asking the judge to change the order from joint custody to sole custody on her part with monitored visitation on Jeremy's.

Sonni claims last November Jeremy was at a club, high on coke and booze, when he began talking about killing Sonni, telling someone he "could not deal with her anymore, and he just wanted her gone."

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jeremy put a gun in his mouth, threatened to kill himself, and fired the gun into the ceiling while Ava was asleep in her bedroom.

Sonni claims Jeremy has a history of substance abuse, verbal and emotional abuse. The docs claim Jeremy repeatedly has been under the influence when he had physical custody of Ava. According to the docs, Jeremy once left coke on a bathroom counter which was reachable by Ava.

Sonni alleges in one instance, the nanny overheard Jeremy say he was going to Sonni's house to kill her and then kill himself, because "it was better that Ava had no parents than to have [Sonni] as a mother."

The docs claim Ava told Sonni various women would come and go from Jeremy's house, including "Tayler, Kelley, Natalie, Summer, Faith, Christina, Naz and Jessica."

We reached out to Jeremy's reps ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 6:30 AM PT

Tom Brady Slashes $5.6 Million Off Mansion Price ... First L Of Season!!!

Breaking News

Tom Brady just took his first L of the season ... the Patriots quarterback was forced to slash the price of his mansion that's been up for sale -- cutting $5.6 MIL from the price tag!!!

If ya missed it ... Tom put his epic 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom New England-area palace on the market back in August -- and listed it for $39.5 MILLION.

Didn't seem the G.O.A.T. would have too much trouble unloading it ... the place is sick, with a rec room, gym, wine room, spa AND an outdoor organic herb/vegetable garden.

Plus, it's got all the history of maybe the best football player EVER in it!!!

But, it seems Tom's having trouble finding a buyer ... 'cause he's now dropping the price all the way down to $33.9 million.

Yeah, we know ... not exactly pennies -- but when's the last time you saw Brady lose at anything?!?

Tom and Gisele reportedly bought the plot of land for $4.5 million back in 2013 and presumably spent millions on top of that to build the custom home, which was finally completed in 2015.

So, don't feel too bad for TB12's price cut -- if he gets anything close to what he wants, he'll still make BANK.

By the way, if you think TB12's mansion sale is an indicator of his future with the Pats -- seems it ain't ... 'cause he said over the summer, "You shouldn't read into anything."

'House of 1000 Corpses' Star Died from Heart and Lung Failure ... Death Certificate Reveals

Sid Haig -- the guy best known as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses" -- died from intense and chronic heart and lung issues ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained Sid's death certificate, issued in Ventura County, CA, and it lists cardiorespiratory arrest as his immediate cause of death. Other contributing factors include respiratory failure, aspiration and aspergillus (mold) pneumonia ... as well as a "small bowel obstruction."

He'd been having breathing issues for some time, because the doc also notes he suffered from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

As we reported ... Sid's wife, Suzie, shared the sad news last month on Sid's own social media account. She wrote, "On Saturday, September 21, 2019, my light, my heart, my true love, my King, the other half of my soul, Sidney, passed from this realm on to the next."

Suzie went on to say, "He has returned to the Universe, a shining star in her heavens. He was my angel, my husband, my best friend and always will be." Suzie added, "He adored his family, his friends and his fans. This came as a shock to all of us. We, as a family, are asking that our privacy and time to mourn be respected."

As we told you ... Sid had been recently hospitalized and transferred to ICU after he was involved in some sort of accident. On September 6, Suzie was asking for prayers.

Sid, of course, was considered an icon in the cult horror genre.

He had 149 acting credits to his name ... and besides acting in Rob's films, Sid also starred in "Bone Tomahawk," "Hatchet III," "The Lords of Salem," "Devil in My Ride," "Night of the Living Dead 3D" and tons of others. He was 80.

President Trump Media Blasts Violent Fake Video ... Showing Him Killing Critics


An insanely violent movie scene parody video following a fake Donald Trump as he shoots, stabs and kills political rivals and media outlets is being condemned ... and The White House says the President agrees.

The video -- an edited version of the church massacre scene from the film "Kingsman: The Secret Service" -- was reportedly played at a pro-Trump conference by his supporters at his Trump National Doral Miami resort last week.

In the vid, the fake Trump begins a killing spree at the "Church of Fake News" of the major media outlets and news sites like Politico, NPR, Slate, The Hill, HuffPo and Vice News ... along with the activist movement Black Lives Matter.

He also assaults or murders critics like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Maxine Waters, Rosie O'Donnell, Bernie Sanders, Adam Schiff and Barack Obama ... before putting a stake in the head of a person with a CNN logo for a face.

The extremely graphic video is being blasted by the media and politicians, with CNN saying ... "Sadly, this is not the first time that supporters of the president have promoted violence against the media in a video they apparently find entertaining — but it is by far and away the worst."

It called for Trump and his entire administration to denounce it "in the strongest possible terms," adding ... "Anything less equates to a tacit endorsement of violence and should not be tolerated by anyone."

The White House says the President hasn't seen the video yet, plans to watch it soon, but "strongly condemns" it based on initial reports.

Tekashi 6ix9ine HOT 97 Shunning Music, Unless ...


New York City's biggest hip-hop radio station says Tekashi 6ix9ine will get no spins once he releases new music ... unless the snitching rapper's music forces their hand.

An executive from HOT 97 FM tells TMZ ... when Tekashi is released from prison and drops new music, the radio station will NOT jump to debut any of the records, and they don't anticipate playing any of 6ix9ine's music at all.

Fact is, the exec tells us HOT 97 has NEVER been a huge Tekashi69 supporter, and him ratting on former gang members is digging an even bigger hole for himself as far as the radio station is concerned.

Elizabeth Williams

We broke the story ... one record label is making a multi-million dollar investment in Tekashi, banking on him getting out of prison sooner than later and surviving all his snitching.

While HOT 97 is firmly against giving 6ix9ine any radio play in the future, there is one scenario where his new tunes could flood their airwaves ... the exec tells us Tekashi will get spins only if there's a massive outcry from the masses over a hugely successful song -- 'cause in the end, capitalism trumps all.

Tekashi's prospects of performing at HOT 97's wildly popular Summer Jam are also slim to none ... the exec tells us 6ix9ine's a total liability and will NOT be allowed to take the stage at any future concert.

Bottom line ... Tekashi will still have some sort of musical following once he gets out of prison, but you probably won't hear his voice on HOT 97.

K-Pop Star Sulli Dead at 25 ... Suicide Suspected


K-Pop singer and actress Sulli has been found dead, and police believe it might have been a suicide ... according to various reports out of South Korea.

Sulli, whose real name is Choi Jin-ri, was reportedly discovered Monday in her home south of Seoul by her manager, who went there because she hadn't answered phone calls for hours.

The K-pop star lived alone in the house, and according to one police official ... "It seems that she took her own life but we are also looking into other possibilities." Cops say no suicide note was found and there were no signs of foul play.

Sulli's best known for her time as a member of the girl band f(x), which she joined in 2009. She took a health-related break in July 2014, and left for good in August 2015 to pursue a solo career. She released a single titled "Goblin" in June.

She also acted in several TV dramas and movies, and was a popular feminist voice in the deeply conservative country ... and spoke out against cyberbullying.

Sulli became one of 4 cohosts of a South Korean talk show called "The Night of Hate Comments" in June, in which celebrity guests come on to discuss mean comments posted about them on the Internet.

On the show, Sulli talked about backlash she'd received for her lifestyle and responded to hurtful rumors.

She was 25.


Panera Bread Our Mac & Cheese Secret's Blown!!! Tik Tok Vid Gets Worker Fired

panerabread.com/Getty Composite

Panera Bread got burned by one of its own, according to a former employee who says she got canned for posting a Tik Tok of the restaurant's mac and cheese ... in all its frozen glory.

The video was posted last week and showed someone place a plastic pouch of frozen (😢) mac and cheese in boiling water, remove it and then pour it into a bowl to be served.

Some Panera customers teed off on the clip ... leaving pissed off comments about the chain not dishing freshly cooked fare. Others were more realistic and chalked it up to being standard ops for a fast-food chain.

The now ex-staffer said, "Lol i lost my job this" -- but Panera's refusing to comment about that. It DID have lots to say in defense of the chilling mac secret ... telling the Washington Post, it's "made offsite with our proprietary recipe developed by our chefs."

It says the freezing is necessary for delivery and to avoid using preservatives that "do not meet our clean standards."

As for the employee ... looks like she'll have to get dough elsewhere.

Ex-'Shahs of Sunset' Star Lilly and Hubby Happily Kissing ... Divorce Off???


Lilly Ghalichi might not be heading to split city with her husband after all -- either that, or they just play nice around their daughter ... VERY nice.

The former "Shahs of Sunset" star and Dara Mir -- her estranged hubby who filed for divorce from her in August -- threw their daughter, Alara, a lavish party for her first birthday Sunday ... and really seemed to have a good time together.


In photos from the 1-year-old's "Glam Carnival" -- obtained by TMZ -- Lilly and Dara look ecstatic celebrating their girl, and were spotted sharing a passionate kiss.

We're told they were all over each other for much of the day, both were still wearing their wedding rings ... and looked very much like a happy couple.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Granted, it looks like it would be hard to have a bad time at this party, but Lilly and Dara's display of affection goes beyond typical co-parenting ... so it's possible they've worked out their irreconcilable differences and reconciled.

And, there's this ... Lilly recently revealed she wants at least one more kid so Alara has a sibling, and plans to start the process in 2020.

That will probably be a lot easier if Dara's on the same page.

LaVar Ball Lonzo, Melo Will Not Sign with Nike ... They're Still BBB


LaVar Ball tells TMZ Sports ... neither of his two sons will sign a shoe deal with Nike, despite serious interest from the Swoosh -- because they're still BBB for life.

As we previously reported, Nike has a rep in Australia scouting LaMelo Ball for a possible deal down the road, since the 18-year-old is now widely expected to be a Top 5 NBA Draft pick.

And, Lonzo Ball recently said he'd be open to signing with another shoe company outside of the Big Baller Brand after major issues almost sank the family company.

So, when we saw LaVar at the L.A. Regional Food Bank -- where he donated 70k bottles of BBB Water -- we asked if he would be cool with his sons leaving BBB for another shoe company.

Long story short ... LaVar was adamant NO BALL will sign with Nike.

"Everybody is scouting LaMelo," LaVar said ... "It's okay though."

Ball said the mere thought of one of his boys leaving BBB is outrageous -- "I said it's a family brand, didn't I?"

When we mentioned that Lonzo recently told an L.A. radio station that he was open to exploring other shoe deal options ... LaVar shut that down real quick.

"Lonzo can think all day. He ain't signing with nobody. Big Baller Brand. That's what I said."

Of course, BBB has gone through some hard times -- with Lonzo suing cofounder Alan Foster and covering up the BBB tattoo on his arm.

But, LaVar insists the Brand is still alive and is gearing up for a big-time comeback.

City Girls' JT New Music Before Fam, Post Prison ... Says Label Honcho


The big boss man behind the City Girls says JT is so focused on cranking out new hits ... she went straight to a studio even before hugging her mom when she got outta prison.

We got Pierre Thomas -- Quality Control Music cofounder -- at LAX and he told our guy he's expecting big things from the City Girls now that JT is no longer behind bars, and they're hard at work to prove him right.

Pee says JT and Yung Miami are busy working on their new album, and spoiler alert -- he tells us it's dropping sooner than you'd expect!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

TMZ broke the story ... JT is living in a halfway house now to complete her prison sentence, and she's allowed to leave during the day to record music.

You'll recall ... JT went to prison back in June 2018 after turning herself in on fraud charges. It was less than great timing, because as soon as she got locked up ... the City Girls started blowing up.


As we told you, Yung Miami threw down $52,000 on some custom diamond jewelry as a coming home present for JT -- but Pee says there will be no blowout welcome home party.

According to the boss, playtime is over, and as her mom learned -- JT's all about putting in work now.

Zak Bagans I Held John Wayne Gacy's Brain ... And Now I Want to Buy It!!!

This is creepy, even for Zak Bagans ... he got his hands on John Wayne Gacy's brain -- a brain he wants to buy -- and says he could sense the evil that consumed the serial killer.

The "Ghost Adventures" star tells TMZ ... he held Gacy's brain in his hands during a recent trip to the Chicago home where the late serial killer's forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Morrison, keeps the organ ... which is preserved in a container in her basement.


Gacy -- infamously known as the "Killer Clown" -- was executed way back in 1994 after being convicted of murdering 33 young men and boys during the '70s, burying most of the bodies in a crawl space under his Chicago-area home.

Zak says he will never ever forget what he felt as he cradled Gacy's brain the palm of his hand ... pure evil!!! Bagans adds he was shaking ... yeah, spooky.

Serial killers are kinda Zak's thing -- he's got tons of Charles Manson items in his Haunted Museum. He made a play to Dr. Morrison to sell him the brain, but she turned him down flat.

Dr. Morrison has owned the brain ever since it was sliced up during Gacy's autopsy and claims she feels his spirit following her ... and that's exactly why Zak wants to buy it and do further research at his haunted museum.

Zak's not the only celeb interested in Gacy's brain ... Khloe Kardashian once played with it on her reality show ... but only Zak is crazy enough to want to bring a piece of Gacy home.

Guess Who This Singing Star Turned Into!

Before she was empowering women with entire seasons, this cute kiddo was learning the ways of hip-hop in Houston, TX with the help of her own rapping mother, Holly-Wood.

Before long, she was writing her own raps -- many of which were deemed too aggressive, suggestive and sexual to tons of critics. The femcee kept at it though, partaking in freestyle cyphers and battle raps, until eventually ... broke through the mainstream in 2019.

Her hit single, "Hot Girl Summer," featured the likes of Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign -- and it became the anthem for folks who were feeling themselves ... and weren't scared to show it.

Now, this lucky lady's one of the biggest names in the rap game today ... and there's no signs of her slowing down.

Can you guess who she is?

Kanye West Plays New Album in D.C. Declares He's a Christian Convert


Kanye West gave Washington D.C. a taste of his new album -- and also took the opportunity to declare definitively he's a man of God now ... specifically, a converted Christian.

Ye was all over D.C. Saturday with his fam, first stopping off at HBCU Howard University to do his traditional Sunday Service ... then heading over to George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium later in the day for a listening party -- much like in Detroit.

Check out this video TMZ obtained from inside the session ... Kanye was talking to the audience in between tracks -- which sound amazing, BTW -- and said it flat-out at one point ... he's a recent convert to Christianity. Ye got a round of applause for the news.

He also went on to invoke Jay-Z's name during his speech, saying that unlike a line that he attributed to Jay -- from his song "Can't Knock the Hustle" -- Ye isn't here for entertainment anymore ... he's just here to spread the Gospel. How 'bout that?!


He did exactly that too during the get-together -- preaching about what he used to value and hold dear compared to now, while also quoting A LOT of scripture along the way.

The signs have been there for a while now that Ye's fully embraced his faith -- he's been holding Sunday Services for well over a year, and Kim just had the kids baptized in Armenia.


Oh, and if you're wondering what Kanye's gonna rap about from now on and what his music's gonna sound like -- at least for this round -- you get a snippet of that here too. Still no official word on when this thing's gonna drop -- but hopefully soon.

Anyway, bring on the Kenny G features and Chick-fil-A lyrics, baby!!!