Kanye West Wyoming Fleet Fetches Big Buck$ Truck Sells For Record Price

Kanye West's fleet of cars from his Wyoming ranch did huge numbers on the auction block ... and the winning bid for one of his trucks made history.

Ye's used vehicles were open for bidding at Musser Bros. Auctions ... and the owner of the auction house, Harold Musser, tells us the winning bids for the 7 cars totaled a whopping $434,780.

We're told the auction, which ended Tuesday, had over 137,000 views and over 800 bids from folks spread across the country -- from Florida to California -- making this the biggest auction ever for Musser Bros. Sounds like Yeezy is a big deal.

One of those bids set a record ... we're told Kanye's 2019 F-150 Raptor sold for $86,900, including the 10% buyer premium ... making it the most expensive Ford Raptor ever sold.

TMZ broke the story ... Kanye sold his old ranch fleet back to his local Ford dealer in Cody, WY and the dealership turned around and enlisted the auction house to sell the cars.

Kanye unloading his Wyoming wheels makes sense ... because he's also listed his massive Monster Lake Ranch for $11 million ... and the heavy-duty trucks are better suited for ranch life than his new beachfront property in Malibu.

Ye ... he's no longer a Ford truck man.

Ex-'Shahs' Star Lilly Ghalichi L.A. Home Burglarized ... Total Vacay Bummer!!!

Lilly Ghalichi and her husband have a headache to deal with in the middle of their Caribbean getaway ... because their Los Angeles home was broken into while they're abroad.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... crooks busted into the L.A. area home where the former "Shahs of Sunset" star and Dara Mir live. The Friday evening heist was well-timed because the couple's out of town, and that might not be a coincidence.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Lilly's been posting a lot on social media from Saint Barts, and we're told the suspects could have noticed her vacay posts and then targeted her home.

Our sources say there are 3 suspects, 2 men and 1 woman, dressed in all black with black beanies. The 2 guys broke windows at the house, while the women in their crew were the lookout.

We're told when they attempted to gain entry by breaking a window in the master closet, they triggered the alarm.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Our sources say the siren sent the suspects scurrying from the property, without taking anything from the home. They took off on foot while neighborhood security and cops gave chase ... a police helicopter was even involved in the search.

We're told the couple has since hired 24/7 armed security at the property.

Our sources say detectives have a few potential leads on the suspects, but no arrests yet.

We reached out to Lilly and Dara ... so far, no word back.

Oscar De La Hoya Planning Return To Boxing Ring In 2022 ... And I Want Floyd!!


Oscar De La Hoya planned to fight this year, but COVID-19 had other ideas ... yet the Golden Boy is still determined to return to the ring next year, and the fight he wants most -- Floyd Mayweather!!

TMZ Sports talked to 48-year-old De La Hoya -- along with his GF Holly Sonders -- and asked the former boxing champ about his future in-ring plans.

"Personally, right now I'm not motivated because of COVID. I was actually in great shape and then COVID hit me, so my morale right now is a little low in terms of me fighting in the ring personally," Oscar says.

"But come January, I'm sure I will get right back into it and start training again and prepare myself mentally first. But I do want to get out there again, possible Cinco De Mayo."

Of course, Oscar was scheduled to fight 44-year-old MMA legend Vitor Belfort in September ... but caught COVID only days before the bout, forcing him to pull out.

Evander Holyfield took ODLH's place ... and was TKO'd by Belfort in the first round.

We also asked De La Hoya who he'd want to fight.

"Who knows, it could be Floyd Mayweather," Oscar said, later continuing ... "It's probably the biggest fight you could make today."

ODLH previously told us he'd offer Mayweather $100 million for the fight. We asked Oscar if that money was still there for Floyd, and he said yes.

If Oscar was to fight Floyd, it'd be a huge deal not just because they're two of the best fighters ever ... but because the men have history.

They fought in May 2007 ... a fight Floyd won via split decision -- taking Oscar's WBC light middleweight belt in the process.

36 minutes of fighting didn't squash the beef ... Oscar and Floyd have gone back-and-forth with trash talk over the years.

De La Hoya hasn't been in the ring as a fighter for 13 years ... a streak that could end very soon.

'Peter Pan & Wendy' Ever Anderson 'Make-Believe' is Worth 6 Figures!!! Could Make More in Sequels

There's a new Peter Pan movie that's about to take to the skies next year -- and wouldn't you know it ... their lead Wendy is getting paid handsomely, especially for her age!

Actress Ever Anderson, who's just 14 years old, stands to make at least six figures for her work on Disney's "Peter Pan & Wendy" flick ... a new live-action spin on the classic fairy tale that's due out sometime in 2022.

Like we said ... EA is playing a young Wendy Darling, PP's love interest and the oldest of the Darling children who join Peter on an adventure to Never Land. Unclear if there's a whole lot new or different they're doing this time around ... other than just rebooting the franchise.

In any case, TMZ got a hold of her minor's contract filed with the court -- which spells out what Ever is raking in for this movie ... as well as any sequels that get greenlit. For this film, she's guaranteed $100k ... and there's even a $50k bonus on the table if the movie is released straight to Disney+ without a theatrical run first.

Looks like Disney may have learned its lesson after the ScarJo and "Black Widow" fiasco and is addressing this scenario in the contract.

That's about all there is to be had for this first installment, but if a sequel comes about ... Ever's contract says she could earn at least $200k guaranteed on the next go-around, and if they're in the mood for part 3 -- it'd be a cool $400k right out the gate ... not to mention any bonuses that could be attached to those respective projects.

Bottom line here ... Wendy can, indeed, fly after this -- and she can do it first-class, or even private if she wants. Dreams do come true! 💸

Guess Who This Country Kid Turned Into!

Before this little cowgirl was riding her high horse into the music industry, she was just another country kid shouting 'yeehaw' while growing up in Golden, Texas.

This little lady has made quite her mark with her award-winning talent and country-pop tunes ... she's won an astonishing amount of Grammy Awards in the short span of her career and has played for huge audiences at festivals including Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

She just recently released her newest studio record which was accompanied by a visual album that featured many noteworthy celebrities.

Can you guess who she is?

Matthew McConaughey Fine, I Won't Run for TX Gov ... Even Though I Could Win!!!

Matthew McConaughey is finally speaking clearly about his intentions on Texas politics -- saying he won't be running for Governor after all ... despite him being a favorite to win.

The actor made the announcement Sunday with a video he posted to his social media, starting out by pointing out all the problems he sees with the modern-day political landscape ... and after some philosophizing on his ultimate purpose, he finally says it flat out.

MMC says of political leadership, "It's a humbling and inspiring path to ponder. It is also a path that I am choosing not to take at this moment."

As for what he WILL do ... Matt says he'll keep supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, establishments and orgs he considers leaders and which can better propel people onto the road of righteousness (as he sees it) which starts with building trust among people.

Sway/New York Times

It's pretty interesting ... his stance on things seems to come through loud and clear here, and it sounds like his vision for America (and Texas) is prosperity interlocked with service and community.

Even though McConaughey has led poll after poll when pitted against the incumbent, Greg Abbott, as well as Democrats who are for sure running, like Beto O'Rourke, it sounds like he finally went with what he alluded to in a rambling interview from a few months ago.

@McConaughey / Twitter

At the time, Matt said he was still "measuring" a run -- which really sounded like he wasn't going to run -- and now, it sounds like he's out of tape and came to a decision.

Good to know his heart's in the right place ... as he seems to be on board with the idea that politics, as it stands, isn't working for a lot of Americans, especially the Lone Star State. Now that he's out, Texans better figure out who they like the next time a pollster comes calling.

Rihanna Hawking Ass-Out PJs ... Promoting Sizes for Larger Women

Sexy Savage(xfenty)
@badgalriri / Instagram

Rihanna is dishing out a new line of pajamas for the holidays -- with a pair of bottoms that show off, well, your bottom ... but it seems she's making a push for bigger girls to buy 'em.

The fashion and beauty mogul took to IG this weekend to plug SavageXFenty's latest offering in loungewear -- the Tied Up Tartan Open-Back PJ Pant, plus the accompanying bralette and sleep short ... which feature a checkered pattern and come in a couple color schemes.

Indeed ... she showed off her rockin' bod with the demonstration, including a sneak peak at her derriere, which is partially exposed with the open-back design. Quite the show!

Here's the interesting thing, though -- on Sunday, RiRi posted a link to her SxF site where folks could buy the clothes she just showed off ... but she selected a specific page that appears to highlight plus-size models, for L and XXL.

There are four models that appear in the promo shots, and sure enough ... they too got their asses out as they showcase Rihanna's PJ line. What you don't see (at least for this color option) are models for small sizes, like M, S and XS -- even though you can buy those sizes.

If you click on the lighter color option for the open-back pants ... you see models that appear to be more on small side of frames ... with XS and S demonstrated, but there's also a medium-size model and yet another 2X model.

For the darker shades of the pants, it looks like Ri and co. decided to prominently feature the bigger women, and even gave another plus-size model some shine in the light option. Just to keep track ... that's 5 larger models to 3 others whom some might consider a more traditional model-like figure -- at least for this pants sale, that is.

Bottom line ... you don't necessarily have to look exactly like Rihanna to look good in her clothes or lingerie, and she appears to be hitting that point home with this latest campaign.

Of course, nobody can really do it like the OG can -- there is, after all, only one Rihanna. But at least folks can take comfort (literally) in the fact that her fashion taste can be accessed by all.

Sky-Bound Stowaway Hides in Landing Area of Plane ... Guatemala to Miami!!!


A man hitched a ride on a plane to get out of his home country in hopes of landing stateside ... somehow surviving the mile-high journey in the underbelly of the aircraft.

The 26-year-old was taken into custody Saturday after Miami-Dade Airport crew members found this dude exhausted and sprawled out on the tarmac, near the tires of an American Airlines flight that had just touched down from Guatemala City ... about 3 hours away.

Apparently, the guy snuck his way into the landing compartment of the plane -- where the wheel tucks in, it seems -- and hung tight until it reached its final destination.

As you can see from video taken from folks on the ground, this man is out of it ... but many simply can't believe he was able to live through the ordeal, as the oxygen levels must've been damn near untenable, not to mention the sheer logistics of finding space in there.

Clearly, it's doable ... as there've been other notable stowaway stories like this -- although, most who take to the skies like this do end up losing their lives. Only a handful survive.

Naturally, the authorities swarmed the scene ... including first responders who checked on the guy. The feds also got involved, with Customs and Border Protection agents taking him into their care while they figure out his situation. They're investigating the case further.

Here's the crazier part ... according to an immigration attorney interviewed by Miami's WPLG Local 10, the guy could stick around if he wins an asylum claim -- at which point, AA would have to foot the bill for his stay. If not, they have to cover the cost of sending him back.

Designer Titan Virgil Abloh Dead at 41 ... Private Cancer Battle

11:40 AM PT -- The reactions to Virgil's passing are pouring in in droves ... with folks like Pharrell, Idris Elba, Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Soulja Boy, Odell Beckham Jr., Jeffree Star, Kehlani, Scooter Braun, Omarion, Karl-Anthony Towns and others posting remembrances for their friend.

Still no sign of a tribute from Ye or Kim ... but we imagine theirs are forthcoming.

Virgil Abloh -- the artistic director for Louis Vuitton and the founder of Off-White -- has died ... this according to his respective fashion houses.

Louis' parent company, LVMH, made the stunning announcement Sunday ... saying Virgil passed away Sunday of cancer, a disease he'd been carrying and battling privately for several years now apparently.

Their CEO Bernard Arnault adds, "We are all shocked after this terrible news. Virgil was not only a genius designer, a visionary, he was also a man with a beautiful soul and great wisdom. The LVMH family joins me in this moment of great sorrow, and we are all thinking of his loved ones after the passing of their husband, their father, their brother or their friend."

Like we said ... Virgil was historic in the fashion game, as he was the first black man to be tapped to take charge at LV with its look and vision in early 2018. He was a revolutionary designer and was also good friends with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Speaking of Ye, Virgil and him had been feuding in recent years -- alluded to on some of Kanye's songs -- but they squashed their beef during the 2018 Paris Louis show, where they embraced in front of cameras and posed together too.

Ye seemed to be upset that Virgil had taken the Louis job at the time, as opposed to perhaps working exclusively with him.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... he and Virgil remained close in recent years, and VA even attended one of Kanye's 'DONDA' listening events in Chicago this year. Not just that -- but we're told Kanye was also one of those close to Virgil who was aware of his illness.

Their relationship goes back years ... all the way to 2009 when Virgil was interning for Fendi, where he first rubbed shoulders with the rapper/producer. He went on to start Off-White ... which took off as a major success.

Virgil's meteoric rise is unlike any other ... and his talents did not go unrecognized, especially among the rich and famous. He had many, many admirers and friends in Hollywood -- including models, actors, singers, rappers, musicians, athletes, traditional artists, fellow designers and, of course, business executives from multiple different industries. He is also a fixture in the media.

One of the last times VA was seen out in public was a full month ago, toward the end of October ... when he was photographed walking the streets of NYC with a snowboard in hand. Looks like this might've been a collab he was working on, which he was handing off to vet shredder Russell Winfield ... who held on to what Virgil had apparently made for him.

Just goes to show ... the guy was a designer in every sense of the word, even beyond just wardrobe and apparel.

Virgil leaves behind his wife, Shannon, and his 2 children. He was just 41.


Originally Published -- 10:49 AM PT

Oh, Canada Quebec Set to Tap Syrup Reserves ... No Pancake Left Un-drizzled

If your short stack has been feeling a little dry lately due to a lack of (affordable) syrup -- that's all about to change ... because Canada is tapping its stockpile of sweet nectar.

Quebec Maple Syrup Producers -- a quasi-government-sanction agency accounting for over 70% of the world's maple syrup production -- just announced they're going to start draining upwards of 50 million pounds of syrup from barrels they have in their strategic reserve.

Yes, strategic reserve ... just like the ones we're about to tap to help lower gas prices here in the States. Apparently, Canada has a sea of this condiment at the ready for emergencies.

Welp, that emergency is here ... as the global economy deals with a supply crisis -- due, in part, to the pandemic among other factors -- QMSP says it's time to dip into what they have on hand to make sure countries around the world, especially its #1 customer in the U.S., can keep on drizzling their waffles and pancakes with ease and within reasonable price ranges.

Word is ... this harvest season made for a bad batch of syrup, meaning not nearly enough was produced due to a warmer/shorter spring season ... the ideal conditions for which are needed to see a solid yield. Add in the fact more people are cooking from home right now -- and you have a lopsided supply/demand equation ... hence them going to the reserves.

This will be the most syrup they've tapped since 2008. A rep for the org says, "The reserve is there to make sure that we are always able to sell and offer this product."

In anticipation for next year ... a reported 7 million additional syrup taps have been OK'd.

Rico Nasty Y'all Win, Wish I Was Dead Too ... Reacts to Playboi Carti Fans

Rico Nasty is going through a very tough time on tour with Playboi Carti -- and it seems his fans have forced her to contemplate ending her life ... which is sounding an alarm.

The rapper posted some troubling messages over the weekend, giving insight into her mindset in the middle of this Narcissist Tour ... and it looks bleak.

One tweet reads, "Crazy how I wanted a tour bus my whole life and now I just be on the tour bus crying myself to sleep every night." She adds, "I dead ass need at least two hours out of each day. To just cry."

Further tweets were even more upsetting ... she wrote, "Y'all win," following up with, "I wish I was dead just as much as y'all do trust me."

She has since deleted these, but fans captured them and were clearly disturbed and worried about her mental health ... which appears to be in bad shape at the moment. Of course, folks who've been following Rico's journey of late know she's been dealing with a lot of BS.

We're referring to at least two separate incidents over the past month and change while she's been on the road with Carti, acting as his opener ... both of which were pretty ugly.

In one instance earlier this month, Rico was loudly booed during a stop in L.A. as she tried to take the stage before Carti ... and things got combative quickly. She was cursing at the concertgoers, trying to perform, but they just weren't receptive to her at all.

About a week or so later in Portland ... somebody actually threw a water bottle at her while she was rapping, and it led to a would-be rushing of the fans.

Rico jumped down from the stage and tried going over the barricades, before security stepped in. People say she's been dealing with this type of harassment (and more) during the entirety of the tour ... and we can only imagine what she's been dealing with online and elsewhere.

Many are calling on Carti to publicly disavow his fans who may be perpetuating this toxic environment -- arguing it'd go a long way from him. However, so far ... he's been silent.

Unclear what he might or might not be doing behind the scenes, but it's clearly not enough.

SoFi Stadium We Checked Vax Cards for BTS Fans Attendees Say Otherwise

SoFi Stadium seemed a little too easy to slip into ahead of a big BTS concert -- so much so that many felt COVID protocols were being broken ... even though the venue refutes that.

The Korean pop band performed Saturday at the arena in L.A., and as the gates opened for ticketholders ... some say they saw laxed screenings by security and other personnel, which they believe also meant vaccination cards weren't being checked or enforced.

Ditto for bags ... tons of people online, who presumably were there, claim nobody was taking a look at anyone's personal belongings.

@hyyhaficionado, @bts_we_are_7, @MiniMiniPixi / Twitter

There's some video evidence that appears to support that, at least on the surface. As you can see -- a steady stream of fans are trickling in past security checkpoints ... and there doesn't seem to be much stop-and-go movement, it's all just go.

Of course, this drew some criticism and concern -- as SoFi's policy for entry is that you either present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within recent days. Naturally, the Omicron variant is at the forefront of everyone's minds too.

On their end, SoFi tells TMZ ... "The safety of our guests, staff and the artist are always our number one priority, and we coordinated with law enforcement to temporarily streamline guest entry at last night's show. Tonight, we will have increased security and guest entry points and will begin vaccination verification even earlier in the entry process."

So ... it sounds like they're saying they were checking, but that they're going to kick it up a notch on Sunday for BTS's 2nd show.

Lindsay Lohan Bader and I Are Gettin' Hitched!!!

7:30 AM PT -- Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, tells TMZ ... "Based on what's been released by Lindsay so far, all I'll say is that I'm so happy for her and Bader, and proud of all she's doing in life. Bader is a wonderful guy and a great influence on her life. God bless them."

Lindsay Lohan is engaged ... and she's over the moon!

LL made the announcement Sunday ... she's going to marry her BF Bader Shammas, and she has receipts to show their love -- a couple of romantic photos.

Lindsay told her nearly 10 mil Insta followers ... "My love. My life. My family. My future. @bader.shammas #love 💍"

Lindsay's ex-GF, socialite Courtenay Semel, added her 2 cents .. "the best!!" Lindsay's brother Dakota is clearly down with Bader, posting, "my best friends!!!"

Lindsay and Bader have been together for a while ... first spotted out as a couple in early 2020 ... just before the pandemic shut down the world. So, the relationship is already road-tested.


Originally Published -- 6:41 AM PT

Kim and Pete Breakfast Run in with Tourist ... Would You Like a Selfie with Your Eggs?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson traveled to the Hills of Beverly Saturday, and ran into a Dutch journalist who dutifully snapped a photo!

It seems Pete's been living in the City of Angels lately ... this time K&P went for some breakfast chow at the Bev Hills Hotel.

As the newly-minted couple broke bread, a Dutch music journalist named Paul Barewijk eyed them. Paul, who lives in Amsterdam, was sipping tea as he spoke with his mom by phone, and maybe his mom told her son there was a vacay pic that everyone back home would surely admire.

Paul told PEOPLE, he took a couple of selfies with Kim in the background ... then sheepishly showed her the photo and said his encounter with them was sheer coincidence.

He says he then asked for a proper photo, and Kim obliged. Then he asked Pete for the same, and smartly flattered him by saying the Netherlands digs Pete on 'SNL.' That did the trick!

Pete and Kim have been inseparable, or at least so it seems. They hit up Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica last week, as Pete displayed a teen badge of honor -- a hickey.

Meanwhile, Kanye is pulling out all the stops -- even invoking God's name -- to win Kim back. He's posted old photos of them, as he told the world he's had failures as a husband.

So far, the divorce is proceeding and our sources say Kim's not turning back.

Ben and Jen Giving Each Other a Hand

Ben and Jen aren't married -- they're not even engaged, yet -- but they are sure acting like a couple that already tied the knot.

B&J walked hand-in-hand to a music studio Saturday ... presumably JLo's recording new tunes. This follows spending Thanksgiving together, along with JLo's twins, Max and Emme.

Ben did double duty, also chowing down with his kids, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Ben and Jen have been looking for a house together in the L.A. area, but so far they haven't sealed the deal. Nonetheless, they are not only spending time together, but they are also traveling all over the world together.

What's going to be interesting ... whether Ben and Jen get all the kids together over the holiday weekend. Since they're looking for a house together, that's probably already happened.

J Lo's said another marriage is something she's into ... and it looks like Ben fits the bill.

Harry and Meghan New Book Claims Charles is the One Who Asked About Baby's Skin Tone

The Royal Fam is calling BS on a new book that claims Prince Charles wondered out loud if Meghan and Harry's child might have a dark complexion.

Christopher Anderson claims in a new book, "Brothers and Wives: Inside The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan," that on the day Meghan and Harry announced their engagement, Charles wondered out loud to Camilla "what the children will look like?"

Anderson says Camilla was caught off guard and responded, "Well, absolutely gorgeous, I'm certain." Charles allegedly wasn't satisfied with the response, and shot back, "I mean, what do you think their children's complexion might be?"

A Palace spokesperson told The NY Post, "This is fiction and not worth further comment."

It is odd ... how would that convo between Charles and Camilla leak?


Anderson apparently does not say in the book that Charles is the Royal Meghan and Harry were referring to in their sit down with Oprah, but the intimation is certainly there.

As you know, Meghan said there were "concerns and conversations" regarding the skin tone of Archie, who had not yet been born.  The conversations were allegedly between Harry and at least one Royal.

Anderson also claims Queen Elizabeth 86'd a photo of Harry, Meghan and Archie from camera view during her 2019 XMAS message.

The author says a Palace source said the Queen eyed a bunch of photos on a table and said, “All were fine but one,” adding, “That one, I suppose we don’t need that one.”

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