Nipsey Hussle's Family Granted Guardianship of Daughter Lauren to Oversee Son


6:35 PM PT -- There's been another big update in regards to guardianship within Nipsey's family. A judge just signed off on Nipsey's immediate family members becoming legal guardians to Nipsey's 10-year-old daughter, Emani ... this as opposed to her birth mother, Tanisha, whom the family had called unfit.

The court said Nipsey's family provided sufficient evidence for their petition and as such ... Nip's siblings -- Samantha Smith, Sam Asghedom and another person named Angelique Smith -- have been appointed as Emani's guardians.

Lauren London has just gotten a judge's approval to manage her son's finances with an eye toward the 3-year-old inheriting half of his dad's estate ... and he's poised to get a cool mil.

London was in court Tuesday to get a guardianship over 3-year-old son, Kross's estate. It's a little misleading because an estate is created when someone dies, but this case is different.  Lauren is the go-to person who will handle the financials that could set Kross up for life.

It's worth noting, there was never a dispute between Lauren and Nipsey's family when it came to Kross.

Things haven't been so smooth with Nipsey's other baby mama, Tanisha Foster, who battled with Nipsey's brother and sister over the care of Nip's 10-year-old daughter, Emani. The girl is expected to inherit the other half of Nipsey's estate. It appears there's at least 2 million on the line because the docs say Kross is expected to pocket a million bucks.

Nipsey was killed outside his clothing store in Los Angeles earlier this year. During his memorial, Lauren took the stage with both Kross and Emani to say a few words.

Nipsey's alleged killer, Eric Holder, was charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm. He is currently awaiting trial.

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Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Chippendales Debut Just a Judge ... For Now


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino hopped on stage at a Chippendales show, but he didn't let it all hang out ... he judged how well other guys could hang.

The "Jersey Shore" star was in Vegas Sunday night along with his wife, Lauren, and Pauly D to watch Vinny Guadagnino reprise his now-legendary routine for one night only ... and his pal invited him up to join the fun.

Vinny asked Sitch to judge a contest to see which of 3 aspiring dancers was most fit to be a Chippendales performer, but he tried to coax Mike into trying out himself.

Check it out ... Situation insists to the crowd, including Lauren, he's just there to judge, but adds a "for now" ... hinting he might put his stripper background to use sometime soon.

As we told you ... Vinny definitely thinks Mike has what it takes, but we're told Sorrentino was actually a little shy Sunday night -- he even refused to take his shirt off!!!

Pretty shocking considering The Sitch is all about his abs ... but maybe he's just saving up for his real debut.

Though, when he said he wanted to see some confidence from the contestants, Vinny declared, "I wanna see some d*ck!" ... so perhaps Mike's just not ready for that situation yet.

After all ... that wasn't part of his post-prison plan.

Stephen Jackson BACK OFF LEBRON!!! 'He's Coming from a Good Place'


"This is not the time to try to crucify LeBron's character. We all know who LeBron is."

That's ex-NBA player Stephen Jackson going to bat for his pal, LeBron James ... telling TMZ Sports Bron ain't the kowtowing sellout some people are making him out to be.

Look, Jackson admits LeBron probably could have handled the China situation better ... but thinks people need to stop hatin' and consider all of the GOOD stuff Bron does for people.

"He's done so much off the court. We can't let this one incident when we knew he was coming from a good place [destroy his reputation]. He was coming from a good place, he might not know everything he's talking about but we know LeBron, and it's never coming from a bad place. I would stand to say that."

Of course, LeBron has been under fire for condemning Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey -- and suggesting the guy "wasn't educated" when he sent his controversial pro-Hong Kong tweet.

Bron's also taking heat for saying Morey should have waited another week before criticizing the Chinese government -- since the Lakers, Nets and other NBA personnel were in China for an exhibition game at the time.

But, Jackson says the people who are trying to cancel LeBron over the controversy were just LeBron haters in the first place ... and they were looking for a reason to go after Bron.

"We know who he is as a person," Jackson says.

We also spoke with ex-NBAer Al Harrington -- who WENT OFF on people attacking LeBron.


Harrington also said the suggestion LeBron could say or do anything that would have a real impact on the China/Hong Kong situation is stupid.

"Anybody can speak on it, but what can you do? It don't matter if LeBron, it don't matter if President Trump say, 'Treat Hong Kong right' ... they're not gonna do it."

And, Al says anyone who thinks differently is just "full of s**t."

Guess Who This Turtleneck Kid Turned Into!

Before this brown-eyed boy would go on to star on a TV show all about a girl, he lived in a northern suburb of Chicago and grew up a fan of the Second City comedy troupe.

After attending NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, he started his own sketch comedy troupe in NYC before heading to Los Angeles to seek a career in show business.

In 2007, he landed bit roles in a few TV series -- including Man on Cell Phone in an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- before scoring a supporting role in a 2009 mockumentary starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera.

Two years later, he'd nab his most popular acting role on a FOX show ... which aired its series finale in May 2018.

His credits also include blockbusters like "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and "Jurassic World" ... and he's believed to be the inspiration for the show "Drunk History."

Can you guess who he is?

Jon Jones Pleads No Contest ... In Strip Club Slap Case

Exclusive Details

6:02 PM PT -- Jon's rep, Denise White, tells TMZ Sports ... the UFC fighter is "pleased with the findings  with the Prosecutors Office of the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s office which thoroughly examined the complaint against Jon Jones."

"Jon looks forward to putting this behind him and concentrating on training and spending time with his family."

A bizarre ending in the Jon Jones strip club vagina slap case -- the UFC star pled no contest to disorderly conduct ... but officials say they couldn't prove Jon actually did what he's accused of doing!!!

Remember, a waitress at TD's Eubank Showclub in Albuquerque told cops Jones had slapped her in the vagina during a wild April 19th night out with his NFL star brother, Chandler Jones.

The woman claimed Jon came up from behind her that night and put her in a "tight rear-naked choke hold" and then lifted her up in the air in what felt like a "wrestling match."

Once he put her down, the woman claims Jon slapped her right in the genitals.

Jones was initially charged with misdemeanor battery -- though he ADAMANTLY denied all wrongdoing and pled not guilty at the time.

Cops investigated the allegations and interviewed "numerous independent witnesses" -- but NOBODY could corroborate the woman's allegations.

In fact, cops say they tried to work with the accuser -- but she stopped cooperating with law enforcement during the investigation.

Ultimately, the Bernalillo County DA's office tells TMZ Sports, "There was not enough evidence to proceed with the petty misdemeanor charge of battery under New Mexico state law."

But, Jones isn't out of the woods ... somehow, officials say Jones agreed to plead no contest to the lesser charge of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to a 90-day deferment program, which we'll explain in a sec.

What we can't understand ... if no witnesses confirmed a crime took place and there's no longer a victim, why would Jones take a plea deal? We're trying to get in touch with his people for an answer.

As for the 90-day deferment program -- it essentially means the charge will be dropped altogether if Jones adheres to several conditions over the next 90 days, including:

-- no alcohol or drugs

-- no going to the strip club where the alleged incident took place

-- no contacting the accuser

We've reached out to Jon's camp for an explanation and we'll update once we hear back.

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LeBron James New Comments On China Controversy Can We Focus On American Problems?

Breaking News

2:47 PM PT -- LeBron was just asked about the backlash he's received since his comments on China ... and he explained, "It's a tough situation we're all in right now."

James spoke with media after Lakers practice on Tuesday and started off by saying, "I try to do things that make my family proud, make my fans proud every time I step out of the house."

When asked if he understands where the criticism of his China comments is coming from, LeBron offered this explanation ...

"Obviously, it's a tough situation we're all in right now. Us as an Association, us as athletes, owners, GMs, so on and so forth."

"I think when an issue comes up, if you feel passionate about it or you feel like there's something you wanna talk about, then so be it. I also don't think that every issue should be everybody's problem as well. When things come up, there's multiple things that we haven't talked about that happen in our own country that we don't bring up."

LeBron brought up his efforts to help kids in the inner city -- which has been commendable for sure -- but that's not really what people are asking about right now.

James wrapped up his statement this way ...

"There's issues all over the world. The best thing we can do is, if you feel passionate about it, talk about it. If you're not ... if you don't have a lot of knowledge about it or you don't quite understand it, I don't think you should talk about it because it just puts you in a tough position."

Unclear if that last line was another shot at Daryl Morey -- who Bron had previously accused of being "misinformed" about the China situation.

12:18 PM PT -- Michael Rapaport just DESTROYED LeBron on "TMZ Live" -- saying he's the "fakest" guy in the NBA. He also blasts Bron's team, including Maverick Carter, saying they're all "yes men" and "flunkies."


Rapaport also says people should STOP comparing Bron to Muhammad Ali -- explaining, "This guy couldn't hold Muhammad Ali's jockstrap."

7:21 AM PT -- As expected, protesters in Hong Kong are FURIOUS at LeBron James for speaking out against Daryl Morey ... and now they're burning Bron's jersey in the streets.

Around 200 people were reportedly demonstrating at the Southorn Playground in Hong Kong ... chanting praises for Daryl Morey while trashing James.

In fact, the Associated Press says the chants about LeBron included language that is "not printable."


LeBron James is FINALLY talking about the Daryl Morey tweet that sparked an international incident ... saying the Rockets GM simply "wasn't educated" about China before he posted his pro-Hong Kong tweet.

"I think that's another situation that should stay behind closed doors," LeBron told the media.

Remember, LeBron and the Lakers were in Shanghai to play the Brooklyn Nets in an exhibition game last week when the backlash over the tweet began.

Chinese officials essentially blackballed the Houston Rockets immediately -- taking down signage, pulling merchandise and blocking TV networks from airing games.

But, now LeBron is back in the U.S. ... and he's calling out Morey for what LeBron is describing as a selfish tweet.

"We all talk about this freedom of speech. Yes, we all do have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you're not thinking about others and you're only thinking about yourself," LeBron said.

"I don't want to get into a word or sentence feud with Daryl Morey but I believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand, and he spoke. And, so many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually. So, just be careful what we tweet and what we say, and what we do. Even though yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too."

When questioned about why he thinks Morey -- who had tweeted out "Fight For Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong" --  is uneducated, LeBron had this to say:

"That's just my belief. I don't know. That's my belief. That's all I can say. I believe he was either misinformed or not really educated on the situation."

"And, if he was, then so be it, but I have no idea. That's just my belief that when you say things or do things and you know the people can be affected by it, and the families and the individuals and everyone that can be affected by it, sometimes things can be changed. And, also sometimes social media is not always the proper way to go about things as well. But, that's just my belief."

After LeBron made the comments, there was immediate backlash on social media from people upset with his comments. LeBron went to Twitter to defend himself.

"Let me clear up the confusion," LeBron said ... "I do not believe there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet.  I’m not discussing the substance.  Others can talk About that."

"My team and this league just went through a difficult week.  I think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others.  And I believe nobody stopped and considered what would happen.  Could have waited a week to send it."

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Travis Scott Dislocated His Knee ... Surgery on the Table


Travis Scott has a seriously bum knee after his onstage fall at Rolling Loud -- and all signs point to him going under the knife as fast as possible.

Sources connected to Travis tell TMZ ... he went to see orthopedic specialist Dr. Neal ElAttrache this week at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute. We're told he was diagnosed with a dislocated knee -- specifically, a stretch or tear in the patellar tendon.

As we reported ... Travis hurt himself this weekend while performing at NYC's Rolling Loud Festival, landing on his leg wrong while he was jumping up and down. He was hobbling around afterward but finished the show nonetheless. Total trooper!


Now, here's the interesting thing ... our sources say doctors would like to wait another day or 2 before conclusively deciding if surgery's needed, or if the knee can just heal on its own -- but Travis would actually prefer the former.

We're told he might opt for surgery because he wants to get back to full health -- NOT for music performances, but for love of the game ... of bball.


Our sources tell us Travis gets on the court quite a bit and wants to be able to hoop again, ASAP -- like he did against Meek Mill last year for James Harden's charity.

So, we're told he's leaning toward surgery ... if it's the quickest path back to ballin'.

President Trump To STL Blues Player 'Think I Could Take Him in a Fight?!?'

Breaking News

The St. Louis Blues celebrated their Stanley Cup title at the White House on Tuesday ... with President Trump crackin' jokes and picking hypothetical fights with the players!!!

The champs were honored at 1600 Penn. for beating the Boston Bruins in Game 7 to win it all last season ... and one player, Alexander Steen, got POTUS' attention (for obvious reasons).

"Look at that guy, look at the mouth on that guy," Trump told the crowd. "Come here a minute, come here."

"You think he's taken a few hits? You think I could take him in a fight?! I don't know."

There was more funny business ... with the stars of the team, like Jaden Schwartz, issuing a golf challenge to POTUS ... and Trump calling out rookie Jordan Binnington for giving up ONE goal in Game 7.

"He stopped 32 of 33 [shots], so why didn't you stop the other one, Jordan? You coulda made the game a lot easier!"


The Blues thanked Trump for the hospitality and gave him his own Trump 45 jersey ... and ended it all with one last golf joke.

'Bachelor' Star Amanda Stanton I'm with Morgan Stewart's Ex Now

Exclusive Details
TMZ Composite

Amanda Stanton has a new man in her life ... and the guy she's hanging with is fresh off a separation from his estranged wife, Morgan Stewart.

We're told the "Bachelor in Paradise" star and "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" star Brendan Fitzpatrick started seeing each other about a month ago after meeting through mutual friends. He lives in L.A. and she lives in the OC but they make the hour-long commute work.

Might not seem like a long-distance relationship, but L.A. peeps know it's a bear.

Anywho ... we're told Amanda and Brendan, a high-end real estate agent, were spotted over the weekend holding hands at Nobu Newport Beach. Brendan and Morgan split back in August after 3 years of marriage, and 6 years together.

At the time, there were allegations of infidelity on Morgan's part but she denied it, saying ... "Our reason for separation has nothing to do with anything other than two people who sadly grew apart."

As for Amanda ... it appears she's diving back into relationship mode for the first time since her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Jacobs. You'll recall she was busted by cops for domestic violence back in 2018 after a drunken post-bachelorette party incident with Bobby.

Amanda also had a rocky relationship with fellow 'BiP' star Josh Murray. That's all in her rearview mirror, and Brendan's now riding shotgun.

Muhammad Ali's Ex-Wife I Love LeBron ... 'But He's No Muhammad Ali'


Muhammad Ali's ex-wife -- who was married to him during his Vietnam War protest -- says she wishes LeBron James would have stood up for the people of Hong Kong, because that's what Muhammad would have done.

TMZ Sports spoke with Khalilah Ali -- who was married to the boxer from 1967 to 1976 -- and she says she was his adviser for his biggest protest ... refusing to fight in the Vietnam war.

Khalilah says she's aware of China's issues with the NBA -- and the pro-Hong Kong tweet sent by Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey -- but says she'll ALWAYS support people "who are standing up for their rights."

So, when Khalilah heard LeBron's comments -- which condemned Morey's tweet -- it was clear to her Muhammad would have handled the situation MUCH differently.

Listen to the audio, Khalilah essentially says powerful people like LeBron and Muhammad should stand up for people fighting for their human rights.

Khalilah also says Muhammad was more savvy when it came to his political comments because he was a "man of the world" who was always fighting for the global good.

"They would not take Muhammad Ali's shorts and burn them anywhere, it would never happen."

Khalilah's referring to the backlash LeBron has gotten in Hong Kong -- where protesters are burning LBJ's jersey in the streets.

Critics of LeBron have been trashing him on social media -- saying he's no Muhammad Ali. Khalilah agrees ... but says he "could be" if he changes the way he handles global political issues.

She adds, "I love LeBron James. I think he's the greatest. But, when it comes to people and society and companies, we have to put that aside. Respect it, but you have to stay the course when it comes to human respect and human fight, human liberty."

Felicity Huffman Turns Herself In ... 14-Day Sentence Begins

Breaking News

10:43 AM PT -- We've obtained the prison menu ... it's a chicken patty, steamed rice, beans, fruit and a drink for lunch today. Tonight, Felicity will eat pepper steak or lentils, steamed rice, green beans and whole wheat bread. Bon appétit!

Felicity Huffman has just turned herself in to begin serving a 14-day sentence for her role in the college admissions bribery scandal.

The actress arrived at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, CA Tuesday -- just outside of San Francisco -- where she'll be locked down for the next two weeks. As we reported ... Felicity got 14 days, a $30k fine, one year of supervised release and 250 hours of community service.

Prosecutors initially, privately demanded one year in jail, and then publicly reduced their recommendation to 4 months behind bars, but ultimately reduced it to 1 month. But, the judge scoffed at the prosecutors' request ... saying the case amounted to a bunch of nothing because the college admissions system was already broken.

Elizabeth Williams

What helped Felicity ... the judge said she had "near immediate acceptance of responsibility" for her crime, and she paid one of the smallest bribes. Felicity in court apologized in court ... adding, "I have inflicted more damage (on her daughter) than I could've ever imagined."

As you know by now ... Felicity pled guilty to conspiracy charges for paying $15k to give her daughter a leg up on her college entrance exam. That means she's now a felon.

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Emily Ratajkowski It's Autumn Somewhere ... Just Not Here

Hot Girl Summer might be over for most of us -- but for Emily Ratajkowski ... the heat just keeps on coming, even as we get into fall. Hooray for year-round seasons!!!

The model was spotted out Monday in the Sunshine State, getting her tan on in Miami with a gal pal in tow. No sight of her hubby, Sebastian, here -- but Emily had no trouble holding the spotlight ... showing off her bangin' body in probably the best swimsuit ever.

She was wearing a fascinating little number as she laid out in the rays -- which featured a plunging split neckline up front ... and nothing but a thong bottom for the back.

Safe to say, it helped expose Emily's best features -- hey, ya gotta avoid those tan lines -- which she was happy to facilitate with lots of turning over, bending and kneeling to make sure every angle of her body got the UVs it needed. Yeah, she knows what she's doing.

BTW, the bathing suit is from Emily's own line, Inamorata, and this particular one-piece -- dubbed Encinitas, after her San Diego-adjacent hometown, retails for $160.

No better way to advertise it than with the creator herself. We're not sure many other beach babes could pull this off as convincingly as Emily does here. #TooFineFall

Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Abuse ... Indictment Includes 12 Other Allegations

Breaking News

11:05 AM PT -- Cuba's attorney Mark Heller responded to the 12 allegations, telling us ... "Cuba denies all of these allegations. This is a typical scenario in which random people come out of the woodwork to accuse a celebrity who has already been charged. They have no credibility because Cuba was not charged with any of those allegations."

10:25 AM PT -- It's a 4-count indictment against Cuba and he's facing one count of forcible touching and one count of sexual abuse in the third degree for the new accuser -- both misdemeanors. He's facing the same 2 charges for the original accuser from the rooftop bar incident in June 2019.

The incident involving the new accuser went down at TAO Nightclub on Oct. 24, 2018. According to docs, Cuba allegedly pinched the accuser's buttocks without consent. She confronted him on the spot, and Cuba said he'd pinched her on the back.

The accuser claims he made a "sexually suggestive remark" to her earlier that same night.

The indictment also includes 12 allegations, for which Cuba is not being charged. However, prosecutors say they're including them to show a pattern of behavior. Among the 12 accusers are a woman who claims Cuba was at the Yard House in Long Beach, CA and while taking a photo with her he squeezed her butt and said something to the effect "You've got a good piece of ass."

Another accuser says he bit her shoulder a couple of times in the Hollywood bar Chi back in 2006. She also claims he thrust his pelvis against her leg and tried to lift up her shirt.

Around February 2011, another accuser says she had an encounter at an unnamed Los Angeles bar. She claims he grabbed her arm as she walked past him, placed his hand inside her blouse and squeezed her bare breast. She claims he said, in substance, "Sit on my face, pee in my mouth."

In 2014, while at Cafe Havana in Malibu, a woman claims Cuba reached under her skirt and touched her vagina over her underwear. She says she saw him about a year later at another bar in Santa Monica, punched him in the chest and yelled at him for the Cafe Havana incident.

Prosecutors say the 12 uncharged allegations would refute any claim from Cuba's team the 2 NYC incidents -- for which he's been indicted -- are innocent, accidental or consensual.

9:53 AM PT -- Cuba's arraignment is over, and he walked out of court free of handcuffs, and still confident he'll be exonerated. We're about to get details on the new indictment, but we're told it includes TWO misdemeanor charges related to the new accuser, and also charges related to the original accuser.


9:21 AM PT -- Cuba has just arrived to court for his arraignment on the new charge. Although he was smiling, his hands were cuffed behind him and he was flanked by an NYPD detective.

NYPD has a new set of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s fingerprints after booking the Oscar winner on a new charge ... one prosecutors are still keeping under wraps.

Cuba was processed Tuesday morning, ahead of his scheduled arraignment Tuesday afternoon. While that was going on, his attorney, Mark Heller, was in front of the Manhattan courthouse and said Cuba had surrendered to cops.


Heller also took several jabs at the prosecutors, insinuating they only tacked on this additional charge after coming up short on evidence in the initial case -- the alleged groping at a rooftop bar. He also groused at prosecutors moving both cases to New York's Supreme Court because it allows them to start the case all over, and delay Cuba from getting his day in court.

The Manhattan D.A. has remained tight-lipped about what exactly the new alleged victim is claiming. The charge will be revealed at Tuesday's arraignment, and we're told Cuba will plead not guilty.

As we reported ... Cuba's camp believes the woman is making a claim about an incident from 2018, but they're also claiming she reached out to shake him down for a settlement. Sounds like they're prepared to fight this claim in court as well.

Of course, he also denied the allegations against him from earlier this year -- when a woman claimed he touched her breast -- by pleading not guilty, with all smiles through pretty much every step of the case.

JUNE 2019

TMZ obtained surveillance footage from the night in question -- showing the alleged encounter, as well as some aftermath ... which appears to show Cuba making contact with her. Cuba and co. insist he touched her hand, and NOT her breast as she claims.

He initially tried getting the case tossed by trashing his accuser's mental state but to no avail.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Drops N-Word While Discussing Racism

Breaking News

Andrew Cuomo used the n-word -- while reading a quote from the NY Times -- to illustrate his point about racism against Italian-Americans.

New York's Governor was being interviewed Tuesday on WAMC radio when the topic turned to Indigenous Peoples' Day -- which was celebrated Monday -- and he steered the discussion to slurs used against Italians in the U.S. over history.

Referring to a NYT op-ed published over the weekend ... Cuomo said southern Italians, or Sicilians, were called "quote-unquote and pardon my language, but I’m just quoting the Times: ‘n****r wops.’ n-word wops, as a derogatory comment."

Cuomo didn't skip a beat after dropping the n-word either ... he continued by blasting another article in the Albany Times-Union, in which the author criticized Andrew and his brother, Chris, for their alleged misconception of Italian-American insults.

You'll recall ... the CNN anchor went ballistic on a guy in August for calling him "Fredo," and threatened to beat him up. Chris told the man the term is as offensive to Italians as the n-word is to African-Americans.

Apparently, Andrew forgot to make note of that.

Mama June Pleads Not Guilty In Crack Cocaine Case


Mama June's crack cocaine possession case in Alabama is finally moving along ... she and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, both pled not guilty.

The couple wasn't present at the Macon County Courthouse Tuesday morning for their arraignment, but their lawyer entered a not guilty plea for them ... according to the D.A.'s office. They're both facing charges of felony drug possession.

Once again, the We TV production crew was on-site hoping to catch June and film her ... but came up empty.


We broke the story ... June and Geno made a loud entrance to face the judge last month, with Geno yelling out a homophobic slur as soon as he got out of their SUV and telling our photog to "f**k off."

Their plea hearing was postponed, but Geno declared "Not guilty!" anyway as they left. June was quiet and covered up under a hood while entering and exiting the courthouse, even refusing to talk to her sister ... who's been trying to get her help, to no avail.

Amid her legal woes, June also unloaded her Georgia home in a cash deal that amounted to a shocking loss -- the home's current market value is more than double what she got for it.

Last we heard, the couple was planning to hit the open road and live out of an RV instead.

Of course, all of this has gone down after June and Geno were busted back in March for crack cocaine possession.

After Tuesday's plea ... the drama continues.

Todd Chrisley Suing Georgia IRS Honcho You Had a Corrupt Relationship with My Daughter

Breaking News

1:35 PM PT -- A rep for the GA Department of Revenue tells TMZ, "Our investigators are fair and impartial in their work with a commitment to ensuring compliance with the law. In accordance with state law and as a matter of standard protocol, the Department cannot comment on the specifics of any investigation, settlement, or pending litigation."

The rep continues, "This development is disappointing and their accusations are unfounded, but we will decline to provide any further comment on this matter."

Todd Chrisley is suing a Georgia tax official, claiming the head honcho pursued a relationship with his estranged daughter, Lindsie, to smear him.

Todd and his wife, Julie, sued Joshua Waites, the Director of the Georgia Dept. of Revenue's Office of Special Investigation, claiming he got Lindsie to share all sorts of personal info in an effort to gain her trust or intimidate her into cooperating with him.

The docs claim Waites was a media whore, seeking out the spotlight and using Todd to achieve that goal.

Georgia tax officials had been going after Todd for $2 million in tax fraud, but ultimately decided he overpaid his taxes for most of the years in question.

In the lawsuit, Todd attached several texts between Waites and Lindsie. In one text, Waites writes, "So. Some stuff happened today. And we have a meeting the first of the year that is super big. And is all about Todd. Like serious. So. I want to know if you would be willing to talk about him or her."

The docs also say Waites sent Lindsie a photo of a dartboard or punching bag with Todd's face on it, adding the agents threw darts or punches at it.