'Saved by the Bell' Reboot Still Trying to Land Mark-P. Gosselaar ... There's Just One Catch


Zack Morris superfans can breathe a small sigh of relief ... NBC's "Saved by the Bell" reboot producers aren't giving up on getting Mark-Paul Gosselaar on board -- in fact, he's in HIGH demand. Which is kinda the problem.

Sources connected to the production -- which is still in its infancy -- tell TMZ ... they ARE trying to get Mark-Paul, and they very much WANT him to be part of the show, but it won't be like the Zack of old.


As you probably heard, when NBC announced it was bringing back its 80s and 90s megahit ... the plot surrounds the now California Governor, Zack Morris, and his education policies. That's why everyone assumed MPG was part of the cast, but fans were shocked when we got vid of Mark Wednesday at LAX saying no one's called him about it.

We're told there's a good reason for that -- Mark-Paul's contract to star on ABC's new show, "Mixed-ish." Our sources say production on that show will most likely overlap with that of 'SBTB' ... so NBC knew it couldn't land him for the reboot.

In fact, we're told when they first started talking about the reboot, MPG was starring on another show ... FOX's "The Passage." Hey, the guy works a ton ... great problem to have in Hollywood.

The plan right now is to try to get Gosselaar to make as many guest appearances on 'Saved' as his "Mixed-ish" schedule will allow. It's a tricky dance, but not impossible. We're told 'Saved' honchos will absolutely be reaching out to MPG's reps to make it happen.


Meanwhile, Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley are already in as regulars at the new Bayside High ... where A.C. Slater is now a coach, and Jessie Spano is a guidance counselor.

We're told other members of the OG cast could make cameos too, but the reboot will focus on the new kids on the block at Bayside.

Sorry, Mr. Belding ... there's a new principal in town.

Chris Brown Lawsuit Woman's Horrific Eye Injuries Revealed ... Allegedly Caused by Fake Blood


The woman suing Chris Brown over eye injuries she allegedly suffered on a music video shoot has a photo of her puffy peepers ... and it'll make you go ewwwww.

In the photo -- obtained by TMZ -- Danielle Griffin's eyes appear red, swollen and caked in a gross, greenish goop. We're told that's pus discharging from her eyes, so like we said ... eww.

Griffin claims in legal docs ... she was hired as a backup dancer in September 2017 to perform in a CB music video, which was shooting in Downtown L.A.

According to the suit ... sometime during the shoot, a wardrobe and makeup artist poured fake liquid blood on her head without eye protection and told her it was safe. Griffin claims it wasn't ... and the "dangerous substance" caused direct injuries to both of her eyes.

Griffin's attorney -- Arshia Mardasi of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie -- tells us she had to go to 3 different hospitals in 24 hours to tend to her eye injuries. Mardasi says Griffin was also holed up for months while she recovered, which caused her to drop out of her master's degree program and miss several job opportunities.

We are told the music vid she was hired for was "High End," which features Future and Young Thug.

We've reached out to Brown ... so far, no word back.

'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Mike Johnson Locked Down?!? Yes, But Not What It Seems


"Bachelor in Paradise" star Mike Johnson is a pro at reality TV, so it makes sense for him to be the perfect pretend boyfriend for a music video. Okay, 'Bachelor' Nation. Breathe easy!!!

So, here's the deal ... fan-favorite Mike was cast to play the love interest in singer Bailey Bryan's new music video for her track, "Where We Started." We're told the music video couple filmed Tuesday in L.A.'s Chinatown ... where they held hands and kissed.

Again, easy 'Bach' crazies ... it's a music video!!!

Our sources say Bailey -- like most of America -- became a huuuuuge fan of Mike's charm and infectious smile during his time on Hannah B's season of "The Bachelorette." Mike turned up the charm again on 'BiP' ... and even though he was eliminated, America still swooned and hoped he'd become the next 'Bachelor.' Didn't happen ... but it wasn't all bad news.

Among the ladies crushing HARD for Mike ... one Demi Lovato. As you probably know by now ... they've reportedly exchanged flirty messages on social media and are hanging out.

So, breathe easy, Demi. Mike's just doing his job with Bailey. BTW ... the video will drop in October and will have a retro vibe to it. Enjoy!!!

Eddie Money Renewed Vows W/ Wife of 30 Years 7 Months Before Death


Eddie Money really did have 2 tickets to paradise when he eloped 30 years ago with his wife, but the rock star managed to fulfill a lifelong dream to exchange church vows ... before he passed away.

Eddie and his wife, Laurie, renewed their vows back on February 7 at the California Community Church in the San Fernando Valley. The couple kept it a private ceremony, strictly for immediate family.


Laurie wore a Bob Mackie-designed wedding dress she had intended to wear when they eloped to Mexico in 1989 -- but the dress took 3 months to make. Turned out they didn't need it anyway because they ditched all formal wear for the beach ceremony.

The couple talked about exchanging vows in a church for YEARS but after he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last fall, they finally formalized plans. The timing was perfect ... because just 3 months later, Eddie would also need to undergo a heart valve procedure.

Sadly, complications associated with his heart valve procedure led to his death last week.

The Money family tells TMZ ... they're thankful to all fans around the world who played Eddie's songs to celebrate his life and music after his passing. The family also set up the Eddie Money Cancer Research Fund at USC's Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The renewal ceremony will be on Eddie's reality show, "Real Money" next month, and will feature 2 tracks from his son, Dez -- including his upcoming single, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You."

Oscar De La Hoya Gunning to Get Ryan Garcia $700 Mil Boxing Deal


Oscar De La Hoya just signed Ryan Garcia to a new contract -- but he's gunning to get Garcia even MORE money ... telling TMZ Sports he wants to make King Ryan the first boxer to sign a $700 MILLION deal!!!

21-year-old Garcia -- who's already racked up an impressive 18-0 record -- clashed with Oscar over the weekend, claiming Golden Boy Promotions has failed to get him the big money fights he feels he deserves.

There were rumblings Garcia was looking to split from Oscar -- but after they agreed to an extension, it's clear the beef is squashed.

"I called Ryan Garcia," Oscar says ... "We discussed it, we hugged it out and we're gonna move on."

"It's like when you're married or you have a girlfriend, you have your little rifts here and there."

Now, Oscar says his focus is turning Ryan into "the biggest star that boxing has ever seen, hands down."

And, as for the money, Oscar says he has a track record of getting results for his boxers -- just like the $365 million DAZN deal he negotiated for Canelo Alvarez.

"Just like I got Canelo the biggest contract in sports history at the time, I can probably get DOUBLE for King Ryan when the time is right -- when he becomes world champion -- when he has several more years under his belt."

For now, Oscar is promoting one of the biggest fights of Canelo's career -- a massive lightweight-heavyweight clash with Sergey Kovalev on Nov. 2 in Las Vegas (Garcia was just added to that card as the co-main event).

Canelo is coming up TWO weight classes -- 15 pounds -- to take on The Krusher in what many fight fans say could be the BEST fight of the year!!!


Nevel in 'iCarly' 'Memba Him?!

Florida native Reed Alexander was only 13 years old when he landed the recurring role as the kooky critic, Nevel Papperman -- who is constantly obstructing Carly's show to score a smooch -- on Nickelodeon's technically-advanced kids comedy, "iCarly."

Reed Alexander shared screen time with other kid stars including Jennette McCurdy as the cohost and closest homie, Sam Puckett, Nathan Kress as the tech support friend, Freddie Benson, Jerry Trainor as the big bro and parental figure, Spencer Shay ... and of course Miranda Cosgrove as the show's star, Carly Shay.

Alexander was also in two episodes of "Will & Grace."

Guess what he looks like now at 25 years old!!!

Porn Star 'Bridget the Midget' Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Boyfriend in Leg


Little person porn star Bridget Powers -- who goes by "Bridget the Midget" in her movies -- got in a nasty fight that ended with her in handcuffs and her BF with a stab wound ... in the leg.

Law enforcement sources tell us they were called to a home in Vegas early Wednesday after a neighbor heard screaming and breaking glass. When officers arrived, they made contact with Powers and discovered she and her boyfriend just finished a vicious spat.

Cops say Powers stabbed him in the leg during the fight ... and he was transported to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Unclear if his injury is below or above the knee.

She appeared in her first adult film in 1999, and by her own account has appeared in more than 50 projects since then. She's also made appearances on "S.W.A.T." and "The Surreal Life."

Bridget now faces charges of domestic battery with the use of a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon ... all felonies.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Snitching Topics o' the Day ...Armed Robbery, Barclays Shooting

Breaking News
Elizabeth Williams

2:22 PM PT -- Tekashi just spilled the beans on the Times Square shooting involving Chief Keef. 6ix9ine admitted to arranging the hit, promising $20k to the triggerman. However, that amount was reduced to just $10k after Tekashi learned the hit man only fired one shot and missed his mark.

He also detailed the incident from July 2018 when he was jumped and kidnapped while sitting in a vehicle -- attorneys played the dash cam video from the event -- and disclosed his former bodyguard, Harv, was a part of the plan to rob him.

12:34 PM PT -- Tekashi just detailed a couple shootings ... including one that took place at Barclays Center. The rapper says in April 2018 he was harassed by two men at a restaurant in NYC ... Shotti stepped in, pistol-whipped the men when they got into their vehicle and then fired shots -- missing -- at the vehicle after the men left.

As for the Barclays Center shooting ... Tekashi says he and his crew arrived to walk boxer Adrien Broner into the ring. While in a tunnel under the arena, they came face-to-face with members of rapper Casanova's crew. A brawl ensued and Tekashi claims Shotti then instructed a Nine Trey gang member to open fire at the rival crew ... he did, but no one was hit.

APRIL 2018

About a month later Fuguan Lovick was arrested and booked on first-degree reckless endangerment.

11:06 AM PT -- Tekashi's now getting into the nitty-gritty of how his relationship with the Nine Treys soured. He says it all started in March 2018 when he'd booked a gig in Austin, TX -- but didn't "check in" with the people at Rap-A-Lot Records.

That started a beef because Houston, and TX in general, is Rap-A-Lot's home turf. Tekashi said, under oath, Rap-A-Lot heavies refused to let him enter his gig and, as a result, he couldn't perform and lost somewhere between $10k to $15k.

He says that lost revenue caused tension between his manager, Shotti, and his bodyguard, "Harv." He says Harv called Shotti a "pussy" because he didn't stand up to Rap-A-Lot. 6ix9ine said he ended up firing Harv shortly after that.

As it turns out, Rap-A-Lot Records honcho J. Prince was in NYC the next month ... and Tekashi testified that he and the Nine Treys decided to get revenge.

He says Shotti and other gang members pulled an armed robbery on the Rap-A-Lot reps in the lobby of a building while Tekashi sat outside in a parked car.


Tekashi shot video of the robbery, which prosecutors played in court ... along with surveillance video of the incident.

6ix9ine said as they fled the scene in a car, Shotti got nervous and kicked him out of the car ... leaving Tekashi to take the subway to Brooklyn while concealing a handgun in his hoodie.

Tekashi69's ratting out his former fellow gang members in the Nine Trey Bloods, testifying they delivered a beatdown on Trippie Redd ... an alleged rival gang member.

The rapper's on the stand, nervously, for his second day of testimony and opened up about his beef with Trippie ... who he says was with another set of Bloods, along with Casanova. Tekashi testified he and Trippie were on the same label and did a track together, but there was a lot of jealousy that led to online disputes ... and then physical violence.

6ix9ine says he told his former manager, Shotti, he wanted something done to Trippie ... Shotti said he'd get the gang on it, and they orchestrated an attack on the rapper at his hotel. Tekashi says he stayed inside the vehicle while the attack went down.

Tekashi testified defendant Anthony "Harv" Ellison punched Trippie in the mouth, and from that point on, he used Harv as his bodyguard.

He also dished more details about the money and leadership structure of Nine Trey -- saying he would make money for shows and appearances, and the gang would give him the front end of it -- at least half -- and take the rest. For example, he says if he would make $250k ... they would give him $185k and take the rest.

6ix9ine ID'd members of the gang again, including Shotti, "Harv" and the other defendant Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack. He also testified "Mel Murda," Billy Ado, and Seqo were Nine Trey members.

There's a lot more, including Tekashi talking about the shooting of another gang member named Snow, and a brawl that went down at a tribute party for A$AP Rocky's manager where he claims Ado stabbed a security guard.

He also describes what led to his infamous fight at LAX -- and under questioning had to, somewhat hysterically, admit he whiffed with every punch he threw. We already knew that, though, from the video we shot.


Stay tuned for more ...

Originally Published -- 8:45 AM PT

Artie Lange 8 Months Clean ... Here's Why I'm Finally Doing it


Artie Lange is days away from being 8 months clean and sober for the first time in decades, and he says the reason is ... he's finally facing the threat of prison.

The stand-up comedian joined "TMZ Live" Wednesday to talk about the long, dangerous road of addiction he's been on ever since getting busted for attempted bank robbery at 17-years-old.

He says things finally started to change after his arrest -- and sad mug shot -- earlier this year for a failed drug test.

Artie told us the judge placed him in drug court, which basically meant if he didn't stop violating probation and breaking laws, he would do hard time. He called it the first real consequence he's faced.

Lange says after spending 2 months in county jail, the possibility of going to prison was the wake-up call he needed to get clean. He also explained how his mom played a very important role.

Artie says drug court saved his life, and he's looking so much better than he did in January. Of course, his nose is still messed up, but like he told us ... there's a reason he's not in a hurry to get it fixed.

If you're rooting for Artie (and why wouldn't ya?) this clip is awesome.

High School Wrestling Ref In Dreadlock Cutting Incident Suspended 2 Seasons

Breaking News

The high school wrestling referee who told a black wrestler to cut his dreadlocks in order to compete has been suspended for TWO SEASONS over the incident, officials announced.

As we previously reported, referee Alan Maloney (who is white) told 16-year-old Andrew Johnson (who is black) to either cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit a Dec. 2018 match.

Johnson -- who was only given 90 seconds to make his decision -- opted for the haircut ... and video of the shameful moment went viral.

Now, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association has said the incident has been investigated in association with the NJ division on Civil Rights and they agreed on a 2-year suspension.

"Student athletes should be able to compete with each other on a level playing field," Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said in a statement.

"Racial discrimination in the enforcement of the rules of any sport is inconsistent with the spirit of fair play. The Division on Civil Rights' action today makes it less likely that any student athlete will have to endure discrimination that not only undermines fair competition but also violates our state laws."

Rachel Wainer Apter, a division director for the civil rights division, labelled Maloney's actions as "discrimination" and "a persistent form of anti-Black racism."

"This guidance makes clear that employers, housing providers and places of public accommodation cannot police Black hair. And the [decision] will ensure that high school athletes across the State can focus on being their best, not worrying that their hair will subject them to differential treatment based on race."

For his part, Maloney has always insisted he was simply enforcing state rules pertaining to hair and did nothing wrong.

Back in March, he sent a letter to the NJSIAA saying he was planning on filing a defamation lawsuit against the organization.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 'SBTB' Sequel Sounds Great ... But I'm Not in the Clique!!!


Mark-Paul Gosselaar says he's completely out of the loop when it comes to the recently announced "Saved by the Bell" sequel ... but he's down to join if he gets the invite.

We got the star of the popular '90s high school sitcom at LAX Wednesday and asked about the buzz over bringing the show back ... and he shockingly says nobody's reached out to him about it.

Not only that, but as far as MPG knows ... several of his other former costars haven't been contacted yet either, and he seems just as confused as we are.


He tells us he's wishing those who are definitely involved -- Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley and writer Tracey Wigfield -- nothing but the best, and suggests if producers do want to bring the OG Zack Morris back ... he'll take the call.

It would make sense to, because the premise of the TV sequel reportedly centers around Governor Zack Morris and his new schooling policy involving Bayside High. However, it's unclear how NBC plans to portray the governor character.

Gosselaar doesn't seem to be too upset by the strange situation, though ... because he's got another big TV show he's currently involved in on ABC.

You gotta hand it to NBC as well ... the company never explicitly stated MPG would be back as Zack, but now everyone can't wait to find out.

Sandy Hook Promise Org Graphic Back-to-School PSA w/ Kids ... Shows Shooting Unfold

back-to-school season

An org named after Sandy Hook and dedicated to fighting gun violence just sent a powerful message as kids head back to school ... depicting a school shooting on camera.

Sandy Hook Promise debuted a new PSA Wednesday called "Back-to-School Essentials," which starts out like your average back-to-school big box-style ad, plugging everyday products that kids use on campus.

As the PSA plays out, it spirals into a twisted scene of violence ... depicting a school shooting, with students touting their products and then using them to escape and survive.

Some of the images shown here are incredibly upsetting. You see kids being shot in the background and falling to the ground, kids bleeding from gunshot wounds ... and kids ready to stab a shooter with pencils and scissors. Perhaps the most powerful moment is when a girl hiding in a bathroom stall is texting, "I love you mom." As she plugs her excitement over having her "own phone to stay in touch," she cries in fear.

The PSA ends with a harrowing message about back-to-school season ... "It's back to school time and you know what that means. School shootings are preventable when you know the signs."

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 claimed the lives of 26 people, 20 of whom were children between the ages of 6 and 7. Hundreds of other mass shootings have taken place since then, including one at Stoneman Douglas High, which has led students from the school to fight back about gun violence and gun laws.

Antonio Brown Accuser Contacted By Cops AB Not Out of the Woods Yet

Exclusive Details

Prosecutors and police in Pennsylvania have contacted the woman accusing Antonio Brown of rape -- but officials suggest it's unlikely they will move forward with criminal charges against the NFL star.

But, Brown might not be off the hook in Florida, where the accuser claims Brown forcibly raped her in 2018.

Remember, Britney Taylor alleges in a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month that, on TWO separate occasions in the Pittsburgh area in 2017, Brown sexually assaulted her.

Taylor claims AB exposed his penis to her and kissed her without her consent. She also alleges later that month he pleasured himself on her back without her consent.

Now, a spokesperson for the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office says both prosecutors AND the Allegheny County Police Dept. reached out to Taylor's attorneys to investigate the claims.

The issue, according to the D.A. ... "It appears there is a statute of limitations issue in moving forward with any inquiry involving the Allegheny County allegation mentioned in the lawsuit."

In other words, if Taylor wanted Brown prosecuted in Pennsylvania, she may have waited too long to make it happen.

We should note the way the D.A. phrased its statement seems to leave the door open for possible prosecution if they learn anything new.

But, the bigger issue is Florida ... where Taylor alleged the most serious crime was committed.

Sources tell us ... Miami-area prosecutors have NOT reached out to the accuser or her attorneys at this point and the statute of limitations in Florida has definitely NOT run out for a rape prosecution for an incident in May 2018.

As for whether Taylor would cooperate with an investigation in Florida, her attorneys have previously issued a statement saying they would work "with the NFL and any other agencies."

For his part, Brown has adamantly denied wrongdoing and his attorney has said they will consider their own legal options, including a countersuit.

As for the NFL, Taylor reportedly met with league investigators for 10 HOURS this week to tell her side of the story.

So far, no punishment has been handed down to Brown ... and he's expected to play again this weekend when the Patriots take on the Jets.

Porn Star Jessica Jaymes Dead at 43

Jessica Jaymes -- the porn star best known for becoming Hustler's first contract model to become a member of the AVN Hall of Fame -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a friend went to check on Jessica Tuesday afternoon in her San Fernando Valley home because he hadn't heard from her in a while. When the friend arrived at her home, our sources say the friend found Jessica unconscious.

We're told fire and EMS got a call for cardiac arrest for a female. When they got there, nothing seemed amiss. They pronounced her dead at the scene. The cause of death is unknown and now the L.A. County Coroner's Office is investigating.

Jessica had a history of seizures. We're told authorities found various prescription drugs.

Jessica started doing soft porn in 2002 when she was 26. She got her big break in 2004 when Hustler signed her. She made her "coming out" debut in 2005 in the adult film, "The Porn Identity." Jessica snagged Hustler magazine's "Honey of the Year" award that same year.

She went on to appear in well over 200 adult films and was an active performer as of late on her exclusive content website. She also earned some mainstream credits. Jessica appeared as herself on several episodes of the Showtime series "Weeds."

Jessica -- who just last week told her almost 1M Instagram followers she had been on vacation -- also appeared on "The Howard Stern Show," VH1's "Celebrity Rehab Sober House" and HBO's "Vivid Valley."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jessica got her stage name combining her real first name and adding the first name of her then-lover, James. She was born Jessica Redding in Anchorage, Alaska. Her mother is of Czech and French descent while her father was reportedly an undercover DEA agent.

She attended New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, New Mexico before attending and graduating from Rio Salado Community College. She was a fourth through sixth grade teacher for 3 years before becoming an adult film actress. Interesting life.

Jessica was 43. RIP.

Nick Carter Aaron Told Our Sister He Thinks of 'Killing Babies'


Nick Carter says he had to protect his wife and unborn child from his brother because Aaron flat-out told their sister, "I have thoughts of killing babies."

That bombshell allegation is in the restraining order request Nick filed Monday in Las Vegas. In the docs, he says Aaron and their sister, Angel, were talking by FaceTime on August 7, 2019 ... and according to Angel, Aaron said, "I want to tell you something that I never told you before -- I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar 2 years ago."

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Angel asked Aaron if he heard voices ... and that's when he made the "killing babies" remark. Angel asked if he thought about killing anyone else, and she claims he said, "I think about killing Lauren Kitt" ... who is Nick's pregnant wife.

Aaron's then-girlfriend, Lina, was there during the convo and chimed in, "Angel, how do you think I feel with him sleeping with a sword next to him?" According to the docs, Aaron got upset and said, "Shut up Lina, you are next on my list."

Aaron and Lina have since had an ugly breakup. Worth noting ... cops were called the day after that FaceTime convo to conduct a welfare check on Aaron. We had reported it was a family member who called ... and in the docs, Angel admits it was her.

In his filing, Nick explains he needs the court-ordered protection from Aaron because he's afraid Aaron will listen to the "voices in his head and cause harm to my family." He also states, as far as he knows, Aaron owns 6 firearms, which he's known to keep "readily available."


In fact, Aaron was on "TMZ Live" this week and told us he had his guns loaded and ready when cops made yet another welfare check at his home this past Sunday.

As we reported, Nick was granted the restraining order which requires Aaron to stay away from Nick, Lauren, their son and Lauren's parents.

Story developing ...

Cops: Felipe Vazquez Suspected Girl was Underage ... And Had Sex Anyway


Pennsylvania State Police say MLB pitcher Felipe Vazquez suspected the victim in his child solicitation case was underage when he first met her ... but he had sex with her anyway.

TMZ Sports has obtained the police criminal complaint filed by the Penn. State Police in which troopers detail an interview with Vazquez on the morning of Sept. 17, the day he was arrested.

When speaking with cops, the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher says he initially refused to communicate with the girl "due to her age" ... noting, "she appeared to be 16 years of age or younger."

In the documents, cops say the girl told investigators they began communicating over social media in 2017 when she was only 13 years old.

She claims Vazquez escalated the situation by driving to her Pennsylvania home in August 2017 with the intention of having sex with her.

The girl claims Vazquez invited her into his red Mustang and then began to make sexual moves on her ... at one point trying to have vaginal sex.

Both the girl and Vazquez acknowledge he penetrated her with his penis but they stopped almost immediately -- and he left claiming he had to get ready for a game that night.

When Vazquez spoke with cops, he told investigators that the girl initiated the sexual contact that day.

Cops say in July 2019, Vazquez sent her a text message, sexual in nature, expressing a desire to finish what they started.

Vazquez was arrested on Tuesday and he's facing multiple felonies in 2 states including felony statutory sexual assault, felony unlawful contact with a minor and felony solicitation of a child.

He's currently in custody.