JoJo Siwa Comes Out ... Confirms She's in LGBTQ+ community

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Child star JoJo Siwa just confirmed she's part of the LGBTQ+ community -- but isn't quite ready to label herself with a letter just yet.

The former 'Dance Moms' star published a lengthy video Saturday, which pretty much hit the point home that she had, in fact, come out after much speculation these past few days. She says she's gotten tons of support, and has never been happier in her life to be her true self.

At one point, one of JoJo's fans asks how she identifies in terms of sexual orientation ... and she says she doesn't know yet. That's interesting to note, because everyone assumed she'd come out as gay ... mostly due to her own wardrobe, which literally had the word printed on.

JoJo showed off a shirt she received the other day, which reads ... BEST. GAY. COUSIN. EVER. Many took that as signaling, not to mention her lip-syncing to Gaga's "Born This Way."

It's a big deal, BTW. JoJo -- who's 17 years old -- has a massive audience with kids, so this is gonna reach them in some shape or form. Many think it'll help children be more comfortable with owning their sexuality, since one of their on-screen heroes now has.


AOC Man Charged with Threatening to Assassinate Her

One of the Capitol insurrectionists had plans to kill Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ... according to the Department of Justice.

The DOJ revealed new charges against Garret Miller of Texas, alleging he posted online death threats against the New York congresswoman the day of the siege, including one tweet that simply read, "Assassinate AOC."

That's terrifying, considering Rep. Ocasio-Cortez herself said she felt her life was on the line that day, and that she didn't know if she'd live to see tomorrow. Turns out, she was on to something ... at least according to authorities.


In addition to the alleged AOC threat, the DOJ says Miller also threatened the officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt. He said the officer "deserved to die" and that he wouldn't live long, because it was "huntin season." The feds say he was posting a ton before and during the attempted coup, and was saying things like, "civil war could start" and "next time we bring the guns."

In addition to the new death threats charges, Miller faces charges of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted buildings or grounds without lawful authority, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, obstructing or impeding any official proceeding and certain acts during civil disorder. He's one of several rioters who've been rounded up.

Interestingly, Miller said on social media that he wanted to implicate himself in the siege, and was not shy about copping to the deed ... based on screenshots the feds attached as evidence. AOC herself latched onto his stupidity when she heard about this guy.

She took to Twitter -- where a lot of his activity was captured, including his own footage of himself from inside the Capitol that day -- and wrote, "'Just wanted to incriminate myself a little' Well, you did!"

If the feds are right, it's further proof that a lot of these people intended to do great harm.

Justin Bieber Reflects on 2014 DUI ... Thank God I've Changed!!!

Justin Bieber is looking back at his tumultuous teenage years with humility -- reminiscing on how much he's changed since getting arrested for DUI, and everything else in between.

Bieber posted a photo of himself getting hauled off by cops in Miami in 2014, when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. Cops say he was drag racing in the streets, and later blew below the legal limit for people under 21.

He was 19 at the time, and in his caption ... Justin says he's come a long way since then, mostly due to the grace of God. He writes, "7 years ago today I was arrested, not my finest hour. Not proud of where I was at in my life. I was hurting, unhappy, confused, angry, mislead, misunderstood and angry at god."

He adds, "I also wore too much leather for someone in Miami. All this to say God has brought me a long way. From then til now I do realize something.. God was as close to me then as he is right now. My encouragement to you is to ‘let your past be a reminder of how far god has brought you."

JB finishes by saying, "Don’t allow shame to ruin your “today” let the forgiveness of Jesus take over and watch your life blossom into all that God has designed you to be. LOVE YOU GUYS WITH MY WHOLE HEART"

It's true, Justin was going through a lot back then. Right around the time he was busted for DUI -- which was later reduced to reckless driving and resisting arrest after the Biebs copped a plea -- he got nailed for egging his neighbor's house.

Bieber was charged with vandalism and ended up copping a plea. The egging was also the subject of a lengthy lawsuit that dragged on for years, which was ultimately settled.


There were other bumps in the road -- namely, him getting sued by a photog, which resulted in Bieber sitting for an infamous deposition where he gave tons of lip. He's had several paparazzi run-ins in Hollywood, figuratively and literally with cars of his and otherwise.

He also peed in a mop bucket in 2013, and randomly shouted "F*** Bill Clinton." His legal woes go on and on, but as far as criminal arrests ... he's just got the DUI to look back on.

Point is, the guy's grown up a lot. At age 26, he's married ... a born again Christian ... and cranking out music like he used to. A lot of life he's lived in such a short time, huh?

Larry King Dead at 87 After COVID-19 Battle

Larry King -- the legendary TV and radio host who conducted more than 30,000 interviews in a storied 60-year career -- has died.

King died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center early Saturday ... this, according to Ora Media, the media company Larry co-founded.

Larry was diagnosed with COVID-19 over the holidays, and was hospitalized in the ICU at one point, but had recently been moved to a regular hospital room, and was breathing on his own. Things took a turn, and King died Saturday morning.

Larry -- government name Lawrence Harvey Zeiger -- started his career in radio as a disc jockey at WAHR-AM in Miami ... after officially changing his last name to King.

His voice would ultimately land him jobs at radio stations across America before finding fame with "The Larry King Show." The nationally-syndicated late-night radio talk show debuted in 1978 across 28 cities ... and in just 5 short years the show was heard in 118 cities.

Larry's career catapulted to the big time when, in 1985, "Larry King Live" premiered on the fledgling CNN. He interviewed just about every iconic figure ... from Sir Paul McCartney, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Marlon Brando (they kissed on the lips in 1994) to Presidents Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Larry also interviewed Vladimir Putin.

Larry was a unique talent and an incredible interviewer who made his craft look effortless.  He was completely absorbed in conversations with his guests, and he did something that escapes many other interviewers -- HE LISTENED.  Larry wasn't thinking about his next question -- he was always in the moment.  And something else ... he never asked long questions just to hear himself talk.  His questions were short, and almost always on point.

The popular late-night TV show aired its last episode on December 16, 2010 ... becoming CNN's most-watched and longest-running program. But, he didn't exactly go away quietly ... Larry's one-man comedy show "Larry King: Stand Up" debuted 4 months later. He also started "Larry King Now" ... an online series that later migrated to Russian-owned news channel, RT.

Larry loved getting married almost as much as doing interviews -- he did it 8 times ... to Freda Miller (1952), Annette Kaye (1961), Alene Akins (1961), Mickey Sutphin (1963), Alene again (1967), Sharon Lepore (1976), Julie Alexander (1989) and Shawn (1997). He filed for divorce from Shawn in 2019.


The last time we saw Larry was in February 2020, when he mused on the upcoming Dodgers season. The Brooklyn native and lifelong Dodgers fan watched them win their first World Series in 32 years after the COVID-shorted 2020 season.

Larry -- who published more than 20 books and had a USA Today column for decades -- coped with various ailments throughout his life ... mostly heart problems. He suffered several heart attacks and, in 1987, had quintuple bypass surgery. In fact, Larry married his most recent wife, Shawn King, at UCLA Medical Center where he was being treated for chest pains.

Larry tied the knot with Shawn just before undergoing heart surgery.

Just this past July, Larry's son Andy King, 65, unexpectedly passed away of a heart attack in late July, while his daughter Chaia King, 52, died just weeks later from lung cancer.

Larry's survived by 5 children ... Cannon, Chance, Danny, Kelly and Larry Jr. He was 87, and what an accomplished and full 87 years they were.


'Worst Cooks In America' Winner Talked Child Abuse in 2019 Stand-Up ... Before Being Charged with Killing Daughter

Exclusive June 2019
art imitates life?

Ariel Robinson -- a former winner of 'Worst Cooks in America' -- jokingly discussed raising kids in a brutal manner before she was charged with killing one of her own ... and we've got the video.

We've obtained footage of Ariel performing an impromptu stand-up routine in Spartanburg, SC in 2019, in which she's discussing trying to adopt a daughter ... and a social worker coming to her home to make sure she was a fit parent.

As Ariel recounts the story, she talks about two other children of hers -- an 8-year-old boy and an 11-year-old boy, both of whom wanted a little sister -- and how they were acting wild while the worker was there. She says she should've locked them up in cages as a result.

Nothing too crazy ... but watch what she says next. She jokes that at one point, she turned around and screamed upstairs to the boys, "Shut up before I come in there and punch in your throat!" ... adding that she'd reached her "mommy level" of frustration.

It got a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd, which Ariel also played up ... saying the social worker looked at her like they all were. Then, she says she got "approved." Unclear if this story relates to the adopted daughter she and her husband are accused of killing.

As we reported ... Ariel and Jerry Robinson were arrested and charged with homicide of a 3-year-old girl -- who has since been identified as Victoria Smith, a toddler who'd spent a majority of her life in foster care. Reports say the Robinsons adopted her at some point.

Authorities list a series of blunt force injuries that led to her death.

Again, no word on whether Ariel was simply making up a story here ... or if she was telling the truth. But in any case, it's a red flag on its face, and tragic it wasn't recognized earlier.

Dating Apps Play Up COVID ... User Mention of 'Vaccine' is Up

Getting vaccinated -- or at least a willingness to -- might be the key to love in the 21st century ... because it's apparently all the rage on dating apps these days.

Reps for Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid have all recently said they're seeing a major uptick in how many times their users are mentioning the words "vaccine" or "vaccinated' in their bios, not to mention how many are using vaccination readiness as a screener for matches.

Tinder says the number of times "vaccine" has been mentioned in user bios has risen as much as 258% between the months of September and December ... including casual mention of it, like ... "if you believe in the 5-second rule...don't worry about what's in the vaccine."

Bumble says it's seen a "steady increase" in how often "vaccine" is mentioned in bios, and OkCupid says those who indicate they've already gotten vaccinated or willing to are being liked at double the rate of people who openly say they're not interested in getting it.

OkCupid has also tailored its profile questionnaire to cater to the pandemic, with questions about what one might consider an ideal lock-down date, etc. Bumble has similar filters.

Here's the thing though ... there's a big chance that the people being mentioned here are simply TALKING about vaccines, as opposed to actually being vaccinated -- assuming we're talking about 20-somethings, who make up the biggest group of users on these apps.

Unless you work in healthcare or education as a 20-something, you're probably not vaccinated yet -- as it isn't available for that age group. For now ... frontline workers, essential workers and the elderly have priority, and who are supposed to be getting it first.

Still, it could eventually be one's ticket to an in-person date. The next few months will be telling.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Change has come, and the Biden Administration has hit the ground running. Trump, on the other hand, hasn't even been seen since the inauguration. So we gotta ask ...

Trump Should Be Prosecuted For Insurrection ...

Trump Should Be Convicted By Senate ...

I'm Happy Biden's President ...

Biden Will Get COVID Under Control ...

Celebs Welcome Again At White House ...

Prosecute ALL Rioters For Murder Of Capitol Cop ...

Trump's Gone, But I'll Still Watch The News ...

2nd Gentleman Doug ...

Biden Is Giving Me ...

Breonna Taylor Grand Jurors Call for A.G. Impeachment ... He's a Liar

Three grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case filed a petition with Kentucky officials, imploring the State Legislature to impeach Attorney General Daniel Cameron, claiming he's a liar who shoveled b.s. about the case to the media to make himself look better.

The 3 grand jurors zeroed in on Cameron's public pronouncement he put possible homicide charges on the table for the Grand Jury, but they didn't bite. Not true, say the 3 grand jurors. They say Cameron NEVER even mentioned homicide charges were an option.


The only charge that was on the table was wanton endangerment against Brett Hankison, for firing his weapon into a nearby apartment. As you know, no charges were filed for the killing of Breonna.

The petition says the grand jurors were used by Cameron as “a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility.”

There's also a recall petition on that has nearly 2,000 signatures. 2,500 signatures are required to get the recall on the ballot.

Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler Post Photo Targeting 'Users' Back Together???

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are telegraphing things are copacetic with them, and maybe even more than copacetic ... and they're suggesting their divorce has somehow been mischaracterized.

Kristin and Jay each posted this pic of the 2 of them hanging out together, with the caption, "The world is full of users. 10 years. Can't break that."

There's a lot that's unclear here. Are they back together? Are they just saying they're still a family and will happily co-parent? And, who exactly are the "users."

It seems the "users" comment is directed at the media/social media, which characterized the divorce as contentious. If that's the case, it's a little bizarre.

As we reported, Jay filed for divorce back in April after 7 years of marriage. He asked for joint custody, but when Kristin filed her answer, the bitterness was apparent. She alleged "misconduct" on Jay's part. Her answer read, Jay "is guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as renders further cohabitation unsafe and improper."

Kristin then insinuated Jay had accused her of "inappropriate marital conduct." Her lawyer wrote, "any misconduct alleged or implied against her in the complaint for divorce was in response to and/or as a result of misconduct on behalf of the Husband." That's weird, because Jay never mentioned misconduct on Kristin's part in his divorce petition.

Kristin had initially asked for sole physical custody of their 3 kids and only wanted Jay to have visitation.

Fast forward to September, when Kristin said there was NO scandal regarding Jay, saying it was simply a case where the marriage "just didn't work out."

It did seem like they were getting over the anger, because they agreed in September to joint custody and seemed to lower the temp.


Kristin had been linked to comedian Jeff Dye since October, but their latest post now suggests ... well, actually, we're not sure.

To be continued ...

Conor McGregor Earlier K.O. Against Dustin Poirier Mimicked by 5-Year-Old Brice

@enkyboys/Tik Tok

Conor McGregor is getting ready to enter the UFC Octagon in what promises to be one of the biggest fights ever ... and he could draw some inspiration from this kid, who clearly drew inspiration from Conor.

Brice Gonzalez is amazing. The 5-year-old, with the help of his dad Randy, mimicked Conor after an earlier, 1st round K.O. against Dustin Poirier. The kid's attitude is spot on, and he's exceptional at memorizing his lines.

Randy has created a hugely successful comedy show with his son, which gets millions of views on social media. Randy, who served time in prison, was having a hard time finding a job. Then he came up with the idea of a comedy show, and it exploded.

Randy and Brice have gained a bunch of celeb followers, including Kevin Hart and Snoop.

As you know, Conor is squaring off Saturday night with Dustin Poirier. Brice and Randy were mimicking their earlier fight, where Conor knocked Dustin out in the first round. Their rematch tonight will be epic!!!

Bill Maher Unveils 'Hello, Douchebags!" Segment

Bill Maher broke with tradition Friday night from his "Goodbye Douchebags" segment celebrating the end of an administration ... this time it was "Hello, Douchebags!"

Bill did not disappoint with his list of "up-and-comers" ... as he put it, "the new, fresh-faced hate-for-profit, truth-bending opportunist that you'll be cursing out for years to come."

Senator Josh Hawley tops Bill's list ... we won't spoil it for you, with one exception -- Maher calls Hawley "the far-right JFK with a little dash of KKK."

Then there's Rep. Lauren Boebert, whom Bill describes this way ... "what would happen if Michele Bachmann smoked bath salts?"

Senator Tommy Tuberville made the list ... Bill notes 3 of his business associates were convicted of financial crimes, to which Tommy said, "I'm not smart enough to understand all the numbers." To that Bill notes, "Did I mention he wants to be on the Senate Banking Committee?"

Rep. Madison Cawthorn is on the list as well. Bill mused, "This one brags that he carries a gun on the House floor, but not irresponsibly. It's safely secured in his Paw Patrol lunchbox."

And, what would the list be without Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ... well, just watch.

Per usual ... hilarious!

Dustin Diamond Struggling with Cause of His Cancer ... Moldy Hotels to Blame???


Dustin Diamond's cancer diagnosis has been hard for him to deal with emotionally ... and it has him questioning how this happened to him.

The "Saved by the Bell" star's rep tells TMZ ... Dustin's struggling to come to terms with having the type of lung cancer he has -- stage 4 small cell carcinoma -- because it's normally caused by smoking, and he's never been a smoker.

So, we're told Dustin can't help but wonder if his cancer is the result of his frequent work travel over the past 20 years.

The rep says Dustin's worked all over the country on film sets and at comedy clubs for meet-and-greets ... and sometimes had to stay in pretty questionable hotels and motels, because there were no other options.

We're told Dustin believes some of these spots might have had mold or asbestos ... which he could have breathed in, causing his cancer.

As we reported ... Dustin just completed his first round of chemo at a Florida hospital, and will start physical therapy soon while he awaits the second round of treatment.

We're told his doctors have not determined what caused his cancer, but as we reported ... he does have a history of it in his family. His mother died of breast cancer.

Dustin's rep says they are awaiting more test results, and hoping to get some answers.

Emma Roberts Baby Delivered by Khloe & Kylie's Doc


When Emma Roberts' baby boy arrived he was brought into this world by a doctor who did the same for Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's kids.

Emma and actor Garrett Hedlund's son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, was delivered by Dr. Thais Aliabadi ... according to the birth certificate, which also shows he arrived at 5:07 PM on December 27.

The birth certificate, obtained by TMZ, says Dr. Aliabadi delivered Rhodes on familiar turf ... L.A.'s famed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We say it's familiar because it's the same place where Stormi Webster was born.

You'll recall ... Dr. A flew from L.A. to Ohio to deliver True Thompson for Khloe and Tristan.

TMZ broke the story ... Rhodes weighed in right around 9 lbs on the day he was born. It's Emma and Garrett's first child. During her pregnancy ... Emma wasn't shy about showing off her baby bump, as she was seen out and about town frequently.

A couple weeks after giving birth ... Emma posted a pic of her holding her baby boy with the caption, "Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right. Our bright light Rhodes Robert Hedlund."

Dana White On Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather '1-Sided Ridiculous Ass Whoopin'


"This is gonna be such a one-sided ridiculous ass-whoopin', it's not even gonna be funny."

That's Dana White pulling no punches on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight ... warning to the YouTube star straight-up, YOU'RE GOING TO GET HURT.

"It's gonna be bad," White explained ... "I'm open for -- and I don't dislike any one of these kids ... but if Floyd Mayweather really shows up and goes in and fights this kid, it's gonna be an ass-whoopin' like nobody has ever seen before."

25-year-old Logan is set to fight 43-year-old Floyd on Feb. 20th in an exhibition Pay-Per-View.

Remember, Floyd is 50-0 with wins over all-time greats like Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez.

Logan is 0-1 as a pro, after losing a split-decision fight to YouTube star KSI, back in 2019.

Logan has a clear size advantage over Mayweather -- Floyd is 5'8" and last fought at 150 pounds. Logan is 6'2", 200 pounds.

But, Dana says size won't matter once they step inside the ring.

"Logan's gonna find out what speed is. Speed is power! When you get hit with sh*t that you don't see coming and when a guy like Floyd Mayweather starts putting it on you -- it's not even gonna be a fight. It's gonna be ridiculous! It's gonna be the worst ass whoopin' you've ever seen."

"Take the size difference and all the other things, it's gonna look like what a grown man can do to his kid."

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Don't let these two almost identical images of Martin Short distract you from the task at hand ... Focus on these two photos and try to find the sneaky switches that have been made to the original pic!

The actor was seen just last week on the set of a new project, shooting in New York City ... And we have made a few changes to the photo! Take a really good and up-close look at these two pics and see if you can spot the differences between these two super similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Miley Cyrus Cops Investigating New Burglary ... Storage Unit Hit Again!!!


Miley Cyrus has some bad luck when it comes to burglars ... we're told someone broke into another one of her storage units.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Miley's L.A.-area storage unit was broken into a few weeks ago, and someone made off with clothes, family photos and other mementos.

There's no dollar amount on the missing items, but ya gotta imagine there's some significant sentimental value.

We're told it doesn't appear the thieves were specifically targeting Miley -- other storage units in the same facility were hit as well.

Police are still investigating the heist, but they've had some success already. Our sources say some items -- for Miley and others -- have already been recovered.

Miley's, unfortunately, no stranger to storage unit break-ins ... back in 2018, someone got into her San Fernando Valley storage unit and made off with some valuable guitars.

Old news is old news!
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