Justin & Hailey Bieber We're Finally Throwing A Wedding Party ... Clearing a Date in Sept.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber are thiiiiiissss close to finally pulling the trigger on a date for their formal wedding celebration ... we've learned it looks like the party will go down next month.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... they're eyeing a date in September for close friends and family to help celebrate their marriage. The timing shouldn't come as much of a shock, since they got hitched last Sept. 13 at an NYC courthouse.

The shindig could serve as both an anniversary and wedding party.


Our sources say the exact day hasn't been set ... but JB and HB plan to send out invites in a week.

As for married life ... we're told Justin is in a great space both personally and creatively and couldn't be happier. Friends say he and Hailey are a perfect fit.

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Justin posted a love letter to Hailey Thursday, saying, "I fall more in love with you every single day. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I would be lost without you."

Justin and Hailey have had 3 false starts on a formal wedding celebration ... the dates weren't working for some of the guests so the "save the date" had to be scrapped 3 times. But, this time it looks like a go.

We don't know if the shindig will go down in the U.S. or Canada. Hey, we can't know everything.

Lamar Odom I'm Done Watching Porn!!!


There's one less Brazzers and Bang Bros subscriber in the world ... 'cause Lamar Odom says he's officially DONE WITH PORN ... telling TMZ Sports he's given up the the habit for a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, LO has been very open about his sex addiction ... claiming he's knocked boots with more than 2,000 women -- including strippers and prostitutes -- in his book, "Darkness to Light."

But, Odom -- who was kicked out of the BIG3 last month for being out of shape -- says he's actively working to change his life in several ways ... telling us he's eliminated candy and porn from his day-to-day.

"I'm trying to be better," Lamar told us at LAX ... saying it's been about a month since he's indulged.

But, the ex-NBA superstar ain't doing it alone ... he's got his fitness guru girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, helping him with his diet and workouts.

Parr says the porn ban has helped in the bedroom ... and it looks like it helps outside the bedroom as well ... 'cause they can't keep their hands off each other.


'Seinfeld' Star Jason Alexander A Show About Nothing ... Is Going for $500 Mil, Yada Yada Yada


Jason Alexander knows media companies are lining up to drop a gold mine for the rights to air "Seinfeld" reruns, but he's not too concerned about the final sale price ... for one very good reason.

We ran into George Costanza at LAX and asked him about the crazy bidding war that's supposed to be going down in 2020 after "Seinfeld" leaves Hulu and hits the open market. Estimates are the streaming rights will go for upwards of half a BILLION bucks!

Jason -- who played Costanza for nearly 10 years before the iconic sitcom went off the air in 1998 -- says he can't believe people are still watching their show about nothing in 2019. Still, he loves the fact folks are discovering it anew, and getting some (little) kicks out of it.

Our photog asks if Jason's gonna see any of that money when the new deal is finally done come next December. You gotta see his response, because he's clearly not the least bit concerned. But, is he disappointed? Just watch.

Jason, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards famously did NOT get a cut of the syndication rights. It's one of the reasons the show came to an end. However, they did negotiate large lump sum payments, and of course, they get mailbox money (Screen Actors Guild royalties) as long as the show keeps airing.

As for where Jason would like to "Seinfeld" stream after a 5-year run on Hulu, he says he doesn't really care ... may the best conglomerate win. Classic apathetic George.

Osundairo Brothers We're Back In Africa ... Helping People After Jussie's Case


Abel and Ola Osundairo are back in Nigeria, but this trip has no Jussie Smollett connection ... the brothers are there offering free medical services in their homeland.

Abel and Ola returned to Lagos this week ... far from the ongoing Jussie drama in Chicago.


The brothers organized a free medial outreach program, offering various free services ... like checking blood glucose levels and blood pressure, and calculating people's body mass index. Doctors were also on hand, prescribing medicines and treatments.

The brothers setup shop outside a local business and hundreds of people showed up to take advantage.

Remember ... the last time the Osundairo brothers were in Africa, they had just staged a fake attack against Jussie on a Chicago street -- at least that's their story, and cops and prosecutors believed them. Jussie says the "attack" was real.

This trek was all about community service and healthy living ... and no one cut them a check for $3,500.

Imagine Dragons' Ben McKee My New Tattoo's Outta This World!!!

Dillon Forte

Imagine Dragons bassist Ben McKee is wearing his intuition on his sleeve ... literally.

The pop rocker recently hooked up with famed Los Angeles tattoo artist Dillon Forte for a super sick work of art stretching from Ben's left shoulder all the way down to his fingertips!!!

The sleeve's one cosmic creation -- it's inspired by a higher consciousness. What the hell does that mean? Well, smoke something if ya got it, and bear with us.

We're told the repeating pattern represents "the interconnectedness of all life and the unified field of vibrations resonating cosmic intelligence." Ummm ... puff, puff, pass?

Ben started his sleeve last year, and then decided he wanted the ink to run down to his fingertips. Remember, the universe is ever expanding -- so the musician sat down for a 4-hour sesh at Dillon's Sri Yantra Tattoo Studio in Venice.

Dillon's inked up tons of celebs with his super intricate artwork ... including Kat Von D, Chris Hemsworth and a head tattoo for Usher!

Ben's tat will definitely add another wrinkle to Imagine Dragons' already killer live shows. Just don't get lost in the cosmicness, dude.

Bobby Trendy On 'The Anna Nicole Show' 'Memba Him?!

California Native Bobby Trendy (real name Raymond Muro) gained fame in the early 2000s when he was added to the crazy cast of characters as the lip-glossed interior decorator and ornate sidekick of Anna Nicole Smith on the E! reality show, "The Anna Nicole Show."

Bobby Trendy was cast alongside other kooky personas including Anna's lawyer, Howard K. Stern, Her son, Daniel Smith, Anna's edgy assistant, Kim Walther, and of course, Anna's canine companion, Sugar Pie.

Trendy now continues to design high-end furniture and was even on an episode of the reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Guess what he looks like now!

Kanye West Takes Sunday Service on the Road ... Joins an Actual Church!!!


Kanye West is coming down from the mountain top and taking church goers back to school -- literally he was on a campus this weekend doing his Sunday Service.

That's right ... Ye switched things up Sunday for his weekly spiritual concert -- opting to bring his talents to the people in North Hollywood, where he put on one hell heck of a show for a local congregation that meets up at a middle school in the San Fernando Valley.

We're told Kanye joined forces with the California Worship Center this week, walking in around 11 AM PT and hosting a musical church service 'til about 2 PM. It was quite a spectacle -- but perhaps a bit less so than what his usual services turn out like.

Remember his Coachella gig? This wasn't quite that -- a heavily advertised set at a major music fest with thousands of people -- but the excitement here was just as palpable.


Regardless of the hype, lots o' famous folks stopped by. Eyewitnesses tell us stars like Blac Chyna, Tori Kelly, Gwen Stefani and even manager-to-the-stars Scooter Braun showed up -- not to mention everyone Kanye brought along with him ... which was a ton of heads.

As for how the service itself went, just take a looksy for yourself. Seems it came close to matching what we've come to expect from Sunday Services, only in a bit of a tighter space ... but with just as much energy. That'll happen when you get two churches together.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Music-wise, we're told KW weaved in a number of samples into the live production -- which was supplemented by a choir and a marching band on hand. Some of the songs he used ... Fred Hammond's "This Is the Day," Jay-Z's "Lift Off," Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot," and Tye Tribbett's rendition of "Lift Him Up." Clearly, those in attendance were moved the spirit -- it was lit.

Now, when it comes to how or why this came together the way it did, we're not entirely sure. But like the good book says ... ask and Ye shall come through!!!

That's how that goes, right?

DJ Khaled Shout-Out to Jay-Z for NFL Efforts ... He's a Man of the People!!!


Jay-Z hasn't had a ton of famous faces come to his corner in the wake of his controversial NFL partnership -- but he just got a key vote of confidence ... from one DJ Khaled.

We ran into Khaled Sunday in NYC, where he was signing autographs and posing with fans -- and when we asked if he was up for some questions ... he was quick to note that he only wanted to talk about positive things, seeing how his son, Asahd, and wife were there.

Seems DJK knew were this was going, because our photog asks if he's down to talk football -- clearly, we want his take on the Colin Kaepernick beef. At first, Khaled says no, but he finally bites ... and we ask if he's talked to Jay's about which NFL team he might wanna own.


Khaled says he doesn't have a clue which squad might be in the stars for Jay, but he sings his praises here with us. Check it out ... it's pretty interesting.

TMZ broke the story ... Jay-Z is set to come up on a "significant ownership interest" in an NFL team pretty soon here, which just so happens to coincide with this newfound embrace of the league ... despite public stances he took against them earlier this year.

As we've reported ... a ton of people in Kap's corner have blasted Jigga for the seemingly change of heart, and even Colin himself appeared to take a jab at the rapper just this weekend.

That said, Khaled's clearly on team Jay, telling us the guy has done and continues to do a lot for people in his community -- and he suggests this NFL news is just more of that from Hov. Keep in mind, Khaled and Jay are tight -- they've done tons of music together.

We also ask if he'd ever consider snatching up a team himself. Watch ... he ain't saying no.

Colin Kaepernick We Haven't 'Moved Past' Anything ... Subtle Jab at Jay-Z & NFL

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Jay-Z may think folks are ready to move on from Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protest -- but Kap says otherwise ... shouting out players who continue his movement to this day.

The former 49ers quarterback posted a photo Sunday that appeared to be taking a swipe at something Jay said last week during his press conference with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell -- when he suggested "we've moved past kneeling" to "actionable items."

Doesn't seem Colin sees it that way, though. In his IG post, he included pics of Eric Reid, Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson -- all of whom have continued to kneel in the years since Kap first started his racial injustice protest -- and shared some kind words about them.

He also used similar verbiage to Jay's in making his point, writing ... "My Brothers @e_reid35 @kstills @ithinkisee12 continue to fight for the people, even in the face of death threats. They have never moved past the people and continue to put their beliefs into action. Stay strong Brothers!!"


ICYMI ... Jay was asked about kneeling directly during the Q&A, and said flat-out ... we're past it, and ready to take the next steps. He believes partnering with the NFL is a key way to do that -- but Colin and co. have been blasting him these past few days as a sell-out.

Now, it looks like Colin himself has weighed in on the controversy, and it's clear he ain't cool with Jay's new alliance ... and sees the issue much differently than Jigga does.

BTW, we've learned Jay-Z stands to become a partial owner of an NFL team with this new business venture of his -- just another reason he may be looking to bridge the gap here.

Jeffrey Epstein Team Not Ruling Out Hanging to Cover-up Murder


Jeffrey Epstein's team is not satisfied he died as a result of a suicide by hanging -- in no small part because 3 fractures in his neck almost never point to suicide -- and they are not ruling out the possibility someone strangled him and then put a sheet around his neck to make it look like death by hanging.

Sources connected to Epstein tell TMZ, his team is frustrated officials at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center and the medical examiner haven't given them nearly all the information required to form a conclusion on cause of death. The medical examiner says it was a suicide by hanging, but Epstein's team says the ME is jumping the gun.

The suspicions on Epstein's team center on the 3 fractures around Epstein's neck -- the hyoid bone in the Adam's apple area, along with 2 fractures on either side of the thyroid cartilage. It is extremely rare hanging can result in 3 such fractures. The fractures are way more consistent with strangulation.


We're told Epstein's team is also very suspicious 2 guards responsible for monitoring him fell asleep at the same time. One guard, maybe, but 2 raises questions.

We're told Epstein's team wants to know about other inmates who made threats against him. As we reported, Epstein was extorted by several inmates who threatened him with death unless he put money in their commissary accounts. There are media reports Epstein put money in the accounts of other inmates preemptively, without getting threats, but multiple sources tell us that's just not true.

Ryan Seacrest & Shayna Taylor Back Together ... All Aboard the Love Yacht

Ryan Seacrest is on again with his longtime girlfriend, Shayna Taylor ... and nothing says we've made up like a romantic getaway on the Italian high seas.

The "American Idol" host was seen enjoying the hell out of a megayacht he and Shayna were aboard Saturday while vacationing in Positano, Italy. They'd split up earlier this year after about three years together -- now, it looks like they're two peas in a pod again.

Shayna was spraying sunscreen on her boyfriend's backside, and Ryan was trying to help her reach the tough places by bending whatever way was necessary. That's amore!!!

The couple tanned, talked and eventually dove head first into the ocean -- kinda like how they're diving back into their relationship. After a dip off the Amalfi Coast, they got back on the boat ... only to get into yacht's mini pool. Why settle for just salt water, right?

It's a big year for Ryan -- not only has he reconciled with his gal, but he's also in talks with Disney at the moment for a massive new contract to continue hosting 'AI.'

Things are looking up.

Phil Mickelson A Lightning Rod for Misfortune ... Hotel on Fire Pre-Tee Time


Phil Mickelson nearly missed his tee time due to his hotel catching on fire from a lightning strike -- but hey, at least he lived to tweet about it.

The golf legend documented the scary incident on Twitter Sunday morning, saying he and a bunch of other guests were evacuated near Medinah, IL -- where Phil's participating in the BMW Championship as part of the FedEx Cup Playoffs -- after their hotel got hit by a lightning bolt ... which apparently sent part of the facility up in flames.

Phil wrote, "How’s this for crazy? My hotel was struck by lighting, I was on top floor,we were evacuated and the place is on fire(only thing of mine on fire this week.) I can’t get back into my room and may miss my tee time because I am without clubs and clothes."

His fourth-round tee time (with Brooks Koepka and Dylan Frittelli) was scheduled for 11:52 AM ET, and he was being shuffled out of his hotel a little more than an hour before that.

Luckily for him, Phil reportedly made it to the tee just in the nick of time -- and was later escorted back to his room and was able to retrieve his gear. Phil shouted out the EMTs who helped, writing ... "EMT's were awesome! I'm going to make it. Turns out my clubs acted as a fire retardant. Lucky me."

Now, the bummer ... Phil isn't doing too hot in the tournament right now -- he's in 47th place as of this writing ... and it'll be an uphill climb to break into the top 30 he needs to be in to move on.

Also important ... it doesn't sound like Phil notified his family of the emergency, including his ma -- which his sister, Tina, made him well aware of on Twitter.

Always call your mom to let her know you're okay -- ALWAYS!!!

Cedric Benson NFL Running Back Dead at 36 ... Motorcycle Crash

8:37 AM PT -- Cops say the motorcycle slammed into a minivan. The people in the van were not injured and stayed on scene to work with investigators.


Cops say the minivan caught fire -- cops also say speed and poor visibility were factors in the crash. Cops also say the driver of the minivan will most likely not be charged with a crime.

Ex-NFL running back Cedric Benson -- the #4 overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft -- was killed in a motorcycle crash in Austin, Texas late Saturday night. He was only 36.

Benson -- who was a superstar at the University of Texas from 2001 to 2004 -- was reportedly driving his bike with a passenger when they got into an accident with another vehicle around 10 PM.

The passenger -- who has not yet been identified -- was also killed in the wreck. Two other adults were injured. Officials are investigating the accident. Unclear what specifically caused the crash.

Hours before the crash, Benson posted a photo of his motorcycle on social media with the caption, "My Saturday evening."

Benson was an incredible athlete -- he racked up more than 5,500 yards at Texas and won the Doak Walker Award (top running back in the country) his senior year.

He signed a rookie deal with the Bears -- 5 years, $35 mil -- and was a key part of Chicago's 2006 NFC Championship team.

Benson later played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers before retiring in 2012.

Benson had several off the field problems after his career -- he was arrested for drunk driving in 2017 and 2018.

Story developing ...

'Wall Street' Backer Jho Low Sunset Strip Mansion Sold ... By U.S. Dept. of Justice

The man who was once tight with Leo DiCaprio and help financially back movies like "Wolf of Wall Street," "Dumb and Dumber To," and "Daddy's Home" is selling his home ... kind of. It's actually being sold by the U.S. Dept. of Justice to recoup some of the billions of dollars the guy allegedly stole.

Jho Low, a Malaysian financier, is a fugitive from justice, charged with money laundering billions of dollars, among other things. He used to be friends with Leo and even took trips and partied with him. Unbeknownst to Leo, the guy was allegedly a hardcore crook, and when Leo found out he severed ties. Leo had to return an Oscar he got from Jho Low as a birthday gift -- a Best Actor Oscar Marlon Brando received in 1955 for "On the Waterfront."


As for the house, it sits above the Sunset Strip and the pics are pretty amazing. Jho Low bought it in 2012 for around $40 mil, but it's now being auctioned for $24,500,000.

The pics don't reflect what the house currently looks like. For some reason, Jho Low dismantled the inside and it's more of a shell now. Nonetheless, we're told there have been 5 offers and it's going into escrow as part of a court-ordered sale.

It's listed by mega-realtor Ernie Carswell.

BTW ... Jho Low threw legendary Hollywood parties at the house before he got into legal trouble and lots of stars attended.

Cardi B Here's What I Think About Bernie and Jay-Z


Cardi B made something clear Saturday night -- at least to us -- she's becoming the voice of her generation.

We got Cardi leaving the Bryant Park Hotel after a night of celebrating Jason Lee's birthday with Wendy Williams, and boy, she did not disappoint. Two things were on our photog's mind -- Bernie Sanders and Jay-Z.

He asked about her interview with Bernie, which was better than the sterile, canned interviews in traditional media, but turns out that's not gonna be her thing ... she says her mouth is "too slick" for a talk show.


And, then there's Jay-Z, who's taking a lot of heat for partnering with the NFL. Cardi has a different view, saying she believes he'll change the culture in the League and might even get Colin Kaepernick a quarterback gig. Not sure about that, but love her POV.

Here's the thing about Cardi. She showed everyone during her chitchat with Bernie how she can have conversations with politicians ... not just fire questions at them. She uses her experiences to punctuate her points, and at least in Bernie's case, he connected with her in a big way.

Here's what we think ... if she wants to keep doing this, it would touch millions of people who couldn't care less about politics, especially the way it's currently presented. And, if she does, any candidate who doesn't sit down with her is missing the boat.

Mama June TV Career About to Implode


Mama June could lose more than her daughter if her bizarre and troublesome behavior continues ... it could also spell doom for her once lucrative TV career.

Sources close to June tell TMZ ... Mama's got deal-breaking issues for WE tv -- her crack cocaine arrest, her refusal to get help, her boyfriend, Geno and her off-the-rails conduct. No one's saying it's not compelling TV, but it may prove too hot and dangerous for the network.

Our sources say show producers tried to get June help, offering to send her to rehab, but Mama refused. We're told producers are not yet giving up on Mama on a personal level -- they still want to help her get better. As for filming a 4th season of "Mama June: From Not to Hot," we're told it's a no-go unless she takes steps to get herself out of the danger zone.

Obviously, Mama losing her TV career would kill her cash cow ... but it seems that's not on her radar, because she's doing everything she can to scare the network away.


We broke the story ... Mama and her boyfriend Geno Doak were acting erratic this week ... selling off everything in her Georgia home, right down to the coat hangers ($10 a pop).

As we reported ... Mama's already lost Honey Boo Boo -- she's moved out and is living with her older sister, Pumpkin -- and now her future on TV appears to be hanging by a thread.

WeTV had no comment.