Brian Laundrie No Cause, Manner of Death Identified Bones Going to Anthropologist

Brian Laundrie's autopsy has been completed without answers, and now his bones will be shipped off to an anthropologist for further evaluation ... TMZ has learned.

Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, tells us the coroner just wrapped, and no matter or cause of death could be identified through his remains. Bertolino says the next step will be to send his bones to an anthropologist to be examined.

Bertolino tells us he's not sure why the anthropologist is getting involved, but online studies say the experts are brought into cases when bodies are too far along in the decomposition process to determine a cause of death using soft tissue.

As we reported, Laundrie's remains were first found off of a Florida trail Wednesday near his backpack and notebook. The FBI positively identified the bones found as Brian thanks to dental records.

@mikerreports / Fox News Digital

Investigators say it appears Brian's body had been decomposing in the area for several weeks, and prior to their discovery, the remains had been in an area that was underwater.

Gabby Petito's family has not made an official comment on the findings.

Phoenix Suns Deny Impending Bombshell Report ... 'Lies, Innuendo'

The Phoenix Suns are looking to get ahead of a potentially damning report of racism, sexism and sexual harassment within the organization ... alleging the claims are "completely baseless."

The statement comes shortly after NBA insider Jordan Schultz claimed a "massive story" accusing team owner Robert Sarver of several incidents of misconduct was looming.

Before the report was published, the Suns released a scathing statement bashing the allegations as nothing more than a hit piece.

"We understand that an outlet is considering publishing a proposed story that makes completely baseless claims against the Suns organization concerning a variety of topics," the team said Friday.

"Documentary evidence in our possession and eyewitness accounts directly contradict the reporter's accusations, and we are preparing our response to his questions. We urge everyone not to rush to judgement here."

"Especially based on lies, innuendo, and a false narrative to attack our organization and its leadership."

Depending on the severity of the allegations, Sarver's role within the organization could be in jeopardy ... and it wouldn't be the first time an owner would be forced to sell their team.


Donald Sterling was handed a lifetime ban from the NBA back in 2014 ... after TMZ Sports published audio of the businessman spewing racist remarks to his then-mistress V. Stiviano.

As for Sarver, he claims to have been blindsided by the allegations ... saying he's against racial or sexual discrimination of any kind.

"While I can't begin to know how to respond to some of the vague suggestions made by mostly anonymous voices, I can certainly tell you that some of the claims I find completely repugnant to my nature and to the character of the Suns/Mercury workplace and I can tell you they never, ever happened," Sarver said Friday.

"I don't begin to know how to prove that something DIDN'T happen, and it is difficult to erase or forget ugly accusations once they are made. Even hints of racism or sexism in our culture today are toxic and damaging and should not be lightly raised," he added.

"I categorically deny any and all suggestions that I used disparaging language related to race or gender, I would like to think that my actions and public record regarding race, gender, or discrimination of any kind, over a lifetime in business and community service, will adequately answer any questions anyone might raise about my commitment to equality and fairness."

The report has not been published at the time of this post, but we'll update as soon as it's released.

Alec Baldwin Accident 'We Need Help Immediately' ... 911 Call Released


2:19 PM PT -- We've obtained an extended version of the 911 call, and it's very clear to hear the caller was upset with another member on the crew, saying they were supposed to check the guns, and placing the blame on them.

Crew members on the set of "Rust" were quick to dial 911 after a gun accident that left one woman dead, telling operators "we need help immediately."

The caller is the film's script supervisor, and it's clear to hear the panic in her voice when she says 2 people were accidentally shot by a prop gun. The operator asks if a real bullet was fired from the gun, but the caller does not know what shot out.

The newly released call also gives some insight as to how people were shot, telling the dispatch it was during a rehearsal that the gun went off ... she does not know how serious the bleeding on either victim is.

Eventually, a male takes over the call from the film set, and let's the operator know both people are alert and a medic is tending to them ... but clearly, things took a turn for the worse.

As we reported, Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger on the gun, which caused the accident ... 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins died at the hospital after being airlifted and Director Joel Souza was also struck, but was reportedly released from the hospital.

Baldwin released a statement Friday, saying, "There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. I'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He continued, "I am in touch with with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved Halyna."

There have not yet been any arrests from the incident, and it continues to be investigated by the local sheriff, district attorney and OHSB.

Originally Published -- 1:23 PM PT

Paul Walker Daughter Meadow Gets Married

Paul Walker's daughter just got hitched ... and, of course, his good pal, Vin Diesel, was there to walk her down the aisle.

Meadow Walker posted videos Friday from her wedding, and it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony somewhere on the oceanside.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Meadow's new husband is actor Louis Thornton-Allan ... and their marriage comes just a few months after they announced their engagement.

Vin always said he and Paul became family working together on the 'Fast and Furious' franchise ... plus, he's Meadow's godfather, so it makes sense he'd be front-and-center for her big day.

TMZ broke the story when Paul died in a fiery 2013 car accident. He was 40 years old and Meadow was just 15 at the time. She's 22 now, and working as a fashion model.

This is Meadow's first marriage -- she and Louis just went public with their relationship in July. Considering the tragedy she's endured, you can understand why they didn't waste time with a long engagement.


Peter Scolari 'Bosom Buddies' Star Dead at 66

Peter Scolari, who famously co-starred alongside Tom Hanks in the sitcom "Bosom Buddies," is dead, following an extended cancer battle.

Peter's reps announced he died early Friday ... he'd been diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, but it seems he kept that news private.

The ABC sitcom "Bosom Buddies" put Peter and Tom on the map when it came out in 1980, and they remained close friends throughout their lives. Peter went on to costar on "Newhart" and, most recently, played Lena Dunham's dad on "Girls." He won his first Emmy in 2016 for that role.

On their hit show, Hanks and Scolari played 2 single men who dressed like and pretended to be women so they could live together in an NYC apartment. Yeah, the plot doesn't exactly hold up to today's standards.

Peter also had roles in "Murphy Brown," "The West Wing," "ER," and "Ally McBeal." He also found success in several Broadway plays, including "Hairspray" and "Wicked."

He's survived by his wife and their 4 children.

Peter was 66.


Shar Jackson 'Celebrity Exorcism' in Haunted Mansion ... Way Scarier Than We Expected!!!


Shar Jackson's full up on chills, screams and terror for this Halloween after observing -- and surviving -- a real-life exorcism inside one of Hollywood's most infamous haunted homes.

The former "Moesha" star signed on for the experience, which was filmed for a special called, "Celebrity Exorcism." Shar was joined by "Full House" star Jodie Sweetin, ex-NBA star Metta World Peace ... and an actual exorcist.

The foursome went inside L.A.'s Rosenheim Mansion, where "American Horror Story" famously filmed. Shar told us on "TMZ Live," they actually had to get training before entering the home ... which has a dark history of murder, suicide and torture.

Yes, there's apparently a supernatural boot camp, which Shar says was intended to steady their nerves before the exorcism. It's pretty debatable whether the training did a damn thing, based on what Shar says here.


We know this ... never count on a 6'7" NBA champ to protect you from spirits or demons. Check out Shar's account of what went down in the mansion. Sorry, Metta ... some ghost stories just gotta be told!!!

"Celebrity Exorcism" is available now on FOX's free streaming service, Tubi.

Alec Baldwin Breaks Silence After Gun Accident ... 'No Words to Convey My Shock & Sadness'

9:52 AM PT -- 10/22 -- Both the district attorney and the New Mexico Health and Safety Bureau (OHSB) are investigating the incident.

8:44 AM PT -- 10/22 -- Alec Baldwin is speaking for the first time since the tragic accident, saying, "There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. I'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred."

He continues, "I am in touch with with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved Halyna."

7:26 PM PT -- The Sheriff's Department has confirmed it was Baldwin who pulled the trigger during the gun accident. 42-year-old director of photography Halyna Hutchins tragically died from her injuries, and director Joel Souza is currently at a hospital getting treatment for his.

Cops say no charges have been filed at this time, and the investigation remains active.

5:22 PM PT -- The 42-year-old director of photography died from her injuries ... according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office.

Alec Baldwin was filming a scene for a movie that required someone to fire a gun loaded with blanks, but when the gun discharged either shrapnel or a bullet hit 2 people on set ... one of whom had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Our sources tell us the incident happened Thursday on location in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Alec is filming a new western he's starring in called "Rust" at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, a movie ranch.

We're told Alec was filming the scene when someone pulled the prop gun's trigger. It's unclear if the person who loaded the gun mistakenly placed bullets inside, or if something was lodged in the barrel that hit the director as well as the director of photography.

Our sources say the director was hit in the clavicle, but the DP wasn't so lucky ... she was airlifted and rushed to a hospital. As for Alec, we're told he was not injured.

Earlier Thursday, he posted a pic of himself in character on the set. After the accident, we're told production shut down for the day.

Local sheriff's deputies are on the scene already and they've launched an investigation.

Originally Published -- 10/21 4:41 PM PT

Jamie Lynn Spears' Book Claims Parents Controlled Her, Pushed Abortion ... Warned Giving Birth at 16 Would Ruin Career

Jamie Lynn Spears says she went through hell when pregnant at 16, and her parents and team were a driving force behind her misery ... pushing adoption, abortion and going to great lengths to hide her from the public.

We've obtained several snippets from Spears' upcoming book "Things I Should Have Said" where she lays out the events that followed her telling her parents and management she was pregnant in 2007.

In one passage, Spears says people from her inner circle, "... came to my room trying to convince me that having a baby at this point in my life was a terrible idea … 'It will kill your career. You are just too young. You don’t know what you’re doing. There are pills you can take. We can help you take care of this problem … I know a doctor,'" adding, "everyone around me just wanted to make this 'issue' disappear."

Jamie Lynn says flatly, "...everyone was certain that termination would be the best course of action."

Spears says her phone was taken away to stop her from communicating with people outside her immediate circle ... the goal being to keep everything on the down-low.

Jamie Lynn claims she wasn't even allowed to tell Britney she was pregnant, saying, "I needed her more than ever and she wasn’t able to help me in my most vulnerable time … To this day, the hurt of not being able to tell my sister myself still lingers.”

At one point, Jamie Lynn says she and her dad Jamie got into a fight over the unborn baby, "slinging words and tossing insults" when he pushed adoption.

Spears says eventually her team made an exclusive agreement with OK! Magazine to break the pregnancy story, and give them the first images of Jamie Lynn's baby.

Jamie Lynn says she and her mom went to some cabin in where she thought was Connecticut to hide until the article came out. The two spent Thanksgiving there together, where "Momma wore her disappointment like her favorite jacket."

Jamie Lynn has come under a lot of heat lately from Britney fans who feel she's taking advantage of Britney's current situation to make a buck off the book, but if the snippets we've obtained are any indication ... she's also got a lot to say about how she was raised and her parent's tactics.

The book comes out January 18, 2022.

We talked about it on the latest episode of the TMZ podcast.

Derecka Purnell Rips President Biden Over Police ... Don't Give Them More $$$


President Biden is dead wrong about the effectiveness of community policing and the need to bolster police numbers and budgets ... at least according to author Derecka Purnell.

Derecka, who has a new book on abolishing the police, joined us Friday on "TMZ Live" and laid into the Prez over his pro-police rhetoric during Thursday's Biden Town Hall.

She says Biden's trying to distance himself from the 1994 crime bill, but is regurgitating some of what she sees as the same failed policies this time around ... and she's not buying what Biden's selling in terms of community policing.

Prefers Police

The way Derecka sees it ... community policing doesn't work like most folks might think, and she says the fatal interaction between Derek Chauvin and George Floyd is a perfect example of why it doesn't make much difference if cops know those in the community they're policing.

Derecka is a bit of an expert on the topic ... she's got a new book out called "Becoming Abolitionists: Police, Protests, and The Pursuit of Freedom."

She says nice police don't equal non-violent police ... and thinks Biden is missing out on a chance to make amends.

Alec Baldwin Woman Killed on Set Remembered as 'Brilliant Talent'

The woman killed on the set of Alec Baldwin's film "Rust" once described herself as a "restless dreamer" and "adrenaline junkie" -- but it was her "brilliant talent" that stuck with those who worked with her.

Halyna Hutchins, the 42-year-old Director of Photography, hailed from Ukraine and grew up as an "army brat" on a Soviet military base "surrounded by reindeer and and nuclear submarines" ... according to her website. She was also named one of American Cinematographer magazine’s “rising stars” in 2019.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Most recently, Halyna worked on the film "Archenemy" as the DP. The project starred Joe Manganiello, who praised her talent in a touching tribute, saying, "... she was the kind of cinematographer that you wanted to see succeed because you wanted to see what she could pull off next."

Adam Egypt Mortimer, who directed "Archenemy," also paid tribute, calling Halyna a "brilliant talent who was absolutely committed to art and to film."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported, Halyna and "Rust" director Joel Souza were both struck -- either by a bullet or shrapnel -- after a serious mishap from a gun fired by Alec Baldwin. Halyna was airlifted to a local hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she died from her injuries. Souza is expected to survive.

Baldwin was spotted shortly after the accident looking distraught ... he had also recently posted a photo from set, which was later deleted.


Halyna leaves behind a husband and a son.


Queen Elizabeth Allegations of Royal Coverup ... After Palace Lied to Media Over Her Condition

Queen Elizabeth's condition is a mystery ... and there are now allegations the Palace lied about it to keep everything under wraps.

The Queen was back at Windsor Castle Friday after being hospitalized for an undisclosed condition. The palace says doctors have a "preliminary investigation" underway to get to the bottom of the Queen's ailment.

As for the lie ... the Palace said Wednesday the Queen had canceled a trip to Ireland after doctors ordered her to get some rest. They had strongly intimated the problem was just that, the 95-year-old Queen had been working too much.

There was no mention that she was actually hospitalized until Thursday, after The Sun broke the story. At that point the Palace fessed up and acknowledged it.

There's been a lot of tension in England between the media and the Palace over incidents like this ... when the Palace says the Queen is "in good spirits," the feeling is they're hiding something and it's often the media that smokes out the truth.

Brian Laundrie Lawyer Says He Left Family Home Upset Dad Couldn't Stop Him


Brian Laundrie was extremely upset when he left home for good about a month ago and his dad tried but failed to stop him ... so says the family's lawyer.

Steven Bertolino said on MSNBC Thursday Brian's father, Chris, tried to stop Laundrie from leaving the day he took off for the woods, but Brian was determined and there was nothing his dad could do.

The most interesting part of the conversation ... whether Laundrie's parents will reach out to the Petito family ... presumably to offer condolences and discuss what happened.

@mikerreports / Fox News Digital

Bertolino hedged, saying certain conversations must happen first before there's any communication between the two families. He never amplified on the nature of those conversations, but he offered a hint ... that Bertolino needed first to have a discussion with the Petito family attorney.

This sounds like Bertolino is worried about a wrongful death lawsuit, which is definitely in the cards. The other fairly obvious concern ... whether cops have Brian's parents under a microscope to determine if they in any way helped him escape ... something Bertolino has dismissed as hogwash.

As we reported ... the remains found Wednesday at the Carlton Reserve -- a portion of a skull -- was positively ID'd as Laundrie's.

One thing that could be highly relevant in determining what happened to Gabby Petito -- the contents of Laundrie's backpack, which was found near the remains. The question ... did he leave a note detailing what happened to her.

Another issue that has yet to be resolved ... how did Laundrie die? Did he do himself in or was he killed by an alligator, a water moccasin or other animal?

'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan Released From Hospital After Emergency Surgery

Great news for "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan ... the wrestling legend has been discharged from the hospital following emergency surgery, the wrestler announced.

"After 2 nights in the hospital and emergency surgery yesterday, guess who just came home? Thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses at Kershaw County Medical Center which is now, MUSC," Duggan's wife, Debra, wrote on Instagram.

As we previously reported, the 67-year-old WWE Hall of Famer underwent the emergency surgical procedure on Wednesday in a South Carolina hospital.

It's not clear what medical condition the docs were treating.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful ... and after recuperating for a night, Hacksaw was allowed to go home.

FYI, It's not the first time Jim has dealt with health issues over the past few years. Back in 2018, he spent time in the ICU after his heart went into atrial fibrillation (aFib), an irregular heartbeat that can lead to a bunch of serious heart-related health issues.


At the time, Duggan told us he feared he was going to die ... and felt fortunate for doctors who he said saved his life.

Duggan ended his post by thanking the hoards of WWE fans, family and friends who reached out and showed love to the wrestler while he was recovering.

"Thanks to Brittani for wheeling Jim out! Thank you for your prayers, vibes, texts, calls and messages. Now home to fully recuperate."

During his days in the ring, Hacksaw was one of the biggest wrestlers in the world ... even winning the first-ever Royal Rumble in 1988. Duggan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

Get well soon, Hacksaw!

Robert Durst Charged with Wife's 1982 Murder

Robert Durst will finally stand trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Kathie Durst, in 1982 -- that is, if he survives COVID-19 and his already incredibly frail condition.

A grand jury in NY state heard testimony last week, and the murder charge was filed Tuesday in Westchester County. The D.A.'s Office is confirming the charges were filed, but won't comment any further.

It's unclear when he would stand trial, but the former real estate tycoon -- featured in the HBO documentary, "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst" -- is already at death's door. As you know, an L.A. jury convicted Durst last week for the murder of Susan Berman, and sentenced him to life in prison.

Two days later, 78-year-old Durst was placed on a ventilator after contracting the coronavirus.

Remember, Durst seemingly confessed on an open mic while recording an interview for 'The Jinx' ... saying, "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."


It seems like a longshot he'll make it to trial in New York state, but the murder charge could at least be a moral victory for Kathie Durst's family. She vanished in 1982, and her body was never found.

YouTubers Charles & Alyssa Wear Costumes For Video, Return 'Em ... Fair Or Foul?!?

YouTube stars Charles & Alyssa Forever went on a huge shopping spree at a Spirit Halloween store in Arizona ... but after they got what they wanted for a video, they returned the merch.

The YouTubers strolled in to the Spirit Halloween costume store in Tempe earlier this month, and we're told they spent over $1,000 on costumes and accessories.

The store's employee, Tracy, tells us she recognized the couple when they came in ... and she helped them shop for several hours and even gave them a 20% discount on one of the items.

Tracy says she asked the YouTubers if they needed the costumes for a party and Charles told her ... "Something like that."

Not long after, we're told staff at the store noticed the couple posted 2 videos wearing the costumes ... and then they were shocked when Charles' sister came in and returned almost $900 worth of used gear.

Some of the costumes worn and returned by the YouTubers include ... Chucky, nun, priest, escaped convict, policeman, nurse and hospital gown costumes. They also purchased a flask.

We’re told store staff decided not to put the flask back on shelves because of the obvious ... someone may have already put their mouth on it.

While it sounds like this may rub some folks the wrong way at Spirit ... fact is, the store can't do anything or investigate because it’s not illegal, and the return policy is very flexible.

Charles and Alyssa tell TMZ ... they used the costumes for a video about cheap Halloween costumes for couples on a budget, and they wore the costumes for a couple minutes and never stepped foot out of the house in them.

The couple says they specifically asked about the return policy when they were shopping, and felt comfortable returning what they paid for ... not thinking it would be a big deal.

The YouTubers say there was no wear and tear and it was like trying the costumes on in the store ... only they did it at home and took them back.

Charles and Alyssa say they didn't use all the items, never touched the flask with their mouths, packed the costumes back nicely and returned a lot of items that didn't fit.

They say they followed the return policy and don't think they did anything wrong ... and point out Spirit should benefit from getting a video shout-out.

Returning Costumes

Elton John Temper Still Ticking Inside Me ... I Could 'Explode Any Moment'

Elton John says his childhood traumas can still control him today and, in addition to shaping his parenting style ... they can make him erupt in anger without warning.

Sir Elton had already revealed in his 2019 memoir that his parents had beat him as punishment for things as simple as taking off his school blazer the wrong way, and he's now revealing that influences his and his husband David Furnish's parenting choices.

The icon told The Guardian, "We never hit them or lose our temper with them. When they’re bad, they lose their pocket money, or their electronic stuff for a week – but they don’t get punished physically or mentally."

He added, "I was always afraid of my parents, and I didn’t want my children to ever be afraid of me." Elton and David have 2 sons ... 10-year-old Zachary, and 8-year-old Elijah.

Of course, Elton famously had a short fuse, especially in the heyday of his legendary career. He says David's support and 30 years of sobriety help him control it now, but he also admits, "My behavior was so erratic and so unpredictable. And it’s still in me, to explode at any moment."

Luckily, Elton's got a lot to be happy about today -- his new song "Cold Heart" with Dua Lipa just reached number one in the U.K., and his album, "The Lockdown Sessions" is also a big hit.

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