Tyler Perry L.A. Car Wreck Smashes Up Bentley Mins After Leaving Airport


Tyler Perry had a not-so-nice welcome to L.A. -- getting into a nasty T-bone car crash just minutes after leaving the airport, but thankfully, all involved were okay.

Sources tell us Tyler flew into Burbank Airport Wednesday night and was driving home through Sherman Oaks in his Bentley SUV when the accident happened.

We're told the other vehicle -- a Honda Accord -- cut across 3 lanes of traffic, right across Tyler's path, and he ended up smashing into the driver's side of her car. Our sources say the woman driving the Honda fessed up to causing the collision.

Luckily, there was already a police officer in the area who was able to divert traffic and make sure everyone was alright.

We're told no one suffered serious injuries, or even went to the hospital.

Our law enforcement sources say the crash wasn't enough to generate a police report, and everything will be handled privately.

Tina Tintor Ruggs Crash Victim Burned To Death ... Coroner Says

The woman Henry Ruggs slammed his Corvette into in a fiery car crash last month burned to death ... officials revealed on Tuesday.

According to reps from the Clark County coroner's office in Nevada, Tintor "died from thermal injuries due to a motor vehicle collision."

The officials added other contributing causes to the death included "inhalation of products of combustion, fractures of the nasal bones, right sided ribs, and left forearm, and a left hemothorax."


The officials ruled the death accidental.

As we previously reported, Ruggs is accused of drunkenly causing the accident ... after officials say he was speeding with a .161 BAC before he rammed his sportscar into the back of Tintor's RAV4 at around 3:39 a.m. on Nov. 2 in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

In 911 calls, obtained by TMZ Sports, you can hear witnesses telling dispatchers the fire surrounding Tintor's car following the collision was intense.

"It's almost all gone," a woman said of Tintor's fire-engulfed vehicle ... adding, "and I think someone is in it."

Ruggs has been hit with five charges -- including four felonies -- for his alleged role in the crash ... and prosecutors say he's facing over 50 years in prison if he's convicted on all counts.

Rey Maualuga Car Crash Trial Set For April ... Ex-NFLer Facing 10 Years Behind Bars

Rey Maualuga -- the ex-NFL star accused of driving drunk and crashing his car through a neighborhood earlier this year -- officially has a trial date set for April, TMZ Sports has learned.

The ex-Cincinnati Bengals linebacker is facing two felony charges as well as one misdemeanor ... and, according to a spokesperson for Kenton County, Kentucky prosecutors, he could be locked behind bars for up to 10 years if he's convicted on all counts.

We broke the story, Maualuga was arrested on Aug. 11 in Villa Hills, Kentucky after cops say he drunkenly drove his vehicle through mailboxes and front yards before ultimately crushing into a parked car and a tree.

In police documents, cops say when they questioned the former USC star at the scene, he was "sweating profusely" and admitted to drinking "a few" alcoholic beverages before driving.

Maualuga was ultimately charged with felony first degree wanton endangerment, felony first degree criminal mischief, and misdemeanor DUI -- third offense. His trial has been officially scheduled for April 6, 2022.

Of course, this is far from the first time Maualuga has faced time behind bars -- the 34-year-old has been arrested for DUI two times previously.

He was also arrested in 2017 for allegedly attacking an employee at a Miami nightclub while he was a member of the Dolphins.

When he wasn't in trouble, Maualuga was one of the better linebackers in the league -- he played in the NFL for nine years, compiling more than 600 tackles in his career.

'Guardians Of The Glades' Star Dusty Crum Gets In Major Car Accident .... Nearly Loses Leg

"Guardians of The Glades" star Dusty Crum was involved in a scary car accident down in Florida ... and things were so bad he was in serious danger of losing his right leg.

The snake hunter from the Discovery show tells TMZ ... he was riding shotgun in a truck on a Florida highway last month when a tire blew on the trailer and the driver lost control, causing the truck to fishtail before flipping 3 times.

Dusty says the crash caused severe damage to his lower right leg and knee, and he was airlifted to a hospital in the Fort Meyers area, where doctors were able to save his leg with 5 different surgical procedures.

It's pretty scary ... Dusty says his window broke when the car flipped and his leg went out the window, and got crushed by the weight of the vehicle. He says as the vehicle kept rolling he managed to pull his leg back inside.

Dusty says he thought he was going to die after the accident ... using his shirt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding as he tried to keep himself awake waiting for paramedics from the side of the highway.

While doctors were able to save the leg, Dusty's been in the hospital for nearly 4 weeks ... and he's hopefully moving to a rehab facility in the next few days.

Dusty is not insured and will be facing a ton of medical bills, so a friend has started a GoFundMe and they are asking for people to consider buying holiday gifts from his store.

Dusty's thankful for two things ... being alive, and having both legs.

Tiger Woods I Hit Bench Press To Stay In Shape After Crash ... Put Up 255 LBs!!!

Tiger Woods says the only lift he was able to do following his horrific car crash earlier this year was bench press -- and he claims he hit it so hard, he was able to put up 255 pounds!!

The golf superstar made the revelation to Golf Digest this week ... saying in the weeks after he busted his leg in the infamous L.A. wreck back in February, all he could do to stay fit was get underneath iron and bounce it off his chest.

"I got to where I was doing like 250, 255," Woods said.

Of course, that's not exactly Aaron Donald or James Harrison numbers in the weight room ... but, remember, Tiger only weighs 185 pounds -- and he's 45 years old!

To give even more context to how impressive the feat is ... Woods -- who was notorious for his weight lifting back in his prime -- says the most he's ever been able to bench was 285.

Tiger, though, says his bench numbers have gone down now that he's gotten healthier ... explaining he's able to incorporate far more lifts into his routine, so the bench has taken a back seat.

"Now that I'm doing other things -- more functional stuff," Woods said, "I've gone away from benching."

@tigerwoods / Instagram

As bad as that is for his bragging rights ... it's great for his future in golf, 'cause if Tiger's hitting all of his muscle groups now -- including his legs -- it means he's getting closer and closer to a return to the pro course.

Tiger Woods Refuses To Speak About Car Crash ... It's All In Police Report


Tiger Woods would not revisit his infamous car crash with reporters on Tuesday ... saying he believes all of his memories of the wreck and all of the intricate details of it have already been discussed.

"All those answers have been answered in the investigation," said Woods, who addressed a room full of media members for the first time since the February accident.

"So, you can read about all of that there, in the police report."

It's been over 9 months since Woods suffered comminuted open fractures to his right leg in a horrific Feb. 23 car crash near Los Angeles -- and even though a detailed police report has been publicly released, there are still many questions that remain.

Tiger, though, clearly wanted no part of shedding light on those while on the podium in the Bahamas at the Hero World Challenge ... adding that he does not have flashbacks to the terrifying scene.

"I don't, no," Woods said. "I'm very lucky in that way."

As we previously reported, cops say the violent crash was all caused by Woods' speed -- saying they believe the golfer was going over 80 MPH in a 45 MPH zone just before the accident.

Cops say they do not believe Woods was under the influence of alcohol or drugs -- saying in the report he exhibited no signs of impairment. They also said there were no open alcohol containers in the vehicle, no odors of booze and no prescription pills found at the scene.

In the report, cops also say video showed Tiger moving well and appearing to be completely coherent as he left his hotel minutes before the crash.

As for Tiger's initial talk with first responders, cops said in the docs Woods was knocked unconscious in the crash and "did not know how the collision occurred."

Henry Ruggs Appears In Court ... Over Missed Breath Test

8:27 AM PT -- Ruggs was not ordered to go back to jail over the missed test, but the judge ruled he will now have to undergo 24/7 alcohol monitoring.

The judge ordered Ruggs to wear an ankle device that will measure the levels of alcohol in his system through his skin. The NFL player had previously been testing his alcohol levels via a handheld device.

Ruggs did not speak with media members as he left the court room. He's due back next in court for another hearing in his DUI case in December.

Henry Ruggs is back in the public eye ... the ex-Raiders star just showed up to a Las Vegas courthouse after a judge ordered him to appear over a missed breath test.

Ruggs entered the court in a black shirt, black pants and black bowtie -- and walked with seemingly no issues whatsoever.

Of course, the last time we saw Ruggs in public was in a courtroom on Nov. 3 -- the day after he was accused of slamming his Corvette into a Toyota and killing a woman and her dog.

At that hearing, where Ruggs posted bond and was released from custody, the football player was seen in a neck brace and a wheelchair.

The 22-year-old, though, appeared to be just fine Monday morning ... showing no signs of long-term injuries suffered in the crash.

As we previously reported, Ruggs was ordered to appear before a judge Monday after he allegedly missed a required alcohol breath test.

As part of the conditions of his release, Ruggs has been ordered to submit to alcohol testing several times a day -- and at a hearing last week, a judge said he missed one of those check-ins.

There's a chance Ruggs could be put back behind bars over it all -- the hearing to discuss the matter is currently underway right now. We'll keep you posted on how it unfolds.

Originally Published -- 7:39 AM PT

Tiger Woods Full Swings On Golf Course Again ... 9 Months After Crash

@tigerwoods / Instagram

Tiger Woods has resumed swinging a golf club again ... the legendary ball-striker just posted a video of the incredible feat, and he looks GOOD.

The 45-year-old -- who badly injured his right leg in a car crash back in February -- showed the footage on Sunday morning ... revealing he's been cleared to swing his irons again.

In the clip, Tiger can be seen hitting a ball at far less than 100 percent of his normal, pre-crash swing ... but the strike is still clean and the ball still traveled far nonetheless.

It should be noted, Tiger's divot pattern on the ground suggests he took a BUNCH of swings during the session ... and it seems he was planning to take even more given the number of range balls left in his basket.

It's all an amazing sight for Tiger and golf fans -- particularly considering how Woods looked while walking into a hotel in Los Angeles just days ago.


Tiger was spotted sporting a noticeable limp ... and many wondered how it'd possible for him to swing a club again given how gingerly he was moving.

No word on if Tiger's been cleared to swing the driver or even play on actual courses yet ... but watch the video again -- it's clear that's all coming soon if it hasn't already.

NBA's Chandler Parsons Still Recovering From Car Crash ... 'It's Been Intense'


Ex-Atlanta Hawks forward Chandler Parsons says he's still trying to rebound from the serious injuries he suffered after getting hit by an alleged drunk driver in 2020 -- telling TMZ Sports his recovery process has been "intense."

The 33-year-old NBA player was in his 2017 Rolls-Royce when he was struck by another vehicle on Jan. 15, 2020.

Parsons was seriously hurt in the wreck -- his attorneys say he had a brain injury, disc herniation and a torn labrum -- and the hooper hasn't been on an NBA roster since.

So, when we got Parsons out in L.A. earlier this week -- almost two years since the accident -- we had to ask if he's trying to make an NBA comeback.

"We'll see," Parsons said. "Working out, staying in shape, but trying to still recover from the car crash last year, so we'll see."

Parsons says the recovery process has been hard ... adding, "Still kind of managing everything but still trying to work out."

While the rehab has clearly been a grind ... he's still gotten some great news through it all -- 'cause he and his fiancee, Haylee Harrison, just had a baby!

And, Parsons also shared an update on the couple's upcoming nuptials -- telling us his wedding is set to go down next October in Mexico.

Congrats and get well, soon!

Terrence Clarke Honored With Gym In Boston ... By Celtics, NBA

The Boston Celtics and the NBA continue to honor the late Terrence Clarke -- this time, with a brand new basketball gym at a community center featuring his name.

The newly renovated gym will be at the Boston Centers for Youth & Families Vine Street ... which is where Clarke grew up playing basketball.

It's an amazing tribute ... featuring the former Kentucky guard's initials and #5 jersey in a blue heart at center court and an honorary banner.

It also has a quote from Clarke on the sideline -- saying,  "I want to be that guy for everyone in the city."

There's also a Terrence Clarke memorial inside the entrance with a wall mural and a locker.

The Clarke family -- plus Celtics players, personnel, New Balance and BCYF -- will unveil the TC gym on Nov. 21.

As we previously reported, the 19-year-old baller was killed in a car crash in Los Angeles on April 22 -- just months before the 2021 NBA Draft.

Clarke -- who averaged 9.6 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds at UK -- was projected to be drafted.

The NBA paid tribute to Clarke by making him an honorary pick at the Barclays Center during the draft ... with commissioner Adam Silver saying, "His extraordinary talent, commitment and dedication to the game deserved to be recognized on this stage."

L.A. Clippers' Brandon Boston Jr. -- who was there when the fatal crash happened -- paid tribute to his Kentucky teammate by tatting a portrait of Clarke on his leg.


K.C. Chiefs Vow To Take Care Of Reid Crash Victim ... 'For The Rest Of Her Life'

The Kansas City Chiefs say they're going to make sure the 5-year-old who was seriously injured in the Britt Reid car crash earlier this year is taken of "for the rest of her life."

The NFL team made the announcement Friday ... explaining after working with Ariel Young's family and medical experts -- they've developed a plan to ensure Young will be supported forever.

According to the Chiefs and Ariel's attorney, Tom Porto, the plan will provide Ariel with "world-class medical care and long-term financial stability."

As we previously reported, Young suffered catastrophic injuries after Reid -- a former K.C. Chiefs assistant coach and Andy Reid's son -- allegedly slammed his pickup truck into the back of a vehicle she was in on Feb. 4 in Kansas City.

Young has slowly and steadily recovered since ... and, as part of Friday's announcement, the Chiefs and Porto say she's continuing to get better daily.

They added that even though her recovery process is still "a long road" -- she did attend her first day of school earlier this fall.

Reid, meanwhile, is still facing a felony DWI charge over his alleged role in the car crash. A trial in the case has been set for April 2022.

Henry Ruggs Ordered To Appear In Court ... Over Missed Breath Test

Henry Ruggs was just ordered to show up in court next Monday ... after a judge said the former Las Vegas Raiders star missed a required breath test.

The NFL player's attorneys were in court Wednesday over a separate matter in the DUI crash case ... when the judge presiding over the hearing said Ruggs did not properly submit a breath test earlier this month.

As part of the conditions of Ruggs' release ... the 22-year-old must submit to alcohol testing several times a day -- but the judge said he missed one of his required check-ins.

Ruggs' attorney, David Chesnoff, acknowledged the missed test ... but added that Ruggs had "self-tested" just minutes later.

"He's been dutiful," Chesnoff said. "Completely dutiful."

The judge didn't seem to care much though ... responding, "It doesn't matter. He still missed it so I would like to see your client."

The proceedings next Monday will be the first time Ruggs has been seen in public since he was in court on Nov. 3 -- the day after he crashed his Corvette into another car in Las Vegas, killing a woman and her dog.

At that hearing, in which Ruggs posted bond and was released from custody, the football player showed up in a wheelchair while wearing a neck brace.


As we previously reported, Ruggs has been hit with 5 charges -- including four felonies -- after authorities say he was drunk and speeding just before the fatal crash.

Ruggs is facing over 50 years behind bars if convicted on all counts.

Henry Ruggs Crash Tina Tintor & Max Honored ... With Dog Walk Event In Las Vegas

Hundreds of people honored Tina Tintor and her golden retriever, Max -- who were both killed in the Henry Ruggs car crash on Nov. 2 -- by having a special dog-walking event in Las Vegas this weekend.

The "Pack Walk" happened in the Town Square shopping center in Vegas on Saturday -- just two days after the 23-year-old was laid to rest.

About 200 people -- including Tintor's family -- showed up for the tribute with their canines, dressing the dogs up in white bandanas to symbolize peace.

Tintor's family brought Tina's other dog, a 3-year-old husky named Bella, to the event.

"Las Vegas is a large community of dog lovers and knowing this unfortunate event brought so many feelings," one of the organizers said.

"We need this. We need the family to know the community is here for them as well."

Tintor was also honored with over 2,000 donations to her GoFundMe that was launched a few days after her death. In total, over $103,000 was raised.

As we previously reported, Tina was tragically killed after officials say Ruggs struck her Toyota from behind with his Corvette.

Cops say Ruggs was going 127 MPH at the time of impact, causing Tintor's car to burst into flames and ultimately killing her and her dog.

The 22-year-old NFL player has been hit with five charges over the incident -- including four felonies -- and is facing over 50 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Tiger Woods Walking With Noticeable Limp ... During L.A. Visit


Tiger Woods has ditched the crutches and the walking aids ... but the golf superstar still has a noticeable limp in his gait -- new video shows.

Woods was spotted arriving at a hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday night ... and you can see in footage, his surgically repaired leg is still clearly far from 100 percent.

Woods walked gingerly as he headed out of his car and upstairs into the L.A. venue ... all while his leg was still encased in a compression sleeve.

As we previously reported, Woods seriously injured his right leg in a car crash in the Los Angeles area back on Feb. 23 -- and needed a rod, screws and pins to repair the damage.

Woods has made slow and steady progress since the surgery -- using crutches for months, before eventually putting his full body weight on the leg recently.


Tiger has been seen walking around golf courses following his son, Charlie ... though it's unclear if Woods has even remotely attempted a swing since the accident.

No Laying Up Podcast

As for a possible comeback, Tiger's good pal, Justin Thomas, said last week he fully expects Woods to make every effort possible to return to the PGA Tour -- but judging by this latest clip, it could be a while longer before that happens.

Tiger Woods Will Attempt Golf Comeback ... Says Justin Thomas

No Laying Up Podcast

Tiger Woods may not be done winning golf tourneys just yet ... so says his good buddy and fellow PGA Tour star, Justin Thomas, who claims the golf legend will try for a comeback to the Tour.

Thomas made the revelation on the "No Laying Up" podcast this week ... explaining the vibe he's gotten from Woods now 9 months removed from his horrifying car crash is that the 45-year-old will attempt a pro return.

"I know that he's going to try," said Thomas, who added that he's been visiting with Woods two or three times a week in Florida recently.

"I know how determined he is and I know he's going to want to at least try to give something again."

Of course, many wondered if Woods would even think about a comeback after he shattered his leg in a Feb. 2020 car accident.

Tiger needed crutches to move around for months -- leaving doubt that he might never pick up a club again.


But, Woods was recently spotted walking with no limp at his son's golf tournament last month -- and according to Thomas, El Tigre is "doing well" in his rehab.

It's unclear if Woods has begun to swing yet ... but Thomas said, either way, he believes Woods will need to get back to firing rounds in the 60s again in order to eventually hit Augusta. Justin, though, clearly ain't putting it past Tiger to get there.

Smart call.

Raiders Owner Mark Davis Attends Tina Tintor's Funeral ... Henry Ruggs Car Crash Victim

KTNV 13 Action News

Mark Davis was one of about 100 people who attended the funeral services for Tina Tintor on Thursday ... paying respects to the woman who died in a car crash that authorities say his former player, Henry Ruggs, caused.

The Las Vegas Raiders owner showed up to the somber ceremony in a black suit, white-collared shirt and a tie ... and sat in a pew at the local church where the services for Tintor went down.

Davis stayed for the entire hour-long event ... and did not speak with media members afterward.

As we previously reported, Tintor died along with her dog, Max, after cops say Ruggs crashed his Corvette into the back of their Toyota on a street in Las Vegas on Nov. 2.

Officials say Ruggs had been speeding prior to the wreck -- going 156 MPH just seconds before the crash -- and claim the former Raiders star was drunk at the time, too.

Ruggs has since been hit with five charges over the incident -- including four felonies -- and prosecutors say he's facing over 50 years behind bars if convicted on all counts.

As for Tintor and her family, her attorney said in a statement following the crash that they're "devastated" over the loss of the 23-year-old.

"Family was everything to Tina," the lawyer said, "and she was the light of her parents' life."


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