Kim Zolciak Squashes Beef with Marlon Wayans ... Over 'White Chicks 2' Joke


Kim Zolciak says she's smoothed things over with Marlon Wayans over his infamous "White Chicks 2" diss ... it's all water under the bridge now, but masks almost got in the way!!!

We got Kim and hubby, Kroy Biermann, at LAX Wednesday and our camera guy wanted to talk about her Instagram post with Marlon, which shows them hugging and masked up outside Nobu in Malibu.

Kim tells us why she captioned the pics, "WhiteChicks All Love ❤️ @marlonwayans" ... she says they bumped into each other outside the fancy seaside restaurant, and Marlon asked if she was still mad about his old "White Chicks" dig.

It's kinda funny ... Kim says she almost didn't recognize Marlon because everyone's wearing masks due to the pandemic, but she doubled back and they had a productive chat.

Quick refresher on the Kim and Marlon beef ... Wayans came under heavy fire back in 2018 after posting a photo of Zolciak and making a wisecrack about her appearance with a reference to his 2004 flick with his brother, Shawn, where the pair played undercover FBI agents dressed as white women.

Fast-forward to this week, and Kim tells us things between her and Marlon are good, now that time's passed and he's made what her husband termed a "prideful apology."

APRIL 2018

Remember, Marlon didn't apologize for the joke at the time ... but now he's made nice with Kim and Kroy.

Our photog brings up an interesting point with the Nobu encounter ... and Kim agrees something is lacking in Marlon's mea culpa.

Kanye West Claims Trying to Divorce Kim ... Calls Kris 'Kris Jong-Un'

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Kanye West continued his late-night, alarming rants ... again targeting his wife, his mother-in-law and many, many others.

Kanye, who is holed up at his Wyoming ranch, attacked Kim and Kris again ... he says for trying to get him placed on a 51/50 psychiatric hold.

Ye claimed, "I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Waldorf for 'prison reform.'" He went on to say, "Meek is my man and was respectful ... That's my dog. Kim was out of line."

Kim and Meek were both working on prison reform and were present at a Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles back in 2019.

He took a shot at Kris, calling her "Kris Jong-Un," though he never explained further. He accused her the night before of masterminding the release of Kim's sex tape, something Kris has strongly denied.

There were scattered references to various other celebs. He said, "Lil baby my favorite rapper but won't do a song with me."

He claimed to be worth billions, saying, "I'm worth 5 billion dollars and more than that through Christ. But ya'll ain't listen to MJ and now ya'll believe them???" MJ seems to refer to Michael Jackson.

Our sources say the family doesn't know what to do. Kanye is clearly not receptive to getting help, and anything they do to try triggers a strong, counter-reaction by Kanye.

As we reported, Dave Chapelle flew out to Kanye's ranch Tuesday as a show of friendship.


Kevin Garnett Olive Branch to Wolves Owner ... In Hopes to Buy Team

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6:07 AM PT -- 7/22 -- Kevin Garnett is now trying to bury the hatchet with Glen Taylor -- hoping they can end their beef so KG can buy the team.

"Regardless of past feelings with Glen, I would love nothing better than to become partners going forward in this great but massive rebuilding of a city that I deeply love," Garnett said in an IG statement.

"Putting the past to the side/focus on the now," Garnett added ... "*F*** the rest. #Bigfacts #TrueChange Let's goooo damitt."

KG also issued a second statement saying he truly loved Minneapolis and wants to help build a championship team for the city.

"No two people love the city more than myself and Glen Taylor and I look forward to trying to work with him to achieve my dream."

Will the new friendly strategy work? Stay tuned ...

The Minnesota Timberwolves are hitting the market ... and none other than NBA legend Kevin Garnett is part of an investment group gunning to buy the team.

Billionaire owner Glen Taylor -- who has owned the team since 1995 -- confirmed Tuesday he's listening to offers to sell the team ... saying he is "seriously considering" all his options, according to The Athletic's Jon Krawczynski and Shams Charania.

KG -- the best T-Wolves player of all time -- is part of a group of investors who are "seriously interested" in placing a bid for the team, the report says.

Remember, Garnett absolutely HATES Taylor ... and it stems from a promise he made with the late Flip Saunders about taking a front office or ownership role with the team.

KG says the businessman broke his promise after Saunders died by bringing in Tom Thibodeau instead ... and brought up his issues with the owner back in April.

"I don’t do business with snakes," KG told Shams at the time. "I don’t do business with snake motherf***ers. I try not to do business with openly snakes or people who are snake-like."

Of course, Taylor had intended on putting KG's #21 up in the rafters at the Target Center ... which the hooper rejected until Taylor was no longer owner of the team.

Depending on who gets the team ... it may be time for that ceremony after all.

Originally Published -- 7/21 2:40 PM PT

Mark Cuban and Ted Cruz Testicular Showdown Over NBA Anthem, BLM, China

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10:28 AM PT -- As expected, Mark Cuban responded to Ted Cruz -- and he's fired up!

"I can say Black Lives Matter. I can say there is systemic racism in this country," Cuban tweeted at Cruz ... "I can say there is a Pandemic that you have done little to end."

"I can say I care about this country first and last and if you think I wont criticize China and what they do as it concerns American Citizens watch this:

"But I have never gotten involved in the domestic policies of ANY foreign country. We have too much to do here."

Finally, this shot ... "And why is it @tedcruz that you take such pride in standing up to and speaking truth to the Chinese, but you have no ability to stand up to and speak the truth to @realdonaldtrump?"

Well, this is nuts ...

Mark Cuban and Sen. Ted Cruz are calling each other out about everything from the NBA's handling of anthem protests to China ... but the focus seems to be on who's got the bigger balls.

It all started when a radio talk show host from Texas tweeted at the Dallas Mavericks owner that if any of his players kneel during the national anthem when the season resumes next week, he won't support the team anymore.

Cuban responded -- "Bye" ... adding, "The National Anthem Police in this country are out of control."

"If you want to complain, complain to your boss and ask why they don't play the National Anthem every day before you start work."

That's when Ted Cruz chimed in ... saying, "Really??!? NBA is telling everyone who stands for the flag, who honors our cops and our veterans, to 'piss off'? In Texas, no less? Good luck with that."

Cruz didn't tag Cuban in his tweet -- and Cuban called him out for it ... saying, "Have some balls for once @tedcruz. Speak to me. It's my tweet."

That's when Cruz replied with another BALLS shot!

"Speaking of balls, tell us what you think about China. I’ll wait."

Of course, Cruz is referring to the NBA's massive problems with China in 2019 -- after Houston Rockets G.M. Daryl Morey tweeted out support for protesters in Hong Kong.

China essentially blackballed the NBA over the tweet -- and the league is still reportedly scrambling to smooth out its relationship with the country.

So, Cruz decided that's where he'd focus his attack on Cuban on Monday morning.

"Let’s try simpler. Mark, tough guy, can you say 'Free Hong Kong'? Can your players put that on their jerseys? Can you condemn the CCP’s concentration camps w/ 1 million Uyghurs? Can you say ANYTHING other than 'Chairman Mao is beautiful & wise'?"

Nothing back from Cuban yet -- but guess you could say the ball's in his court????

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Nick Cannon Slams ViacomCBS for Firing ... Diddy Offers Him New Home

11:33 AM PT -- Diddy's got a pitch for Cannon -- he wants Nick to join his cable network, Revolt TV, and make it his new creative home. Diddy says Revolt is "truly black owned" and adds ... "We got your back and love you and what you have done for the culture. We are for our people first!!! For us! By US! Let's go!!!"

10:40 AM PT -- A spokesperson for the media giant is responding to Nick's criticism, which included allegations Viacom banned all advertisement that supported George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The spokesperson said, "Due to the comedic nature of the show we believe is in question 'Revenge Prank,' we didn't want to be insensitive by placing ads for it next to important and serious topics, such as Black Lives Matter. This is standard practice we use with our media agency to ensure that our ads don't come across as tone-deaf or disrespectful."

Nick had also reportedly claimed he reached out to the chairman of ViacomCBS. The rep tells TMZ ... "It is absolutely untrue that Nick Cannon reached out to the Chair of ViacomCBS."

Nick Cannon's firing back at ViacomCBS after it dropped him for making anti-Semitic comments -- and he's now claiming it's the media giant that's being divisive, not him ... and he has a list of demands.

"The Masked Singer" host responded to Viacom's decision Wednesday morning, saying, he's "deeply saddened" the company "misused an important moment for us to all grow closer together and learn more about one another" and, instead ... he claims it's trying to "make an example of an outspoken black man."

Cannon vows to not be bullied or silenced, and says Viacom "does not understand or respect the power of the black community."

As we reported, Viacom cut bait with Nick over his comments on his podcast "Cannon's Class" ... where he openly espoused Anti-Jewish, and clearly divisive, rhetoric from Minister Farrakhan. He got a ton of backlash online, and then Viacom dropped the hammer, but Nick alleges the pot's calling the kettle black.

Cannon's Class

Cannon says ... "I honestly can’t believe that Viacom has such poor council that would allow them to make such a divisive decision in the midst of protests and civil uprising within our current pandemic. Truly an unwise decision."

He goes on to say he hoped his comments could lead to reconciliation and he could "use this moment to show healing and acceptance" ... but claims Viacom has no interest. He also accuses the media giant of banning all advertising that supported George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Nick acknowledges he's had an incredibly successful past with Viacom -- including his Nickelodeon days and the creation of 'Wild 'N Out,' but says the company is "now on the wrong side of history."

He did apologize "if I have furthered the hate speech" ... but also makes it clear he's gonna fight for "full ownership of my billion-dollar 'Wild ‘N Out' brand that I created, and they will continue to misuse and destroy without my leadership! I demand that the hate and back door bullying cease and while we are at it, now that the truth is out, I demand the Apology!"

Originally Published -- 7:36 AM PT

Dana White Takes John Oliver's Advice Selling UF-Sea Shirts for Charity


An awesome new twist in the Dana White vs. John Oliver feud -- Dana is now selling UF-SEA t-shirts as John suggested ... with all of the proceeds going to one of John's favorite charities.

Okay, some brief backstory ...

Over the past few months, the 'Last Week Tonight' host has been clowning White over the name, Fight Island -- saying White would have been better off calling it UF-Sea.

"He was making fun of Fight Island," White says ... "Basically saying 'This idiot is gonna build an island where people could fight during COVID-19.'"

Dana tells TMZ Sports ... he ultimately took Oliver's advice and trademarked UF-Sea -- and now, he's getting ready to sell UF-Sea merchandise on the official UFC website starting this week.

White -- who says he's actually a John Oliver fan -- tells us he wants to use the attention to do something positive for people in need.

"I did some research on John Oliver," White says ... "One of his big charities is the Bob Woodruff Foundation."

FYI, the Bob Woodruff Foundation was established "to raise money to assist injured service members, veterans and their families."

"So that's one of [John's] big charities, so all the money from the UF-Sea- shirts are gonna go to one of John Oliver's charities."

So, buy a shirt -- it's funny ... and it's also for a really good cause.

Britney & Beyonce 'Queen B' Painting Wasn't For Either ... Artist Squashes Fan Beef


Britney Spears and Beyonce fans are bickering over who is the real Queen B for no good reason ... so says the artist whose painting ignited the whole beef.

Here's the deal ... Britney kicked the Beyhive Wednesday when she posted a painting of a bee with a crown and said, "To all my fans who call me Queen 👑 B …. I believe this would be more accurate."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Naturally, Britney's post sent Bey fans into a tizzy, and the hive sounded off by the thousands, letting Brit know there's only one Queen B in their eyes -- and she's from Houston.

Not to be a buzzkill, but Jenna Paddey, the artist who painted the image, says neither Britney nor Beyonce was her inspiration.

Translation: stand down, fan armies!!!

Jenna tells us she painted the illustration in 2018, and it was only intended to reflect a play on words for the phrase, "queen bee." She says she's not sure how Britney came across her work -- she does sell prints on her website -- but only found out about the IG post when friends started tagging her in comments.

For the record, Jenna's not picking sides in the Great Bey-Brit Fan War of 2020 ... smart. She just appreciates the buzz her art's getting from the debate.

Ja Rule I'm Real Doing Private Parties!!! Fitty Goes to Clown Town

@queenjac_ / Instagram

Ja Rule has made his services widely available to the general public -- the dude's offering up private party bookings now ... something his old foe, 50 Cent, finds awfully hilarious.

The rapper made an appearance this weekend at a private house party in New Jersey, where it looks like he was hired by a bunch of hotties to perform a few hit songs and hang out for a bit. One classic jam of his that he got around to playing ... "I'm Real," featuring J Lo.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Everyone was having a good ol' time, and Ja certainly had no shame in announcing that, yes, people CAN book him for gigs like this now. He's partnered up with ICONN, and there's an official way you can go about getting Ja to come to your shindig ... for a pretty penny.

Sounds neat, but of course ... there's always haters lurking in the back ready to pounce. In this case, Ja's nemesis, Fitty, came with a bag of jokes ready to fly at JR's expense.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He took to IG and wrote, "if you don’t want to end up doing private birthday parties for 15 people. 🤷🏽‍♂️stay out of my way, OK." Some folks credit 50 with stunting Ja's career -- at least that's how 50 sees it -- and he rides that narrative to no end ... constantly clowning the guy.

We'll say this -- it ain't 2003 anymore, for either of these fellas. Now, play nice!!!

Bhad Bhabie Skai J. Drops Restraining Order ... No Need to Extend It


Bhad Bhabie has one less legal issue on her hands while she's in rehab -- because one of her foes, Skai Jackson, is tearing up her restraining order.

The former Disney star just filed to have the order against Bhabie dismissed, and we're told a judge has signed off on it ... so it's official. There's no question ... this move comes as a direct result of Danielle seeking treatment.

Skai tells TMZ ... "Because Danielle stopped threatening me after the Court ordered her to do so, and now that she's made the decision to work on herself through rehab and therapy, I’m pleased that I don’t need to extend my restraining order." Now, she left a window for herself ... because Skai's dismissal was granted without prejudice, meaning she can refile if things heat up again.

Feb. 2020

On that point, Skai adds, “If she goes back to her old ways, of course, we’ll have to change that, but I hope and believe that it won’t be necessary. I think it’s great that Danielle is getting the help she feels she needs. I wish her nothing but the best on her road to recovery."

You'll recall ... Skai got the restraining order against Bhabie in February after a squabble over NBA YoungBoy turned nasty.

BB was ordered to back off and stay away from Skai -- but in light of her recent pivot toward a road of recovery ... it appears that's no longer an issue. Happy ending for all.

Hailey & Justin Bieber Ticked at Doctor's TikTok ... Threaten to Sue Over Plastic Surgery Claims


A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's blowing up on TikTok after posting a video suggesting Hailey Bieber's had some work done on her face, but now it's got him in legal hot water with Hailey and Justin.

Dr. Daniel Barrett's been hit with a cease-and-desist letter by the couple's lawyers, who claim he's using Hailey's name, image and likeness in his video without permission to advertise his practice and "spread false, uncorroborated claims that Mrs. Bieber has undergone plastic surgery."


On top of that, Barrett's being accused of copyright infringement for his use of lyrics from Justin's song, "Sorry," in the TikTok caption.

In the vid, which was posted over the weekend, the plastic surgeon compares a 2011 photo of Hailey to a more recent one and one from 2016. He says he thinks the physical changes are impossible without some cosmetic procedures ... specifically to her nose.

Barrett also speculates Hailey's undergone genioplasty and has lip fillers.

Hailey and Justin's legal team say the TikTok includes a number of violations, including "misrepresentation, defamation, slander, false light, violation of rights of publicity, copyright infringement, trademark and service mark infringement" and more.

They're demanding Barrett take down the video and issue a public retraction in the next 24 hours ... or else the legal fury is coming.

Dr. Barrett tells TMZ ... he doesn't believe his comments in the video are disparaging, and he finds it "crazy" that the Beibers want to chase him down for something like this.

He says his video is intended to educate about plastic surgery, and he does not plan to remove it and will deal with the legal ramifications.

Horace Grant Blasts Michael Jordan Over 'Last Dance' ... You're a Snitch!!!

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Kap & Co - ESPN Chicago

Horace Grant is going scorched-earth on Michael Jordan -- claiming 'Last Dance' was filled with "lies" to make MJ look good ... when in reality, Jordan is nothing but a "snitch."

Yeah, man, Horace is PISSED!!

Of course, Horace participated in the ESPN docuseries -- most memorably to deny he leaked sensitive information about MJ to Bulls reporter Sam Smith back in the day.

Bottom line -- it became abundantly clear the two men don't like each other ... and haven't gotten along in years despite winning 3 NBA championships together.

Fast-forward to Tuesday when Grant appeared on the "Kap and Co" radio show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago and was asked straight-up if he was the Sam Smith leak.

"It is a downright, outright, completely lie," Grant said ... "Lie, lie, lie."

"If MJ had a grudge with me, let's settle this like men ... Let's talk about it. Or we can settle it another way. But yet and still, he goes out and puts this lie out that I was the source behind [the Sam Smith book Jordan Rules]."

Grant strongly believes MJ still holds a grudge against him -- "And, I think he proved that during this so-called documentary."

"When if you say something about [Jordan], he's going to cut you off, he's going to try to destroy your character."

That's when Grant brought up Charles Barkley -- and how MJ cut off their decades-long friendship after Sir Chuck criticized his management of the Charlotte Bobcats on TV.

"Charles Barkley, they've been friends for over 20, 30 years ... and he said something about Michael's management with the Charlotte Bobcats or the Charlotte Hornets, and then they haven't spoken since then."

"And, my point is, he said that I was the snitch, but yet and still after 35 years he brings up his rookie year going into one of his teammates' rooms and seeing coke, and weed and women. My point is: Why the hell did he want to bring that up? What's that got to do with anything? I mean, if you want to call somebody a snitch, that's a damn snitch right there."

Grant then criticized the docuseries as a whole -- acknowledging it was entertaining but says 90% of it was "B.S."

"It wasn't real -- because a lot of things [Jordan] said to some of his teammates, that his teammates went back at him. But, all of that was kind of edited out of the documentary, if you want to call it a documentary."


Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber We Didn't 'Buy' Our Billboard #1 ... FANS Bought Our Song!!!

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are firing back at Tekashi 6ix9ine's claim that she and/or their team illicitly bought their way to #1 this week.

AG took to IG Monday with a celebratory post, highlighting her and Bieb's single, "Stuck with U," which landed at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list ... beating out Doja Cat's popular "Say So" as well as 6ix9ine's new single, "GOOBA," which came in third.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She said she wanted to thank her fans for getting her there, but also took a good minute addressing 6ix9ine's allegations from just a few hours earlier that she, Biebs and people working for them allegedly maxed out 6 credit cards to purchase 30,000 units at the last minute to secure their spot at #1. Ariana calls BS.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She insists the reason "Stuck with U" moved the way it did is because more people actually purchased their song instead of streamed it, which counts for more units than streaming and explains why it surged to the top. Ariana goes on to say she and Bieber have longtime ride or die fans -- and they're credited with the bump. Nothing more.

She continued with all artists should be grateful and honored by the opportunity to be heard at all, and to work in the biz. She sent love to everyone in the top 10 ... "even number 3."

BTW, Bieber took up for their hit track ... pointing out Billboard rules only allow for 4 units to be purchased per credit card -- so, he's saying Tekashi's allegation couldn't be true.

And, as for Tekashi only calling out Ariana? Justin says, "If you gonna say her name make sure you say mine because it's our song."

Still, Tekashi clearly has a beef ... at least with Billboard not giving his streams -- 50 million, he says -- more weight on the charts.

Fat Joe to Ashanti Ja & Irv Wanted J Lo for 'What's Luv?' ... 'For the Latinos,' They Said


Fat Joe had an eye-opening story for Ashanti that almost saw one of her biggest hits go to Jennifer Lopez ... at the would-be behest of Ja Rule and Irv Gotti.

Joe was talking to Ashanti on Instagram Live this week, and recounted an interesting tale about a time he says Ja and Irv called him up in the dead of night and told him to come to the studio. Once there, FJ says they showed him the remixed version of his song "What's Luv?" with Ashanti singing on it ... but told him they wanted to get J Lo on instead.

He goes on to say that Irv and Ja tried pitching him on a Latino angle with himself, Ja and J Lo on the final cut for representation. Joe's Puerto Rican, Jen is too.

Luckily for Ashanti -- who seems seriously stunned at the revelation -- Joe lobbied to keep her on, 'cause he said she sounded amazing on it. Audiences clearly agreed in the end ... Ashanti was kept on as the primary female singer in the remix, and the song went on to peak at No. 2 on the Hot 100 Billboard chart, and stayed on for nearly 20 weeks.

As for Ashanti, she says she never knew this ... and seemed a little pissed at either Ja or Irv (or possibly both) by saying, "He stayed pulling records or trying to pull records from me." Joe tries calming her down by telling her not to go there, but too late ... Ashanti did.

The duo went on to talk about a number of hits Ashanti had on the charts at the time, including one J Lo song she's credited with helping write, "Ain't It Funny" ... the Murder remix, anyway. People online are saying Ashanti doesn't get her due for her pen prowess.

Of course, this convo ended up in a potential Verzuz battle Ashanti could be involved in, but J Lo wouldn't be her rival. Apparently, Keyshia Cole makes for a better match-up 🤷🏽‍♂️

Conor McGregor Promises Mike Tyson 'I Will Beat Floyd Mayweather'

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"I will beat Floyd. I promise my life on it."

That's Conor McGregor telling Mike Tyson he WILL defeat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match ... if it's the last thing he ever does!

So, why the renewed interest in a rematch with Floyd?

Tyson was sitting down with Francis Ngannou and the UFC star's manager for an episode if his "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" podcast when Mike began raving about McGregor's foray into boxing back in 2017.

"He’s never really had a boxing match in his life, right? He went 10 rounds with the greatest boxer in the land, in 100 years of boxing."

Tyson continued, "He went 10 rounds, scored punches on the greatest fighter in the last 20, 100 years."

"Imagine a guy who’s never had a boxing match and he’s fighting me? He goes 10 rounds and we’re fighting?"

"We go 10 rounds, that’s a bad motherfu**er," Tyson said.

Well, Conor McGregor saw the clip ... and issued a strongly worded statement of his own.

"Thank you Mike, and just know that for the inevitable rematch, with the knowledge I now hold of Floyd’s style, plus under the tutelage of my old school boxing coach, I will crack the puzzle, and I will beat Floyd. I promise my life on it."

McGregor added, "It is great to see you back Iron Mike."

As we previously reported, Conor has been TRYING to lock up a rematch with Floyd for a while ... but Floyd hasn't signed a contract yet.

Floyd had planned to fight TWICE in 2020 -- once against a respected boxer and again in a UFC-involved crossover, but the COVID-19 pandemic and some personal tragedies in Floyd's life now make a comeback unlikely.

Vince McMahon Claims XFL Commish 'Abandoned' Job After COVID-19 Began

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Vince McMahon claims ex-XFL commissioner Oliver Luck "abandoned" his duties when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March ... and that's one of the main reasons Vince fired him, according to court documents.

Remember, Oliver Luck sued Vince McMahon back in April, claiming he was wrongfully terminated from his role as the commish and CEO of the XFL on April 9.

In his initial court docs, Luck redacted many of the details behind his allegations.

But now, Vince's attorney has filed his own court docs spelling out the reasons McMahon axed Luck. The details have now been made public.

First, McMahon claims Luck "effectively abandoned his responsibilities" on March 13 by shutting down the XFL offices in Connecticut ... and instead, working from home in Indiana.

McMahon claims Luck failed to "devote substantially all of his business time to his XFL duties as required by the contract."

Second, McMahon claims Luck approved signing ex-NFL receiver Antonio Callaway without first getting approval from Vince.

By the way, Callaway had previously been suspended by the NFL for violating the league's substance-abuse policy. McMahon claims he ordered Luck to cut Callaway immediately -- but Luck refused.

Luck's argument, according to court docs, is that Callaway didn't violate the XFL's personal conduct policy.

Third, McMahon claims Luck misused an XFL-issued iPhone -- using the phone for personal reasons when it was supposed to be exclusively used for work.

For his part, Luck claims McMahon's allegations are bogus and he's digging in his heels on the argument he was wrongfully terminated.

As for the COVID-19 allegation, Luck claims he simply couldn't return to Connecticut because the state had implemented a stay-at-home order on March 20, and he adhered by the mandate.

Luck claims he did everything he could to continue doing his job while sheltering-in-place.

Luck is demanding $23.8 million in salary and damages. He had signed a 5-year contract in 2018 with a $5 million annual salary and a $2 million bonus.

As we previously reported, the XFL closed its doors on April 10, laid off staff and filed for bankruptcy ... claiming the COVID-19 pandemic essentially killed the business.

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