John Travolta Unloading Insane 20-Bedroom Crib ... For a Cool $5 Million

John Travolta is getting rid of a hotel, or rather, a mansion that could double as a hotel ... 'cause his home in Maine has a whopping 20 bedrooms!

John's put the New England compound on the market for $5 million, which gets you all those bedrooms AND 7.5 bathrooms. The 3-story home features 14 guest rooms, all on the second floor, where they have to share a mere 4 bathrooms. Oh, the horror.

The third floor of the place is for kids -- it's been converted into a so-called Fantasyland ... featuring a classroom, library, diner, theater stage and 4 themed bedrooms, including a Peter Pan room and Princess room.

The mansion is 10,830 square feet, and it sits on nearly 50 acres ... on Isleboro, one of the many tiny islands off the Maine coastline.

John and his late wife, Kelly Preston, bought the sprawling estate back in 1991 ... the same year they got married. Architectural Digest featured the property in 2016.

Justin & Hailey Bieber One Mansion Lighter ... Unload Starter Home

Justin and Hailey Bieber can only boast owning one multi-million dollar home in Beverly Hills now ... and they took a hit on the pad Justin pretty much wanted to sell from the jump.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the Biebers closed Thursday on the sale of their 6,132-square-foot, 5-bed, 7-bath mansion and pocketed $7,955,000.

Thing is, JB bought the place in March 2019 for $8.5 mil ... so it's a pretty substantial hit.

As you may recall ... just months after buying the property -- which includes a wine cellar, home theater and bar inside and a pool, cabana, and fire pit outside -- he put it on the market via Instagram, saying "I'll sell it with all the furniture. MAKE AN OFFER."

Seems someone finally did, and we're told "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" stars Josh and Matt Altman and Ariana Grande's real estate agent/fiancé Dalton Gomez of the Aaron Kirman Group team at Compass worked with the Biebers to seal the deal. The Altmans and Gomez had no comment.

Steven Schaefer and Jay Luchs of Schaefer & Luchs represented the new buyer.

Fear not ... Justin and Hailey still have a place to hang their hats we told you ... this was just one of 2 Bev Hills mansions they owned.

They dropped nearly $26 million last August on an 11,000-sq. ft. palace with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms ... sitting on an estate high up in the hills of Beverly.

Billie Eilish Claims Man Sending Death Threats ... Staking Out Her House for Months

5:12 PM PT -- According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the order was granted.

Billie Eilish is seeking court-ordered protection from a man she claims is harassing her and is potentially dangerous.

The singer filed docs seeking a restraining order against a man named John Hearle, who she claims has been harassing and threatening her from outside her Los Angeles home.

Billie says the guy has been camped out at a school across the street from her crib since the summer, and he's been bombarding her with threatening and disturbing letters.

According to the docs, Billie says she got a note from Hearle saying ... "You can't get what you want, unless what you want is to die for me ... You will know that soon the water will rise, and you might very well die ... You will die."

Billie claims Hearle watches her enter and exit her home, and she says he always says something to her or makes gestures -- including a throat-slitting move -- whenever he sees her.

In the docs, Billie says this is making her anxious every time she comes home and she fears for her safety and her family's too.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the LAPD is investigating, but hasn't made an arrest yet. Billie wants a judge to force Hearle to stay at least 200 yards away from her and her parents at all times.

Originally Published -- 2:15 PM PT

'Silence of the Lambs' It Puts the Bed Sheets on for Guests!!! Bill's Pad Becomes a B&B

Buffalo Bill was a terrible host for his basement well "guests" in "The Silence of the Lambs" -- so here's hoping the new owners of the home from the movie do a whole lot better.

That's right ... the creepy house where the fictional serial killer lived -- and tortured folks -- is now being converted into a bed and breakfast in Perryopolis, PA. It was recently sold after hitting the market back in October for around $300k.

The new owner -- theatrical art director Chris Rowan of NY -- says he's planning to give the property a makeover of sorts, but in a creepy way that's faithful to the movie.

What that means exactly ... installing decor that fans might recognize from the film, including a replica of a well -- JUST LIKE THE MOVIE! Don't worry, it's just for photo ops ... so no, you freaks can't pay extra to stay in there.

He says the film has become a staple of pop culture -- and that he and his fam are sure people will flock there to sleep in BB's new B&B.

As for specs ... the 4-bedroom house -- which is more than 100 years old -- is around 2,400 square feet and sits on nearly 2 acres of land. There's railroad tracks (complete with an old-timey caboose) just a stone's throw away, and you can also access the Youghiogheny River from the backyard. The one major renovation that's coming ... an in-ground pool.

One last thing that's worth mentioning -- the previous owner was reportedly a former FBI agent at one point, just like Jodie Foster's Clarice. Oh, how delicioussssss (creepy Hannibal Lecter voice).

Teresa Giudice Buys NJ Mansion With Boyfriend

Teresa Giudice and her boyfriend just took a big step in their business relationship ... they bought a home together ... so Joe who?

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star and her BF, Luis Ruelas, are listed as the owners on the property record for a $3,350,000 for a pad in Montville, NJ.

A source close to Teresa tells us Luis invests in real estate, and the couple's latest venture is an extension of that. We're told Luis plunked down the cash for the home and Guidice will likely act as the property manager.

The home is 7,728 square feet with 7 bedrooms plus a library, theater, gym, 6-car garage and a pool decked out with waterfalls, a slide and a cabana.

Teresa didn't have to look far for the nearly 6-acre estate ... it's just 3 homes down from the property her brother, Joe, and sister-in-law Melissa recently sold.

Our sources tell us Teresa and Luis are NOT currently living in their new home, and it's unclear if they plan to move in at some point or try and flip it. Real estate's generally a solid investment.

As we reported ... Teresa is looking to unload the NJ mansion she shared with ex-husband Joe Giudice, and that home's still on the market.

Nelly $elling Mizzo Pad Fixer-Upper's Dirt Cheap!!!

Nelly's flip turned out to be a flop ... so he's unloading this Missouri mansion to finally 86 it from his real estate portfolio.

The "Hot in Herre" rapper has put this Wildwood, MO home on the market for $599,000 ... 19 years after he purchased the home. The plan was to remodel it and flip it with a contractor friend, but those plans never panned out ... so it's been sitting empty for years.

At this point, we're told Nelly just wants out. Whoever gets it is getting a steal. The house is definitely a fixer-upper but it has tons of potential. The 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom crib sits on nearly 12 acres of land with vast outdoor recreation space, which, BTW, includes a private basketball court.

It's located just 30 minutes west of St. Louis and offers stunning views of the Meramec River Valley. It's got good investment written all over it.

Sarah Tadlock of Keller Williams is the listing agent.

NBA's Malik Beasley Sentenced To 120 Days In Jail ... After Bizarre Gun Incident

Minnesota Timberwolves star Malik Beasley was just sentenced to 120 days in jail -- and banned from owning guns for life -- this after he pled guilty to felony threats for pointing a firearm at a family during a bizarre incident back in September.

Prosecutors in Hennepin County, Minn. say Beasley's Plymouth house was accidentally put on a "Parade of Homes" list in the fall -- which is essentially a tourist guide for impressive mansions in the area. The list caused vehicle traffic around Beasley's home to increase -- which really pissed him off, prosecutors say.

Officials say on Sept. 26, Beasley got so frustrated that he walked toward a visiting car that was near the end of his driveway and pointed a gun at it. Prosecutors say he then ordered the family inside the ride to scram.

24-year-old Beasley -- who cops say was also in possession of marijuana at the time -- was later arrested ... and ultimately charged with felony threats of violence and felony drug possession.

At a virtual court hearing back in December, Beasley pled guilty to the threats charge ... and in exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop the drug charge.

At the hearing, Beasley said of his actions, "I was not in my right mind. I’m ready to move on."

Beasley returned to virtual court on Tuesday for sentencing ... and the judge ordered him to spend 120 days at a jail facility known as "The Workhouse" at Hennepin County Adult Corrections Facility.

As part of the sentencing, the judge ruled Beasley will NOT have to serve the time during the NBA season ... setting a tentative May 26 date to report to the jail.

The judge also said Beasley could end up being released on electronic home monitoring if COVID-19 precautions force that move.

Beasley was also ordered to complete an anger management program and was hit with a lifetime ban on owning firearms. Beasley was also ordered to not consume any alcohol or drugs, and complete random drug testing.

Prosecutors say Beasley read a statement at the hearing, telling the court, "I am not that person. I humbly apologize for my actions."

In a statement to NBA reporter Shams Charania, Beasley's attorney, Steve Haney, said, "We are very pleased with this outcome that will allow Malik to continue working on becoming a better person and making better choices."

Beasley is off to a strong start this season ... averaging 20.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game. He signed a massive 4-year, $60 MILLION extension with the Wolves this offseason.

'Schitt's Creek' Mansion For Sale ... Yours For $15 Million!!!

The famous megamansion from "Schitt's Creek" has a for sale sign in the yard ... and you can live like the TV family used to, if you've got some pretty deep pockets.

The mansion used in the TV series is back on the market for a cool $15 million ... which buys you 12 bedrooms and 24,000 square feet of lavish living.

The estate, known as the La Belle Maison, is tricked out with a home theater, gym, billiard room, wine cellar, sauna, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, plus a game room with a golf simulator.

The three-story home, tucked in Toronto's ritzy St. Andrew-Winfields neighborhood, is designed with marble stairs, carved limestone, fancy balconies and a bunch of frescoes that make you feel like you're in the Sistine Chapel.

There's also a gourmet kitchen that opens to a private patio, plus a formal dining room and a double reception room. The home is listed by Khoren Mardoyan at HomeLife/Vision Realty Brokerage.

The mansion was used in the opening scenes of "Schitt's Creek" and it's where the Rose family was balling out before ending up in a small town motel.

Australia's Byron Bay Residents Hate the 'Chris Hemsworth Effect' This Ain't Your Hollywood!!!

Chris Hemsworth has turned Australia's one-time sleepy beach town of Byron Bay into the new Hollywood -- at least that's how locals feel about it ... and they're pissed.

A new report by details the disdain longtime residents of Byron Bay have for the Hemsworths -- especially Chris, who's made the area his permanent home -- due to the fact he's drawing more and more celebs, and the baggage that comes with it.

Aside from Chris, other celebs who occasionally live and/or rent or own homes in town now include Zac Efron, Mark Wahlberg, Natalie Portman, Matt Damon, Olivia Newton-John, Nicole Kidman, Jack Johnson, Melissa McCarthy -- just to name a few. And don't get us started on those stars who visit early and often ... which runs the gamut of the rich and famous.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fischer have swung by of late, and so do Aussie stars like Sam Burgess, Katie Richie, Michelle Bridges. It's become a who's-who type place -- which many normie residents resent ... since the vibe of their once quiet town is now inundated with limos, tourists, paparazzi, soaring housing prices and commercialism like it's never seen.

One person described being kicked out of their home because their landlady wanted to turn the crib into an Airbnb -- which is emblematic of what a lot of Byron Bay locals say is happening ... they're getting priced out and pushed out of a town they know as home.

Ironically, the article depicts Chris Hemsworth -- whose fortress of an estate has apparently become a landmark for navigation -- as a man who's not so much of the people. He's rarely spotted around town, and keeps his family and affairs private.

Locals say it's rich that he wants seclusion, considering he's invited the exact opposite into their lives ... by putting them on the map, in all the worst ways possible.

Serena Williams Shows Off Insane Trophy Room 2nd Place Trophies Go In the Trash!


Oh, and you also have to see when she discovers a 2nd place trophy on one of her shelves -- and says she's moving it to the TRASH!!!

"I see a 2nd place trophy but I’m gonna put that one in the trash -- shouldn’t be in here. We don't keep second place."

The tennis goddess opened up the doors to her Miami home for Architectural Digest ... showing off everything from her own private art gallery (!!!!!) to the bar, media room and more.

But, the highlight for us is the Trophy Room ... which contains hardware from her victories at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, Australian Open, French Open and more.

It's unreal.

Serena has so many trophies, she can barely keep track of what trophies she has and where some of them are located ... and if that's not the most baller thing ever, what the hell is?!

Of course, Serena has won 39 Grand Slam titles in her amazing career -- 23 in singles, 14 in women's doubles, and 2 in mixed doubles. She also has 4 Olympic gold medals.


Gene Simmons I Wanna Pack and Move All Night!!! Unloads H'Wood Hills Pad

Gene Simmons has officially kissed his Hollywood Hills crib goodbye ... selling it for a cool $2 million.

The rock star sold his 3-story pad that sits in Laurel Canyon for just a tad under the $2.2 million asking price. The house, and its views, are a beaut ... with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and iconic 180-degree views of downtown L.A., the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Park Observatory, Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean.

As we reported ... the house offers a spacious deck and tons of living space ... with 2,345 square feet that's perfectly suited for any rock star.

As for his other crib ... the KISS singer and bassist's Beverly Hills estate remains on the market, but the price on that one is a tad higher ... at $22 million. That one's way more house!

Lisa Young and Kennon Earl of Compass held the listing.

Kevin Nealon L.A. Home Burglarized ... $100k Worth of Stuff Lifted!!!

Kevin Nealon's a victim in a home burglary that saw crooks get away clean with six figures worth of jewelry and other valuables.

The thieves broke into the "Weeds" and 'SNL' alum's place recently ... according to law enforcement sources, who tell us it looks like Kevin had been away for a few days.

We're told Kevin came home to discover the break-in, and that more than $100,000 worth of bling and handbags were gone.

Our sources say it doesn't appear the burglars specifically targeted Kevin ... and this was more likely a random hit. Cops still don't know exactly how the perpetrators managed to get inside the house.

We reached out to Kevin's camp ... so far, no word back.

Matthew Perry Unloads Malibu Pad for $13.1 Million!!!

It's hard to put a price on paradise but Matthew Perry's done just that ... after selling his beachfront Malibu pad.

The "Friends" star has unloaded his 4-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house for a cool $13.1 million ... and about a decade after he bought the property in an off-market sale for $12 million. It's easy to see how Matthew made tons of friends with this crib ... it's a beaut.

The 5,500-square-foot contemporary house -- sitting on one of the most coveted streets, Malibu Road -- offering picturesque views of the blue Pacific and immediate access to it. But there's tons to keep you entertained in this loft-style house.

There's also an outdoor spa and a state of the art movie theater that seats up to 10 guests in deep-cushioned sofas. You can enjoy some of the best sunsets from practically every room thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows ... and a sick wrap-around deck.

"Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star Josh Flagg of Josh Flagg Estates and his husband, Bobby Boyd, also of Josh Flagg Estates, repped Perry.

VP Kamala Harris Blair House Will Be Temporary Pad ... It's Got 119 Rooms!!!

While President Biden's already getting comfy in the White House, Vice President Harris can't unpack just yet ... but her temporary home is pretty rich in history.

The Veep and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will be living at Blair House ... a 19th-century row house situated across Pennsylvania Avenue from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. It's also steps away from the White House.

The house -- dubbed The President's Guest House -- is usually reserved for former presidents and other dignitaries when they're in town. It consists of 4 distinct buildings merged into one ... featuring 14 guest bedrooms, 35 bathrooms and a total of 119 rooms.

It's unclear how long VP Harris will be at Blair -- the traditional Vice President's mansion at the Naval Observatory is getting a bunch of repairs -- such as new chimney liners -- at the Navy's request. Once Harris does move in, she'll be the 8th VP to live there since it was built in 1893.

Blair House is also where incoming Presidents typically stay the night before Inauguration Day, just as the Bidens did this week. Another fun fact: President Truman lived there too while the White House underwent renovations after World War II.

Harris and Emhoff own a condo in Washington but for security reasons could not stay there.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Vacation Villa's A Mexican Marvel!!!

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are living like queens south of the border ... soaking up the sun in a castle by the sea.

The billionaire and her model sister are treating themselves to a Mexican getaway, shacking up in the super luxurious Ocean Castle Sol de Oriente in Costa Careyes ... and ya gotta see their digs.

The 6-bedroom villa sits atop the Peninsula de las Estrellas -- that's Spanish for stars -- and it's surrounded by a 360-degree infinity pool offering panoramic views of the ocean and beach.

The private estate goes for $6,500 a night and has room for 12 ... but this girls' trip is reserved for Kylie, Kendall and Stassie Karanikolaou.

The fortress is very camera-friendly too ... Kylie, Kendall and Stassie all have been posting tons of pics out by the pool, from sunrise to sunset.

Viva Mexico!!

Halsey Buys Liam Payne's House ... For a Cool $10M

Halsey is the new owner of a zen paradise, after scooping up Liam Payne's oasis in Calabasas.

The "You should be sad" singer certainly has reason to be happy after dropping $10,161,150 for the former 1D singer's 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom crib tucked away in the hills above Malibu.

The 9,659 square-foot home is perfect for entertaining, with a home theater, beautiful backyard and wine cellar. It's also got a giant library for quiet nights at home.

The pool looks like it was plucked right out of a 5-star resort, with a koi pond, waterfalls and tons of surrounding gardens.

There's also a massage/meditation house, recording studio, pool house with a full gym and guest room. And, this is on TOP of an additional private guest house.

Jonah Wilson of Hilton & Hyland and Tomer Fridman of Compass repped Liam while Josh Myler at The Agency repped Halsey.

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