Teresa Giudice Devastated Over Judge's Family Tragedy ... Judge on Her Fraud Case

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Teresa Giudice is heartbroken for the New Jersey judge who sent her and her hubby to prison ... after what appears to be a targeted murder at the judge's home.

The 'RHONJ' star's attorney, James Leonard, tells TMZ ... Teresa was "devastated" by the news this weekend -- namely, that a gunman disguised as a FedEx employee made his way into Judge Esther Salas' home and shot and killed her son. Judge Salas' husband was also shot but survived.

Leonard says, "Knowing Teresa the way I do, I think if she were to have an opportunity to see Judge Salas, I think she would hug her and pray with her." He doesn't believe his client will attend the funeral but says Judge Salas and her family are in Teresa's thoughts.

He adds, "This is such a horrific tragedy, I know that the entire legal community is shocked and devastated and praying for Judge Salas and her family."

Judge Salas, who was not injured in the gunman's attack, presided over Teresa and Joe Giudice's criminal cases back in the day -- sentencing her to 15 months in prison, and Joe to 41 months behind bars.

The judge was also just assigned a class action suit against a bank that loosely involves Jeffrey Epstein.

Pop Smoke Murder Case How LAPD Found Alleged Killers ... The Old-Fashioned Way!!!


Pop Smoke's alleged murderers were tracked down by LAPD detectives the old-fashioned way ... there were no shortcuts or easy breaks.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the big break in the case leading to the arrests of 4 men allegedly connected to the rapper's death didn't come from a tipster, but instead from LAPD detectives pounding the pavement and knocking on doors.

We broke the story ... Pop Smoke was gunned down back in February by at least 4 masked gunmen after what appeared to be a home invasion robbery at his rental property in the Hollywood Hills.

Detectives went back to the basics because, as we reported, they hit a roadblock back in February when potential witnesses wouldn't cooperate, and combing social media turned out to be a bust.


Our sources say detectives used video from citizens and businesses in the area to help track and ID the suspects, who were slapped with murder charges last week and could face the death penalty.

Sources also tell us cops believe Los Angeles street gang members were involved in Pop's murder, but they say the case doesn't appear to be a gang hit or an East Coast-West Coast beef -- Pop was from NYC.

Instead, police believe the tragedy was a robbery gone wrong after the alleged killers saw Pop's posts on social media in the hours before the fatal shooting. Pop shared his address, and flexed with huge wads of cash.

We're told, even though the arrests have been made, the case remains under active investigation as detectives search for more evidence.

'L&HH: NY' Star Mariahlynn Claims Ex Brutally Attacked Her ... Bat & Blade Used, Per Cops


'Love & Hip Hop' star Mariahlynn claims her ex and his new GF beat the crap out of her and a pal with a bat and blade, leaving them bloodied and battered ... this according to cops.

Law enforcement sources tell us the reality star filed a police report this past week alleging she and a good friend of hers were ambushed by Mariahlynn's former boyfriend, whom she says had invited her over to his place in the Bronx to hash things and make peace.

We're told Mariahlynn described an incredibly horrific sequence of events to police ... she said as soon as she and the woman she was with arrived at the ex-boyfriend's apartment, they were immediately jumped by both him and his new girlfriend, who allegedly pulled out a blade and even used a bat to beat the two women before they escaped.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us ... Mariahlynn was punched in the face, kicked in the back of her leg, dragged by the hair and held down so the other woman could pile on. We're told Mariahlynn's friend was beaten with the bat and brutally attacked too.

We’re told Mariahlynn has multiple contusions, a fractured leg, a cut face and a black eye. TMZ obtained photos of injuries Mariahlynn claims resulted from the alleged beatdown -- as you can see, they're gnarly.

Our law enforcement sources noted visible injuries to Mariahlynn and her friend -- listing the alleged crimes as felonious assaults. We're told neither the ex-boyfriend nor his alleged accomplice has been arrested -- NYPD cops are currently investigating.

We attempted to reach Mariahlynn's ex, but were unable.

Megan Thee Stallion I'm 'Hurt and Traumatized' ... Cops Investigating Assault with Deadly Weapon


2:49 PM PT -- Megan just spoke out on the incident and says she's "hurt and traumatized."

In an emotional tweet, MTS says ... "Black women are so unprotected & we hold so many things in to protect the feelings of others w/o considering our own."

Meg also takes a shot at people cracking jokes online, saying ... "It might be funny to y’all on the internet and just another messy topic for you to talk about but this is my real life and I’m real life hurt and traumatized."

LAPD is now officially looking into the allegation Megan Thee Stallion suffered gunshot wounds ... and they're taking a hard look at Tory Lanez as the potential trigger man.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... detectives have now opened an assault with a deadly weapon investigation into what allegedly happened early Sunday morning shortly before cops pulled over Tory's chauffeur-driven SUV in the Hollywood Hills.

As we reported, sources connected to the investigation say Tory allegedly shot Megan in the feet as she exited the SUV, on the heels of an argument that erupted in the SUV.


Remember, Tory was arrested and booked for possession of a concealed weapon ... a handgun found in the SUV. Upgrading the investigation to assault with a deadly weapon could mean new charges are coming.

Tory hasn't been named a suspect, but our law enforcement sources say cops are lasered in on him.

Now, sources connected to Tory say it seems he will claim it was accidental ... IF he's charged for the shooting. The fact LAPD is investigating it as assault with a deadly weapon -- as opposed to attempted homicide -- could mean they, at least in theory, believe it was accidental.

Right now, law enforcement sources tell us cops are still having trouble getting witnesses to cooperate, which could make it difficult to prosecute Tory.

Originally published -- 11:49 AM PT

A$AP Rocky Help, Judge ... Obsessive Fan's Terrorizing Me!!!

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A$AP Rocky fears for his life due to a woman who he claims has been making his life a living hell for 2 years now.

The rapper beelined it to court requesting a temporary restraining order against an L.A. woman named Micaela Jimenez, who A$AP claims has shown up uninvited to his crib numerous times ... even making it into his master bedroom once.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the rapper says Jimenez "has been relentless in her fixation with me and my whereabouts" to the point she's contacted family members and close friends trying to coax info out of them. Rocky alleges, just last month, she arrived at his house, demanded to see him and threatened to force her way inside.

His security told her to leave, and she eventually did, but not before tossing ink all over his parked car and yelling, "F*** you, I'll be back again!" ... according to the docs.

A$AP claims there were other incidents ... like when he claims he found Jimenez sleeping in her car in close proximity to his house. Then in April, he claims Jimenez showed up saying she's married to the rapper.

There's another alleged incident in December 2018 ... when Rocky was performing at Midnight Rave. A$AP says when he entered the mosh pit, she hugged him from behind. He claims there's video footage of the incident.

That same night, Rocky claims that as he entered his crib to leave the venue she "jumped in without my permission landing on my lap while I was in the backseat. I was startled, shocked and fear for my safety.”

But, the freakiest incident allegedly went down in June 2018 ... when Jimenez allegedly showed up to the crib, punched Rocky's assistant and raced upstairs to his master bedroom. Rocky claims "I was startled, jumped up and began to resist [her] advances.” He claims she also ripped a pearl necklace off his neck.

According to the docs, the rapper's personal security ultimately arrived and removed her ... and Rocky says his assistant filed a police report.

For now, however, the judge has denied Rocky's request for a restraining order until a hearing next month ... saying it's not illegal for Jimenez to sleep in her car and noting that the threats appear to be against his friends and security, not the rapper himself.

Louisville Protest Arrests Yandy Smith, Tamika Mallory Outraged Felonies for Us & Breonna's Killers Still Free???


Two of the more prominent protesters arrested for protesting Breonna Taylor's death this week find it ironic they now have felony charges to potentially fight ... while the cops who did the actual killing are still roaming free.

'Love & Hip Hop' star Yandy Smith and activist Tamika Mallory came on "TMZ Live" Wednesday to update us on where things stood after they and 'RHOA' star Porsha Williams -- along with dozens of other demonstrators -- were among those locked up Tuesday evening for protesting outside the home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Nicole Hayden of @FriendsofNicole via TMX.news

While Porsha, Yandy and Tamika might've been released from custody ... they say several others have not yet, and they were standing outside the jail protesting once more while talking to us. As you might imagine, they're outraged and pissed about the treatment.

Most outrageous ... the ladies cannot believe they've been arrested and booked on a felony charge of intimidating a participant in a legal process. The "participant" is Cameron, the Attorney General who's now investigating Breonna's case. When in this country was it a crime to protest an elected official. Ridiculous.

That leads to a much bigger issue in their eyes -- the fact that none of the 3 Louisville PD officers involved in Breonna's killing have been arrested, let alone charged with anything.

It's a twisted tale of irony, and one that's not lost on Yandy or Tamika at all.

Hayden Panettiere CA Restraining Order Against BF Busted for DV

Hayden Panettiere got court-ordered protection from her allegedly abusive boyfriend in Wyoming, and a California judge just said she'll get that same protection in the Golden State.

The ex-'Nashville' star just filed a Wyoming restraining order she got against her BF, Brian Hickerson, in the California court system, so it'll provide her protection in CA. The order from Wyoming was issued after an incident of alleged domestic abuse from February.

Brian was arrested for domestic violence on Valentine's Day in Teton County, Wyoming -- after Hayden told cops he'd roughed her up after an argument and punched her in the face.

Hayden said in her petition Brian had been abusive with her several times prior to the V-Day incident. She says when he drinks, he tends to hit her, spit on her and throw things.

She also claims he's swung her around, pulled her hair and dumped water on her on more than one occasion.

It's pretty clear ... Hayden's going to be spending time in L.A. and she wants to make sure Brian doesn't follow her there and try to get in touch.

The CA judge signed off -- meaning Brian can't contact her, come near her, threaten or abuse her and has stay clear of her home.

Megan Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez Swarmed by Cops, Helicopter ... During His Gun Arrest


Multiple cops descended upon Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez during his gun bust, in what proved to be quite the dramatic scene in the Hollywood Hills.

TMZ got video of Tory's arrest from early Sunday morning, and it's pretty clear ... law enforcement was treating the situation very seriously, as if there might've been an active threat. Remember, they were responding to a call about 5 shots fired with the description of the SUV that was Tory's ride.

What's interesting here from the footage is that they detained everyone in the vehicle. You see a woman being told to exit the vehicle from an officer using a bullhorn off-camera -- while a helicopter is hovering above the whole time -- and you even hear her say, "My hands are up" as they direct her to walk back and get on the ground.

As that's happening, you can see another woman on the sidewalk who appears to be injured. It's unclear which one is MTS. Later, you see the same woman seated on a ledge, and at one point you can hear her turn her head and ask, "Megan are you OK?" ... making it seem like the injured woman is MTS. Tory was also nearby when the woman asked if Megan's OK. Remember, they'd all been hopping between pool parties on Saturday evening.

We broke the story ... Tory was the only one arrested that morning on a gun charge. Megan was ultimately taken to the hospital for a cut on her foot

Tekashi 6ix9ine Goes Dark on Social Media ... In Final Days of Home Confinement


Tekashi 6ix9ine will be absent from social media in the last couple weeks before he regains his freedom -- but he says he's coming back with a vengeance.

6ix9ine tells TMZ ... he just temporarily deactivated his Instagram account ahead of his home confinement ending around August 1. The reason? He says his lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, recommended it for the rapper's safety, so he's following through.

Tekashi says as freedom nears, his legal team thinks he might mistakenly leak some crucial info about his whereabouts, meaning where he is now or where he'll be next ... once he's cut loose. We're told Tekashi's team hasn't quite decided on that yet, but out of an abundance of caution they're advising he go dark for a while as they figure out that next move.


Not shockingly, Tekashi says he'll be back to trolling his haters soon enough, and insists he will NOT leaving his hometown of NYC. We're told one of his lawyers feels he should reconsider ... so the matter is still up in the air.

At any rate, 6ix9ine tells us he plans to keep roaming the streets of the Big Apple -- but adds he'll be rolling "like Trump" in that he'll have a ton of armed guards around. Specifically, he says he plans to hire 22 of them, all former law enforcement officers.


Tekashi also says he's gonna have 5 bulletproof SUV-like whips to escort him around town. Despite all those heavy duty precautions ... he insists he has "no fear" and is actually excited to get out and about again.

As for how these final days of home confinement will go ... Lazzaro says the feds will continue to drug test him, advise him and monitor his activity.

Tory Lanez Arrested on Gun Charge ... Ends Night Out with Meg Thee Stallion


5:22 PM PT -- We've learned police have listed Megan as a "victim" in the incident. She was taken to a hospital immediately after Tory was arrested, and treated for the wounds to her foot.

Law enforcement sources also tell us 4 shell casings were recovered from the scene outside the home.

Tory Lanez got busted after an alleged argument outside a house party led to cops finding a gun in his car, and Megan Thee Stallion was there too ... this according to law enforcement.

We've learned police got a call of a disturbance outside a Hollywood Hills residence around 4:30 AM Sunday. When officers arrived, we're told witnesses reported people were arguing in an SUV before someone fired shots in the air ... and the vehicle took off.

Our law enforcement sources say cops got a description of the SUV and located it shortly afterward, and found the rappers inside along with another woman.

We're told Meg had a cut on her foot believed to be from broken glass on the floor of the vehicle, and when cops searched it ... they found a gun.

Our sources say Lanez was taken to jail and booked for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle ... a felony.


It's interesting ... earlier on Saturday night, Megan and Tory appeared together on her Instagram Live with Kylie Jenner -- at what appears to be a pool party at Kylie's Holmby Hills pad.

The reported gunshots were allegedly fired several miles away in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

We reached out to Tory and Megan ... no word back, so far.

Pop Smoke Alleged Murderers Charged ... Death Penalty on the Table

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The 2 men and 2 teens who allegedly killed Pop Smoke have been slapped with murder charges, and while the death penalty is in play ... prosecutors haven't decided yet to seek it.

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office announced criminal charges against 19-year-old Corey Walker and 18-year-old Keandre Rodgers, who were each charged with murder with special circumstance allegations that the killing went down during the commission of a robbery and burglary.

With the special circumstances, the death penalty is on the table. The D.A.'s Office adds that gang and gun allegations were made in their complaint as well.

On top of those two, a separate pair of teenagers -- the youngest being 15 and the oldest 17 -- were also charged with one count of murder and robbery in juvenile court. Their names weren't released, as they're still minors.

We broke the story ... Pop Smoke was shot and killed back in February by 4 masked gunmen after what appeared to be a home invasion robbery at his home Hollywood Hills home.

Even though the D.A.'s Office says they haven't decided on whether to pursue capital punishment yet, both adult men face still face life in prison if convicted.

Tekashi 6ix9ine House Arrest Ends in Weeks ... Vows to be Safe, All Biz


6ix9ine's time on home confinement is almost up, and while fans are probably expecting some of his classic antics ... he claims he'll be cautious and motivated by one thing -- making music.

The rapper will be a relatively free man on or about August 1, when his house arrest ends, after getting out of prison back in April due to the pandemic.

He'll still be on supervised release for 5 years, but free to go out and about on his own, which raises the obvious concern ... whether or not he can stay out of trouble.

Tekashi's attorney, Lance Lazzaro, tells TMZ ... his client's not thinking like that -- he's focused on work, security and elevating his music career. The "Trollz" rapper will need permission from the judge to leave the Southern and Eastern Districts of NY, but Lazzaro says that shouldn't be an issue as long as 6ix9ine proves he's leaving for legit work ... which is his plan.

Of course, going back out in public also means heightened concern about revenge for snitching. Lazzaro says 69's going to be consulting with his security team on every move and will be extra careful, even when conducting business.

Keeping a low-profile's never been Tekashi's thing, but his lawyer says that's what he intends to do. We're told he's not planning to attend any events, at least for a while. Not that there's a hell of a lot happening thanks to COVID-19.

The biggest perk of 6ix9ine's house arrest ending, according to Lazzaro, will be access to artists and execs interested in working with him ... as well as better studios for recording tracks and music vids.

Tekashi's been forced to do all of that out of his residence for the past few months -- though it's worked out very well for him.

Of course, he'll have to keep his nose clean and stay away from people with gang ties. It's a no-brainer he'll want to avoid them, but he's gotta hope they're not looking for him.

Kim Kardashian West I Want Justice For Stephon Clark ... Shot And Killed By Cops

Kim Kardashian West is leading a renewed call for justice in the death of Stephon Clark, who was shot and killed by police officers in Sacramento, after being contacted by his sister.

Kim is calling on her 179 million Instagram followers to sign a petition pressuring Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert to bring charges against the officers who fatally shot Clark back in 2018 in his grandparent's backyard.

KKW sprung into action after getting a series of Instagram DMs from Clark's sister, Tiana Parker, a model for KKW Beauty who approached Kim with her brother's story and her family's failed quest for justice.

A father of two, Clark was killed when he was just 22 years old after cops fired 20 rounds at him while responding to a call about someone breaking car windows in the night. Police said they believed he was armed, but investigators later discovered he was only holding a cellphone.

Kim responded to Tiana's cry for help ... telling her she was in contact with folks on the ground in Sacramento and promising to bring attention to Clark's death at the hands of police.

The petition Kim spotlighted is seeking 15,000 signatures ... and it's gotten 14,716 and counting.

Quinton Dunbar Armed Robbery Case ... Please Let Me Travel To NFL Camp!!!

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Quinton Dunbar wants to be allowed to leave Florida for his Seahawks duties ... the NFL player just filed a motion in court asking a judge for permission to travel despite armed robbery charges.

The Seattle defensive back says in the docs he's got Seahawks camp coming up this month ... and he wants the judge in his felony case to let him go to work.

In the docs, Dunbar says he's contractually obligated to be at the NFL workouts ... adding he's willing to give up his passport if the judge grants him permission to travel.

As part of the proposed agreement, Dunbar also says he'll provide his NFL itinerary and his Washington address to the court, and also promises to make himself available when needed in the case as well.

The judge has yet to grant the order ... but with Deandre Baker gaining permission a few weeks ago to travel for his Giants' workouts despite his armed robbery charges -- it seems Dunbar will get his wish.

As we previously reported, both Baker and Dunbar are facing SERIOUS time behind bars over their alleged roles in an armed robbery at a cookout on May 13 in Miramar, Fla.

Cops say witnesses told them after an altercation at the party, Baker pulled out a firearm and directed Dunbar to start taking expensive watches and cash from people.

At one point, cops say Baker directed a 3rd man -- who was wearing a red mask -- to shoot someone who had just walked into the party ... but fortunately, no one was actually shot.

The two NFL players are facing a myriad of felony charges in the cases ... though both have vehemently denied the allegations throughout the process.

Near-Fatal Lynching Victim Feds Opening Case is Insincere ... No Arrests, Despite Video!!!

Friends of Vauhxx / Vimeo / Vauhxx Rush Booker / Facebook

The Black man who says he was nearly lynched on the 4th of July has mixed feelings about the feds taking up his case -- because he doubts they truly care.

We spoke to Vauhxx Booker -- the alleged victim of a hate crime, who was pinned to a tree by white men, one of whom he claims threatened to "get a noose" -- and he says the FBI deciding to investigate is probably more about public pressure than wanting justice.

The reason he feels that way ... Vauhxx says the guys who allegedly attacked him last weekend are still not in custody, despite some pretty damn compelling video evidence.


ICYMI ... Vauhxx was at Lake Monroe near Bloomington, Indiana with 5 of his white friends, crossing a trail in the woods to catch an eclipse.

They came across this group of white guys on ATVs -- one of whom Vauhxx says was wearing a Confederate flag hat, while another allegedly cried out "white power." Vauhxx says they told him and his friends to scram because they were on private property.

When they refused to leave, it escalated into what you see here. Vauhxx sincerely believes he would've been hanged if his friends didn't intervene, but he's less thankful about how local cops dealt with the situation.

He tells us the officer ended up lecturing him about property rights, instead of arresting the men for allegedly trying to murder him. As a result, he says he's lost faith in the system ... but still wants his day in court.

Watch what Vauhxx has to say about the larger issue of cops and racism. It's compelling.

Black NYPD Officer Mocks Cautious Policing Tactics ... D.L. Hughley Goes Off


A Black NYPD cop recorded himself making fun of societal calls for police to be more cautious during arrests -- and while he and his buddies thought it was hilarious ... D.L. Hughley says this guy's part of the problem.

The officer, whose video's been reposted on social media, does an impersonation of how he thinks cops are expected to act and carry themselves post-George Floyd.

Long story short ... he's basically doing the most to make it seem like cops have no power or authority anymore, and that they have to be totally soft on criminals they encounter.

The officer improv'd an entire skit for friends, presumably cops, who you can hear laughing in the background. He acts out making an arrest while taking extra care not to offend the suspect or handle them roughly.

D.L. found the video and reposted it himself, condemning the officer as delusional for his take.

He writes, "I guess he forgot that w/out that uniform he’s a #BLACKMAN in #America." D.L. continues ... "The delusion that, that uniform affords you the same privileges as your white counterparts, will probably catch up to your goofy ass one day. Ignorance is bliss and in cases like this, IT’S ALSO DANGEROUS!! YOU, OFFICER, ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!"

We've reached out to the NYPD for comment ... so far, no word back.

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