'Tiger King' Star Doc Antle Indicted for Animal Cruelty ... And Wildlife Trafficking

5:17 PM PT -- Doc Antle says “I am terribly shocked and disappointed at the charges that have been filed against me by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and how they have sought to involve my daughters in this matter. I categorically deny any act or conduct that could ever be considered as “animal cruelty."

He added he would never hurt or abuse any of his animals, and is looking "forward to being able to answer these charges and to be able to clear my good name.”

We're told Doc and his daughters have not yet been taken into custody.

'Tiger King' star Doc Antle is facing a slew of felony and misdemeanor charges now for his treatment and transport of lion cubs.

Antle, the owner and founder of Myrtle Beach Safari, was indicted Friday in Virginia for felony wildlife trafficking after a months-long investigation found evidence he trafficked lion cubs between South Carolina and Virginia ... according to Virginia's Attorney General.

You'll recall ... Netflix's "Tiger King" documentary mentioned Antle's safari park was raided last December, and now it seems that raid was part of this investigation.

Antle is also charged with 1 felony count of conspiracy to sell or transport endangered wildlife, 4 misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to violate the Endangered Species Act, and 9 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

In addition, 2 of Antle's daughters, Tawny Antle and Tilakam Watterson, were charged with misdemeanors for animal cruelty and violating the Endangered Species Act.

The same investigation led to felony charges against Keith A. Wilson, owner of Wilson's Wild Animal Park. Authorities say they seized 119 animals, including lions, tigers, bears, camels, goats, water buffalo, and more from Wilson's roadside zoo and claim he got some of the animals from Antle.

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Tory Lanez Felony Assault Charge in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Tory Lanez has been charged in connection with the shooting involving Megan Thee Stallion ... just weeks after the singer released an album claiming his innocence.

The L.A. County D.A.'s Office hit him with one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and one count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. The D.A. also alleges Tory inflicted great bodily injury.

If convicted, the rapper/singer faces up to 22 years and 8 months in prison.

As we reported ... the prosecutors had said they were mulling over a charge of felony assault with a firearm against Tory after Megan said she was shot back in July. Remember, Tory had been arrested but only charged with possession of a firearm. Prosecutors are now explicitly pointing the finger at Tory as the man who pulled the trigger ... leaving Meg with a gruesome foot injury.

It took Meg some time before she went public and accused Tory by name as the person who shot her. She didn't mince words saying ... "Yes, this n***a Tory shot me. You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people to these blogs lying and s**t, stop lying!"

As we reported, sources connected to Tory say there were mitigating circumstances -- and based on what we know ... we believe Tory's going to say it was an accidental shooting. Megan didn't help the D.A.'s effort with a social media caption -- which has since been deleted -- that said she had her back to the SUV when she was shot in the heel. That might indicate she didn't see it with her own eyes when Tory allegedly pulled the trigger.

You'll recall ... video of the incident showed cops pulling over the SUV in the Hollywood Hills -- with Tory lying face-down on the pavement and Megan gingerly tip-toeing ... leaving bloody footprints with each painful step.


We broke the story ... Megan's injuries to her feet were so bad she had to go into the operating room to remove bullets or bullet fragments.

Katy Perry Alleged Stalker Ordered to Stay Away for 3 Years


Katy Perry just got a little peace of mind -- a judge granted a permanent restraining order against the man she claims has been stalking her and directing threats at her family.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... 38-year-old William Terry must stay 100 yards away from Katy, her fiance Orlando Bloom, their newborn baby girl, and Orlando's son Flynn from his previous marriage to Miranda Kerr for the next 3 years.

Terry's also prohibited from trying to contact Katy, her family or her staff on social media or posting anything about her ... and has to stay away from her concerts or live performances.

We broke the story ... Katy sought protection from Terry after he allegedly jumped the fence at her Beverly Hills property in September and was busted by cops for trespassing.

Katy claimed Terry tried to do this in August as well, after posting alarming messages on social media for months leading up to it. She feared he'd try it again if she did not get court-ordered protection.

Terry's troubling online behavior allegedly included numerous graphic and sexually explicit posts about Katy, comments about killing dogs and cops, threats to "snap Orlando Bloom's neck" and wishing Flynn and Miranda would "catch covid and die."

As you know ... Katy just became a mother for the first time in August, and hopefully, she now has one less thing to worry about while raising her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom.

Netflix Indicted in Texas for 'Cuties' ... Lewd Depiction of Kids Alleged

Netflix is being dragged into a criminal courtroom in Texas over the controversial film, "Cuties" ... a film a grand jury believes shows young kids in sexual situations.

The grand jury in Tyler County, TX just handed up the indictment ... and according to the docs, Netflix is being charged with promotion of lewd visual material depicting children. By streaming "Cuties," Netflix allegedly promoted the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child younger than 18, appealing to the prurient interest in sex.

The criminal indictment -- a rare move against a company -- also says the movie offers no serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value, and alleges the head honchos at Netflix recklessly authorized and/or tolerated its dissemination through its platform ... and, therefore, should be held accountable.

Critics have been very vocal about the controversial film -- some feel it encourages the sexual exploitation of pre-teens ... some have even used the word "pedophilia" to describe "Cuties."

The film is about a group of prepubescent girls who form a dance squad and practice moves they see in music videos. At one point, they even dress in revealing outfits and carry themselves like adults.

Ironically, the film's creators have said they intended the film to be a critique of the hypersexualization of kids ... but that message has been lost on many viewers.

There was a whole #CancelNetflix movement in the wake of the film's release. Netflix picked up the distribution rights after "Cuties" debuted at Sundance earlier this year.

If convicted, Netflix isn't going to prison. Most likely, the company would be forced to pay criminal fines, and possibly pull the movie from the platform.

A Netflix spokesperson tells us, "'Cuties' is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children. This charge is without merit and we stand by the film."

Cassie Randolph Files Police Report Thinks Colton Put Tracking Device on Car


Cassie Randolph's war with Colton Underwood is now in the hands of law enforcement ... TMZ's learned she filed a report claiming he put a tracking device on her car.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Cassie went to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department Wednesday night to file a complaint about the allegation she first made against the 'Bachelor' star in her request for a restraining order against him.

Cassie's lawyer, Bryan Freedman, tells TMZ ... "It was her intention to first, try and work through this process privately in a manner that gives both her and Colton safety, security and respect. We are confident this is possible."

TMZ broke the story ... Cassie alleged Colton planted a tracking device, and that her brother found it taped to the bottom of her car's back bumper. She claimed he was trying to track her whereabouts long after they had broken up.

She made other claims about him showing up uninvited to her L.A. apartment and her parents' house in Huntington Beach. The judge signed off on Cassie's restraining order, and Colton's been ordered to stay away.

Trump Star Vandal Arrested, Charged with Felony ... Alleged Repeat Offender!!!


James Otis -- famous for destroying Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2016 -- is back at it again, he just got busted for the same stunt ... even with an elaborate costume.

LAPD arrested Otis for felony vandalism after he allegedly took a pickaxe to Trump's star last week, completely destroying it beyond all recognition.

The cops claim James recently went on social media expressing his intention to damage Trump's star -- plus, Otis told us he was the vandal who dressed up as the Incredible Hulk.

As we reported, he was first arrested for this before the 2016 election.

LAPD says video of Friday morning's vandalism appeared to show James as the culprit, and when they contacted Otis' camp they were told he wanted to turn himself in for the crime.

Cops say James did just that Monday, turning himself in at the police station in Hollywood. Our law enforcement sources say he's still in jail, where he's being held on $20,000 bail.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce estimated the damage to Trump's star to be over $3,000 ... and crews are already working to restore it.

Deadline Hollywood

Otis pled no contest in February 2017 to vandalizing Trump's star, the first time, and was sentenced to 3 years probation, community service and ordered to cough up $4,400.

Whitney Houston Estate Says Hologram's in Violation ... Judge Already Blocked It


The Whitney Houston hologram that recently surfaced will have to be placed back under wraps ... TMZ has learned it was already banned by a judge before the leak.

As we first told you ... a Whitney hologram originally intended for "The Voice" years ago leaked last week, and was supposedly a new and improved version. Quality aside, Whitney's estate was pissed because it didn't approve the release.


Alki David, the man whose company designed the hologram, believed he was allowed to use it on Scott Storch's variety show, and he did. David thought he was in the clear because he had previously worked on a Whitney hologram way back in 2016. That one was scrapped because her estate didn't like the look.

As it turns out, the estate says David was wrong

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- a judgment signed in July 2018 terminated the license agreement and contract Whitney's estate had signed with David back in 2015.

So, Whitney's team insists David had no legal standing to re-build or re-brand the Whitney hologram.

We're told David could be staring down the barrel of a major lawsuit if Team Whitney decides to go after him for violating that order. Sources with knowledge tell us the estate's attorneys are still weighing their legal options.

Boxer Sergey Kovalev Gets Probation Over Alleged Attack On Woman, Dog


Sergey Kovalev pled guilty Friday in a criminal case stemming from an alleged violent incident with a woman and dog in 2018 ... and the boxing star will now have to spend the next 3 years on probation, TMZ Sports has learned.

Kovalev was accused of punching a woman in Big Bear, Calif. back in June '18 ... after the alleged victim claimed she turned down his sexual advances.

The woman, Jamie Frontz, said the two had met at a boxing gym-opening party ... and began kissing at her rental cabin shortly after.

But, she says when she pulled away from the fighter after feeling like he was too aggressive ... he became violent.

Frontz says Kovalev kicked her dog ... and then later socked her in the face.

In an interview with TMZ Sports about the incident, Frontz claimed the punch caused a broken nose, a concussion and facial lacerations.


Kovalev was eventually arrested and hit with a felony assault charge ... and faced YEARS behind bars.

But, according to court docs, Kovalev cut a deal with prosecutors Friday ... and got the felony charge dropped.

In exchange, 37-year-old Sergey pled guilty to misdemeanor fighting/noise/offensive words ... and was sentenced to 3 years probation.

Kovalev was also ordered to serve a 2-day jail sentence ... but he received credit for time served and won't spend any more time behind bars.

Court docs also show Kovalev must attend/complete an anger management program, as well as pay $220 in court fees.

We've reached out to the boxer's attorney for comment ... but, so far, no word back yet.

Frontz's civil case against Kovalev, meanwhile, appears to be ongoing. She sued the former champ seeking the $650,000 she claims he agreed to pay her in the wake of the incident.

Ex-NBA Star Stephen Jackson On Justice, George Floyd 'I Wish I Could Get My Twin Back'


Ex-NBA star Stephen Jackson says his fight for social justice is just getting started ... telling TMZ Sports it's become his mission to be there for those who need help following the death of his friend, George Floyd.

Jackson made his presence known shortly after Floyd's death in May ... speaking out in hopes of bringing awareness to the cause.

We spoke with Stack about his new calling on Thursday ... and he says he's been called to make an impact on society.

"What I do know is, is that I'm leading with my heart and I'm doing what God wants me to do," Jackson tells us.

"I didn't ask to be in this position, I wish I could get my twin back. It is what it is."

Jackson says his new journey has made him realize there are more people who need his help ... and he's up for the task.

"So, it's become my passion and I've been embracing it. I know I'm doing God's work. So, wherever it takes me, I'll find out how I'm doing sometime soon."

Jackson -- who was close friends with Floyd -- was one of many to speak out and demand justice by calling for the arresting officers to be prosecuted ... but he says it's not the only incident he will speak out on.

"But, it's more important to me to do something bigger than myself ... I'm the person that stands on loving everybody and I have every race following me. and I'mma continue to make noise and do what's right."

Dr. Dre Wins Legal Battle ... Nicole Says She's Getting Death Threats


Dr. Dre just won a battle in court ... the judge in their divorce case just rejected Nicole's request for $1.5 million to pay for various expenses, including security ... and the judge rejected her request to accelerate her claim that Dre should pay $5 million for her lawyer's fees and other costs.

Nicole's lawyers were in court this morning, telling the judge Nicole needs the $1.5 million for security because she's been receiving death threats. The money would also go for other expenses. Some of the people commenting on the divorce have said things like, "If she dies, she dies," and "For a small fee she can disappear."

The judge rejected her claim, in part because she got rid of her security team that Dre was paying for. She claimed Dre was too controlling and wanted to hire security on her own. She claimed Dre threatened to fire the security if they didn't follow his orders. The judge rejected her request, and Dre's lawyer, Laura Wasser, told the judge Dre is still willing to pay all of Nicole's expenses pending the divorce, including security. The judge ordered that Nicole could select a private security company for her personal protection, but it can't cost more than Dre was paying.

Nicole's lawyers also asked the judge to move up the hearing on their attorney's fees -- specifically, they're asking Dre to pay $5 million in lawyer's fees and costs for Nicole. The hearing was set for January but the lawyers wanted it held this month. The judge rejected the request.

In rejecting Nicole's arguments, the judge noted there are serious domestic violence and custody cases he has to deal with, and this is not in the same universe.  The judge did say, however, if Dre exercised control over Nicole, she could file for a restraining order.

Yoko Ono Sues Former John Lennon Aide ... He's Up to His Old Tricks!!!


Yoko Ono's returning to battle with a former aide of her late husband John Lennon, claiming the guy's again trying to profit off them, even though he was ordered nearly 20 years ago to knock it off.

According to a new suit -- obtained by TMZ -- Yoko believes Frederic Seaman blatantly violated a court order when he sat down for a 23-minute interview "flanked by Lennon memorabilia" and discussing topics she says are legally prohibited ... like his old book about John.

Yoko and Frederic have been going at it in court for decades. She says Frederic pled guilty to stealing Lennon's journals back in 1983 but she had to drag him to court again in the late '90s.

Eventually, Yoko scored a legal victory in 2002 when a court ordered Seaman to stop using their family photos and such to profit off Lennon's legacy, and she even got an apology from him in open court ... so it seemed like it was resolved.

Ono now says he's back at it and claims Seaman's recent interview on September 10 proves it. Yoko claims he defied the order by again talking about his employment with John and Yoko, John's murder, and even worse ... his 1991 book, 'The Last Days of John Lennon.'

Ono says Seaman discussed his intention to revise and reissue an expanded version of his book, which she claims would "willfully and intentionally violate" the injunction laid down against him in 2002.

Yoko's suing Seaman for copyright infringement over the family photos and breach of contract, and wants at least $150k along with other damages ... and for Seaman to stop talking about her and her family.

Shia LaBeouf Caps His Summer ... w/ Battery, Theft Charges!!!


Shia LaBeouf allegedly transformed into a bully and thief over the summer ... and now he's being charged over it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the "Honey Boy" star and a man got into some kind of verbal altercation that turned physical back in June in L.A. Our sources say after the dust-up was over, Shia took off the man's cap and left the scene with it.

It's unclear what led to the altercation or where exactly it went down but we’re told there were no major injuries to either guy. We're told the man filed a police report and cops investigated ... determining Shia was the aggressor.

The L.A. City Attorney ultimately charged Shia earlier this month with battery and petty theft, both misdemeanors. It's the first time in a while Shia's run into trouble with the law. You'll recall several incidents -- from his drunken arrest to his scuffle in NYC -- in 2017 that got him in hot water.

We've reached out to Shia's rep for comment, so far no word back.

Kris Jenner Calls BS on Security Guard's Sexual Harassment Suit


A security guard filed a lawsuit against Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, claiming they sexually harassed him with sexual comments and overtures ... but Kris and Kourtney call it "fabricated and false fiction" by a disgruntled ex-employee.

Marc McWilliams claims he was hired in 2017 as a security guard to watch over Kris and the fam. He claims in May 2017, he became subject to "a pattern of unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances and other harassing misconduct" from Kris. Among his claims ... comments of "an overt sexual nature," comments about his physical appearance, comments about his sexual activities, and comments that he engage in a sexual relationship, among other things.

McWilliams claims, among other things, Kris massaged his neck, shoulders, arms and back without his consent, caused her hand to rest on his thigh and groin, caused her pelvis to rub against his back and/or rear end, and claims she exposed portions of her body to him. He also claims she made "lewd suggestive, sexual, sexist, racist, homophobic and otherwise discriminatory comments at him and his co-workers."

He claims Jenner then engaged in a pattern of conduct "involving non-consensual physical contact" with him. He says he complained to the H.R. dept. of his security company but the complaints were ignored.

Kris' lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "Kris categorically denies ever behaving inappropriately toward Marc McWilliams. The security guard worked outside the house and he never even went into Kris' house."

Singer goes on ... "Kris had very little interaction with him. After the guard was repeatedly caught sleeping in his car while on the job, the security company was asked not to assign him to work there in the future."

As for why he's suing Kourtney as well ... he claims she was also responsible for what he claims is retaliation.

Singer goes on to say ... "The guard never made any complaints to his employer about Kris until contriving this ludicrous claim." He adds, "Although Kourtney is named in the suit, she is not accused of doing anything improper with the guard, nor did she do so."

There's also this ... McWilliams was a founding member and a close friend of R. Kelly. The two founded the music group MGM in the late '80s and McWilliams was also listed as a part of the "Surviving R. Kelly" series.

As for Singer, he ends by saying ... "It is outrageous that anyone can sue anyone in America and believe there is no recourse when pursuing fictional and meritless claims. When Kris and Kourtney defeat this ridiculous, frivolous lawsuit they intend to immediately sue McWilliams and his attorneys for malicious prosecution."

McWilliams is suing for unspecified damages.

Joe Montana Alleged Intruder Charged ... Attempted Kidnapping, Burglary


3:02 PM PT -- Dalzell formally pled not guilty to the kidnapping charge on Tuesday. She's scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing in October. Her bail was set at $200,000.

If convicted, prosecutors say Dalzell faces up to 8 years in state prison.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. says the case remains under investigation.

The woman accused of breaking into Joe Montana's home and snatching one of his grandkids just got slapped with 2 charges that could land her in prison for a long time.

The L.A. County D.A. just charged Sodsai Dalzell with two felonies -- one count of attempted kidnapping of a victim under 14, and one count of first-degree burglary.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Dalzell faces up to 6 years in state prison if convicted of burglary, and up to 11 years on the attempted kidnapping charge.

TMZ broke the story ... cops say Dalzell broke into Joe's Malibu home over the weekend, and took his grandchild out of a playpen where they were sleeping. After being confronted by Joe and his wife, Jennifer, the couple was able to pry the kid away from her ... without any harm.

Dalzell was picked up by cops shortly afterward as she tried to flee the premises.

Prosecutors recommend Dalzell's bail be set at $200,000.

Originally published -- 1:16 PM PT

Dr. Dre Estranged Wife's Spousal Support Claim is Absurd


Dr. Dre is firing back at the request of his estranged wife's demand for nearly $2 mil a month in temporary spousal support, claiming he's already footing the bill for her every need and, according to the legal docs, her lawyers have already made more money off the 2-month old divorce than most Los Angelenos make in a year.

Dre says he's letting Nicole stay in HIS Malibu mansion, which he claims is worth $20 mil to $25 mil. It's interesting he describes the home as his and his alone. As we reported, the biggest bone of contention is the prenup, which could explain why he says the mansion is his.

Dre says his security brings Nicole meals prepared by his private chef 3 to 5 times a week.

Dre also says all of Nicole's expenses are already covered by him, noting their business manager pays her AmEx Centurion Black Card, and those bills range from $150,000 a month to $350,000 per month.

Dre. says aside from what he calls "unauthorized charges for [Nicole's] attorney's fees," all of her expenses have been paid. As we reported, her lawyers are seeking $5 mil in fees.

Dre. says, "This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers."

Dre also grouses that he has offered to pay her lawyers an additional $350,000 through the end of the year, but then learned she took nearly $400,000 out of his record company's business account. He says, nevertheless, he's willing to pay her fees.

NBA YoungBoy Busted for Drugs in Baton Rouge ... Cops Seize Guns, $79k Cash

1:19 PM PT -- TMZ's obtained pics of the 14 guns and $79k in cash cops seized during the course of the investigation. Baton Rouge Police says its Street Crimes Division -- along with the FBI -- received information from anonymous concerned citizens of individuals brandishing guns in an abandoned lot on Monday around 4:30 PM. Cops say upon arrival, multiple individuals fled on foot and others were detained for questioning.

Cops say they arrested 16 individuals ... including the rapper. They say 1 weapon was stolen and 2 guns were equipped with illegal stocks. Cops gave the anonymous tipster a shout-out for calling in the tip saying, "We have consistently said that we can't do this alone. We need help from the community to solve crimes. When you See Something, Say Something. This is another example of our citizens getting involved and calling us when they witness suspicious activity. Thank you for your help Baton Rouge, Keep Talking, we will never stop listening!"

11:38 AM PT -- NBA's attorney, Jimmy Manasseh, tells TMZ his client is innocent of the charges he was arrested for Monday night, insisting YoungBoy had no controlled dangerous substances on him.

He claims cops arrived on the scene on a firearms tip, and went on to conduct searches and detainments illegally ... even though he admits cops found several guns on a bunch of the guys who were ultimately picked up. Still, he maintains YoungBoy was unarmed -- which no one is refuting ... NBA YoungBoy wasn't booked on any gun charges.

Manasseh says YoungBoy looks forward to defending himself in court.

NBA YoungBoy was sitting in a jail cell this week after getting arrested for drugs in his Louisiana hometown.

The rapper was booked Monday night by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office on 3 separate drug charges -- possession of schedule I drugs, manufacturing/distributing a schedule II drug, and manufacturing/distributing schedule IV drugs.

It's unclear exactly what specific drugs he allegedly had, but If any or all of the charges stick ... YoungBoy could be facing several years in prison.

It's unclear what led to his arrest, but a video posted to social media claiming to have captured the run-in with cops indicates it could've been a raid of some sort -- as YoungBoy was reportedly one of several people swept up and taken away in cuffs.

YoungBoy was released from jail last year after getting caught up in a Miami shooting ... while he was on probation for another case.

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