BMX Star Ryan Guettler Arrested ... Allegedly Fired Shotgun Naked In Public

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Ryan Guettler -- a BMX star and former X Games medalist -- was arrested after he was accused of firing off a shotgun while naked outside a North Carolina home.

Cops say they responded to a call accusing Guettler of roaming the streets nude with a firearm Wednesday afternoon in Wilmington, N.C.

When they arrived, officers say the 36-year-old ran into a garage and barricaded himself ... and refused to come out.

The scene appeared to be pretty intense, the Wilmington P.D. even tweeted about it at the time, saying, "Police responding to a barricaded subject with a gun just minutes ago off Covenant Lane. More details to come."

Cops say SWAT and negotiators arrived on the scene to help extract Guettler ... and, fortunately, he complied with nobody getting hurt.

Cops say they took Guettler to a nearby medical center for assessment ... before they ultimately arrested him and booked him on several charges, including felony "breaking or entering" and "going armed to terror people."

According to jail records, he's still in custody.

Guettler was famous for riding his BMX bike in the early 2000s ... earning bronze medals in the X Games twice -- while also notably riding for Dave Mirra's MirraCo team.

Eric Garner's Mother George Floyd Got us over the Hill To Pass NY Chokehold Bill


Eric Garner's mother says George Floyd's death is largely responsible for an anti-chokehold bill finally getting passed in NY -- making it a bittersweet victory for her after years of fighting for it.

Gwen Carr spoke to us a few days after New York lawmakers passed the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act -- which Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already said he'll sign into law -- and said it's a step in the right direction.

Gwen's been pushing for this bill since 2014, when Eric was killed -- and it will make it illegal for cops to use a chokehold or a similar restraining move, resulting in serious injury or death. Similar language has been in the NYPD rule book since 1993, but now it's on its way to becoming state law.


Gwen told us she feels George's death was the last straw that finally got local politicians to commit to passing the legislation -- as, she notes, his killing has reverberated even beyond Eric's story.

It's heartbreaking, because Gwen says she felt like she was hearing her own son from the grave listening to George plead with officers that he couldn't breathe. New York's State Assembly was also moved, because it passed the bill just 2 weeks after George was killed -- even though Ms. Carr had been lobbying for it for nearly 6 years.

Tragically sad, of course, it took yet another black life for lawmakers to wake up, but as Gwen says herself ... it's proof we're finally heading in a positive direction.

'Happy Days' Star Anson Williams Potsie's Calling it Quits Again ... Divorcing Wife for 2nd Time


11:28 AM PT -- 6/11 -- Anson just explained why he filed divorce docs for the 2nd time in 10 months, telling TMZ ... "When I canceled the divorce filing in September, we agreed for the sake of the children to remain apart and to lead separate lives. However, even that arrangement didn't work and our status needed to be clarified with a decree of divorce."

Ya can't say Anson Williams and his wife didn't give it the ol' college try, but the "Happy Days" star is filing divorce docs for the 2nd time in less than a year.

Anson, who played Potsie on "Happy Days," filed in L.A. last Friday ... and we're guessing all he really had to do was change the date from the docs he filed last September.

Anson and Jackie Williams have been together more than 30 years now, and have 5 kids together -- but things have clearly been rocky since at least last year when they broke up, but pretty quickly decided to try again.

As we reported, Anson first went down divorce road last year on 9/11. However, by October 1 he was back in court, filing to dismiss that divorce.

Fast forward 9 months and they're back in splitsville. Unclear what led to their parting of ways this time around. Last year, Anson told us "sometimes you have to do what's best for everyone."

We've reached out to his rep. No word back yet.

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LAPD Officer Charged with Assault ... After Beatdown Video

Breaking News April 2020

An LAPD cop who was caught on video giving a man a beating earlier this year is now going to court ... he's been charged with assault by the District Attorney.

Los Angeles County D.A. Jackie Lacey announced the charge Tuesday against Officer Frank Hernandez -- who video shows pummeled a man with his fists this past April out in Boyle Heights.  As we reported, the officer was responding to a call for trespass. Hernandez now faces one count of felony assault under color of authority.

At the time, Hernandez and his partner encountered the guy after seeing him on a lot he allegedly wasn't supposed to be on -- but after refusing to leave the area entirely on the officers' orders, things got heated ... and eventually, they came to blows.

According to the D.A., Hernandez is accused of repeatedly punching the man over a dozen times over the head, neck and body. The D.A. calls it "a disturbing case of the illegal use of force at the hands of a police officer. In this case, we believe the force was neither legally necessary nor reasonable."

If convicted, Hernandez faces up to three years behind bars.

Travis Scott Sued 'Highest in the Room' More Like Thief in Room ... Claim His Producers Jacked Melody


12:06 PM PT -- A source close to Travis tells us this is nothing more than a frivolous dispute between producers and has nothing to do with Travis directly.

Travis Scott's "Highest in the Room" has a catchy guitar melody that appears throughout -- but one producer claims Travis and his team lifted it.

The guy's name is Benjamin Lasnier, who says he's a Danish music producer who's made beats for lots of people, especially rappers like Trippe Redd, Desiigner, Don Toliver and if he's right ... you can add Travis Scott to his resume.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Lasnier says he wrote and recorded the guitar refrain featured in Trav's hit song, 'Highest,' back in early 2019 ... which he then started shopping around to different producers, engineers and even artists themselves.

He says he also posted this guitar recording on his IG stories 3 different times -- although it's unclear if he still has them up or not for reference. Either way, Lasnier says he put it out there to more than 700k followers.

Welp, around springtime ... Lasnier claims he got in touch with a guy who works with Travis named Jamie Lepr -- who goes by Jimmy Cash on IG, and apparently solicits beats. Lasnier says he sent Lepr a beat pack, which included the guitar melody in question -- and with no formal deal struck between them ... Lasnier claims he eventually heard a slightly tweaked version of his melody on Trav's new song in late 2019. He says a strikingly similar arpeggio appears around 24 times, which he says makes it the meat of the song.

Of course, Lasnier says he never explicitly authorized Lepr to use the music -- and now wants his cut of the loot for what the song has gone on to make -- which is a lot, BTW. He claims "Highest in the Room" has generated north of $20 million for everyone involved in making it -- it's even had crazy success on the charts ... reaching No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

If you know, you know it's one of Travis Scott's most popular songs to date, without question. Now, Lasnier's asking a judge to give him an accounting of the profits, damages, and a running royalty share too.

We've reached out to Travis' team ... so far, no word back.

Originally published -- 11:59 AM PT

NYPD Cop Who Shoved Lady ... Arrested on Assault Charges & More


The NYPD police officer who shoved a female protester to the ground -- on camera -- has now been arrested and charged with assault ... among other crimes.

Officer Vincent D'Andraia surrendered to authorities at the Downtown Brooklyn precinct Tuesday morning. He was booked for assault, criminal mischief, harassment, and menacing. He appeared for his arraignment by a video feed, due to coronavirus concerns. He was released on his own recognizance.

D'Andraia has been ID'd by city officials as the officer seen in a video pushing a woman to the ground in late May near the Barclays Center ... where she was participating in a George Floyd protest. She says she suffered a concussion and a seizure.

The cop was suspended without pay shortly thereafter, and his supervisor was reportedly transferred to another precinct. The case is already being reviewed by Internal Affairs.

Brooklyn D.A. Eric Gonzalez says of the case, "I fully support the long-held American tradition of non-violent protest. As District Attorney I cannot tolerate the use of excessive force against anyone exercising this Constitutionally guaranteed right."

He adds, "This is especially true of those who are sworn to protect us and uphold the law. I am deeply troubled by this unnecessary assault. We will now seek to hold this defendant accountable."

Minneapolis City Council Will Disband Police Department ... Have Veto-Proof Majority

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Members of the Minneapolis City Council say they're overruling Mayor Jacob Frey and WILL commit to dismantling their police department -- meaning, get rid of it completely.

The stunning announcement was made Sunday, with nine out of thirteen members coming out in support of the idea, which gives them a majority that can't be vetoed by Mayor Frey.

So, what does it mean exactly? Welp, the council members admit it won't be an immediate change -- but make no mistake, they say when the dust settles, Minneapolis will not have a traditional police department.

The alternative, according to them, is community-based safety ... a term they've yet to fully explain.

The announcement comes the day after Mayor Frey was publicly shamed for refusing to, as he put it, "fully abolish" the police department.

That's what he said when put on the spot by a rally organizer ... and that response got him booed off the street, as he walked through a sea of middle fingers in his face.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

This new development -- less than 2 weeks after George Floyd was killed -- is potentially monumental if Minneapolis actually does it and makes it work.

It could spark similar movements in cities around the country. Fact is, some protesters have been calling for, at the very least, a reduction in funding to police departments in many cities ... including L.A. and NYC.

Toronto Protest Cops Arrest Man in Blackface ... At Anti-Racism Event!!!

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Toronto PD probably saved this jackass' life ... he showed up in blackface for a protest against racism -- seriously -- and yes, protesters were furious about the spectacle.

The wild moment was captured on video Saturday during a demonstration in the city's Nathan Phillips Square. The white guy walked into the crowd completely decked out in black makeup on his face and hands.

We can't imagine it took long for people to turn on him, and even as police whisked him away ... pissed off protesters were still screaming at him.

People were reportedly barking threats at him and calling for the police the whole time he was trying to wade through the rally. Eventually, bicycle officers did step in and escort the guy away -- almost completely surrounding him to keep the angry crowd off of him.

Cops say the agitator was arrested for breaching the peace -- yeah, he did that and then some. Oh, the beatdown he might have caught.

Disgustingly ugly display that could've been much uglier ... for him.

Carole Baskin Don Lewis' Daughter Seeking Justice ... Over Allegedly Forged Will


Carole Baskin's day of reckoning is coming after a sheriff determined the will of her ex-husband, Don Lewis, was a forgery -- at least that's what Don's daughter is hoping.

Donna Pettis tells TMZ ... the recent bombshell from Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister -- who claims he's certain Baskin forged Don's will to make it so she'd inherit his fortune if he went missing -- only confirms what she and her sisters already suspected way back in 1997.

Donna says the will was determined to be a fake by a professional back then, but Carole had her own analyst claimed the opposite and got the judge to sign off ... and Donna says her family didn't have the money or resources to fight her on it at the time.

She says since then, 4 other experts have evaluated the will and reached the same conclusion -- forgery -- but, because of the statute of limitations, there's nothing they can do. Or, is there?

Donna tells us she's been meeting with several lawyers in hopes of landing one willing to take on the high-profile case and finally get some justice for her dad.

She says she and her sisters are considering hiring 2 attorneys -- a criminal and a civil -- in order to get the ball rolling, but they're still weighing options.

The bottom line is ... Donna and her family plan to go after Baskin in whatever legal manner still possible, and they also want more action taken in investigating Lewis' death. He was declared legally dead in 2002.

Donna's not accusing Carole of killing her father, but she DOES think Carole knows more than she's ever let on and plans to get it out of her ... in a courtroom.

We have reached out to Baskin ... no word back so far.

Kodak Black Could Be In Halfway House by 2021 ... IF (Big If) All Goes to Plan

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Kodak Black could be spending the last year of his sentence at a halfway house ... but first, he's gonna need a few dominoes to fall perfectly.

Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ ... the rapper is now eligible to spend the last year of his sentence in a halfway house, meaning, he could be out of prison by 2021. Thing is, he first needs to complete a court-ordered 500-hour drug treatment program before getting the green light for the halfway house.

And, therein lies the problem. Cohen tells us the maximum-security program where Kodak's currently behind bars does NOT offer the program. But, there's a glimmer of hope after Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle decided to drop the state's gun case against Kodak Black after speaking with Cohen. With the state dropping 3 felony counts of possession of a firearm by an individual under 24, Cohen says Kodak can now be moved to a lower-security prison where they do offer the drug treatment program.

As for why the state dropped the charges ... a rep for the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office tells TMZ, Fernandez Rundle "felt that the [state] charges were a duplicate of the federal charges for which [Kodak Black] had already been convicted and is currently serving his sentence."

As we reported ... the feds arrested Kodak at Rolling Loud in May 2019 and sentenced him to prison 6 months later.

Kardashian Family Fires Back at Blac Chyna ... New Racism Claims Reek Of Desperation!!!

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The Kardashians are blasting Blac Chyna for what they see as a desperate attempt to take advantage of the country's renewed focus on racism for her own gain.

Here's the deal ... Chyna is accusing NBCUniversal and the Kardashian/Jenner family of racism on the heels of Gabrielle Union filing a discrimination complaint against the Peacock. BC's new attorney claims racism is the real reason "Rob & Chyna" never got a second season on E!, which NBCUniversal owns.

As you know ... Chyna is locked in a legal war with the entire Kardashian fam, filing a lawsuit way back in October 2017 claiming they went behind her back to NBCU and got her reality show with Rob canceled. Now she says racism is part of it too.

Kardashian-Jenner family attorney Marty Singer tells TMZ ... "This is a 2 year old lawsuit in which Chyna has changed her defense more times than we can count. Sadly, unsurprising to anyone, she has stooped to a new low, changing her defense to try to leverage the emotions and pain of the moment, insulting the pain and suffering of real victims of racial injustice and systemic racism."

Translation ... they smell Chyna's desperation in playing the racism card.

Singer adds ... "We take these allegations very seriously and once again, there is no Rob & Chyna show if there is no Rob & Chyna."

Our sources also tell us ... it was impossible to continue with a show about the couple, because BC had a restraining order against Rob and their relationship was over.

And what's more ... in previously filed docs, Rob's sisters came to his defense, offering witness statements to Chyna's alleged abuse ... and showing just how volatile the relationship was. According to the old docs, there were also witnesses who allegedly saw Chyna brandish a gun and drink heavily.

Chyna's attorney, Lynne Ciani, claims Kris secretly accused BC of beating Rob in December 2016 and went to NBCUniversal with her accusation. Ciani claims no one at the network ever informed Chyna of the allegations and says the situation would've been handled differently if BC was white.

But, Kris and Rob essentially think BC's new claims of racism are suspect, because it's the first time she's mentioned it in the 2 years since filing suit.

Black Lives Matter Protests Radio Hosts Fired ... Over Racist Comments

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"Kimberly & Beck"

Two radio hosts who made racists comments on-air during the Black Lives Matter protests are joining the ranks of the unemployed ... they woke up to find out they were fired.

Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck -- now formerly known as "Kimberly & Beck" on Radio 95.1 WAIO-FM in Rochester, NY -- were canned Wednesday morning after repeatedly referring to the "n-word" on-air Tuesday during their discussion of #BLM and local protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death.

The former cohosts were talking about a viral video appearing to show a local couple being attacked by looters when Kimberly asked Barry, "Were they acting n-word-ish?"

Kimberly did not explicitly use the full racial slur, but she continued to ask her cohost if the alleged attackers were acting "n-word-ly."

Beck took a cue from Donald Trump and threw around words like "thugs," saying ... "If you look like a thug and if you act like a thug, and you’ve got three on one beating up a white woman with a two-by-four, by God, you’re a thug."

The fired hosts kept digging a bigger hole ... they also discussed whether they could even utter the phrase "n-word" and concluded, "no one's offended by that."

Well, tons of folks were offended ... Kimberly and Beck faced instant backlash on social media after their recorded comments went viral, and people called for their jobs and asked advertisers to drop their sponsorship.

As we reported ... former Sacramento Kings play-by-play announcer Grant Napear also lost his job over controversial #BLM comments. Napear resigned Tuesday after facing major heat for tweeting "All Lives Matter."

Kimberly and Beck are no strangers to controversy ... they were booted from another Rochester radio station way back in 2014 after ridiculing transgender people. Four months later, Radio 95.1 hired them as afternoon weekday hosts.

Might be tougher to find a new gig this time around, but they are far from alone in the unemployment line these days.

L.A. Sheriff's Deputies Beat Up Detained Man in Compton ... Think No One is Watching


2:54 PM PT -- L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he's aware of the video involving he deputies and his department is investigating. Villanueva is also encouraging the person who shot the video to contact the LASD.

A man was wrestled to the ground by cops, and then momentarily got the snot beat out of him ... before a vigilant eyewitness called them out and forced them to stop.

The outrageous scene was shot in Compton, CA, earlier this week, and it shows L.A. County Sheriff's deputies attempting to detain a guy from behind some type of wall, sorta hidden from plain view. Somebody is filming from afar, unbeknownst to the officers.

At first, it looks like the guy's resisting -- but eventually ... they get him on the ground, and he makes it clear that he's not fighting them anymore. Not enough for these deputies though, it seems, 'cause at least one more rushes over and they start to pound on him.

It's crazy too ... before the beating -- which involved fists and knees -- one of the deputies looks around, as if to see if anyone is watching them. A few seconds into the thrashing, somebody else aside from the cameraman calls out, asking why they're whooping on him.

That forces all the deputies to halt immediately, and that's where the video cuts out.

LASD tells us, yes, these are their guys ... and an investigation into the use of force by the deputies is underway. If misconduct is found, we're told a personnel complaint will be filed.

Originally Published -- 8:53 AM PT

Trump Hotel Vegas Ex-Employee Sues ... And the Lord Said, No Sunday Shifts!!!


A housekeeping employee who used to work for the Trump Hotel in Vegas claims she was kept out of church (and on the clock) for years, despite being a devout Christian ... now, she's suing.

The woman's name is Sonia Torres, and according to a lawsuit she just filed against her former bosses in Sin City ... she'd been working in the hotel's housekeeping division without issue for years. That's until a new housekeeping regime came in, and allegedly screwed up her Sunday appointments with God by switching up her schedule.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Torres claims she was hired in 2010 with an explicit understanding she would not work Sundays, so she could observe her faith. Torres says management, at the time, said no problemo ... and hired her.

Fast-forward to 2015, and Ms. Torres alleges a new boss started giving her Sundays off to a dude who had less seniority than her. Torres says she complained to her superiors and HR, but nothing changed.

Eventually, she says the issue came to a head, and after talking it out with union reps ... they suggested she go on call for Sundays, but she refused. Torres says she just stopped showing up on Sundays, which got her fired in 2018.

Now, she's suing for religious discrimination and hostile work environment, demanding damages and back pay.

Kodak Black Sues U.S. Marshal Who Allegedly Leaked Cuffed Pic


3:56 PM PT -- Kodak Black's attorney, Bradford Cohen, has followed through on his promise -- filing a lawsuit against the U.S. Marshal who Kodak claims told a Miami cop to snap a pic of him while in custody last year ... and then allegedly proceeded to leak it to the media.

The suit -- obtained by TMZ -- claims that U.S. Marshals Service Chief Mark O'Loughlin violated Kodak's right to privacy and partook in the unauthorized publication of Kodak's name and likeness by allegedly feeding the passed-off pic to a Miami-area reporter ... which found its way online. Kodak says he suffered embarrassment, humiliation, emotional distress and loss of income.

The docs also have a pretty strong opening graph to characterize Kodak's predicament. They quote an opinion given by a justice in a Supreme Court case, which touches on the rights of inmates ... while comparing them to wild creatures in cages.

Part of that judge's quote reads, "Inmates in jails, prisons or mental institutions retain certain fundamental rights of privacy; they are not like animals in a zoo to be filmed and photographed at will by the public or media reporters." Sounds like Kodak's legal team thinks that equally applies here.

Kodak Black was allegedly photographed, and it was sent to a U.S. Marshal -- without his permission -- the day he was arrested at Rolling Loud ... and now, his lawyer's ramping up for a lawsuit.

The Miami Dade Police Department took a report showing that Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, recently filed a complaint with them alleging one of their men illegally snapped and disseminated a pic of KB while he was in custody back in 2019. According to the report, MDPD looked into it and discovered the pic was actually not disseminated by one of their own but perhaps by someone in the U.S. Marshals Service.

The docs -- obtained by TMZ -- outline the steps MDPD took to get to the bottom of Cohen's claims ... and during their back and forth, they discovered a Miami-Dade cop, who was with Kodak the day he was arrested, claimed he was called up and instructed by a high-ranking official -- a U.S. Marshal Chief, per the officer -- to snap a photo of Kodak while he was cuffed. The guy says he did so and sent it along to the USM who wanted it.

Cohen claims that same photo served no law enforcement purpose, but still found its way into the inbox of a local Miami reporter ... who then published it in a local paper. Cohen claims it was all done without Kodak's permission.

Now, the Miami-Dade sergeant, who took the photo and then passed it along to the Marshal, says it was needed for "law enforcement purposes," but Cohen says that's a bunch of BS ... arguing the pic was taken for personal use and/or gain.

Now, Cohen tells us he's taking legal action against the responsible parties.

A rep for USMS tells us they can't comment on the situation, but assure us any allegations of misconduct will be thoroughly investigated.

Originally Published -- 12:30 AM PT

LAPD Chief Michel Moore Makes Peace w/ Protesters Says George Floyd Was Murdered


The top dog of the LAPD made progress with protesters in Los Angeles this weekend, getting them to calm down and retreat ... after he admitted George Floyd had been murdered.

Here's Chief of Police Michel Moore talking to protesters in the City of Angels this weekend, explaining his and his officers' intentions -- telling the crowd the cops weren't there to harm or arrest anyone ... just to deal with a fire that was raging in the background.

He finally gets everyone's attention when one of the more vocal protesters tells everyone behind him that Moore had admitted to him that, in his opinion, George was in fact murdered by Derek Chauvin -- which got cheers of approval from just about everyone there.

Moore then comes to a mutual understanding with the protesters ... no bottles or rocks should be thrown, and it's all good. It's pretty remarkable, especially coming from THE face of the department. You would hope his approach to dealing with protesters will trickle down the ranks.

Matt M. McKnight/Cascade Public Media/

It's also becoming more and more clear that a lot of cops out there are hearing the frustrations of the protesters and adjusting their behavior in handling them accordingly. We saw one officer yank another officer's knee off a guy's neck. Now, take a look at this.

Unclear where this video was shot, but it appears to show a cop putting his knee UNDER a protester's head while they're being detained -- seemingly to provide support/comfort.

That's more like it.

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