Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict GUILTY

Dr. Conrad Murray has been found GUILTY of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

After the verdict was read, you can hear La Toya Jackson and Kathy Hilton cry.

Jurors came back with the verdict moments ago after a grueling 6-week trial, finding prosecutors proved beyond a reasonable doubt ... Dr. Murray is responsible for MJ's death.

Murray faces up to 4 years behind bars, but the reality is ... he will not go to state prison because of a new law, and will likely serve his time in L.A. County Jail.

Murray is scheduled for sentencing on November 29th.

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Conrad Murray Prosecution What's Wrong with This Picture?

The man of the hour -- Prosecutor David Walgren -- who won the Conrad Murray case, might as well have been sent to Siberia by his boss, L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley, because he was completely out of the shot as Cooley took credit for the victory.

It's pretty stunning, given that the winning prosecutor typically addresses the media after a verdict, but even if the D.A. was exercising caution while the sentence is pending, Cooley didn't even allow Walgren to stand next to him.

Instead of Walgren, Cooley was flanked by his number 2, Jackie Lacey, and D.A. honcho Pat Dixon. Choosing Lacey is an audacious move on Cooley's part, since he personally chose her to run as his successor in the 2012 election.

A D.A. spokesperson said Lacey was standing next to Cooley because, "It's like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock."

Conrad Murray's Lawyer I'm 'Very Disappointed' We WILL Appeal

It ain't over for for Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team -- J. Michael Flanagan claims there are already plans to appeal today's "guilty" verdict.

Flanagan tells us, he's still "very disappointed" in the decision.

Conrad Murray On His Way to Court

Dr. Conrad Murray just left for court looking dapper ... 20 minutes before the jury is scheduled to read their verdict.

Conrad Murray Trial Courthouse Arrivals

Katherine and Joe Jackson just arrived at the L.A. County courthouse -- moments after the jury announced they have reached a verdict in the Conrad Murray trial.

Joe had one word for reporters on his way in -- "Justice."

La Toya Jackson just arrived -- tweeting, "I'm shaking uncontrollably!" -- along with the Hiltons, Rick and Kathy.

Randy Jackson has also arrived.

UPDATE: Everyone is in the courtroom -- the Jackson family, Conrad Murray, the defense, the prosecution ... it's just a matter of minutes now.

Jackson Fam Hightailing It to Court, Kids Staying Home

Michael Jackson's parents -- along with La Toya, Jermaine and Randy -- are currently scrambling to get to the L.A. County Courthouse after they were notified the jury had reached a verdict in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case.

The entire crew is traveling from Calabasas, which -- if traffic is good -- can take somewhere between 45 mins to an hour.

We're told the family is "anxious."

MJ's kids are staying at home with other family members. We're told they were instructed NOT to watch the verdict live -- so Katherine could break the news herself when she got home.

Katherine & Joe Jackson We're Shackin' Up Near the Courthouse

Katherine and Joe Jackson are currently on their way to a hotel near the L.A. County Superior courthouse ... so when the jury finally reaches a verdict, they're right near the action.

Katherine and Joe live in Calabasas -- with traffic, it could take over two hours to get to the courthouse ... and we're told, they just didn't want to chance missing a beat.

According to sources, they plan to check in and stay for as long as it takes the jury to come to a decision.

It's unclear if other members of the Jackson family also plan to crash nearby the courthouse.

Dr. Conrad Murray I'm Weathering the Storm With Friends & Family

Misery loves company -- Dr. Conrad Murray says he won't be spending what could be his final days of freedom alone.

While the jury deliberates the doc was spotted walking in Santa Monica ...and claimed he'll be hunkering down with "friends and family, and my children."

As TMZ first reported, Murray is "optimistic" the jury will acquit -- but, he claims, he ultimately has "no idea" how they'll swing.

Conrad Murray Don't Worry ... I'm Optimistic

Dr. Conrad Murray is "optimistic" about his chances for acquittal ... this according to people close to the doc.

Murray spent last night at home, with his baby mama Nicole Alvarez and their child. Murray says he has faith the jury will not come to the conclusion he caused Michael Jackson's death.

Murray has been the poster child for projecting innocence during a criminal trial, frequently seen strolling in Santa Monica and appearing carefree. Two nights ago, he went to a popular Malibu restaurant with some of his patients.

Dr. Murray Trial 'Poor Conrad Murray ...'

Prosecutor David Walgren is attacking with sarcasm in his closing statement rebuttal ... telling the jury, "Poor Conrad Murray ... everyone is just working against him."

Walgren says Dr. Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson was littered with, "bizarre, unethical, unconscionable behavior" ... adding, "That is why we are here."

Walgren says the defense team is blaming EVERYONE but the doc -- mocking the defense for suggesting a "conspiracy" against the doctor.

"Everyone's to blame but Conrad Murray ... poor Conrad Murray."

Dr. Murray Trial Defense Strikes Back 'Dr. Murray Did Not Kill MJ'

Dr. Conrad Murray's defense attorney, Ed Chernoff, came out firing at the prosecution in his closing statement ... telling the jury, "They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson ... they just don't want to tell you that."

Chernoff was direct, "Dr. Murray did NOT kill Michael Jackson" ... claiming it was Michael Jackson who killed Michael Jackson by self administering himself with prescription medication.

Chernoff claims the prosecution failed to prove that Murray hooked MJ up to a Propofol drip before the singer died ... and without a drip, there is no way the prosecution can prove Murray ever put MJ's life in danger.

"They can't prove a crime ... and they REALLY need to prove a crime" ... Chernoff said.

Chernoff claims the most logical explanation is ... "Michael Jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed Lorazepam and Dr. Murray didn't know."

He added, "Somebody's got to say it ... If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson ... anybody else, would this doctor be here today?"

Chernoff might be feeling the the heat ... he just drank a glass of water and quipped, "Is it warm in here or is it just me?"

He concluded by asking the jury to take their decision seriously ... saying, "This is not a reality show, this is reality ... I hope that you do the right thing and find Dr. Murray not guilty."

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Prosecution: Murray Killed MJ

The Michael Jackson manslaughter trial will never end for Michael Jackson's 3 kids ... because Conrad Murray is the reason their father is dead -- so said prosecutor David Walgren in a powerful closing statement.

Walgren -- in a measured but forceful tone -- told the jury, "Michael Jackson trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life."

Walgren hammered home Murray's alleged recklessness in fueling MJ with Propofol and other drugs night after night. In all, Walgren noted Murray injected Jackson with 4 gallons of the anesthetic.

And the prosecutor made sure the jury remembered that Murray repeatedly lied to paramedics and doctors about the drug that did Michael in -- Propofol -- showing a "consciousness of guilt."

Walgren scoffed at the evidence, showing that Jackson was complaining he couldn't sleep yet Murray was distracted by various telephone calls: "What was so pressing that he just couldn't care for Michael Jackson."

And there's this... Walgren noted that Murray kept almost no medical records but took the time to secretly record Michael while he was under the influence of Propofol and other drugs.

And Walgren showed disdain for the defense's key Propofol expert, Dr. Paul White, who testified that MJ injected himself with the fatal dose of Propofol, saying, "What you were presented by Dr. White was junk science...it was garbage."

According to Walgren, Murray acted with "extreme, criminal, gross negligence" in his care for MJ -- and the only possible verdict is GUILTY.

The defense is about to strike back in closing.

People vs. Conrad Murray Closing Arguments -- Prosecution Squares Off

Prosecutor David Walgren -- Closing Arguments
Updated 11/03/11 at 9:00 AM

Prosecutor David Walgren just began his closing arguments to the jury, insisting Dr. Conrad Murray caused the death of Michael Jackson.

* For Prince, Paris and Blanket this trial will not end today because they lost their father.
* Conrad Murray violated the sacred trust between doctor and patient "each and every day."
* On June 24, 2009 MJ performed at the Staples Center and gave a great performance ... 12 hours later he was laying dead in his bed in his home.
* MJ was a creative genius striving for perfection. He was making long term plans for both himself and his children. He was excited about the tour because he knew it would give him a chance to settle down ... and his children could finally have a normal life.

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Curtain Call For Jackson Family

Joe, Katherine, La Toya, and Randy Jackson arrived to court in full force this morning ... presenting a united front during closing arguments in the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The countdown begins.

People vs. Conrad Murray Defense's Closing Arguments The Blow-by-Blow

Ed Chernoff -- Defense Attorney's Closing Arguments
Updated 11/03/11 at 1:30 PM

In his closing arguments, defense Attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors the prosecution failed to prove a crime was committed ... insisting, "Michael Jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed Lorazepam and Dr. Murray didn't know it."

"They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson," Chernoff told the court.

Chernoff also said Murray's "greatest personality defect is his greatest character strength," adding, "Dr. Murray "had no control over the situation because of what was happening in the background. He was just a little fish in a big, dirty pond."

He suggested the only reason the case even went to trial was because MJ was a celebrity. "If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson, would this doctor be here today?" Chernoff asked.

Other highlights:
* Murray made mistakes. But this is not a civil case. For a crime to be committed, the prosecution has to show Murray killed MJ.
* Chernoff tried to discredit Alberto Alvarez testimony. He said it didn't make sense that Murray would ask him hide evidence because they barely knew each other.
* Alvarez testified he grabbed the IV bag with both his hands ... but none of his fingerprints were found on the bag.
* Alvarez also said he noticed a milky substance in the IV bag, but no traces of Propofol were found inside the bag.
* There are no photos showing a vial inside an IV bag. The coroner investigator testified she took the vial out of the bag BEFORE taking a picture.
* LAPD detective Scott Smith also testified he never saw a vial in a bag.

Dr. Conrad Murray Will NOT Testify

Toldja so! Dr. Conrad Murray will not take the stand ... the defense just confirmed.

As we previously reported, there was a split between Murray's lawyers Ed Chernoff and J. Michael Flanagan over whether Murray should testify.

Chernoff believed Murray would have gotten crushed in cross-examination -- but Flanagan didn't think Murray could win over the jury without giving his side of the story.

After the dust settled, Chernoff prevailed. So Murray will keep his mouth shut.

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