Harvey Weinstein Rape Accuser Jessica Mann Testifies ... Claims He Broke Her Down, Says She 'Owed Him'


Harvey Weinstein rape accuser Jessica Mann claims he began manipulating her as soon as he met her, forced himself on her multiple times and finally raped her ... and she said it all under oath.

The former actress took the stand and gave emotional testimony Friday, breaking down in tears as she described her history with the disgraced movie mogul ... including alleged sexual assaults.

Elizabeth Williams

Mann testified she met Weinstein at a party about 7 years ago, and he quickly took interest in her and began offering her work. Mann claims she had several meetings with him to discuss her career, but he asked her for a massage at an early meeting ... and forced oral sex on her at a later meeting in which she thought she'd be discussing a movie role.

Mann testified she faked an orgasm to get out of the situation.

Weeks later, Mann alleges Weinstein raped her at the hotel in Manhattan after injecting his penis with erection medication. She testified that he physically blocked her from leaving the room and made her undress. She says ... "I gave up at that point."


Mann says about a year later, Weinstein told her "She owed him one more time" after she informed him she had a boyfriend ... and claims he had intercourse with her.

Weinstein's side has argued the 2 had a consensual relationship that lasted years after the alleged sexual assault, and have pointed to several emails Mann sent to him in which she expressed affection and love.

Mann's the fifth accuser to testify in Weinstein's trial, in which he's accused of first and third-degree rape and predatory sexual assault.

President Trump Shots Fired at Mar-a-Lago ... During Car Chase!!!

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Gunshots rang out at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida when an SUV led authorities on a wild car chase after breaching 2 security checkpoints.

It all went down Friday morning in Palm Beach, when a black SUV heading toward the main entrance breached both checkpoints, leading Florida Highway Patrol on a pursuit that ended with officials firing shots.


The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office says the car chase is over and 2 people are now in custody. The Sheriff says they're still figuring out which agency pulled the trigger. A police helicopter was also involved in the pursuit.

It's pretty crazy ... President Trump and Melania are scheduled to depart the White House for Mar-a-Lago later this afternoon, but it's unclear if the shooting will affect their travel schedule.

The FBI says it's aware of the incident and agents are responding.

Story developing ...

Super Bowl LIV FAA Threatening $30,000 Fines ... For Flying Drones

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The FAA says it will DROP THE HAMMER on drone fliers at Super Bowl LIV in Miami this weekend ... threatening $30,000 fines if people are caught flying the toys near the Big Game!

Drone-flying has become a super popular hobby in America ... especially in Miami where there's a whole hell of a lot of stuff to record from the sky.

But, the FAA is deeming Hard Rock Stadium as a NO-FLY ZONE for this weekend's 49ers-Chiefs matchup ... and if people are caught flying anyway, the punishment is pretty severe.

The FAA says fines could not only reach $30K ... but criminal prosecution is on the table as well.

Yeah, better put those drones in the closet for the weekend.

As for the official rules of flying near the game if ya wanna push it ... the FAA says no drones will be allowed without permission within a roughly 34-mile region around the stadium.

But, good news ... the drones can be broken out shortly after the game -- the FAA says the temporary flight restriction will be removed at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Happy flying!

Offset All Smiles After Gun Incident At L.A. Shopping Center


8:20 AM PT -- We've learned the initial report to police was for a black male wearing all black, possibly armed with a gun in a parking garage. Law enforcement sources tell us ... when officers arrived they saw someone matching the description getting out of the SUV that was carrying Offset and co.

Police searched the vehicle and found 2 loaded handguns. All 4 people in the group, including Offset, were detained because no one copped to owning the guns. As we reported, 2 people were eventually booked for the firearms.

6:07 AM PT -- Offset was all smiles on his way out of jail after being detained for several hours. He told our camera it was a simple misunderstanding and cops had the wrong guy. Of course, when he was first placed in handcuffs, Offset was pissed ... but he says it's all loves with the cops and the city of L.A.


4:07 AM PT -- 1/30 -- Offset was released just before midnight after 2 of the folks detained admitted the guns found were theirs. One man was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm. The other was arrested for possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

9:39 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us they've recovered 2 guns and Offset and 3 others have been taken to the station for further questioning. No official arrests have been made.

Offset has been detained by cops after a report of a person with a gun at an L.A. shopping center.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a call came in just before 8 PM of a person with a gun inside the parking structure at The Grove shopping center. We're told the person who had the weapon allegedly fled the scene, and Offset and members of his entourage have been detained.

It is NOT clear if Offset or anyone he was with actually had a weapon, and police are currently investigating the situation.

In video -- obtained by TMZ -- Offset can be seen in a yellow hoodie asking officers why he's been cuffed ... the officer pushes the Migos rapper up against a wall.

We are told Offset is currently being held near the security station of The Grove.

Originally Published -- 1/29 8:56 PM PT

Soulja Boy Sued for Allegedly Assaulting Woman ... Asst. Sued for Sexual Battery

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The woman Soulja Boy describes as a bitter ex-GF is suing him over the alleged kidnapping and assault case that led to him doing time last year.

Kayla Myers says she was partying with Soulja and co. at his Malibu home on Feb. 1, 2019 when she decided to leave at 2 AM. She admits her exit didn't go smoothly -- as she backed out, her car went off the driveway ... which pissed off one of Soulja's female assistants and sparked an argument between Kayla and the woman.

In her lawsuit, Kayla claims she was knocked to the ground, and then Soulja came over to kick her in the stomach and bash her in the head "with a large gun" -- and then told her she was going to die as he held the gun to her head.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, she claims Soulja directed the assistant to drag Kayla to the garage, tie her up with duct tape and give her a shower. That sounds bizarre, but Kayla claims he wanted to clean her up from the ass-kicking she'd just suffered in the dirt outside the house.

Later, Kayla claims she was being held captive -- tied up with an extension cord -- in the garage when a male assistant offered to release her if she performed oral sex. In the suit, she says she felt she had no choice and did it. After that she was released at 8 AM ... she says with one final indignity -- Soulja allegedly said, "Now get this bitch outta here before I knock her down the stairs."

Kayla claims she suffered 3 fractured ribs and a bruised face. As we reported, she reported all of this to police, who conducted a raid at Soulja's house, where they found guns ... a probation violation. As you know, Soulja ended up doing time in L.A. County jail last summer.


She's suing Soulja for assault, battery and false imprisonment. She's also going after the male assistant for sexual battery.

Billy Joel 12 Motorcycles Trashed by Burglar ... You May Be Right, He's Pissed!!!


Some crook thought he'd be a big shot breaking into Billy Joel's house -- which would've been bad enough -- but trashing the piano man's beloved motorbikes too ... just makes him a heartless prick.

Nassau County PD tells TMZ ... a burglary took place sometime between Saturday and Monday morning at a Long Island home, which sources tell us belongs to Billy. The cops say 12 motorcycles and a home office on the property had been vandalized.


The extent of the damage is unclear, but even a little is gonna sting Billy badly ... 'cause the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer absolutely LOVES his motorcycles.

He's a notorious gear head and owns a local bike shop with even more vintage motorcycles on hand. So, it's no secret around his native Long Island that he's got crazy love for his street machines.

Cops say it appears the burglar or burglars smashed through a glass door leading into the garage.

We don't know if Billy was home during the break-in, but we know he discovered the damage Monday morning and called cops.


The police took a statement and are investigating. For now, Billy's keeping the faith the boys in blue can track down the suspect(s).

Nicki Minaj's Brother Gets 25 to Life for Child Rape


Nicki Minaj's brother was just sentenced to 25 years to life in prison following the guilty verdict in his child rape trial.

Judge Robert McDonald sentenced Jelani Maraj in a New York court Monday ... several months after the verdict been reached.

As we reported ... Maraj was found guilty of predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering the welfare of a child in a trial that lasted less than 3 weeks. At the time of the verdict, the Nassau County D.A. told us, "We hope that today's verdict will help the family in the healing process."

Back in 2017, Nicki visited her brother while he was locked up. We were told she only went to support her mother.

TMZ broke the story ... Nicki never testified during the trial -- despite claims made by her brother's defense team that she would.

YG Will Perform at Grammys ... After Arrest & Release


The show must go on for YG ... according to his lawyer, anyway, who says the guy WILL perform at the Grammys after all, this following his arrest and release.

YG's attorney, Joe Tacopina, tells TMZ ... YG is moving forward with his Grammy Awards performance Sunday night, which had already been in the books before he got hauled in by cops last week on suspicion of robbery and bonding out the same day on $250k bail.

The rapper's performance is supposed to be in honor of the late Nipsey Hussle -- which Tacopina and others, including The Game, thought might've been behind the arrest.


We still don't know what the robbery allegation stems from, but YG's Escalade was involved in a high-speed chase back in July that left a 65-year-old man dead. The MC denied he was anywhere near that scene at the time ... it's unclear if the two cases are related.

Looks like YG's following in the footsteps of his fellow artist Young Thug -- who was also put in cuffs last year right before his Grammys performance, but was then released.

YT ended up making his Grammy gig ... here's hoping YG can too.

YG Arrested at Home After Early Morning Raid


12:32 PM PT -- YG's bail has been set at $250,000.

11:14 AM PT -- Tacopina tells TMZ, YG has been arrested on suspicion of robbery based on an ongoing investigation. He says, "This has become even more outrageous ... normally, in the American justice system, you get arrested after an investigation is completed. The motives here are pretty clear."

11:06 AM PT -- YG has recruited powerhouse attorney Joe Tacopina, who tells us, "This arrest is one that caught YG completely off guard because there is no truth to them. YG has no idea what investigators are talking about and we have not been provided with any details ... we are learning about this case through the media."

Tacopina continues, "Rest assured, my client will be cleared of all charges, if they even survive past the arraignment."

Tacopina also raises questions about the motive and timing of the arrest, saying, "YG has a performance scheduled at The Grammy's Sunday where he will honor Nipsey Hussle ... so the timing is suspect, to put it mildly."

YG's friend and fellow rapper, The Game, also seems to have some questions about the timing of the bust ... taking to Twitter to express his concerns.

9:32 AM PT -- Cops now have YG in custody, and law enforcement sources tell us he's being transported to a jail to be booked for robbery.

YG's Friday is off to a troubling start -- cops showed up on his doorstep before sunrise armed with a search warrant ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us L.A. County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the rapper's San Fernando Valley home around 4 AM, and they're still there now. YG is home, and we're told they have a search warrant and an arrest warrant related to a robbery case.

Gervonta Davis Sued For Stiffing Jeweler Out Of $250,000 ... You Wrote Bogus Check!!!


Gervonta Davis has nearly $250,000 worth of bling in his closet that he never properly paid for because he wrote a bogus check -- this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports.

Shyne Jewelers in Philadelphia, Penn. claims they reached a deal with Davis last year to make him some sick ice ... but they say the boxing star ultimately ended up stiffing them.

According to court docs, the jewelers say Davis ordered a $130,000 green Richard Millie watch, a $60,000 custom pendant, a $30,000 Rolex and four $12,000 "GTD" pendants.

They also say Davis had another blue Richard Millie watch -- which he had previously bought from them -- repaired for $19,000.

But, they claim when it came time to pay up for the $250K bill ... Davis and his team paid with a counterfeit check.

The jewelers say this was no accident either ... saying, "Davis knew that the cashier's check was counterfeit and he acted intentionally and with malicious intent."

Now, the jewelers are asking for the jewelry to be returned or the $250,000 with interest ... plus damages.

We've reached out to Davis' camp for comment, but so far, no word back yet.

Texting Suicide Case Michelle Carter Gets Early Prison Release


Michelle Carter, the woman who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself in a series of texts, has been released early from prison.

The 23-year-old from Massachusetts walked free Thursday morning out of Bristol County House of Correction ahead of her scheduled release ... due to 'good behavior' on the inside.

Carter -- convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Conrad Roy III's suicide -- was sentenced to 15 months, and 5 years probation last February. So, she's getting out about 3 months early.

A spokesman for the Bristol County Sheriff's Office said, "Ms. Carter has been a model inmate here at the Bristol County House of Corrections. She has participated in a variety of programs, held a job inside the jail, has been polite to our staff and volunteers, has gotten along with the other inmates, and we've had no discipline issues with her whatsoever."

The so-called texting suicide case captivated the nation due to issues of free speech, and whether someone should be convicted for someone else's suicide.

Carter was wearing the same outfit she had on the day she was sentenced as she was released from custody. Her family was there to pick her up.


Roy, who was 17 at the time, died after filling the inside of his truck with carbon monoxide. Carter, 18 at the time, repeatedly berated Roy for his indecision to commit suicide. Roy finally went ahead with his plans but had second thoughts ... and, during a phone call, Carter reportedly told Roy to get back in the truck.

Antonio Brown Arrest Warrant Issued ... Beware Of Guns

Exclusive Details

5:10 PM PT -- An arrest warrant has been formally issued for Antonio Brown for burglary with battery, stemming from the Tuesday altercation in front of his Florida home.

The arrest warrant warns officers that Brown has a concealed weapons permit "and is known to carry."

"Brown had a firearm stolen out of Dade County in 2018. Officers should use caution when approaching Brown, as he is known for being confrontational when dealing with police."

Story developing ...

Antonio Brown not only physically assaulted a moving truck driver -- he also picked up a rock and threw it at the vehicle, causing even more damage ... this according to police.

TMZ Sports has obtained court docs in the AB alleged assault case in which the moving truck driver describes why Brown and his trainer attacked him during a routine drop-off Tuesday at Brown's Florida home.

The driver claims he was hired to deliver belongings AB had stored in California -- but when he arrived and demanded his $4,000 payment, Brown refused to hand over the cash.


The driver claims he tried to leave the home (with AB's property still in his truck) but Brown picked up a rock and threw it at the vehicle causing a dent and a paint chip on the driver's side door. The driver called police to report the vehicle damage.

A short time later, the driver was contacted by the moving company and asked him to go back to Brown's home to redeliver the goods ... telling him Brown was willing to make the initial $4,000 payment PLUS an additional $860 to cover damage to the truck and the extra work time.

Upon arrival, the driver claims AB gave him the $4,000 but refused to pay a cent more -- so again, they argued. But, this time, the driver says Brown forced his way into the driver's side of the main cabin and began to physically strike him.

Brown's associates eventually restrained the NFL star.

Philadelphia Flyers Team Denies Mascot Assaulted Child ... Cops Investigating

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The Philadelphia Flyers say they found NO evidence to prove team mascot Gritty assaulted a 13-year-old boy in Nov. ... but now cops are investigating.

The Philadelphia Police Dept. has confirmed they're looking into a claim that the person inside the official Gritty costume punched a kid in the back at Wells Fargo Arena (where the Flyers play) during a Nov. 19, 2019 photo shoot fan event.


Chris Greenwell -- the father of the alleged victim -- told the Philadelphia Inquirer his son had "playfully patted" Gritty on the head after taking a picture ... but Gritty responded with real violence.

Greenwell claims Gritty "took a running start" and “punched my son as hard as he could" ... injuring the child.

The boy went to a chiropractor for treatment where he was diagnosed with a back bruise, according to Greenwell.

Greenwell says he attempted to remedy the situation through communication with officials from Flyers ownership ... but after talks soured between the two sides, he went to cops.

A Flyers spokesperson has issued a statement saying, "We took Mr. Greenwell’s allegations seriously and conducted a thorough investigation that found nothing to support this claim."

When reached by TMZ Sports on Wednesday ... Greenwell told us he's NOT considering a lawsuit against Gritty, adding, "I'm letting the police handle it."

As for the identity of the person inside the Gritty costume -- we asked cops for his name so we could reach out to him or her directly ... but so far, we haven't gotten an answer.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Will Serve Out Sentence in Prison!!! Judge Denies Home Request

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4:08 PM PT -- Tekashi's girlfriend just shared a seemingly recent pic of the two and a motivational message to her BF. She compares his crimes to Sammy the Bull, saying, "Sammy the Bull kills 19 people and gets 5 years. You kill no one and get 2 years. This s**t is so f****d up."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's life might be in danger behind bars, but the judge still isn't letting him out to serve his sentence at home.

A federal judge just denied Tekashi's motion to serve his 24 months under home confinement. In his decision, Judge Paul Engelmayer said doing the time behind bars is "necessary in this case ... [to] reflect the seriousness of his crimes."

In his request, Tekashi said he feared for his life because the facility where he's currently being held is filled with Bloods -- y'know, the people he snitched on to get his shortened sentence.

The judge said he's well aware the private jail where Tekashi's being held doesn't have all the rehabilitative programs of some other facilities. He added, granting the rapper's request would "eliminate the remaining prison component of his sentence in favor of lesser forms of confinement."

Aaron Hernandez Odin Lloyd's Family Can't Heal ... After Netflix Documentary

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The new Aaron Hernandez documentary is making it near impossible for the family of Odin Lloyd -- the ex-NFL star's murder victim -- to recover because they were blindsided by the film.

Sources close to Lloyd's immediate fam tell TMZ ... they feel like old wounds were reopened this past week when Netflix dropped "Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez" ... which chronicled Aaron's life and murder case, starting in 2013.

We're told they largely tried to move on after Aaron was convicted, but now they feel the doc is dragging them back into a dark place and forcing them to relive painful memories.


Our sources say they didn't sign off on 'Killer Inside' ... nor did they want to be involved in the production. We're told the family gets approached with offers to participate in Hernandez specials all the time -- but they always decline.

That being said, the Netflix doc uses enough old video of Odin's family talking, they think it looks like they actively participated. We're told the popularity of the film has sparked a new round of interest -- meaning, they're constantly getting unwanted attention again.

Even worse, we're told some people have gone to horrific lengths to voice their opinion about Odin's death -- with many messaging the family to defend Aaron, and insult their deceased relative.

One other thing ... our sources say the family was disheartened the doc used personal photos of Odin without their permission -- but they'd rather avoid a whole new legal battle. So, they're letting it slide.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Jen Showed Up Unannounced ... Night of Alleged Attack


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro doesn't know why Jen Harley was allegedly snooping around his house before launching an attack with an eyeliner ... they're not dating and there was no invite.

Sources close to Ronnie tell TMZ ... they are absolutely not back together and Ronnie did not tell Jen she could swing by his place the night of the alleged attack.

We're told Ronnie finds it puzzling that Jen would show up on his doorstep ... after all, she's got a restraining order against the "Jersey Shore" star.

As for how Jen could've possibly slipped inside ... law enforcement sources believe she still had a key to his place. We're told there were no signs of forced entry.

Step one for any breakup ... change those locks!!! Can't say Gloria Gaynor didn't warn ya.