Justin Hartley Texted Chrishell About Divorce ... Claims 'Selling Sunset' Star

Justin Hartley cold-heartedly fired off a text to Chrishell Stause about filing for divorce ... so claims the "Selling Sunset" star.

Chrishell broke down telling co-star Mary Fitzgerald about exactly how she found out the "This Is Us" star wanted out of their marriage. It's pretty heartbreaking ... Chrishell choked back tears before revealing, "I found out because he texted me that we were filed [for divorce]."

The actress/real estate agent says at first she thought Justin was joking but pretty quickly reality set in ... adding that "45 minutes later the world knew." TMZ broke the story ... Justin filed for divorce in November 2019 after 2 years of marriage. She later strongly hinted she was blindsided by the news ... and now we know why.

Chrishell says she spoke to Justin after he dropped the bombshell on her but that was the end of their communication. She was clearly distraught ... saying even though they were only married for 2 years they were together for 6 years. She said if this is what Justin really wanted "there are better ways to go about it."

The Netflix hit "Selling Sunset" premieres season 3 beginning Friday ... and the season's storyline largely centers around the sudden end of Chrishell and Justin's marriage.

That's playing out pretty publicly -- Justin's moved on and has been photographed getting cozy with a new GF.

Dr. Dre Wife Challenging Prenup in $1 Billion Divorce

Exclusive Details

Dr. Dre's wife is not getting divorced without a fight, because she's challenging their prenup and $1 billion is on the line.

Nicole Young just filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, in which she claims she was forced to sign the prenup back in 1996.

Nicole says Dre is now worth $1 bil, and says before they tied the knot, "I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner. Given the extraordinary pressure and intimidation by Andre, I was left with no option but to hire a lawyer (of course, with the help of Andre's team of professionals) and unwillingly signed the agreement very shortly before our marriage."

She then says 2 years into the marriage, "Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement, and that it was null and void."

Sources connected to Dre beg to differ, telling TMZ, he never expressed shame over the prenup and he never tore it up or said it was invalid. Our sources also say Nicole had her own lawyer and she had a clear choice on whether to sign or not.

Our sources say Dre has made it clear ... he will pay spousal support and all her expenses, but clearly Nicole wants a big piece of the pie, claiming he amassed most of his fortune during the marriage.

Nicole is asking the judge to separate the divorce from the prenup issue, but it looks like a fight is brewing.

Emmitt Smith and Wife Pat We're Separating After 20 Years of Marriage

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Emmitt Smith and his beauty queen wife, Pat, have announced they're separating -- just months after celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

"We are publicly sharing that after much contemplation and prayer, we have decided to separate," the 51-year-old Hall of Famer announced in a joint statement with Pat.

"We will continue to move forward with love and compassion for one another, as co-parents and friends."

"We will work together in the best interests of our children, our family, community and businesses."

The Dallas Cowboys legend married Pat -- a former Miss Virginia USA beauty queen -- back in April 2000. They have 3 children together.

the breakup is shocking considering Pat had just written a pretty emotional love letter to Emmitt for their 20th anniversary ... saying, "Hubby, I love you so dearly and I'm extremely grateful for all that we have built together and for the love that we share together."

Before Emmitt, Pat was married to Martin Lawrence from 1995 to 1997.

Dr. Dre Answers Wife's Divorce Petition ... Reveals Prenup


Dr. Dre just filed his answer to his wife’s divorce petition, and he revealed something she didn’t – there’s a prenup.

Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, filed for divorce on June 29, citing irreconcilable differences. She is asking for spousal support and a division of property.

Dre says in his answer, filed by Disso Queen Laura Wasser, that he’s fine paying Nicole spousal support but he says any distribution of property should be governed by their prenuptial agreement.

Nicole made no mention of a prenup in her petition ... and sources connected with her told TMZ there was no prenup. That is not the case.

As for the prenup ... Dre's estimated worth is $800 million.

There are no issues relating to child support or custody ... their 3 kids are all adults.

Dre lists the date of separation as March 27, 2020 ... just weeks after the coronavirus lockdown began.

The couple married in 1996.

Tracy Morgan Getting Divorced

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Tracy Morgan is pulling the plug on his marriage ... he and his wife, Megan Wollover, have split and he says they're heading for a divorce.

In a statement, Tracy tells TMZ ... "Sadly, after nearly five years of marriage, Megan and I are filing for divorce. This is a challenging time for all involved."

Tracy and Megan met way back in 2011 and their relationship started with a blind date. They announced their engagement later that year at the Emmy Awards, and had their first child, daughter Maven, in July 2013.

Tracy and Megan finally tied the knot on Aug. 23, 2015.

Megan stuck by Tracy's side through his painful ordeal with Walmart, when a truck driver slammed into his limo in June 2014, killing his close friend James McNair and leaving the comedian in a wheelchair for several months.

As we reported ... Tracy settled his lawsuit with Walmart and the settlement was allegedly for a whopping $90 million.

Tracy and Megan walked down the aisle 14 months after his horrific crash.

It's not clear what led to the split, or if they have a prenup.

MLB's Michael Kopech Files For Divorce From Vanessa Morgan ... After 5 Months

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Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech has filed for divorce from "Riverdale" actress Vanessa Morgan ... just 5 months after tying the knot.

Speculation started to swirl after Morgan announced she was expecting a baby boy at a gender reveal party on Friday ... with no pictures or mention of Kopech.

Now ... we know why.

Court records show Kopech -- who opted out of the 2020 MLB season due to personal reasons -- filed the docs on June 19.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kopech and Morgan started dating back in 2018 ... and got engaged back in July 2019 near the Grand Canyon. The Chicago Tribune reports Kopech is the father of Morgan's child, which is due in January.

24-year-old Kopech -- who also famously dated reality star Brielle Biermann -- is considered a rising star in baseball ... but missed all of 2019 due to Tommy John surgery recovery.

Morgan stars as Toni Topaz on the CW's hit show ... and also starred on "Degrassi."

Story developing ...

Mary Kay Letourneau Still Married with Vili's Last Name On Death Certificate

Mary Kay Letourneau's full legal name is recorded as Mary Katherine Fualaau on her death certificate -- it's just one of the signs she and estranged husband, Vili Fualaau never completed their divorce.

According to the doc ... Letourneau's marital status was "married,' and it also shows Vili as her surviving spouse. This is interesting ... considering they legally separated back in 2017, though it's now clear they never followed through.

As we reported ... despite the separation, Vili had previously revealed Mary Kay's stage 4 cancer diagnosis when he posted a photo of himself wearing a medical mask with the caption, "Praying for a miracle." Mary Kay had been in hospice care for the last month ... and Vili was by her side much of that time.

She died July 6 at 12:01 PM at the Des Moines, Washington home where she lived for 3 years. The doc lists her cause of death as widely metastatic colorectal cancer which she was diagnosed with several years ago.

Mary Kay was cremated on July 13 in Seattle.

As you know, the former teacher was imprisoned in 1997 after pleading guilty to raping her then 6th-grade student, Vili. They eventually married in 2005, and had 2 kids together.

She was 58.

Kim Kardashian Meeting with Meek Wasn't 1-On-1 ... Meeks Speaks Out


11:33 AM PT -- Meek Mill has addressed the elephant in the room -- namely, Kanye's implication that Kim cheated on him by sleeping with Meek during a prison reform meeting ... and he's calling BS loud and clear.

MM hopped on Twitter Wednesday morning after he, Kim and Ye were all trending -- with tons of memes and jokes poking fun at the suggestion that he banged the missus. There doesn't seem to be any truth to it in his eyes though -- he wrote, "Sh** is cappp cmon ....." In case you're unfamiliar, "cap" means lie(s). So in other words, liesss!

He didn't elaborate beyond that, but it doesn't look like he has to. We've already heard nothing inappropriate happened -- and now, it's confirmed straight from the horse's mouth.

Kanye West's jealousy over Kim Kardashian meeting Meek Mill last year seems misplaced ... since it was in a very public group setting, and purely to talk prison reform.

Sources connected to the Kardashians and Meek tell us Kim's prison reform summit did go down at the Waldorf Astoria in L.A. -- as Kanye said on Twitter last night -- but Meek and Kim never met in a one-on-one setting.

We're told they were joined by philanthropist Clara Wu Tsai ... and the trio met in Jean-Georges restaurant at the Waldorf. The group discussed plans to keep the prison reform movement going forward. A witness says Kim left the hotel -- solo -- immediately after the meeting.

Worth noting ... both Kim and Meek work with Cut50, the org that fights for reduced incarceration rates and criminal justice reform.

Our sources say Kim was aware of Kanye's jealousy over the situation ... and it's something the two spoke about. However, outside of that one public meeting ... we're told Kim and Meek have never been alone together.

As we reported, Kanye accused Kim of being "out of line" for the meeting, and claimed he's been trying to divorce her ever since the meeting.

TMZ broke the story ... friends and family are deeply concerned about Kanye because they believe he's in the grips of a bipolar episode.

Originally Published -- 10:00 AM PT

Megan Fox & MGK Back On Love Island ... Biz & Pleasure in P.R.


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are going back to work on the Puerto Rican movie set where they first met ... and set in motion her split from Brian Austin Green.

Megan and MGK arrived Thursday in San Juan after flying in together from the mainland, ready to get back to business on the set of their upcoming movie, "Midnight in the Switchgrass."


As you can see, Megan and MGK are still super close and lovey-dovey as their relationship continues to bud ... and now they're back where it all began.

They met during filming, way back in March, and then started spending a whole lotta time together when the coronavirus pandemic brought production to a grinding halt.

Megan split from her '90210' star hubby after getting chummy with MGK on the Caribbean island and they've been pretty much inseparable ever since ... going on fancy dates, making music videos, traveling the country, sleeping over and having fun in Palm Springs.

MGK and Megan are putting a 2020 twist on the old adage ... couples who work together, play together and quarantine together, apparently stay together.

Joey Lawrence Files for Divorce ... Whoa!!!

Breaking News

Joey Lawrence is throwing in the towel on his second marriage ... he just filed for divorce.

The former "Blossom" star filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court to divorce Chandie Lawrence as they approached their 15-year wedding anniversary.

Joey and Chandie met at Disney World way back in 1993, when he was 16 years old and on vacation. Joey says he invited her on an ice cream date at the Mouse House when they first met and joked about getting married at the theme park.

After Joey's first marriage to Michelle Vella ended in divorce in 2005, he quickly wed Chandie in July and their teenage wedding fantasies became reality as they tied the knot at Disney World.

It's not clear what led to the split, but Joey and Chandie will have to settle child custody and/or support issues -- they have 2 minor daughters, 14-year-old Charleston and 10-year-old Liberty.

Despite Disney's best efforts ... no fairytale ending this time.

Armie Hammer, Wife Elizabeth Both File for Divorce ... Dispute Over Separation Date


Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers have both just filed for divorce.

Elizabeth filed the divorce petition, and Armie filed his answer at the same time, so it was clearly coordinated.

There are differences. Elizabeth wants sole physical custody of their 2 children -- 5-year-old Harper Grace and 3-year-old Ford. Armie is asking for joint legal and physical custody.

Elizabeth cites the usual -- irreconcilable differences -- as the reason for the divorce.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ ... there is NO PRENUP. Based on the documents it appears Armie will pay spousal and child support. The date of separation is interesting ... Armie lists January and Elizabeth lists July. This is a crucial difference ... if the judge accepts her version, they would have been together as a married couple for just over 10 years, and that could affect spousal support. If January is the date, it's under 10 years.

Armie said earlier today ... "Thirteen years as best friends, soulmates, partners and then parents. It has been an incredible journey, but together, we’ve decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage."

He adds ... "As we enter into this next chapter, our children and relationship as co parents and dear friends will remain our priority."

His Instagram post concludes with, "We understand this news lends itself to public dialogue, but in the interest of our children and our family, we’re asking for privacy, compassion and love during this time."  Elizabeth shared the same IG post at the same time as Armie.

At the end of May, Elizabeth posted this -- "TEN years married, twelve together, thirteen years as best friends. Happy Anniversary, my love. I’m beyond grateful for you, this decade, our family and the dreamiest Friday night anniversary sunset." Notice the all caps on "TEN" ... sure seems like she wanted to emphasize, in her eyes, they'd reached that crucial mark.

Armie, Elizabeth and their kids have been quarantining together in the Cayman Islands ... where Armie spent some of his childhood.

It's the first marriage for both Armie and Elizabeth.

Armie is repped by disso queen Laura Wasser, and Elizabeth is repped by Kristina Royce.

Jordana Brewster Files for Divorce

Breaking News

Jordana Brewster is waving the white flag on her marriage ... because she just filed for divorce.

The "Fast and the Furious" star filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court last week to divorce film producer Andrew Form after more than 13 years of marriage.

Jordana and Andrew tied the knot way back in May 2007 in a super-private wedding ceremony on Nevis Island in the Caribbean. They dated for two months before getting married, meeting on the set of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning." Jordana starred in that movie, which Andrew produced.

It's not clear what led to the split, but Jordana and Andrew reportedly separated earlier this year and it's said to be amicable.

The estranged couple will have to settle child custody and/or support issues --- they have two young sons, 6-year-old Julian and 4-year-old Rowan.

We reached out to reps for Jordana and Andrew ... so far, no word back.

Kacey Musgraves Divorcing Husband, Ruston Kelly ... After 2 Years

Breaking News

Kacey Musgraves' marriage to her singer-songwriter husband was less of a slow burn and more of a flame that went out quickly ... she's getting divorced after 2 1/2 years.

The Grammy-winning country star and musician Ruston Kelly have filed for divorce -- according to reps for both singers -- and say they've "made this painful decision together."

Kacey and Ruston released a statement to AP saying ... "With heavy but hopeful hearts we wanted to put our own thoughts into the air about what’s happening. These kinds of announcements are always met with scrutiny and speculation and we want to stop that before it even starts."

It continues ... "We believe that we were put into each other’s lives for a divine reason and have both changed each other infinitely for the better. The love we have for each other goes far beyond the relationship we’ve shared as husband and wife. It’s a soul connection that can never be erased."

The exes add that the decision to divorce is a "healthy decision that comes after a very long period of trying the best we can. It simply just didn’t work." They say they will remain true friends.

The couple wed in October 2017 in Tennessee, after meeting in Nashville in early 2016.

There were signs things were on the rocks as early as November 2019, when Kacey brought Gigi Hadid to the Country Music Awards as her date. The following month, Kacey removed her wedding photos on Instagram and Ruston did the same.

Kacey and her husband are the latest celebs to call it quits on their marriage during the days of quarantine ... following Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari, Kelly Clarkson, Dr. Dre, Christina Ricci and just earlier Friday, Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg announced they were a couple no more.

Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg Splitsville ... Announce They're Divorcing

Breaking News

Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg have separated after nearly 2 decades together ... and say they're heading for divorce.

The "Dirty Dancing" star and her "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." star husband announced their split in dual social media posts Friday ... revealing they separated in early 2020 after getting married in July 2001.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The actors wrote ... "After 19 years together, we separated in january, knowing we’d always be a family who loves, values and cares for each other. we recently made the difficult decision to divorce, but we remain close and are deeply grateful for the life we’ve shared and the wonderful daughter we’ve raised."

They added ... "p.s. totally crying as we post this."

Jennifer and Clark's daughter, Stella, was born in December 2001.

Christina Ricci Files for Divorce


Christina Ricci has just filed for divorce from her husband after almost 7 years of marriage ... TMZ has learned.

The "Casper" and "Addams Family" star filed in L.A. County Superior Court Thursday morning to divorce film producer James Heerdegen, whom Ricci met in 2011 while they working on the set of the show, "Pan Am." They got married on October 26, 2013, in NYC.

Ricci cites irreconcilable differences as the reason why she wants to end the marriage. She's asking for sole legal and physical custody of their 5-year-old son, Freddie.

Our sources say there is no prenup but Christina was the main money earner. And, then there's this ... Ricci was granted an emergency protective order by cops after an altercation in which she claims James spit on her. The altercation went down exactly a week ago in her L.A. home.

Heerdegen, who was not arrested after the incident, has been ordered to stay away from Ricci.

Ricci's repped by attorney Samantha Spector in the divorce.

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